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KIOTI Implements. Work will never be the same again. Mowing, cutting, tilling, haying, hauling – whatever the job, KIOTI has user-friendly, high performance implements to help you get it done.

High Performance Implements

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Mowers Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Florida
Landscape Rakes Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Florida
Cutters Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Tillers Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Dozer Blade Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Cultipackers Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Blade Spears Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Pallett Forks Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Precision Seeders Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Disc Harrows Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Rear Blades Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Box Blades Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Grading Scrapers Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Quick Hitch Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Post Hole Diggers Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales
Stump Grinders Kioti Implements from Barrett's Equipment Rentals and Sales

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Kioti Implements Barrett's Equipment Florida
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Kioti’s new CS2220 and CS2520 subcompact tractors combine ease of operation, with enough power to tackle a wide variety of tasks. 

The all new models include an ergonomic operator station with several standard features, including a tilt wheel with power steering, a joystick valve with quick attach and a precision-built Kioti diesel engine. 

“We at Kioti know that sometimes big things come in small packages, and our two all new sub-compact CS models do just that,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, president and CEO of the Kioti Tractor division of Daedong-USA.

“With an ergonomically designed work station, plus the power and versatility to get the job done, the CS2220 and CS2520 are hard to beat. We’re excited to see these models get to work across North America.”

A 21- or 24.5-hp precision built Kioti diesel engine delivers large power output with low fuel consumption. And, engaged by a single lever, four-wheel drive is standard across these two new CS Series models, both of which can reach forward speeds of up to 15.4 km per hour. 

The CS2220 and CS2520 tractors are compatible with Kioti’s new SB2420 backhoe and SL2420 front end loader. The SL2420 offers quick attach and detach and dual bucket cylinders, with a maximum lift height of 1.87 metres and lift capacity at full height to pivot pins of 482 kg. 

Pinless design

The new pinless design enables the operator to quickly and efficiently remove or install the loader in minutes, without having to remove or install loader pins to secure it to the tractor. As well, the additional quick attach system on the front makes switching attachments a simple task. 

The CS2220 and CS2520 come standard with a joystick valve to give operators convenient, comfortable and precise control over the loader to lift, lower and carry loads anywhere, regardless of experience or skill level. 

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The new models are also compatible with Kioti’s SM2454 and SM2460 mid-mount mowers, both of which include drive-over decks for easy attach and detach.

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the CS2220 and CS2520 include a standard tilt wheel, which ensures all operators can reach and turn the wheel comfortably.

Additionally, twin HST pedals allow for easy and quick forward and reverse with smooth engagement, acceleration and deceleration. 

These two tractors feature a streamlined hood design to improve operator visibility with or without a loader installed. Furthermore, the vertically-opening hood provides easy access to engine maintenance and service points. 

The rear PTO and high-capacity three-point hitch can accommodate a variety of implements. Plus, the standard mid PTO (2,200 rpm) provides the ability to operate implements, such as a mid-mount mower or snowblower

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Kioti Tractor CK2810 HST Loader Digger | Compact Tractors For Sale UK

The New Kioti CK 2810 Compact Tractor | Front Loader Tractor with Tractor Backhoe Attachment | Compact Tractors For Sale UK






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Kioti are now one of the market leaders in small to large tractors and are probably the best tractors on the market up to 150hp. There’s a lot to love in the CK 2810. Such as the industry’s simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine, being one of the best well-made engines offering exceptional fuel economy and low emissions.


Power and Performance


Daedong low-noise, 3-cylinder diesel engine, heavy duty hydrostatic or manual transmission, 6 forward/two reverse speeds, high/low range, differential lock, sturdy front, rear and mid PTOs, accurate 3-point hitch and high performance hydraulics. Delivers mid PTO speeds of 2000 rpm and rear PTO speeds of 540 rpm, as well as, a 1,109-pound lift capacity.


Hydrostatic Transmission

Equipped with a heavy-duty HST drive unit for high horsepower handling, hands-free steering and implement control. The HST also provides single pedal traveling speed/direction control and clutch-free forward and reverse movement.


Single Lever Joystick

Performs all loader functions with a single lever. Automatically returns to neutral and stops loader when released. A float position allows the bucket free-floatation over the ground surface.



The CK HST offers user-friendly cruise control for long hours on the job. All CK models feature power steering, illuminated instrument panel and adjustable seating.


Simple Maintenance

Convenient removable engine panels and front hood allow easy access for daily service checks and maintenance.


New Compact design

Compact but more Powerful CK2810 comes with new streamlined hood design, which improves visibility and serviceability of the operator. A vertical opening hood allows for easy access to the air filter, fluid service, fus box and electrical components for inspection.


Increased Hydraulic Pump Capacity

Thanks to increased hydraulic pump capacity that enables faster implement work. With the class's best 42.9 litres/ min hydraulic pump capacity, you will experience the best work efficiency.


Powerful Environmentally Friendly Engine

The Powerful Environmentally Friendly 28hp ‘Green’ Engine will offer operator quietest, smoothest but most powerful working condition.



• Double acting valve (1ea) • 7-Pin Connector • Rear view mirror • Foldable ROPS with Safety Lamp • Hydraulic Power Steering • Adjustable suspension seat • Emergency stop brake (Manual model) • Joystick lever with mid mount valve for front loader • Cruise Control (HST model) • Safety Start Switch • Rear PTO • Rear Differential Lock • Horn • Towing Hook • Licence Plate with lamp • Parking brake • Fixed drawbar



• AG tire set • Turf tire set • Mid PTO • Front weights • Rear weights • Working lamp •Sun canopy


Front Loader

The KIOTI KL2510 front loader is specially designed for CK2810 tractor, providing efficient performance with single joystick control. The KIOTI loader is designed for quick and easy attachment/detachment.


LANDLUGGER BH10 Tractor Backhoe Digger

The LANDLUGGER BH10 is designed for sub-compact to small tractors, from 15-35hp. It is probably the best backhoe for a sub-compact tractor in UK. In the BH10, LANDLUGGER have been able to engineer a very light and fully-functional backhoe that is stable and transports safely on your tractor’s linkage. It may also be folded close to the tractor, compactly and conveniently, for storage. It is the best sub-compact tractor backhoe for Kioti and other sub-compact tractors brands. A LANDLUGGER backhoe attachment will save you time and save your back.


LANDLUGGER tractor backhoes have an independent hydraulic oil tank; hydraulic remotes are not required for operation. It can be used with virtually any tractor that has a PTO.


Quality Tractor Backhoes Performs & Keeps Performing

A quality backhoe is not a “cheap” implement and while there are some relatively cheap Asian tractor backhoes on the market, they are often fraught with issues such as poor geometry, inferior components, low build quality and poor bucket design. This can render the backhoe almost useless and ultimately, a waste of money.


Reasons to Choose LANDLUGGER Tractor Backhoes

LANDLUGGER backhoes utilise high quality componentry and design, to produce a superior backhoe that does what it is intended to do; some backhoes simply don’t!


LANDLUGGER backhoes feature:

  • Italian hydraulic pumps.
  • Italian hydraulic cylinders.
  • Italian hydraulic hoses.
  • Purpose-specific buckets that are of a similar shape to a £35,000 excavator. Bucket shape has a significant impact on backhoe performance.
  • Up to 6 sizes of buckets from which to choose.
  • Independent, hydraulically-operated stabilizer legs, to optimize stability on uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulator to prevent damage from immovable objects.
  • Adjustable seat for optimal operating position.
  • Tilt seat with gas strut for compact transportation and protection from the elements.


Standard features:

Three-point hitch, category 1 and 2. – PTO driven hydraulic pump with gearbox for 540 rpm. - Independent hydraulic system with pump and hydraulic oil tank with13 litres oil capacity. - 6 hydraulic cylinders. - Independent hydraulically operated stabilizers. - Hydraulic control unit with pressure regulation. - Tilt seat, adjustable.


Beckside Machinery, official Kioti tractor dealers, offer a range of compact tractors to suit your needs including new and used compact tractors.

Initial dig with the Kioti DK4510.

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Initial dig with the Kioti DK4510.

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