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My name is luna, your probably wondering, why were you named luna, because I was born on the blood moon day.Im age 19 black hair down to my waist with a little bit of blond and I have purple eyes and also I have gods and devils power ,
I also didn't know my real parents faces it was a blur when I was a baby.I was raised by the Hyde's family ,why you asked, well I was infront of their doorstep.
I have three brothers and two sisters 1:james,2:Thomas,3:author,4:Skylar,5:Emily,and the 6 is me.My mothers name is ashelie(don't know how to spell her name)and my father's name is harold.But both of them were murdered by my siblings when they were done I ran off to hide I saw them ran past me and I heard the sirens, after they were looking for me they ran off to hide in the slender woods and when they left I ran to the police people and yelled as possible "HELP ME " after I blacked out.

(This page is too short I know see you in the next page )


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Frank was strapped into his seat; he was one of the lucky ones. The trip was a way out, a way off this planet, out of the country that had abandoned him. Everything from the past was going to be forgotten, which was good for him. He would either spend ten years in a cell or five years on the moon. The moon was a sure bet. There wasn’t going to be any worrying about dropping the soap or getting shanked in his sleep. Not only that, but his family would be getting paid, paid well.

What could be better? He had always wanted to go into space, now he had gotten a free trip, all expenses paid from the government. Twenty years ago, it was just a pipe dream, going into space. Now, it was the lesser of two evils.

Even though these trips had been happening for the past six months without problems, he was nervous. He remembered all the disasters that had happened in the early years; he was a teen in 1999 so the really early problems were before him. He was still too young to remember the Challenger, but he had watched the videos. Then, there was the Columbia disaster, which he did remember.

Sweat was starting to form on Frank’s brow. He looked over to the officers that were in the shuttle with him. One was smiling, a small comfort, but welcome nonetheless. The other was stony as always.

“Don’t worry Frank,” Officer Steel said. “There is nothing to worry about, it’s just a quick trip, then you are free to do your services for the good of mankind.”

Then, the engine started to rumble and Frank’s breath became rapid.

The pilot was seasoned, he had flown twenty shuttles to the moon by now and never had any problems.

Frank wouldn’t be the first convicted person on the moon. That was how the government was doing it; they would give the option to go to prison or to go to the moon and work on building civilization for future use. Granted it was dangerous, but no more dangerous than being in prison. In fact, the likelihood of being fatally harmed was much slimmer on the moon. There was never anyone who had murdered someone allowed to go, which brought down the man-made death to nil, at least in terms of people murdering each other. There will always be accidents; that was just a way of life and it didn’t matter what rock a person was on, they couldn’t avoid it.

The countdown started. Frank closed his eyes and the memories started to project on the back of his eyelids. It was not his proudest moment; there were just no other options that he could think of, and his family was starving. It was a bad time for the country; it still is. There is still more unemployment than there was since the great recession. Frank never thought they had truly gotten out of that era. The government would say that they had, but it seemed like inflated numbers and lies.

It was different from the days he remembered as a child. Maybe that was because he was young, but there were some major differences that he couldn’t have overlooked as a young boy. The biggest of all was that the US didn’t have a president anymore. The leader was elected for life. For the past five years, the same man was in office, and he would still be in office when he returned.

The shuttle started to shake as it was propelled off the ground. Even though Frank could see out a window, he didn’t want to. The speed of the shuttle was far greater than he wanted to experience. It wasn’t long until they were passing the atmosphere. Then and only then, did Frank feel it safe to open his eyes.

Officer Steel was unbuckling his harness, the other officer was already floating around the shuttle. The fear Frank was feeling had turned into enthusiasm. "It would be like flying," he thought.

It was.

Once his trembling hands found the release for his harness, he pushed off the chair gently, the same amount of force he would use to get up from a chair, but instead of getting to his feet, he floated towards the ceiling of the shuttle.

He floated around for hours, a smile plastered on his face. Steel came to him a few times to try and talk, but the happiness Frank was feeling was too strong to be interrupted by anything. He only wished his children could be here with him. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had achieved something worthwhile.

Dinner wasn’t as good as it may have been in prison. Not only that, but the pilot had turned on the gravity, so he wasn’t able to have the joy of eating floating orbs of food, which may have been wise of the captain. He said if they would just float around, everyone would start getting sick, and start to lose reality with how life was on a planet.

There had to be some downsides to choosing space instead of prison. Besides the food and no longer being about to float around, not being able to see his family every day was going to be hard. It would make it slightly easier if he was able to talk to them, but that wasn’t an option until the first three months were over, and then he would only be able to call them once a month.

Officer Walters came into the room, the small amount of chatter halted as soon as he walked in. Steel was nice for the most part, so long as he was treated with respect, but Walters had a reputation of being a rather hard fellow to get along with.

“You shouldn’t be here, Mr. Radds,” he said to Frank.

The eyes of the others went from one man to the other. Frank was happy there weren't more than six people on the shuttle, however, all six people were now in the room.

“What do you mean, sir?” Frank asked.

“You have been convicted. You should be in a cell, not given the opportunity of a lifetime. There are much more qualified people who should be going to do this mission. What was it that you were? Oh, right. A garbage man. There isn’t much use for that on the moon, wouldn’t you say so?”

Frank didn’t say anything. He stood and left the room. As he passed Walters, he noticed the slick smirk on his face.

The next morning Frank was happy to see that Walters wasn’t in the mess hall as he went to get his breakfast, Steel was though. Franks sat near him and they started talking. It was good to have someone that didn’t look down on him as if he was worth less than the grime on the bottom of his shoe.

“Don’t worry about Walters. He is just upset that he has to go back,” Steel said with a wink.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll be free of him shortly. How long is this trip again?” Frank started eating once he finished his question.

“Three days, seven hours and fifteen minutes. Hey Frank, why did you do it? You have a family and had a life. There must have been a way to get money that wouldn’t have put you in this situation. Assault with a deadly weapon and robbing a group of people at a mall. How much did you think you would get?”

Frank could swear he heard sympathy in Steel’s voice.

“I didn’t have much of a choice, I was the only person who was making money in my household. The wife couldn’t work, not with the baby. Even if she could, we wouldn’t be able to afford a babysitter. I was only able to make enough to keep us from starving. Then, I lost my job. The money was gone quicker than I thought it would have been.”

There wasn’t much more of a motive than that, and Frank didn’t think there needed to be any more of a reason than that. He did what he did because he felt he had to, that was what he wanted to tell Steel. He just couldn’t bring himself to be so rude to the man. He was the only one that gave him the time of day on this shuttle. He hoped that once he got to the moon, it would be different.

Steel could see that the conversation was upsetting Frank so he changed the subject.

“This is a very special mission you’re on, in the next ten years the government projects that we will have an atmosphere around the moon. It will make it easier to work there. That is where you come in, it will be your job to work with the scientist to make this atmosphere. You will also be building houses for people to live in when they start coming, and they will be coming in waves, you know. There is so much money to be had on the moon, I may even retire and go to the moon to make some good money for once.”

Frank believed him. There was a lot of money to be made there: mining, construction, technologies, agricultural prospects and more. Each of these things will be needed once people start to come to the moon. It was the escape that people needed for years, now it was just starting to become a reality. It made him feel like a pioneer from early America or better yet, an explorer from Spain or England.

“I think that I will like it on the moon. It would be better if I could see my family or at least talk to them when I get there. Let them know that I am safe.” Frank waited, his eyes fixed on Steel.

“You know I can’t do that Frank,” Steel said as he lowered his eyes to the table.

“Just one phone call. Please, that is all I want. I just want them to know I am safe. To hear their voices once more.”

“They will know you are safe by the checks they will be receiving.”

He knew this. There was no point in trying to get a call, he could now see that there was no way he would be able to get that from his guards. Ten years would be a long time away from his family. Steel was his only chance at getting an early call, and it was clear that he wouldn’t disobey his orders. Even if he would, it would take longer than two days to get him to agree with it. It was also nice to have someone to talk to, and Frank felt if he impinged too much, that person would clam up. So it was easier to just drop the subject.

It was a good idea for him to do so because Walters came into the room shortly after.

“I thought I told you that you weren’t welcome to eat with us?” he said once he saw Frank.

“Leave him alone, Rodger,” Steel came to his defense.

Walters only stood near the door waiting for Frank to leave. He had made it clear that he wouldn’t sit until Frank was out of the room. Frank didn’t want to cause any trouble, but he also didn’t feel like he had to leave.

“Come on now, get out. You have no reason to be in here.”

“Actually, I do. This is where we eat, and if you just have a look, you will see that I am eating.”

Frank gripped his fork harder than he should have. It was the only thing that was helping him to control his anger at the moment.

“This is where people come to eat. So, what are you doing here?” A small glint of joy was in Walters’s eyes.

Frank had to swallow his rage. Biting his cheek, he rose. Walters had a smile; he was waiting for Frank to crack, to hit him. That would be a bad idea and Frank knew it. First, Walters was much larger than him. Second, it would only add to the time that he would be incarcerated and would earn him a trip back to earth. It didn’t matter what rock you were on, assaulting an officer was a crime.

He didn’t slam his fist on the table, though he wanted to. He only stood, cleaned his plate and left after bidding farewell to Steel. Walters tried to stand in his way, just one more way to push him to the breaking point. Frank wouldn’t allow this man to win. He was just like the bullies that his children had to deal with at school. He would have to deal with him how he taught his children to handle bullies. Ignore them until they left him alone unless they laid a finger on them; that would be a different story. He taught his children just as his dad had taught him, don’t hit first, but if someone hits you, you better make sure that they know not to do it again.

But in this case, he wouldn’t be able to do that. If Walters decided to hit him, he would have to attack a different way. He would have to go to the supervisors with a complaint. If that didn’t work, then it would have to keep going up the line until someone would listen, even if he had to take it all the way to the press, which would love a story like that.

“Excuse me,” Frank said, staring at his feet.

Walters didn’t move out of the way, he just broadened his chest. Frank had to look up at the big man.

“I said excuse me. If you don’t want me here, please get out of my way.”

Walters smiled. He knew that Frank was getting frustrated with him and that was his game. Walters leaned on the door frame.

“Come on, Rodger, get the hell out of the way,” Steel said. It was only then the big man moved.

Frank stayed in his room for most of the day. He needed to calm down, but no matter how hard he tried, his mind would just go back to Walters. There was no reason for him to be so nasty. He was just a power-hungry cop, a pig. Now, it made sense why the gangsters used to call cops pigs. If most of them were like Walters, it was easy to hate them.

He would have stayed in his room all day if it wasn’t for his stomach, which was starting to hurt from lack of nourishment. It was time to grab something to eat. There was no clock on the shuttle, time was irrelevant in space. Hunger, however, wasn’t.

When he got to the mess hall, Walters was talking to Steel about something. Once the door opened, the chatter stopped. Walters’s look of jolliness turned stone hard at seeing Frank.

“Frank, we need to talk,” Walters said to him.

Steel moved over on the bench so Frank could have a seat. Whatever Walters wanted to talk to Frank about, Frank knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“What do you want to talk about, sir?” Frank asked.

“I want to tell you about the aliens.”

“Come on, Rodger,” Steel said.

“He has a right to know,” Walters said with a smile.

Frank grabbed some food and took a seat opposite Walters. He felt safer near Steel.

“What is this about aliens?” Frank asked.

Despite the feeling that this was some kind of trap, Frank was interested. He always believed that life on other planets could be real, but there was no way life could be on the moon. As far as he knew there was no way life could sustain on a desolate rock.

“Well, there have been some incidents on the moon. A few people have gone missing, the first two just seemed to vanish, but the third, the third is interesting. The third had a witness see him get taken by something, something with long tentacles that pulled him into a shadow. The man chased after him, but he found nothing. No body. No bones. No blood. No monster. Nothing.”

“Come on, Rodger, you're scaring him.”

Frank wasn’t scared, he didn’t feel much of anything, in fact. This was just another torment that Walters was subjecting him to.

“Besides, that man who saw that was unstable. He was known to be a little crazy before he was taken to the moon, and to have the sun shining all day and night must not have helped that. I think that man had just wandered off and got lost, or maybe the witness had killed him and hid the body. I wouldn’t doubt that.”

That was a strange turn of events. Frank didn’t know that something like that had happened. His eyes widened as Steel told his side of the story. It made sense that the courts wouldn’t tell that to a person who would be deciding on either going to the moon or to prison. They wanted people to go to the moon, it saved them from sending people who may be considered more valuable.

“Most likely, he just walked off and got lost, though,” Steel said.

Frank wasn’t sure about that. The way that Walters was telling it, the man was killed by someone or something; Walters was pushing for Frank to believe that it was a something. Steel seemed like he was trying to cover something up.

It was the first time that Frank felt that Steel wasn’t being honest with him. Something had happened on the moon; that was true. It hadn’t been told on Earth, and maybe it never would be, but something did happen on that rock.

The shuttle landed on the surface on the moon. It was nothing like what Frank had thought it would be like; he was thinking that the houses would already be built. Nice big houses, houses that could hold a family with room to spare, but all he was able to see was ten glass bubbles. Some of them had some green in them, a few had some small houses. Well, small at least compared to the one in the center of the bubble city.

This bubble was huge, about five stories tall and the width of a football field. Inside of this bubble was a building that almost scraped the top of the bubble.

“That’s the town hall,” Steel said, “or at least, it is as close to one that you will need here. That is where the research labs are. Everything that is happening on the moon is being planned and developed there. Let’s go introduce you to the scientists. They are going to be in charge of you here, so it may not be a bad idea to get on their good side.”

Steel slapped him on the back and gave him a wide grin. Walters wasn’t around them at the moment. As soon as they got off the shuttle, he started for the big bubble, leaving everyone else behind. Frank was sure that he was able to hear what Steel was saying to him, the radios in the helmets were connected to everyone from the shuttle. This would be the last time his conversations weren’t being listened to by everyone else on the moon. In the years to come, every time Frank was wearing his helmet, everyone would be able to hear what he was saying.

Once they were inside of the artificial atmosphere, Frank took off his helmet. Everyone inside of the area was wearing clothing that they would have worn on earth, which was another thing that Frank didn’t expect. For some reason, he thought everyone would be in silver jumpsuits. Maybe it was because he always saw people dressed like that in movies.

“This is Steve Holland,” Walters said to Frank. He was already out of his space suit. Steve was a skinny man with thick glasses; fire-red hair covered the sides and back of his head, the top was nothing but a reflective surface.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Steve said. “You will find that you made a much better choice by coming here than going to prison. We are a lot more… laid back here.”

His voice was deep and strong, but he spoke with an uncertainty that made everything he said awkward.

“Thomas will show you to your um… your um… housing.”

Thomas wasn’t around when Steve said that. Frank assumed that it was the other person in the room who was more interested in something under a microscope than anything else that was happening. Steve took the officers away and started to speak in a hushed voice.

It didn’t matter how quiet Steve was speaking, Frank was still able to hear him. There was some things that he couldn’t understand, but for the most part, it was clear. It wasn’t until Steve leaned in to the officers, that Frank had become interested in what was being said.

“We found something,” Frank had to strain to hear Steve. But he was sure that’s what the scientist had said.

“What, like a new mineral or something?” Walters didn’t try to lower his voice.

“No. This one is alive…”

“You must be Mr. Radds,” the mousy man with the microscope said, “I’m Thomas Stone, but you can call me Tom.”

“Please call me Frank. It’s nice to meet you, Tom.”

“It’s nice to meet you too. I’m truly happy you’d decided to come here and help all of humankind. By the time your sentence is over, we should have more than enough accomplished to have people living here. It is very possible that you may even see your family here before you have completed your time with us. If that happens you will be given a full pardon.”

Frank’s heart fluttered at hearing those words. Tom seemed like he would be the person to talk to about getting his phone call. All he would need to do is get on his good side and anything would be possible with this man.

They started to walk around the bubbles, each time they passed one, Tom would tell what it was. The agricultural bubble had plants growing inside, but they were hard to see because of the steam that had formed on the side of the glass. The rest were supplies or housing, nothing too extreme. A few of the housing bubbles even had little gardens growing inside.

When they had arrived at Frank's housing bubble, number seven, he was excited to see what life on the moon would be like. Excitement quickly turned to disappointment once he walked into the house. It was crude, made from the same gray rocks that littered the moon and looked as if it would fall in at any moment.

With all the talking about what was going to be happening here and what had already happened, he had forgotten to ask Tom about his phone call. He also wanted to ask about the life they found, but it was probably better that he hadn’t.

Steel and Walters had walked into his bubble an hour later.

“Frank, we will be coming back in a few months with rations. Is there anything we can do for you before we leave?” Steel asked.

Walters just looked at the house Frank was living in.

“No thanks.”

“You know maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to have you go to the moon. These living conditions aren’t any better than in prison,” Walters said with a grin.

Frank agreed with Walters for the first time on this trip. The conditions weren’t good. It wasn’t as if he had expected a five-star resort but this was far less then what he had expected. Still, it wouldn’t be bad. If what Tom had said was true, they were going to be working on the housing in the next month, then maybe he would have a much better home.

“We brought things that will be needed for the work. If you need anything, just talk to Steve; he is in charge around here. I’ll talk to your wife and tell her you made it safely. If there are any messages she has for you, I’ll pass them onto Steve. Take care of yourself, Frank.”

Steel shook his hand. Walters nodded, if it could even be called a nod. The millimeter movement of his head wasn’t any kind of acknowledgment, more like he felt he had to do something.

Three weeks later

Walters and Steel landed without any problems. They had come back much sooner than they would have liked to. Mostly, they only went to the moon once every three months. Now, it had only been three weeks since they left. It wasn’t even three weeks home, Walters was good for reminding Steel about that. The entire trip had been nothing more than him complaining about having to come back so soon. Steel didn’t even disagree with him. Why couldn’t they find someone else to go this time?

Communication had been lost since the second week they had been back home, so it was up to them to make sure everything was as it should be, to make sure that no one had gone crazy and started killing others. Hopefully, it was just an equipment malfunction. That being the case, they would be headed back home the same day.

However, they quickly found that wasn’t the case. The big bubble had a huge hole broken in the side of it, the vacuum of space would have sucked all the breathable air out of there within seconds.

“What the hell happened here?” Steel asked.

“It’s not surprising. That’s what happens when you send the scum of the Earth to live in an area together. Just look at the prisons and you could see that all day. The paper pushers don’t understand that, and they most likely never will. They are too scared to get a good look at the undesirables.”

They walked into the bubble. They used the door even though they could have walked through the hole without any trouble. All the equipment that had once been in pristine condition was now a rubbish heap; papers were scattered across the floor, motionless and dead. It wasn’t until they saw Steve lying dead, that they realized the problem they had walked into.

His skin wasn’t the normal pale chalky color of the dead, no, it was slightly purple with a light green film on it. A darker, thick slime oozed from his mouth, nose, and ears.

A new vegetation had started to grow on the desks and sides of the dome. It was the only thing that was able to grow, some kind of mushroom. Green with purple circles and an opening on the top of it that looked somewhat like a mouth. Steel found a pencil and prodded the fungi. It let out a pfff noise and a faint green mist was shot into the air, suspended in time and space.

A rustling caused them to look up, Frank was sitting behind a desk on the floor. His spacesuit was on, he was hugging his knees.

“What happened here?” Steel asked.

Even Walters didn’t have anything nasty to say, he was too surprised to think of anything nasty.

“Tell us what happened, son,” Walters said.

“Please get me out of here. Take me to prison. I would much rather spend my time there than spend another minute here.”

The officers obliged. Leading him to the shuttle, they walked briskly, ever aware of their surroundings. Once they were in the safety on the shuttle, they started to push Frank to tell them what had happened, but he didn’t want to talk about it, not until he was off the moon.

It took forty-five minutes to get back to the shuttle orbiting the moon. All three of the men didn’t say a word the entire time. Walters and Steel were just thinking about what they had seen. Frank too, was thinking about what he saw, but it was more of a nightmarish reflection than the other two.

The shuttle reached their ride home and they were taken aboard. The three men climbed out and took off their suits, and the pilot changed their course for home.

“What happened, Frank?” Walters asked in the most consoling voice he could muster.

“That thing they found, whatever it was, killed them. The spores are toxic, and if that wasn’t bad enough, whoever inhaled them was in a kind of trance, or under a spell, or something. They would act differently. Never talking, they never talked if the spores got inside them. But the things they would do…”

Steel rubbed the man’s back. “It’s okay Frank. We’re going home now.”

“I think I was one of the first to notice that something was wrong, but by that time, it was too late. Most everyone had already been infected. I did the only thing I could think of: I broke the dome. The things seemed to grow faster in the atmosphere. I figured if I broke it, it would make them die… or at the very least stunt their growth. They didn’t grow any bigger, which was good, but they still spread. Spread quickly.

“The people who were affected would attack others. They became violent. Anyone or anything that got in their way would be destroyed. I broke the dome and killed one man by breaking the glass in his helmet.”

Frank couldn’t hold it in any longer, he started to bawl. Once he started, it took a long time for him to stop. When he finally got himself somewhat composed, he continued with his story.

“I knew that it had to be something on the moon, something that was otherworldly. But a mushroom didn’t seem like something that could be so deadly, and that noise it made when it sent out that poison cloud. Pfff. Pfff. I heard it for three days after I broke the glass until it finally stopped. It just wanted to kill anything else that could still be alive.

“The people that got the spores in them would start to have their veins pop out. It took about two days for that to happen. Three for them to start turning purple. On the fourth day they would die and have this slime ooze from them. God, I hope I never have to hear that sound again. It’s the sound of death.”

The officers didn’t want to push him anymore. They knew he had been through enough. With a big meal and a nice warm drink, they sent him to bed.

“What do you think of his story, Walters?”

“I don’t know, I saw Steve laying on the ground. He looked like what Frank described. I also saw the cells they found out there; it could be true. The cells looked green, but almost everything looks green under a microscope.”

“Yeah, it does seem a little far-fetched though,” Steel said. “All those people dead because some cells grew better in an environment that’s more like Earth’s than the moon's. Where would they have come from?”

“I don’t know. But you did see one for yourself, even poked it with a pencil.”

The two men stopped talking and looked at one another. As if thinking the same thought, they pushed up from the table and ran towards their suits. There hanging on the wall was Steel’s suit. A slight green film formed on the right hand. They moved closer to it and saw a small bulb had formed in the middle of the green dust.

Very carefully, Steel moved the glove to get a better look. It was green, with tiny purple dots on it. He looked at Walters. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes but Walters had been thinking the same thing.

“We should have left these in the shuttle. We should have…”

Steel’s thought was interrupted by a soft pfff.

Written by JohnathanNash
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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On July 18th, 2020, NASA launched a new vessel. Six astronauts boarded Goliath I and set off to prepare the first human colony on the Moon. The preparations were expected to take a year, but the vessel carried six months of additional food past that expectation in case of emergency. Radio communication was possible only on the side of the Moon facing the Earth. The astronauts were told to stay in this area to maintain radio contact.

The astronauts had landed on the eastern border of the Serenitatis. This lunar mare was largely covered in basalt and held few craters, making it perfect for colonization. The goal of the astronauts was simple: map the area for colonization and blueprint the construction of buildings. The only real danger on the Moon was meteors striking it, as the Moon was devoid of any atmosphere. An electronic journal of the day’s event was to be sent back to NASA, along with any interesting photos or videos. Although, it was to be seen if anything exciting could happen. It was the Moon, after all.

The first few months of journals were fairly normal. The astronauts were right on schedule with the predicted progress. They wasted no time to blueprint the area. Everything in a normal town was to be in the future town; a grocery store, a school, a hospital, among other things. Of course, these supplies would need to be sent by other vessels. It wasn’t their mission to build anything. Then, on the 17th of September that year, the daily report had not come. It was speculated that it was forgotten, but didn’t come the next day either. Radio communication was not successful with the astronauts, and was only met with static. The radio tower was seen as working perfectly. It seemed that the astronauts were simply not within range of it. Several missing videos were later recovered from the site. The following is a description of each video.

The astronauts were told to label their videos by date, using numbers following the date if more than one video was recorded that day. The first video was labeled appropriately as “SEPT 16 2020.” It is around 10 minutes long and is mostly spent examining small craters near the border of the mare. Near the end of the video, the astronaut talks about hearing scratching noises from the crater, but this wasn’t audible. The journal sent to NASA for the 16th of September did not mention this noise.

The second video is labeled also labeled appropriately as “SEPT 17 2020.” This video was also focused around craters, specifically the nearby Bessel crater. This is an exceptionally large crater, over nine miles across and a mile deep. The plan was to eventually build a bridge across the crater. This video is roughly the same length of the previous video. The astronauts begin to make notes of the crater, when the scratching sound is heard again. This time, however, it is quite audible and appears to be coming from the basin of the crater. The sound becomes so loud it begins to irritate the astronauts. One of the men looks down over the edge to find the source of the sound. A force unseen by the camera suddenly pulls the astronaut into the crater. His screams are heard briefly before the camera is cut short.

The third and final video is labeled “CODE 7700 PLEASE HELP.” The date is unknown, but it can be assumed it is probably the next day. It begins with an astronaut in an oxygen tent, talking to the camera. He explains in a calm voice that he has been unable to contact the radio. He also explains about how two of the astronauts have been “horribly slaughtered.” At this point, tears start to roll down his face, but he continues a calm tone. The scratching noise from the previous videos is heard suddenly and sharply. The camera is knocked to an adjacent wall of the tent and we listen to the astronaut pleading followed by a heavy thump.

The man continues to plead and cry out for help, stating that he can’t breathe. The camera is completely turned away from the man, so it is not seen what is attacking him. We see blood begin to splatter the adjacent wall. The man continues to scream for help and is now completely bawling. Blood splatters against the wall for a second time against the wall alongside the sound of bones snapping and flesh being torn from them. His pleas for help suddenly stop and are just reduced to inane screaming and crying. As blood spatters against the wall again, a bit of brown liquid now mixes in with the bright red liquid. The tearing sound has since been replaced with that of squishing and sloshing. The only sound the man makes now is a quiet death rattle. Suddenly, the man goes silent and several of his organs are tossed near the direction of the wall.

Coincidentally, the night of September 18 was a red moon. None of the bodies of the astronauts from Goliath I were ever fully recovered. Colonization of the Moon has been postponed until further notice. The team sent to investigate the radio communication problems the astronauts were having refused to talk to the public. Of the four-man repair team, two have committed suicide since returning to Earth. While the three videos were recovered, a photograph was also recovered. It is still unknown as to what the photograph is.


Written by Avenging Angel
Content is available under CC BY-SA




Estimated reading time — 25minutes

The Moon. Quite a spectacle if you ask me. It never ceases to enthrall my nocturnal, star-gazing eyes. I look at it each and every night with a very large sense of wonder, mixed with just a pinch of awestricken euphoria. It captivates and compels my curious nature, but as of late it has also deemed me uncontrollably and utterly paralyzed, with an ever-lingering sense of fear. You see, while the moon may greet me with a feeling of elation while I’m awake, it does quite the opposite when I rest. The moon is the main focus of a twisted narrative in my dreams. A nightmarish story is played out in my fear-ridden sleep for me to defenselessly watch almost every night. I say almost every night because sometimes I just can’t find it in me to sleep at all, knowing what awaits me when I close my eyes. It wasn’t always this way mind you; it has only been happening for the past few months. I don’t know why or how, as I am not one who often has nightmares. I can barely recall my normal dreams. However, I can describe to you the dream in question in great detail. It will forever be embedded within the deep confines of my memory.

Have you ever had a dream in which you are not present? What I mean is, have you ever watched your dream play out in front of you like a movie as if you are part of the audience rather than a character? That is how my nightmare is. I have no control whatsoever. I cannot interact with a damn thing. I am only left to watch as the pandemonium ensues. This is not only frustrating, but terrifying as well. What’s worse is that I do not realize that it is a dream until I wake up. Imagine my confusion, anxiety, and terror as I watch the plot unfold. Well, how can you? I’ve yet to explain the details of the nightmare itself. Maybe I’m just stalling. Well, in any case, I shall now divulge to you the inner workings of my recurring nightmare.

It always starts out in the woods. Forests themselves are unsettling, but what really gets me is that I’ve never been in one. It’s not that I wouldn’t venture out into the wilderness every now and again to go on a nature-filled walk or something, it’s just that I don’t live near the woods; never have. So why then would I dream of them? On top of that, why is everything in my self-made forest so detailed? These are the kinds of things that boggle my mind and freak me out when I wake up in a cold sweat, mid-scream. I’m sorry; it’s just so aggravating and worrisome. It’s difficult for me not to relive each moment and dwell on the details. Back to the dream.

I’m left just looking at trees and an empty night sky for quite some time. It adds to the uneasiness. After a while, I can hear something. It can’t be made out right away, but as it gets louder I realize that it is howling. Must be a coyote I think to myself. It is at that point that my perspective changes. It is abrupt and worrying. I am now left looking up from the woods, at a no longer empty night sky. The howling continues and gets louder. Through the forest canopy I can see the moon. It is a vibrant yellow color and for whatever reason looks…off. I can’t quite put into words what I mean by that. The howling does not let up. I can now hear several coyotes howling and getting closer, as their volume is increasing. My perspective changes once more. I am now viewing the moon from atop the forest, almost as if I am standing on the very top of one of the trees. It looks larger in size, but still for the most part normal. I hear the sound of coyotes howling peak in volume as I stare at the sky. My ears may have actually hurt had I been awake. As the obnoxious sound of coyotes continues, the moon becomes larger. I can now tell that it is coming closer to the earth with every passing second. My heart begins to race. Something that usually comforts me is now creating within me a sense of dread. After a few more moments of inner turmoil, the howling ceases. The moon is now dangerously close to the earth and I can hear it moving. After a few more moments, it almost fills the night sky. I catch one final glimpse before impact, seeing every single detail on its surface; each and every crater and formation. It is breathtaking, but not in a good way. The moon then picks up speed, much like the beating of my heart, and in an instant I wake up.

It might not seem like much, but I can honestly say I’ve never been more scared in my entire life. I have to experience this every single time I fall asleep. Upon waking I always jump out of bed and run to my window, my eyes scanning the night sky for signs of an abnormal moon. I always find the moon exactly where it should be, looking as normal as ever, and a wave of relief overcomes me. I just don’t get it. Why has such an odd nightmare made its way into my sleeping brain? Why does it occur every time I dream? Why me? Why now?

Any answers I thought could be found led me to disappointment instead. When discussing it with friends, they simply laughed or just found it downright peculiar. I asked my doctor about it and he simply said, “Maybe it was something you ate.” I even contacted a therapist that I found online who specialized in the field of dreaming. After speaking with her on the phone, I determined that she was incapable of offering me any sort of insight on the matter. She told me that the moon represented my past catching up to me, and the coyotes were my inner child trying to communicate and get my attention. A load of crap, if you ask me. It seemed that answers were not within my reach. On one day, however, my luck changed.

The day started off normal, as most days do. I woke up in fear and looked out the window. Instead of finding the moon, I found the sun. I became relieved, and began my daily routine. Upon making breakfast, I turned the TV on to watch some news before heading off to work, as I usually did. Nothing really interested me until about halfway through the program when they featured a segment about tidal waves. The piece interested me because I live near a large beach and had recently thought about taking surfing lessons. Everything was normal until the segment was over and one of the anchors turned to the other and said “Monday night’s super moon just might make those waves a little bit taller.” What? Super moon? I had never heard of such a thing. Monday night? That was just three nights away. I immediately shut off my TV, stopped eating my breakfast, and ran to my computer to do some research. I didn’t know if or how it could be connected to my dreams, but it was the only lead I had.

After doing some extensive research, I became aware that super moon is a term used to describe the moon when it is new/full as well as when it is closest to the earth during its elliptical orbit. This results in the moon looking larger than normal, hence the term. In just three days, a full moon is scheduled to occur, and it will also be a super moon. This one in particular will be very interesting as the moon will be closer to the earth than it ever has been before, during any of its orbits. It was going to be a “true spectacle” to behold. I was thinking just the opposite. My fears were now becoming a reality, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Nothing I read or researched could ease my anxiety. There was no way that this “super moon” was just an eerie coincidence. To me, my dream wasn’t a dream, but instead was a premonition of things to come. In just three days the moon would collide with the earth and destroy the very fabric of humanity.

To break the monotony of self torture, I continued to educate myself on the moon. I sat in a defunct state endlessly reading and clicking on educational videos pertaining to that great ball of death that lived in the night sky. I don’t know why I did this, as it just made the feeling of dread within me grow exponentially. Even so, I kept staring at my computer screen, reading and watching. I would occasionally glance over at my phone, noticing my countless missed calls. It must have been my boss trying to get a hold of me as I had failed to go to work that morning in light of the god-forsaken mess I had found myself in. There’s no point in going to work when the world is ending, right?

After several hours of tedious learning, I finally grew weary. My eyelids were beginning to droop as the tiredness within me took hold. In an effort to not fall asleep, I kept researching. This backfired as it only made me more tired. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep right there in front of my computer screen. What happened next was inevitable.

My nightmare began the way it usually did. I was in a forest, left looking at numerous trees and an empty night sky. I waited for my perspective to change. I waited to look up and see that which frightened me the most. After a few moments, nothing happened. This was about the time my dream’s lackluster plot would kick in, so I was a little confused. Even so, I continued to wait. Nothing happened. I was still in the forest looking at trees and a moonless sky. What was happening? Why must this nightmare torture me so? I was now getting anxious. Just then, something did happen. Howling. I could hear howling. This perplexed me deeply. By this point I should most certainly be looking at the moon. Something was off; very off. I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts. That is when it hit me. I just took a deep breath. I could feel my chest muscles expand as I did this. Never before did I even have this control in my sleep. I was actually there. I attempted to walk, and to my delight it actually worked. This was so strange. I was never a character in this dream before. I always watched the deadly events unfold.

With my newfound ability, I ran. I ran to my heart’s content through my nightmare’s forest. I had movement. I had freedom. I had control. Just then, the coyotes howled in unison off in the distance. I knew exactly what that meant. I thought of that last word again, “control”. What exactly did I have control of? My body? What good would that do me if I still could not control my outcome? I turned around and looked up at the night sky. There it was. The moon in all of its wondrous and gruesome glory. I could see nothing but trees and moonlight in my field of vision. An ever-familiar feeling of shock found its way back into the pit of my stomach. I took that feeling and ran with all my might towards the moon. Towards the howling. It was all I could think to do. Quickly after I began sprinting, the howling ceased.


I screamed at the top of my lungs as I watched the moon connect with the earth. The thunderous clap it made jolted me awake.

I quickly jumped up from my computer and looked out the window. The moon was visible, but it was normal sized. Normally this would grant me relief, but I don’t think I was all that scared this time. My dreams were changing, and so was my outlook on the situation. I felt like I could stop this from happening – somehow.

I went back to my computer and continued my research, only this time I included the words “dream” and “premonition” along with the usual lunar terms. I continued to read, watch videos, and speak with others on forums. After an hour or so I was still empty handed in my hunt for a solution. I pressed on.

As my search continued, I found myself growing sleepy once more. I needed to stay awake and look for answers, but my brain wouldn’t allow it. After all, I didn’t get that much rest the first time I fell asleep. I was at a loss. I had no coffee or any other means of staying awake. The only thing I did have was the vague will to find a way out of this mess. That only lasted so long, and once again my eyes won in their battle to close themselves. I became unconscious.

My dream started yet again. I was immediately greeted with lucidity and took a look at my surroundings. I was in the same forest and I could see the moon behind me, looming overhead. I stared at it for a moment, almost begging it not to fall. In doing this, I quickly looked away. The moon and all of its features appeared to me as the personification of malice. This was more than likely due to my mind and the way it had constructed the setting, but it still kept me from staring at the moon any further. I needed to invest all of my energy into doing something productive anyhow. Once the howling began, I decided to pursue it once more.

I ran towards the sound of what I assumed were coyotes, knowing that I didn’t have much time left. It had come to my attention the last time I dreamt that I had never actually seen them before; I had only heard their unsettling cries. They were the only characters present in this world other than myself. Maybe finding them would provide me with insight. It was a long shot, but anything was worth trying at this point.

I kept running towards the sound, noticing the moonlight getting brighter on the forest floor and trees. I still refused to look up at it and kept myself focused on the task at hand. I was slightly afraid; not only of the moon, but of what I might find when I did reach the coyotes. This was still less fear than I was usually accustomed to in this nightmare, so it in no way disrupted my concentration. What I saw next, however, did.

Before making it to my destination, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I immediately stopped running and turned to look at it. It appeared to be the dark figure of a man. Even the now brighter moonlight could not reveal to me his features. After staring at him for a moment, he began to speak.

“You’re wasting your time.”

His voice sounded old and brash, but worldly at the same time. I was confused by his statement, not to mention his existence.

“What exactly do you mean?” I asked.

“This is only one possible outcome. You’ve yet to change anything. You need to wake up.”

“Wake up? But -”

I was cut off mid-sentence by a familiar explosive sound – the sound of two planetary bodies colliding. The man remained still as the moonlight washed out my field of vision. I then woke up at my computer, just like before, only this time I didn’t jump up to look out my window. I instead thought of the man and what he had said to me. The entire ordeal was bizarre and surreal, but for some reason I felt as if I had some sort of chance. Whoever this man was, he seemed to have a better grasp of the situation than I did. Perhaps finding him once more will ultimately bring me the answers I seek.

I noticed sunlight begin to cover the desk where I was sitting. I looked over at my window, but quickly regretted it as the sun was just coming up over the horizon and was an abrasive sight for my baggy eyes. The sun was indeed up and it was time to start my day. What that would entail, I could not be certain. It was not as if I would be going to work in my current predicament. I could always do more research, but that didn’t really get me anywhere last time. The obvious solution would be to try and fall asleep again and find that man, but I no longer felt tired, and to be completely honest, I needed a break.

I sat there for a good long while before coming up with an idea. Meditation. I could attempt to meditate and see where that leads me. It may not help at all, but it was certainly worth a try.

Having never meditated before, I went online to look at various how-to guides on the subject. After learning the basics, I decided to give it a go. I was anxious, but I tried to remain calm as any worrisome emotions would prove to be counterproductive when attempting to meditate. I sat down on the floor, closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, and away I went.

At first, clearing my mind was a challenge. All I could picture was the malicious sight of the moon coming towards me. It freaked me out at first, but I then used it to my advantage. Before the moon could reach me, I pictured it going in the opposite direction. I was able to loosen up when doing this, and I let myself focus on nothing but the moon as it grew smaller and smaller. It kept floating away until it was only a single point in the night sky. I continued to focus on it. Eventually I was breathing at a much slower rate. My body felt lighter. I almost felt as though I too were floating into the night sky. I preceded to actually drift upwards, towards the moon. It then grew larger as the distance between us became smaller. Within moments the moon reverted to its original abnormally large size and I felt myself descend to the ground below. The meditation must have worked.

I looked around and realized that I was in the forest; the same setting from my dream. I looked up at the moon and noticed that even though it was incredibly close to the earth, it was still. Come to think of it, everything seemed still, as if time had stopped. Granted there was nothing around me but trees, but it felt like I was residing within a single instant – one frame on the reel of my private nightmare. I say nightmare, but it no longer felt as such. Given that the moon was no longer moving, I now felt calm and relaxed. Hopefully this would provide me with a greater focus while I searched for either the man or the coyotes. Anything would suffice so long as it gave me even a slight answer.

I decided to walk along the same path I took in my previous dream. I no longer had the sound of coyotes to guide me, but I did have the moon. I remember it being in the center of the sky when heading towards the howls. As such, I positioned myself accordingly and headed off.

Now that I found myself walking rather than running, and now that I was void of the fear that had previously tormented me in this setting, I noticed the odd details of the pseudo-world around me. There was a strange symbol perfectly etched into each and every tree I passed. I did not recognize the marking. Not only this, but I now noticed an old wooden hatch on the ground that bared the same symbol. I attempted to open it, but the damned thing wouldn’t budge. In any event, I continued my impromptu hike through the forest.

After a few more moments, I stopped dead in my tracks. Standing by one of the trees was none other than the man from my previous nightly adventure. I did not know whether to approach him or not. I couldn’t tell if he was frozen like the rest of the forest. I simply stood there in a partial state of shock waiting for something to happen. Luckily the man was not frozen and he began to speak.

“Why are you here again?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Why am I here again? Well, I’m here for answers.”

He chuckled a bit when I said this.

“You don’t need answers. You simply need to do what is necessary.”

He noticed the confused look on my face and spoke again.

“Fine. If you want answers so badly, then follow me.”

The man turned and started walking towards the moon; the very direction I had already been walking in. I subsequently followed, having little choice in the matter.

As we walked, I was considerably closer to the mysterious man than I had ever been previously. You would think that maybe I could finally make out at least some of his features, but this was not the case. He was still covered in a thin layer of darkness. It seemed to follow him wherever he went. I couldn’t explain this, but then again this was just a dream. An odd premonitory dream at that, but still a dream nonetheless.

The man remained silent until we reached our destination.

“Here you have it; the answer to the dark and looming riddle overhead.”

He looked at the moon when he said this. I was still confused to say the least, but I took a look around before demanding further explanation.

We were in a small clearing in the forest. In said clearing was a formation of not coyotes, but wolves. They were frozen still, as was to be expected. They were in a circular pattern around what looked to be a person; a person wearing some sort of red shroud. The man then spoke, noticing that I was still oblivious to what was going on.

“Take a closer look.”

I did so without hesitation, curious as to what I would find upon closer inspection.

I walked right past the wolves and into the circle to take a look at the person in the red cloak. It was a woman. She had her arms outstretched towards the moon. In front of her sat a chalice of some sort, filled with a reddish liquid. I still had no clue what was taking place here. Luckily, the man noticed this.

“This is the last surviving member of the Clan of the Red Wolf.”

“Clan of the Red Wolf?”

I had no idea what the Clan of the Red Wolf was, so I let the man explain further.

“The Clan has existed for many years. They worship a deity known as the Red Wolf, and their doctrine is simple. They intend to seek divinity in nature and protect the earth’s wildlife to the best of their abilities.”

I still didn’t completely grasp why this meant the moon had to fall.

“You see, as of late, the Clan has misinterpreted the foundation of their teachings. Because of this, they now think they need to destroy all life on earth and allow it to begin anew. The woman you see before you is the daughter of one of the Clan’s old members – one whom met with a terrible fate years ago.”

I noticed him stop to collect his thoughts before he continued to speak.

“She too tried to “end the world” so to speak, but she was stopped. Her daughter, deemed too powerful at an early age, was hidden from the rest of the clan. In the wake of her mother’s failure, she came out of hiding and vowed that she would continue her mother’s work. She would find a way to put an end to this earth.”

I was left speechless. This was most certainly a lot to process. How could this clan exist? How did they have this power? Why was I involved? I had so many questions now, and still no solution to my original problem. The man spoke once more as I continued to bathe in the confusion of what I had heard.

“You have been chosen to stop this. Otherwise you would not be having these dreams. As such, you must do just that. You cannot do it from here, however. This is an illusion. I am an illusion. The only way you can truly prevent this is to travel to this location when you awaken.”

I still had so many questions. Who was he in the first place? Why exactly was I “chosen”? Before I could voice any of these questions, the man vanished. He disappeared before my very eyes and revealed something etched into the tree behind him. I looked at it more closely and realized that they were coordinates. My eyes widened. I was now afraid again. I would have to actually confront this red cloaked woman if I wanted to save everything. If this wasn’t bad enough, I heard a loud howling behind me. The dream was no longer on pause. Within an instant I saw the moon crash into me with a force greater than I had ever seen in one of my nightmares. The brightness, the sound – everything was magnified. It was because I was at the epicenter of the event. I can tell you honestly that that right there was the most frightening thing I have ever witnessed. Much like the times before, I then woke up.

I opened my eyes slowly and gathered my thoughts. I then quickly jumped up and grabbed a piece of paper. I wrote down the coordinates I had seen etched into the bark of the tree. I then caught a glimpse of the moon from out of the corner of my eye. I looked over at the window and to my surprise it was nighttime. How long had I been meditating? I looked at the clock on my bedside table and realized that it was 5am, Sunday morning. I had been meditating for almost a whole day. This was a bit shocking, but I didn’t let it get to me. Besides, I had a task to complete.

I typed the coordinates into my computer to see exactly where they were. To my satisfaction it was within the country. Unfortunately however, it was many miles away. If I drove there, I wouldn’t get to the outskirts of the woods until Monday afternoon, and then I would still have to hike. The super moon is on Monday night, so that would be cutting it close. The nearest airport to these coordinates was 237 miles away, meaning I would have to figure out another form of transportation once I got there. I weighed my options for a moment, but then decided to take a different approach. Maybe there was a train station nearby.

After several minutes of searching for multiple trains that would lead me to this forest, I had finally found my means of transportation. There just happened to be a train station just twelve miles from the coordinates I had typed in. Apparently the forest was an old-growth forest protected by the government and it garnered occasional tourism, hence the train stop. I determined that after taking multiple trains and buses to get there, I would arrive at 2:15pm on Monday. That would give me just enough time to reach the coordinates and potentially stop this catastrophe from occurring.

I took off in haste as not to give myself enough time to rethink my plan. I knew if I dwelled on what I was doing, I might change my mind and convince myself that I was crazy and everything I had experienced was nothing more than a strange dream. If I did stop now, I would drown in my own regret, and panic come Monday night. Even if I was crazy, at least I was putting the question to rest myself instead of waiting for an answer to come along.

After numerous modes of travel, I was finally on the final train; the one that would arrive near my coordinates. I managed to stay awake the entire time, running off of anxiety and the fear of experiencing my nightmare one more time. As the train departed, however, I felt more tired than I had the entire trip there. I could not stay awake for one more second. I willingly shut my eyes and fell asleep there in my seat, knowing what I would dream about when I did.

Once again, I found myself in the forest at nighttime with nothing but several trees to gaze at. That, and the gigantic moon behind me. I decided to run again, but this time in the opposite direction. I wanted to be as far away from the moon as possible, so as to possibly limit its terrifying properties.

With an ever-familiar feeling of dread, I ran as fast as my dream body would allow, into the depths of the woods. I had never headed in this direction before and was somewhat curious as to what I might find during my run. My curiosity vanished soon after as I saw nothing but more trees. Not a big surprise there, I suppose.

I kept running, without even glancing back once at the moon. After a while, I noticed that something wasn’t right. The wolves should have howled by now. Nothing was frozen like the last dream; I could see the trees blowing in the wind. Maybe I was too far away to hear them, but even still something felt weird. I decided to look back at the moon. It was suspended in the night sky, as was to be expected, but it was not overly large like before. It was of a normal size and normal position near the stars. How peculiar.

I shrugged off the oddities in my dream and kept running in the direction I was headed. I would have become more anxious had I stayed still, and I was still hoping to find something out there – maybe one last bit of help in the form of something – anything, before I came face to face with the red cloaked woman.

I ran and ran for what seemed like a very long time. All the while there were nothing but trees and discomfort to keep me company. I was beginning to grow tired within my own dream, if that was even possible. Eventually, I came upon something other than a tree. I stopped running when I saw it. It was a railroad, running right through the forest. I examined the tracks for a moment, and then stood on them, looking either way for a train. Nothing. I continued to stand there, at odds with the damned thing. That is, until the very loud sound of a train directly behind me immediately triggered my adrenaline and fear. I turned to look and saw the train right as it struck my body. I jolted awake at impact.

The train had come to a stop. I was at the forest. I pulled myself together and stumbled off in a clumsy fashion, still trying to fully awaken and process my dream’s meaning at the same time. The train then took off at high speed and left me to take a look at my surroundings in isolation. So this is what it looks like during the day, huh? The forest looked identical to the one in my dreams, but then again, how could it not? It was just a simple assortment of old trees. The only difference now was that I was awake, and I had sunlight to guide my trek as opposed to moonlight. I just wasn’t sure how long that sunlight would last, especially in the depths of the forest.

I set off in haste, making sure to maximize my energy. I didn’t run and instead power-walked, keeping a steady pace as I went. Twelve miles wouldn’t be all that bad had it been on a paved road, but this was an old woodland. I could not guarantee when I would arrive at the location, nor could I guarantee what the terrain would be like in some parts of the forest. I had a compass and map to guide me, knowing that my phone/GPS probably wouldn’t get a reliable signal out here, but a map will only reveal so much about where you’re going. I could only hope that I would make it there in time to make a difference. I could only hope that I would even make it there in one piece.

Lucky for me, half of my hike was relatively easy. I was able to remain quick and agile most of the way, but after an hour or so, the ground became steeper and I found myself almost climbing rather than walking. I stupidly attempted to keep the same pace uphill as I did on the flat ground. This was a mistake. I ended up tripping over the root of a tree that was jutting out of the ground. I fell face first onto the dirt, and a nearby rock dug into my skin, leaving a large gash along the side of one of my legs. The sharp pain that followed was unbearable. I released a blood-curdling scream from the deepest recesses of my lungs and hurt even my ears. It didn’t appear as though I would be saving anything. My fate was now in the hands of the forest.

Unable to move, I simply laid there, waiting for nightfall to come; waiting for the moon to loom overhead and laugh in my dirt-covered face. It had won. My leg was injured, as well as my will to press on. Even if I could move, I didn’t want to anymore. The whole ordeal was mentally and physically taxing. I just wanted it all to end.

As I watched the sky change while the sun was setting, something else came into view. It was a man’s face. I couldn’t make out any features, but as he spoke, I recognized the voice.

“You have to keep going. It is almost time.”

It was the man from my dream. How was this possible? Then again, how was any of this possible? I decided not to question it. I had given up, after all. What was the point in trying to understand that which was beyond my comprehension? The world would be ending soon anyhow.

“No. I’m done. I cannot move, nor do I want to.”

He remained silent for a few moments, causing me to wonder if I was actually seeing things or not. He then offered a response.

“Are you really so selfish? You will let this entire planet suffer because you ‘don’t want to’?”

I thought about what he was implying, but before I could respond he spoke again.

“How dare you. How dare you hold the fate of this world in your hands and cast it aside with such arrogance, just like that. A broken leg is nothing compared to what is really at stake here. Neither is your insatiable need for answers. You need not know what is happening, only what you must do. You should stop at nothing to complete your task.”

I was surprised by the ferocity with which the man spoke. He was genuinely disappointed in me. Not only that, but what he said was true. I was being selfish. How could I let the moon crash into the earth after I had come so far? What in the world was I thinking?

With newfound motivation, I found it within me to stand upright again. I didn’t require the man’s help, nor did I ask for it. I don’t think he would have given it to me anyways. I still wasn’t even sure if he was really there. For all I knew he could have been a figment of my imagination. Figment or not, he was right. I had to keep going and see this through. I had no other choice in the matter.

As I limped through the woods, the man followed. He kept his distance, but I knew he was there. I would glance over every now and again and he would give me a perturbed look, one that begged me to stop staring and hurry up already. Somehow I felt as though his presence helped. It reassured me that I might actually be able to do this; whatever “this” might be. Either way, I was at ease for the time being.

I limped for a very long time, using only the moon as my guide. It was very large, but not quite as large as I remembered it being in my dreams. Even so, my surroundings now had a familiar aura about them. I must have been getting close. The man surprised me and spoke, confirming my suspicions.

“Just a little further.”

For the first time on our hike, the man walked in front of me and began to lead the way. As he did this, I noticed a clearing up ahead. This was it. My showdown with the red cloaked woman was about to begin and I was not ready in the slightest. Despite this, I followed the man and walked into the clearing.

Upon entering, I saw just what I expected to see. There in the center of the clearing was a circular formation of wolves containing the red cloaked woman. Even though I knew it would be there, I was still shocked. This was no longer a dream. Whatever happened now would have actual repercussions.

I stared at the woman, but she didn’t look as though she was conscious. She just stood there with her head down, as still as ever. The man turned over to me with a smile and spoke.

“Humans are so easily fooled.”

He then transformed, for lack of a better word, into a black wolf and ran over to the woman. He passed right through her and vanished. She then awoke instantaneously and looked over at me with that same smile. I was stunned.

“Nice of you to join us. We’ve been waiting for such a long time.”

The wolves howled in unison, as if they only acted upon her command. I remained silent.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared? Are you confused? Or are you just plain ignorant?”

I was offended by just the tone of her voice. I don’t know what possessed me to do so, but I took a step forward. The wolves began to growl when I did this.

“Why the rush? Don’t you want those answers you came here for in the first place? Don’t you want to know why all of this is happening? I know you do.”

An alluring yet sinister smile crept across her face. I nodded. I did want to know why. I wanted to know everything.

“Very well. As you know, I am the last surviving member of the Clan of the Red Wolf. My mother attempted to destroy this world years ago, but failed. She was stopped by a savior. She was stopped by the one the Red Wolf spoke of in his teachings. The one that was to save our world. You could say that the savior succeeded, in a way. I see it differently, much like my mother did. In order to save nature itself, the world must begin anew. The savior failed.”

I understood what she was telling me, but I knew there was more to it than that. She continued to speak.

“The savior’s blood was needed to complete the ritual of destruction that my mother had performed. That same blood is needed now to complete my ritual. You, my friend, are the offspring of the savior.”

What? How could this be? One of my parents was this savior she spoke of? Why didn’t I know of this? Questions filled my mind that no amount of answers could solve, but one glaring truth bubbled to the surface. I needed to get out of there.

I attempted to run, but the woman reached her arm out towards me, and I found myself paralyzed. I could not move at all. She was in complete control.

“I sent a specter into your dreams to bring you here. It was so much easier than I had originally anticipated. Foolishness is a trait I find to be quite common among humans. I will never understand it.”

The man was just a spirit. It was her all along, guiding me here so she could complete her ritual. I spent all my effort in trying to get here to prevent the earth’s destruction when I was in fact the key to its demise the whole time. I should never have come here.

She clenched her fingers together and I felt my body move on its own. I closed the gap between me and her within seconds.

“You may now witness that which has tormented you in your dreams for so long. Then you may finally rest.”

She said this as if it was some sort of consolation. I watched as she reached into her cloak and pulled out a dagger. Etched into the blade was the same symbol I had seen on the trees. It must have been the symbol of the Clan. She then grabbed the chalice from behind her and sliced my arm open, allowing my blood to fill the cup. I wanted to scream, but could not, as she had complete control over my body’s actions. I could not think of a more terrible situation to be in.

With a flick of her wrist she tossed my body aside, having already received what she needed. She then turned towards the moon and reached out towards it, much like I had seen in my nightmare. Between my injured leg and the cut on my arm, I could not move to stop her. I looked up at the moon as it came closer to the earth and waited for the inevitable collision. I heard the wolves howl loudly, but their howls were soon drowned out by the sound of the moon picking up speed. The moonlight that covered the forest was brilliant, and it allowed me the most vivid depiction of the destruction of the earth. After a few more moments, the moon broke through the atmosphere and filled the night sky. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep one last time. My dream could no longer haunt me. It was over. Everything was over.

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Creepypasta moon


Estimated reading time — 2minutes

In the town of Bisden, nobody leaves their home after dark. As soon as the sun begins to set — shutters are drawn shut, candles are snuffed out, and doors are locked tight. Before the moon is fully risen, the entire town appears deserted, and silence reigns supreme.

“Did you hear that?” whispered Freja, sounding very small and afraid in the dark.
“Shut. Up.” Her older brother, Freud, hissed through clenched teeth as he eyed the black windows of the house nearest to them. They were probably locked. Nobody in their right mind would leave their windows unlocked at night. Not in Bisden, anyway.
“I told you we shouldn’t play in the forest,” continued Freja. “I said we should go back sooner.”
“And I said to shut up,” Freud went on. “Whining about the past doesn’t change the present.” Freud looked at his sister, shivering in the dark. “It doesn’t change the situation we’re in.”

Before Freja could respond, the faint sound of a child’s laughter floated across the wind. Goosebumps erupted along Freud’s neck and arms. Something about the sound seemed…wrong.

“Maybe there’s other–“, Freud clasped his hand over Freja’s mouth. Pulling her in close, he shrank back into the shadows of the alley. Again, the unearthly sound drifted across the air. Freja tensed in Freud’s arms as she realized the magnitude of their situation. A child’s voice, oddly distorted, broke the silence of the night like a fist through glass.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

The Thing lumbered across the mouth of the alley — just a few feet from Freud and Freja’s hiding place. It was roughly the size of a child, yet shuffled with its arms hanging grotesquely close to the ground — making its disproportionate body appear markedly apelike. It was completely nude, and had skin so shockingly white that it reflected the glow from the moon. The Thing turned its shimmering bald head toward the alley as it crossed. Its face was perfectly smooth, and entirely devoid of feature — save for an impossibly wide smile with thin lips the colour of blood. The crimson slash of its mouth appeared to stretch from ear to ear. Freud felt warmth spread down his thigh as his bladder let go.

Freja whimpered.

The Thing froze mid-stride, its body becoming as rigid as stone. Slowly, it turned its torso until it was facing the alleyway. It took a tentative step forward. Freja sucked in a sharp breath through her nose as she began to hyperventilate. Freud clamped his hand over her mouth, but he was too late. Impossibly fast, The Thing twisted its head toward their hiding place, producing a sickening crackle from its neck.

“Found you!”

In the town of Bisden, nobody leaves their house after dark. Every day, young ones are sternly told to be home by dusk. They are told of the evil that haunts the streets at night. They are told to always remain silent, because if they hear you — The Children of the Moon will tear you limb from limb.

Credit: RadLad


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