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OVER THE LAST ten to fifteen years, Sami studies have become an ever more prominent aspect of the broader academic field of Nordic studies in North America. Arguably, in many respects they play at least as prominent a role beyond their consideration within the fields of ethnology and anthropology in curricular offerings and scholarly research in Canada and the United States as they do in the Nordic region. One of the reasons for this curious situation is that the desire--indeed the need--for the serious study of the culture, art, and literature of indigenous peoples was waged in North America during the mid-decades of the twentieth century with regard to the traditions of the Native Americans to whom the Sami are occasionally compared. Once literature and art departments had recognized the enrichment that stems from scholarly, non-patronizing attention to the work of Native Americans, it was a small step that did not raise curricular objections to examine the work of other indigenous cultures in general and the Sami in particular.

Scandinavian Studies has played a notable role in developing the legitimacy and breadth of the academic attention currently being accorded the Sami. In 2003, an issue subtitled "The People of Eight Seasons: The Sami and Their Changing Culture" and hailed as the first issue of a scholarly journal devoted exclusively to Sami culture was published and many copies were subsequently ordered for use...

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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Poses in Workout Set as She Prepares ‘to Hike to a Volcano’

Continuing her latest adventure through Iceland, Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle announced on Instagram that she is preparing to hike to a volcano.

Sami Gayle’s post’s caption reads, “Preparing to hike to a volcano… Stay tuned for the journey. 🌋” She is seen posing in a gray workout outfit.

The actress revealed earlier this week that she was vacationing in Iceland with her brother and his best friend. She referred to the trip as spontaneous.

“Some of the best moments of my life were born from an impulsive decision — a last-minute trip, an instinct to go somewhere I otherwise would not, etc. So, earlier this week, when my brother asked me if I wanted to come with him and his best friend to Iceland, I immediately said yes and was on a plane a couple of days later,” she says. “And, as you’ll see in my stories, it was absolutely the right choice.”

Is Sami Gayle Returning For Season 12 of ‘Blue Bloods’?

As previously reported, there have been questions as to whether or not Sami Gayle will be returning to the hit CBS series Blue Bloods as a full-time cast member. She appeared as a guest star in the show’s 11th season finale. Her character, Nicky Reagan-Boyle, previously left New York City to pursue a career in San Francisco in Season 10. Gayle also appeared in a total of ten episodes of the latest season.

Prior to the start of Season 11, Bridget Moynahan, who plays Sami’s mother Erin Reagan, revealed to Popculture she had hopes of Sami returning to the show.

“Hopefully, [Sami will] be coming back and doing something with us,” Bridget states. She also discussed her reaction to Erin’s ex-husband, Jack Boyle (played by Peter Hermann) joined a dinner scene. “It was nice to have the family together then. So anytime we can put some of those moments in Blue Bloods is terrific.”

Sami Gayle stated in a 2018 interview with HollywoodLife that she was grateful for her Blue Bloods family. “I’m lucky to have a second mother in Bridget, and a grandfather in Tom [Selleck], and an uncle in Donnie [Wahlberg], who is the most fun person on the planet.”

Sami Gale goes onto add, “To have that second family of support as I navigate, not only the world of the entertainment business but also becoming a young woman, going to college, they have been integral in my development as a person.”

Sami Gayle recently produced and acted in Netflix’s Candy Jar. She starred alongside Jacob, Uzo Aduba, and Christina Hendrick in the film. The film follows dueling high school debate champs who are at odds on just about everything.  


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