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The existence of a 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe four-door sedan in original and excellent condition would appear to be a giant reach in 2020 because most of these vehicles met a crusher long ago- or are rusting in pieces on some long forgotten corner of a rural property.

This particular 1947 Dodge sedan was the subject of a 2009 MyStarCollectorCar article written by me after I was given its keys for a weekend test drive.

At the time, the ’47 Dodge was on its third owner after its second owner decided to sell it.

Jim Sutherland

The second owner purchased the car from its first owner and drove it very sparingly over the ensuing years. In fact, the Dodge spent most of its time in closed storage on a farm for the next several decades until it was sold to its third owner.

The third owner dealt with the storage issues (including mice infestation) and sold it to the Dodge’s fourth owner where it was also used sparingly, including one special occasion when it became the four-wheeled guest of honor at the fourth owner’s daughter’s wedding.  

Eventually he sold the car to its current owner and Diane Edgar was very happy to get her “sweet car” and maintain its 31,000 miles (authentic numbers on the odometer) of sheer originality.

Diane spotted the 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe on an online buy/sell website and enthusiastically concluded “That’s a sweet old car!”  The love-at-first-sight moment prompted Diane to contact the previous owner and make an offer for the ’47 Dodge.

Very few 73-year-old cars have enjoyed such a long history after they left the factory and accrued so few miles along the way.

None of this information was lost on Diane when she decided to become the 1947 Dodge sedan’s latest owner. It was clear the car was well-maintained and used sparingly over the decades so Diane’s overall reaction was justifiably positive when she spotted the car’s info and photos in the electronic classified ads.

My 2009 impression of the car was also very positive because this 1947 Dodge sedan is essentially an incredible time capsule with a steering wheel. It still has its original powertrain, including a flathead six-cylinder engine bolted up to a three-on-the-tree manual transmission that will befuddle most younger drivers who have no idea how to shift them.

Newer generations will also be puzzled by the Dodge’s pull-out manual choke that forces drivers to control air/fuel mix in the car’s carburetor, along with its vacuum wipers that slow down upon acceleration. Both were a fact of automotive life in 1947.    

I was able to coax about 60 mph (100 km/h) out of the 73-year-old Dodge Special Deluxe on the highway and found the car was pretty comfortable at that speed. Diane is also able to easily maintain that pace on the highway whenever the spirit moves her.

The car has suicide (open in the other direction) rear doors that allow ease of exit and entry into the back seat area of the car. The glass in the car is also original and has a 1950 Banff National Parks sticker that indicates this Dodge was driven to one of Alberta’s most scenic regions 70 years ago.

A quick inspection of the trunk reveals the original spare tire-although Diane is highly unlikely to use it on the Dodge.

It’s clear Diane had it right when she first spotted her beautifully preserved 1947 Dodge Special Deluxe four-door sedan because it is indeed one sweet old car.                             –

Jim Sutherland

BY: Jim Sutherland

Jim Sutherland is a veteran automotive writer whose work has been published by many major print and online publications. The list includes Calgary Herald, The Truth About Cars, Red Deer Advocate, RPM Magazine, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Windsor Star, Vancouver Province, and Post Media Wheels Section. 

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1947 dodge deluxe

Like other companies after the Second World War, Chrysler’s Dodge Division was forbidden from working on car designs during hostilities, so the 1946 cars were virtually the same as 1942 with very few changes. The same flathead 230 cubic inch six powered them, losing 3 horsepower (down to 102) compared to 1942. The higher priced Custom four door traditionally had been the best seller and this carried over for 1946 with a retail price starting at $1,389.

The lower priced Dodge Deluxe cars were sold in three styles: business coupe, two-door sedan and four-door sedan. Prices officially started at $1,299 (or $1,339 for the four-door).

The 1947 Dodges continued on mostly unchanged because demand for new cars in postwar America was so high that carmakers were able to sell anything as fast as they built it. Dodge managed to churn out more cars in 1947 than 1946 with an estimated 243,000 cars (about 50 percent more than 1946).

The 1948 and very early 1949 cars were again essentially unchanged. The biggest difference once again was higher prices, with the minimum price business coupe increasing from $1,347 in 1947 to $1,587 in 1948. Oddly, there was no price increase for the very early, unchanged 1949 cars.

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Dodge Custom

Motor vehicle

The Dodge Custom is a full-size car which was produced by Dodge in the United States from 1946 to early 1949, and was also called the DeLuxe in a more basic trim package. Dodge was very fluid with model nameplates and during the 1930s updated them yearly based on marketing objectives, while the actual vehicle was largely unchanged for what became known as the "Senior Dodge's" that were available with shorter "Junior Dodges" that were essentially badge engineered Plymouth models during this time period.[1]

Series D11/D14/D17/D19/D22[edit]

The Dodge Luxury Liner Series D11 was introduced with similar Chrysler bodywork shared with DeSoto and Chrysler branded vehicles, and was introduced during Dodge's 25 anniversary October 1938 for the 1939 model year. The Series D11 was further defined as the Special and the DeLuxe, offering a total of ten body style choices of coupes, sedans and extended wheelbase, seven passenger sedans.[1] For 1940 the Luxury Liner was split into the Series D14 Luxury Liner Deluxe and the Series D17 Luxury Liner Special. For 1941, the Custom and Deluxe nameplates were introduced for the Series D19, a tradition that lasted for the next 10 years.

  • 1939 Dodge Series D11 Luxury Liner Deluxe sedan

  • 1940 Dodge Series D14 Luxury Liner Deluxe coupe

  • 1941 Dodge Series D19 Deluxe sedan

  • 1942 Dodge Series D22 Custom Club Coupe


The D24 was introduced in 1946, as the top trim level in the Dodge range (bigger than Plymouth's counterparts Dodge D25).[2] It differed from the basic Deluxe model only in terms of interior trim, seats, dual electric windshield wipers and chrome exterior beading around the windows.[2] The Custom was offered in 4-door 6 passenger Sedan, 4-door 6 passenger Town Sedan, 4-door 7 passenger Sedan, 2-door Club Coupe and 2-door Convertible models.[2] The 7 Passenger model rode on a 137.5 inch (3492.5 mm) wheelbase and all other models on 119.5 inches (3035.3 mm).[2] All models were powered by a 230 cid inline six cylinder engine.[2] A three-speed manual transmission was standard whilst a "Fluid Drive" option provided "no metal-to metal contact between the power source and drive".[2]

Changes for the 1947 and 1948 model years were minimal.[2] From 1 December 1949 all units were considered 1949 models for registration purposes.[2] The actual 1949 Dodge range was introduced in April 1949, with the Coronet name now used for the top trim level. Dodge D24 shared consumers with Pontiac Streamliner, Oldsmobile Series 66, Studebaker Champion, Hudson Commodore and Nash Ambassador. [2]


The DeLuxe was introduced in 1946 as the lowest trim level in the Dodge D-24 range.[2] It differed from the top trim level Custom in terms of interior trim and seats and it lacked the dual electric windshield wipers and chrome exterior beading around the windows fitted to the Custom.[2] The Deluxe was offered in 2-door Sedan, 4-door Sedan and 2-door Coupe models.[2] It rode on a 119.5 inch wheelbase [2] and was powered by a 230 cid inline six cylinder engine.[2] A three-speed manual transmission was standard whilst a "Fluid Drive" option provided "no metal-to metal contact between the power source and drive".[2] It used Petrol Gasoline as standard fueling.

Changes for the 1947 and 1948 model years were minimal [2] and from 1 December 1949 all units were considered 1949 models for registration purposes.[2] The actual 1949 Dodge range was introduced in April 1949, with the Meadowbrook name now used for the lowest trim level full size model.[2]


In Canada, the Dodge Deluxe (and Special Deluxe) were used for 1942 and then from 1946 until 1950 for the lowest-priced, Plymouth-based models. They corresponded largely to the Plymouth Deluxe, with some Dodge trim pieces.

  • 1947 Dodge Custom 2-door Convertible

  • 1948 Dodge Custom 4-door Sedan

  • 1948 Dodge Custom 2-door Club Coupe

  • 1948 Dodge Custom 4-door Sedan, rear

  • 1949 Dodge DeLuxe 2-door sedan

  • 1950 Dodge Special Deluxe, the last year for the nameplate (Canada)


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Custom
Test Drive 1947 Dodge Sedan $9,950 Maple Motors

1947 Dodge Deluxe Series

 Dodge Deluxe Series photo
Nearly every automobile manufacturer that returned to production followed World War II did so with a mildly updated version of their pre-War product. This was true for Dodge and other Chrysler cars. All-new post-war products would not arrive until 1949.

The immediate post-war Dodge product included the Deluxe and Custom series, with the Deluxe offered as a two- and four-door sedan, and a coupe. The Custom was offered as a 6- and 7-passenger sedan, a town sedan, club coupe, and convertible. Both rested on a 119.5-inch wheelbase platform except for the seven-passenger sedan which used a 137.5-inch platform. The 7-passenger sedan measured 222.5-inches in length and the others measured 204.5-inches. Power was from an L-head inline-6 cylinder engine with a 230 cubic-inch displacement, four main bearings, solid valve lifters, a Stromberg single-barrel carburetor, and delivering 102 horsepower. The three-speed manual transmission was standard with the Fluid-Drive optional.

The Deluxe was the entry-level model and the Custom was the better equipped and more expensive version, with dual electric windshield wipers, a chrome bead around the outside window, a slightly nicer interior, and air foam front seat cushions.

Although post-war styling was similar to the 1942 models, they wore a new checkerboard pattern grille and the parking lights were mounted lower on the fenders, directly above the bumper and below the circular single headlight. The bodies were curvaceous with spring windshields and a bodyside molding that ran from the rear of the vehicle to nearly the front of the hood. Partial mid-body molding ran from the headlights to just behind the front fender well and continued from the front of the rear fender well to the rear bumper. A lower body molding ran from the back of the front fender well to the front of the rear fender well.

The 1947 Dodge Deluxe Series gained a Ram ornament on the hood and 15-inch wheels became standard mid-year. The four-door sedan was priced at $1,460, the two-door sedan at $1,420, and the coupe at $1,345.
by Daniel Vaughan | May 2021
1947 Dodge Deluxe Series vehicle information


Chassis Num: D24272385

This 1947 Dodge Deluxe Coupe is mostly original and is equipped with a six-cylinder engine backed by a three-speed Fluid-Drive transmission. Currently, there are 48,000 miles listed on the odometer.....[continue reading]


Chassis #: D24272385 

Sours: https://www.conceptcarz.com/

Deluxe 1947 dodge

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1947 Dodge Sedan SOLD / 136321

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