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2004 Ford Explorer Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Computer problem
2004 Ford Explorer V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

What do the following diagnostic trouble codes mean? E013, A659, 9352, and 0318. Two days ago, when I started up my car, the message display went into test mode. It gave me the above trouble codes and some other numbers, 4L2T-10849-CF and Serial # 0085885A. I am a single female and want to know whether or not I should think about getting a new car, or if this is a minor problem easily repaired.

Im wondering is the Ford dealer should be able to tell me what the codes mean over the phone, I would hesitate to take it there unless they were forthcoming with this information.

Thank you so much for your help.

have the same problem?
Sunday, July 6th, 2008 AT 11:23 PM
If you have a Ford with a message center and it drops into test mode by itself, (usually in cold weather) most Ford technicians can't even tell you why or what the error codes E013, 9352, A659, 9318 or D900 mean, but the fix is to replace your battery. Even if your battery does not act like it is starting to go bad, with all the electronics in the newer cars just slight drop in the output from the battery can cause this. That is why cold weather aggravates this problem.
Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 AT 7:14 AM
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Color Codes - Acme Rogers 9352 Cross-Reference
image[year]makemodelpaint color namecodesampleFord codeDitzler PPGDupontAcme RogersRM BASFMartin SenourSherwin Williamscomment
CaterpillarTractor Beige    X   M16302239344889352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879Cat#94879
GBY1964FordChantilly Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964FordFairlaneChantilly Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964FordFalconChantilly Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964FordGalaxieChantilly Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964FordMustangChantilly Beige   S   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964FordThunderbirdChantilly Beige   S   M1630224244488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964LincolnLincolnSilver Sand   X   M1630224244488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964MercuryCometPlatinum Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1964MercuryMercuryPlatinum Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1965FordThunderbirdChantilly Beige   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879
GBY1965LincolnLincolnSilver Sand   X   M1630223934488L, 4488, 181-969319352A1638, E1638, 1638153394879

Sours: https://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?acme=9352&rows=150&syear=1964&smanuf=Ford&smodel=Mercury&sname=Platinum%20Beige
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Repair fault FORD 9352 Lit Key In mistake circuit

Code according to OBD II regulations: B1352
Click here to know all OBD codes Fault code returned by the ECU: 9352
Code in decimal format: 37714
Hexadecimal code: 9352

The same Malfunction Code read with VARIOUS Diagnosis Equipment DIFFERENT will show different faults that do not resemble anything. Let's look at the same DTC 0024 of BMW and compare 1 with 2 ... 4 ... 5 ... 7 ... 8 ... etc.
1.- 0024 SIEMENSMS43 Main relay
2.- 0024 BMS43 Tank ventilation valve
3.- 0024 EDC15M Engine oil temperature sensor
4.- 0024 EDCMSA11 Engine oil temperature sensor
5.- 0024 ESP124 Defective gearbox suppression
6.- 0024 ABSMK20 RPM transmitter front right, wrong / non-existent signal
7.- 0024 AIRBAGAB81 Windowbag front left, feedback circuit on
8.- 0024 ELECTRONICACENTRALZE Central locking, relay locking

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DTC Ford P1636 Short Explanation

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Ford code 9352

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