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Whether you’re new to using Perler beads or are a die-hard fan looking for inspiration, you’ll find everything you need in this post. We’re answering all of your Perler Bead questions, including what to make, where to find free patterns, and how to make your own patterns.

Perler Bead patterns and crafts guide and resource

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Perler Bead Basics

If you’re a beginner at using Perler Beads, you’ll want to start here since we cover everything you need to know to get started.

Just interested in finding patterns and project ideas? Use the table of contents above to jump right to the section you need.

What are Perler Beads?

Perler Beads are small plastic tubular beads that, when ironed, fuse together. “Perler” is just one brand of several that sells these fun and crafty beads. The non-branded names are “fuse beads” and “melty beads”, and we often use the terms interchangeably.

How do they work?

When working with Perler Beads, you’ll use a plastic peg board as your canvas. These peg boards come in lots of different sizes and shapes, so you can make a huge variety of designs. You can even connect square canvases together to make large designs. When you finish your design, you fuse it together with heat from an iron.

How to Iron Perler Beads

  • You’ll need parchment paper, your finished design, an iron, and a heat-safe surface. If you are worried about damaging your table, you can use a towel to iron on.
  • Set your Iron to a medium setting (I usually put mine between polyester and silk) and make sure there is no water in it. Cover the bead design with your parchment paper and iron in a circular motion until the beads are fused together.
  • Remove the design from the canvas board, turn it over, cover with the ironing paper, and iron that side until the beads are fused. This method creates a solid bond so your designs don’t fall apart.

Here’s a video showing how to do these steps, along with two other methods of fusing the beads. It’s a little dated and corny, but the info is solid.

Perler Bead Crafts

Now that you know the basics, are you ready to start crafting?

Check out these fun crafts you can make with Perler Beads and get inspired!

What can you make with Perler Beads?

The beauty of Perler Beads is how versatile they are. You can make so many fun projects and the crafts you can create go well beyond making flat pictures on a bead canvas.

Make Your Own Jewelry

DIY perler bead jewelry crafts

With jewelry findings, necklace cord, and your Perler Beads, you can make all the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings you could ever need. Here are 8 ideas for making Perler Bead Jewelry:

Make Your Own Perler Bead Coasters

drink coaster designs for Perler Bead crafts

The large square and circle pegboards are perfect for making drink coasters for your home. Here are some fun designs that I love, but this is definitely one of those areas where you’ll want to add your own personality and can get as creative as you want!

Frame Your Creations

legend of zelda framed perler art

Framed fuse bead art adds a fun, retro vibe to your desk or room! This example is from Etsy. Find it from Seller RetroJimtendo

Make Magnets

perler bead magnets for your fridge

Turn any of your smaller Perler Bead creations into fun magnets for your fridge or the magnet board in your office. I love these food related magnets for the fridge:

Create Fancy Bowls

bowls made from Perler beads

Are you looking for something very functional to make? These Perler Bead bowls range in difficulty from very easy (the middle bowl) to very difficult (the first bowl), so there is something for everyone. They make great home decor and you can keep all your little special items in them.

Accessorize Your Phone

Perler bead phone crafts

Dress up your phone with your own personality using these Perler Bead ideas for phones and cords.

Make Keychains

key ring Perler Bead projects

You can turn any of your small Perler Bead creations into key rings by adding inexpensive keyring findings.

Make Perler Bead Gift Tags

Perler bead gift tags

It’s always fun to add a special touch to gifts throughout the year. We love hanging our Christmas Perler Beads on our gifts for the holidays, but there are so many ways to add a homemade hanger on gifts for birthdays and other holidays.

Perler Bead Patterns

Now that you have lots of ideas for some of the different things you can do with Perler Beads, let’s switch gears and talk about patterns.

In this section, we’ll cover where to find patterns you can use for your projects and I’ll talk about some different ways you can make your own Perler Bead patterns.

Where to Buy Patterns

We have found two great sources for buying patterns of things we want to make with our melty beads: kits and pattern books.

Buying a Kit

Kits are great because they come with all of the right bead colors that you’ll need for your project and they usually whatever shape bead canvas the patterns require. With a kit, you know you’ll have everything you need. The downside to these kits is they generally come with fewer patterns than the other options.

Buying a Bucket

Sometimes these buckets end up being a better deal than the other craft kits. For example, the Harry Potter kit below comes with 27 patterns and almost twice as many beads as the one in the box above.

Getting Some Pattern Books

We have found some great pattern books on Amazon. Some of them are actually free if you have Kindle Unlimited. You’ll find that you can get a lot of patterns for hours of fun in books like these.

Where to Find Free Perler Bead Patterns

Once your kids get started on Perler Beads, they’re going to be on the hunt for some exciting new patterns. The internet is a treasure trove of amazing Perler Bead patterns, but sometimes if can be hard to sort through everything and find something usable. Often times you’ll just have an image to go off of instead of an actual template to follow. But, sometimes people will include the actual pattern they used to make their creations.

We include printable patterns with all of the melty bead projects we post. Here are some of our patterns you can print (links to posts below image):

perler bead patterns with printable

Free Disney Perler Bead Patterns

Kandi Patterns is a great place to find patterns of the Disney princesses and other Disney characters. These are all from that site. Check it out and use the search function to find more pattern ideas.

Free Disney Perler Bead Patterns

Free Animal Perler Bead Patterns

Three more sites that I like that share free patterns are

  • BraceletBook – Good variety of patterns and easy to search
  • BRIK – Lots of good patterns but hard to search
  • Krysanthe – Not as many patterns but a good variety of simple patterns for kids

Here are some fun animal patterns that are from those three sites:

cute animal perler bead patterns

Clearly, I’m drawn to cuteness, lol. But don’t worry if cute isn’t yours style. There are plenty of other patterns to chose from from these sources.

How to Design Your Own Perler Bead Patterns

Have some Perler Bead design ideas you’ve been wanting to make and can’t find a pattern for? You can make your own patterns!

From my own experience, there are 3 ways you can go about making your own patterns, besides just free-handing it as you go: using old-fashioned graph paper, using a special 8-bit drawing app, and turning images into patterns using a pixelator.

Graph Paper

This is a simple way to start fleshing out your ideas and lay out your design in a grid pattern. However, I find it very inefficient, especially if you’re still trying to work out the major design elements of your pattern.

Make 8-Bit Art

This is a very simple drawing tool that is especially made for drawing images on a grid. I use this site when I want to start sketching out some ideas. It’s great because you can choose colors and draw on the page, and it automatically goes into a grid-style design. Adjust your brush size to control how detailed your design is.

tool for designing your own Perler Bead Patterns

The tool has it’s limitations, though. One downside is you currently can’t print from the site. So, when you’re done sketching out your idea, you’ll have to manually transfer it to a sheet of graph paper to keep it handy. Or you can take a screenshot of your image and print that, but you’ll lose the background grid in the printout which can be frustrating. Another limitation is that it only designs in a square grid, so you can’t really play around and experiment designing with other canvas shapes that Perler Beads come with.

Even given its limitations, Make 8-Bit Art is still my preferred method of designing my own Perler Bead patterns.

Perler Bead Pattern Makers

Rather than create a new design from scratch, you can turn an image you like into a grid pattern for fuse bead crafts using a pixelator tool. There are a few out there to choose from, but these two are the tools I think are best because they are specifically for beading. We’re looking at the Perler Bead Designer from Hobby-Family vs Beadifier:

Option 1: Perler Bead Designer from Hobby-Family.dk

This tool allows you to upload a photo or other image and specify certain aspects of your finished work, such as what size pegboard you want to use, if you’re using regular or mini Perler beads, and how big you want the pattern to be (number of panels).

example of a Perler Bead pattern maker

As you can see, this made a very detailed pattern that would take 6 square pegboards to create. I don’t have the patience for that, but I know there are people out there would love to create something as detailed as this! I don’t like that there isn’t a way to remove more of the detail to make it a little smaller and easier.

Since I decided I wanted a smaller design, I went back and changed the pegboard size to 1 (much more manageable!). Here is the result:

small fish pattern from pattern maker

I think if I made this as-is, it would be an ugly fish. But, I like the shape, so I think I would still use this as a guide to creating my own fish shaped pattern.

Option 2: Beadifier

Right away, you can tell that this tool has a much cleaner design. You start by uploading your image and used the same fish image that I used before. Then, once it’s upload you can play around with the results by adjusting the brightness and contrast and the number of beads across.

Here is the same fish image with different settings. You can see how the fish starts to get a little messy with less detail, but some of that is to be expected.

example of a Perler bead pattern making tool

The pros of the Beadifier tool are that it is very intuitive and quick to use. I also like the ability to play around with the contrast and brightness and see the changes in real time. By adjusting the contrast you can add and remove detail in the design, which can be really handy.

I didn’t think the fish pattern it gave me was a nice-looking as the Hobby-Family tool, especially at the small (1 pegboard) scale.

This tool has an upgraded Pro version, which I haven’t used, that might address some of the shortcomings of the free version.

Perler Bead FAQs

Do you have to use an iron to craft with Perler Beads?

No! There are lots of ways to use Perler beads without ironing. You can string them into chains and bracelets, you can melt them into shapes with your oven and cookie cutters, you can melt them in a bowl. You only need an iron if you want to fuse them together in a particular design.

Do you have to use ironing paper?

If you run out the ironing paper that comes with the beads, you can use parchment paper instead.

What is a good age for Perler Bead crafts?

For the normal sized beads, I would say kids around 5 or 6 would have the fine motor skills to make patterns. However, Perler also sells Biggie Beads, which are great for younger kids. In my experience, kids around 8 years old and up are at the best age because they tend have longer attention spans and greater fine motor control (Perler beads are great fine motor practice!).

I hope this guide has given you all the info you need to enjoy crafting with fuse beads!

My girls and I have spent many hours crafting together, so it really is something that can be a fun family hobby.

Enjoy, and if I left anything out email me and I’ll be sure to add it!

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Sours: https://www.funlovingfamilies.com/perler-bead-patterns/

Free Perler Bead Patterns for Kids!

My girls and I love to craft while the boys are gone and we decided to have a “Cupcakes and Craft” night together! I posted this on Instagram and I received lots of questions and emails asking where I get my perler bead patterns.
I download them for free!
You can search “perler bead patterns” and find a bazillion free patterns with just about any theme. Today I thought it would be fun to share our family favorites with you in one easy place to find with the links!

I have three daughters and the princess patterns are their very favorite ones to create!

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty

We definitely don’t want to leave out the fun super heroes and angry bird patterns!

Angry Bird
Angry Bird (Pig)
Captain America
Iron Man

…and let’s end with these fun classic designs like Barbie, Mickey, and Minnie!

Hello Kitty
Minecraft (Steve)
My Little Pony
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse

CRAFT TIP: Use perler bead patterns to do cross-stitching and cross-stitch patterns to do perler beading!

I’ve received questions asking me “what is a perler bead”? They are also known as melty beads. When you apply heat to them with an iron the beads melt into each other creating an artistic design!

I also get asked, “Where do I buy perler beads”? Find them here as well as the design plates, too –> click here.

Don’t miss the holiday versions like this Halloween version that was just added!

Sours: https://www.u-createcrafts.com/free-perler-bead-patterns/
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  3. Third hokage young
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The GIANT list of Perler Bead Patterns {fuse beads, melty beads}

In today’s post: Find over 100 Perler Bead patterns for hours of fun! Princesses, super heroes, animals, video game characters, and more!

One of my kids’ favorite indoor activities is designing with Perler Beads (aka melty beads or fuse beads). Whenever we need a quiet activity that I know will keep them busy for a good chunk of time, we pull out the Perlers and let them go to town! My 3rd and 6th graders will sometimes spend more than an hour dreaming up their own designs or copying patterns they’ve found online.

Since we’ve had lots of extra time at home lately, we’ve been looking for the best Perler bead patterns we can find, and I stumbled across a FANTASTIC resource: Kandi Patterns. Kandi Patterns has THOUSANDS of Perler bead patterns available that kids can use for free to make their favorite characters. We’re talking Star Wars characters, princesses, animals of every variety, video game characters, super heroes, and even Kawaii characters (which my daughter loves!). We spent hours over the past week combing through all the patterns to find our favorites, and I’ve compiled them below.

The MEGA list of Perler bead patterns

Where to Find Perler beads

In case you aren’t familiar with Perler beads, they are small beads that come in just about every color imaginable. Kids can set up the beads on a plastic pegboards which keep the beads in place. Once the design is completely, you iron over the beads and they melt enough to fuse together. It’s cool!

You can purchase Perler brand beads at most craft stores and online. When I realized how much my kids enjoyed working with the beads, I decided to order a large set with LOTS of different colors. You can get Perler brand bead sets that have 4000 total beads in 8 different colors, but since I already knew my kids loved melty beads and would use lots of them I ended up ordering a different brand that came with 22,000 beads. It was over 5 times as many beads and colors for about twice the cost. The set I purchased isn’t available right now, but you can browse “fuse beads” on Amazon to see what sets are available. The off-brand beads we purchased work just as well as real Perler beads. If the kit you are purchasing doesn’t come with peg boards, you will need those as well (most kits come with at least a few pegboards – but you can order larger ones here).

One tip – purchase “sorted” beads, that come packaged by color, NOT a huge container of beads that are all mixed up. Sorting that many beads has got to be one of Dante’s circles of hell. Seriously, don’t do it.

Lastly, if you purchase a large set of melty beads, check to see whether a good storage container comes with the set or not. If not, try these plastic organizers – we now have 4 of them full of beads and they work great to keep colors separate!

One last note – I think fuse beads are BEST for ages 7-12. Younger kids will likely get frustrated because it takes a fair amount of hand eye coordination to complete a design.

100+ Melty Bead Patterns

Ok, time for the patterns! I have curated over 100 patterns in 9 different categories for you and your kids to enjoy. All patterns have come from Kandi Patterns and the images are used here by permission. Please click through the links below each graphic to get the individual patterns. Once you click through, you’ll find a print button under each pattern so you can print them if you’d like (my kids usually just keep the pattern open on an iPad and work from there). These patterns work like a cross-stitch pattern: count the squares the add the beads as shown on the pattern. The patterns also have suggested colors, but kids certainly don’t need the exact colors that are suggested – they can use whatever they have that’s similar.

If you’re looking for a specific pattern I haven’t listed, search it on Kandi Patterns and see if someone has created one!

Princess Perler Bead Patterns

Disney princess Perler bead patterns

Snow White













Superhero (Marvel) Perler Bead Patterns

Superhero Perler bead patterns; Marvel Perler bead patterns







Black Widow


Captain America


Wonder Woman


Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns

Pokemon Perler bead patterns







Baby Espeon






Kawaii Perler Bead Patterns

Kawaii Perler bead patterns

Pusheen cat

Hello Kitty

Kawaii Koala

Kawaii TV

Kawaii Camera

Kawaii Heart

Kawaii Panda Chef


Kawaii Strawberry

Kawaii Teddy Bear

Kawaii Cake

Kawaii Ice Cream Cone


Animal Perler bead patterns





















Storybook Patterns

Storybook Perler bead patterns

Red Riding Hood








Narwhal Princess




Video Game (Mario, Zelda, etc) Perler Bead Patterns

Video Game Perler bead patterns; Mario perler bead patterns


Princess Peach


Mario Kart Toad


Fire Flower





Little Mac


Star Wars Patterns

Star Wars Perler bead patternd



Storm Trooper


Darth Vader

Darth Maul




Luke, Han, Darth Vader (not pictured)


Sours: https://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/the-giant-list-of-perler-bead-patterns-fuse-beads-melty-beads.html
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