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About STEP[edit]

STEP Skyrim SE Guide[edit]

Because we have been working towards a major website overhaul and guide methodology change since the last release (v2.10.0), we have been using "STEP 3.0" as an overarching term in reference to our new site, methodology, and guide(s). Details about the coming changes are on the forums, and we have refined the STEP:Mandate and some of the detail on our new direction. With the release of STEP 3.0, we will be releasing guide updates to Skyrim SE, exclusively. For our STEP Skyrim LE Guide, we will release a final update and continue to support it, but do not plan on releasing any updates beyond routine maintenance. Here, we present a beta release of the STEP Skyrim SE Guide v0.2.0b under our standard versioning scheme but distinct from that of our Skyrim LE guides.

There have been many changes, so check out the Changelog for all the fine details.

- Visit the forums and provide feedback related to STEP.

- Also follow STEP on Facebook.

- To support hosting and maintenance of the STEP Community Project, contributions are welcome.

A Foreword

Created by TheCompiler, STEP is a collaborative project with input from the modding community, technical volunteers, and project administrators. The goal is to provide tested and validated methods for establishing and maintaining an enhanced modded Skyrim. Thus, the Guide provides detailed, well-tested build instructions for a solid modding template. New modders can follow STEP explicitly to achieve an enhanced, vanilla experience, or more experienced modders may use it as general guide from which to build a foundation.

The STEP team collects information from the modding community through extensive mod testing, detailed reviews, feedback, and suggestions exchanged on the STEP Community Forums. Posting rules apply, so be sure to read and follow them. Engage and enjoy a warm welcome and plenty of high-quality support from a large community of experienced members.

New to Modding?[edit]

We recommend that you ...

  • read through this Guide at least once before attempting installation.
  • follow all linked guides and read through them, as well.

There is a lot of information to absorb and learn in order to successfully build a modded game. We and the community, have brought together a lot of this information into guides as a free and hopefully convenient resource for all. New and experienced modders alike will find many answers within these guides and linked resources. This Guide is written in such a way that it expects users to know the basics of modding and related tools (e.g. mod managers, LOD optimizers, configuration utilities, etc.). However our support forums are always available for our users.


The following nomenclature is used throughout this guide and should be understood before proceeding.

  • 'tick' means 'check': Frequently, the word 'check' or 'checked' can mean 'ensure' in addition to "check mark", so 'check' is not used where it is synonymous with 'tick' to avoid any mistakes that can (and have) happened from this conflation.
  • Baseline: An installation of a mod using the recommend file option listed within the Baseline column of the mod tables below.
  • STEP Patches: A "patch" is a plugin that allows two or more mods to work together without conflicting. The STEP Patches are such plugins, but allow all of the mods in the STEP Guide to work harmoniously together. Some users refer to this as a conflict resolution patch or "CR Patch".

Minimum System Requirements[edit]

We recommend the following hardware configuration for running a STEP Skyrim SE installation at a resolution of 1920x1080. The minimum requirements will allow most users to install and run the Baseline options, which are Skyrim SE's recommended requirements. The recommended requirements for this Guide will allow most users to install and run a modded setup beyond that of the Baseline options (higher quality options). For those wishing to use high quality options at resolutions higher than 1920x1080, be advised that a more powerful system will likely be required.

Hardware Minimum Recommended
Windows OS Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit
CPU Intel Core i5-2400 or equivalent Intel Core i5-4430 or equivalent
System RAM 8 GB 8 GB or higher
GPU Nvidia GTX 780 3GB / AMD R9 290 4GB Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent or better / 4GB VRAM or higher
Drive Space ~40 GBs ~50 GBs
Monitor Resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 or higher

Time Requirement[edit]

Users should be aware that it will usually take anywhere from several hours to a several days to complete this Guide from start to finish. Since this is a start to finish process, a recommend schedule for completing it is:

Day 1 : Steps 1 - 3
Day 2 : Step 4
  • Step 4 is installing all the mods. Depending on download speeds and previous modding knowledge, this step could span 1-3 days.
Final Day : Finish the remainder of the Guide.

The overall message here is that STEP encourages users to always follow proper computer ergonomics when modding! Remember to take breaks and happy modding!

Game & Tool Installation

Game Installation and Modding Setup[edit]



Start Out Clean!

It is particularly important for new users begin with clean installations of both Steam and Skyrim in order to be successful with the setup of this Guide the first time through.

PLEASE READ EACH SECTION BELOW CAREFULLY, as no information included in this Guide is irrelevant!

Before continuing with this Guide[edit]

Those who have not completed the System Setup Guide should stop and do so now. The STEP guide expects that all users have previously completed the steps in related guides or are at least familiar with those steps and ramifications of not having completed them.



Users deviating from our instructions and recommendations will need to reinterpret other instructions and recommendations in this guide accordingly. Make sure to note any such deviations for later reference.

Mod Organizer 2[edit]

Mod Organizer 2 is the successor to Mod Organizer, and is now the official mod manager for all STEP mod-build guides. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Bethesda games. The major changes it brings are ...

  1. A return to normal plugin/BSA relationship - Users will no longer be able to load BSAs without loading the corresponding plugin as they did with MO. The plugins must be active for the BSAs to load, which is the intended behavior that the game expects.
  2. New MO installation options - Users will have the choice between installing MO in "standalone" or "portable" mode. Unless Merge Plugins is going to be utilized, it’s purely an individual preference. Merged Plugins will currently only work when MO is installed and used in “portable” mode. STEP recommends “standalone” mode for use with this guide. This allows us to design all of our mod-build guides around using MO's "Instances". This means one MO installation is used for all supported games. Users should decide how they wish to install and use MO before continuing; keeping in mind the space requirements mentioned in our System Setup Guide.


This guide assumes that the reader is familiar with MO, so if that is not the case, please see the Mod Organizer Guide.

Tools Installation and Setup[edit]

STEP recommends the tools for modding be installed and setup as “standalone” applications, when possible. This means a tool is installed once and used for all games. Most of the modding tools used already have this feature built in and some are meant to be used as such. Following this recommendation will also reduce redundant tool installations; thus, saving hard drive space, and it's more organized. The instructions throughout this Guide will assume the tools are installed as “standalone” applications. However, users are free to set up their tools as they see fit.

Tool Installation[edit]

Users should install the tools to the location created while following the System Setup Guide (i.e., ). Install the following tools to that location:

No mods defined.

The "Modding" folder structure should now reflect:

  • (optional; may be installed elsewhere)

    Tool Configuration

    Mod Organizer 2 - Configuration[edit]


    STEP recommends using all applications as standalone programs, including Mod Organizer 2. The below instructions for MO's first run reflect this. If MO is run in Portable mode, users will need to adjust the instructions as appropriate. To initialize Mod Organizer 2:

    ➕➖ Initialization Instructions

    1. Launch MO by running its executable (e.g. )
    2. Upon launch, users will have a choose between setting it up as portable or create a new instance. Choose [New - Create a new instance.]
    3. Select SkyrimSE from the drop-down and choose [OK].
      • A prompt will appear informing you about the option of changing the location of data stored. Read it and click [OK].
    4. The installer should automatically detect the Skyrim SE installation (e.g. ). Select it.
      • If it didn't find the location, browse to to the Skyrim SE installation path.
    5. Another prompt will appear for first time installers asking to run the tutorial or not. First time MO users should run it for a quick lesson on MO. Experienced MO users can skip it.
    6. MO is now ready to use.


    The only settings covered here are to enable MO to download mods from Nexus.

    ➕➖ Nexus Mods Connection

    1. Open the MO settings by clicking on the Configure settings and workarounds icon.
    2. Click on the Nexus tab.
    3. Click the [Connect to Nexus] button under the Nexus Connection section.
    4. This opens a browser window to Nexus Mods. If necessary, login. Then click the [Authorize] button and close the window.
    5. Upon returning to MO window, users should find their Nexus account information populated.
    6. Click [OK] to close the settings window. If MO prompts a restart, let it.

    Profile Setup[edit]

    Now users will take advantage of Mod Organizer's profile feature by creating/editing two profiles for use during this Guide:

    ➕➖ Profile Setup Instructions

    1. Launch MO, choosing the Skyrim SE Instance.
    2. On the default profile, arrange the mods in the left pane in the following order:
      1. DLC: Dawnguard
      2. DLC: HearthFires
      3. DLC: Dragonborn
    3. Click the Configure Profiles button on the menu bar.
    4. Select the Default profile and click [Rename].
    5. Rename this profile to or something similar
    6. Ensure the Use profile-specific Game INI Files box is ticked and select [OK].
      • Users can also tick Use profile-specific Save Games, if desired.
    7. Ensure the renamed profile is still selected and click [Copy].
    8. Name the new profile , or anything similar.
    9. Tick the same boxes from step 6, above.
    10. Close the window by clicking [Close].
      • Users will likely see a window saying some INI files were missing and will be copied. This is normal.
      • If an error is displayed about missing "modlist.txt" files, restart MO (or do a system reboot if one hasn't been done yet).
    11. Ensure that the STEP Skyrim SE profile is the currently selected profile in the Profile drop-down menu.

    Tool Setup[edit]

    All tools installed in Step 1 should be added to MO. Some tools will have been auto-detected and added already; however, ensure the settings below are set for all tools, regardless. xEdit is used for this example:

    ➕➖ Tool Setup Instructions

    1. Click the [Configure the executables...] button at the top of the main Mod Organizer window.
    2. Over the left pane of the executables config, click the [+] to add a new executable, and then [Add from file...].
    3. Navigate to the SSEEdit.exe file (e.g. ).
      • This should auto-fill most of the fields.
    4. Change the title to xEdit.
    5. The following arguments can be helpful. Input them in the Arguments field separated by a single space:
      • e.g.
      • "-IKnowWhatImDoing": This turns off a warning presented when users make edits.
      • "-AllowMasterFilesEdit": By default xEdit will not allow master file editing. This allows users to edit these files.
    6. Click [Apply].
    7. Repeat these steps to add the remaining executables as indicated in the table below:

    Tool Setup Table

    Executable Title Argument(s)
    SSEEdit.exe xEdit
    SSEEditQuickAutoClean.exe xEditQuickAutoClean
    DynDOLOD64.exe DynDOLOD
    LOOT.exe LOOT
    TexGen64.exe (installed with DynDOLOD) TexGen
    xLODGen64.exe xLODGen

    Users can arrange their tools in any order they wish using the up and down buttons above the list. This will dictate the order they are listed in the MO "Run" dropdown menu. When complete, close the window by clicking the [OK] button.

    BethINI Setup[edit]

    BethINI needs to be run for the current MO profile to establish the INIs before beginning the mod installations. To do this:

    ➕➖ BethINI Initialization and Setup

    1. Close MO and run BethINI (e.g. ).
    2. Select "Skyrim Special Edition" from the game selection box.
    3. Allow BethINI to handle custom INIs, if prompted.
    4. Go to the Setup tab
      • Ensure the Game path is correct (e.g. ).
      • Ensure the Mod Organizer path is correct (e.g. ).
      • For the INI Path, select Mod Organizer - STEP Skyrim SE from the drop-down menu. NOTE: This depends on the MO Profile Setup
        • If BethINI does not automatically find the profiles, browse to MO's folder.
        • For 'instance' users, the profile will be stored in the user's folder (e.g. )
      • BethINI should restart whenever the INI path changes in order to associate the MO profile information.
    5. Return to the Setup tab.
      • If BethINI will be used for multiple games from a single installation, the “Always Select Game” box should be selected.
    6. Select the Basic tab.
      • Ensure the Window Resolution matches the system resolution.
      • The recommended Antialiasing is "TAA".
      • The other recommended options to tick are:
        • Windowed Mode
        • Borderless
        • Vsync
        • Lock Frame Rate NOTE: This reduces 'tearing' effects and is optional, depending on whether or not the graphics software is used to limit frame rate.
      • The [Medium] Preset is recommended as a baseline to avoid problems before initial testing when guide setup is complete (this can be changed at any time later).
      • Tick the box for Recommended Tweaks.
    7. Select the Detail tab.
      • Untick Reflect Sky (water reflections are not accurate with respect to the LOD of most custom builds)
    8. Select the Visuals tab.
      • Untick Improved Shader (introduces visual glitches and inconsistencies on snow)
    9. Now Save and Exit.

    Users now have a minimal setup for the game INIs for testing and running the game during the mod installations. Once all mods have been installed, BethINI will be run again to complete the INI setup.

    Users should now relaunch Mod Organizer and ensure the STEP Skyrim SE profile is selected to continue with the Guide.

    Cleanup and Considerations


    At any time during the mod installation process, LOOT should be used to sort plugin load order before running the game. This is necessary to ensure proper plugin priority (load order), which can have a dramatic impact on the game. Users not running the game during the mod installation step of the Guide can wait to sort after this step is complete. To sort with LOOT:

    1. Launch LOOT via Mod Organizer 2 from the executables drop-down menu at the top of the right pane.


      If LOOT fails to start, try adding the following argument as described in Tools Setup:



      If LOOT cannot find the game directory, add the path to folder to Installed Path under LOOT settings.

    2. Click the [Sort Plugins] icon at the top of the LOOT window.
    3. Several plugins will show warnings. The next section describes how to clean them up.
    4. Click [Apply] button, which has replaced the Sort button at the top.
    5. Close LOOT.


    When running LOOT before completing the STEP Guide, additional warnings may be indicated. These will all be fixed by the end of this guide.

    Up to this point, users should only have the following plugins, in the order listed:

    1. Skyrim.esm
    2. Update.esm
    3. Dawnguard.esm
    4. HearthFires.esm
    5. Dragonborn.esm

    If the plugins are not in the order listed, run LOOT now.

    Cleaning Vanilla Master Files[edit]

    To resolve potential issues later, the vanilla plugin masters should be cleaned with xEdit.

    Clean the Masters[edit]

    Vanilla masters should be cleaned in the following order:

    1. Update.esm
    2. Dawnguard.esm
    3. Hearthfires.esm
    4. Dragonborn.esm

    Standard Cleaning Procedures[edit]

    ➕➖ Toggle cleaning procedures...

    1. Run xEditQuickAutoClean from the drop-down executable list in MO.
    2. On the plugin selection window, double-click on the mod being cleaned (e.g. Update.esm).
    3. Once xEdit is finished, click [X] at upper right to close. A backup of the original plugin will automatically be saved into (e.g., ) inside of Overwrite at the bottom of the MO mod list (left) pane.

    Follow the standard cleaning procedures to clean Update.esm, followed by Dawnguard.esm. Once Dawnguard is cleaned, complete the manual cleaning below...

    ➕➖ Toggle Dawnguard manual cleaning procedures...

    1. Run xEdit from MO.
    2. At the prompt, double-click on Dawnguard.esm.
    3. Once loaded, type in in the FormID field (above the mod list) and hit [Enter/Return].
    4. In the right pane, find the "XEZN - Encounter Zone" record.
    5. In the Dawnguard.esm column, right-click on the "RiftenRatwayZone [ECZN:0009FBB9]" entry and select [Remove].
      • If a prompt appears select Yes for each of these removals.
    6. In the FormID field again, type in and hit [Enter/Return].
    7. On the Dawnguard.esm column, right-lick on the "Dawnguard.esm" header and select [Remove].
    8. In the FormID field again, type in and hit [Enter/Return].
    9. On the Dawnguard.esm column, right-lick on the "Dawnguard.esm" header and select [Remove].
    10. Now close xEdit.
    11. Ensure Dawnguard.esm is ticked in the pane, Backup plugins is ticked at the bottom of the prompted window and click [OK].

    Once Dawnguard's manual cleaning is complete, follow the standard cleaning procedures to clean Hearthfires.esm, and then finally, Dragonborn.esm.

    Moving the Cleaned Files[edit]

    After the vanilla master files are cleaned, they should be moved into the "Cleaned Vanilla Masters" mod in MO, and the original files should be restored into the 'real' "Data" directory in the game folder. This makes Steam happy when "validating" files so that it remains unaware of changes. To move the new files and restore the original files, complete the following:

    ➕➖ Toggle instructions

    Cleaned Masters

    1. On the MO window, click the [Open list options...] button at the top of the left pane, next to the profile selection drop-down.
    2. Choose Create empty mod, name it , and click [OK].
    3. Move this mod up the MO mod list to just after "DLC: Dragonborn".
    4. Enable the new mod listing.
    5. In MO, hold Ctrl and double-click on the now-empty Cleaned Vanilla Masters mod to open it in Windows Explorer.
    6. Click the [Show Open Folders menu...] button above the MO mod list (left) pane, and select Open Game Folder to open the game folder in Windows Explorer (e.g. , and open .
    7. Move the four cleaned master files from into .

    Original Masters

    1. In MO, scroll to the end of the mod list (left) pane, and hold Ctrl + double click on Overwrite to open in Explorer.
    2. Inside the "SSEEdit Backups" folder, rename the files to "MasterName.esm" (i.e. "Update.esm").
      • If there are multiple copies of any of the files, use the one with the earliest timestamp (the original).
    3. Click the [Show Open Folders menu...] button above the MO mod list (left) pane, and select Open Game Folder to open the game folder in Windows Explorer (e.g.
    4. Move or copy the renamed files into the 'real' game "Data" directory (), choosing to overwrite/replace, if asked.
    5. All Explorer windows can be closed now.
    6. Right click on Overwrite, select [Clear Overwrite], and click [OK].


    Any time Bethesda updates these master files, they will likely need to be cleaned again and replaced in MO. Any previously cleaned versions of these same files that exist in the MO mod list must be either disabled or deleted first, because xEdit will see only the cleaned versions otherwise.

    At this point, the Bethesda masters should be cleaned and the mod list order should reflect:

    1. DLC: Dawnguard
    2. DLC: HearthFires
    3. DLC: Dragonborn
    4. Cleaned Vanilla Masters


    To verify that the vanilla mods have been cleaned, LOOT can be run again, and no warnings should be apparent.

    Understanding the STEP Patches[edit]

    A “conflict resolution” patch, or CR Patch, is a plugin that resolves conflicts between various active plugins. They allow users to use various mods together without any major issues, while still achieving the desired outcome from the mods. Thus, the STEP Patches are one part patch and one part mod.



    The STEP Patches are built specifically for the STEP mod list. They are required to run the STEP mod build and are dependent on specific mods within the STEP mod list (those tagged at left with a green vertical bar), and they will not resolve conflicts with any applicable mods that are not in the STEP mod list in this guide. For experienced users using this guide as a basis for further build customization, the STEP Patches may be skipped or disabled, as they could cause issues if dependencies are not present or if other mod conflicts are introduced via customization.

    STEP Patches[edit]
    1. STEP Skyrim SE - Conflict Resolution Patch
      • For those that would opt for their own custom lighting and weather mods
      • Patches all applicable mods except for Lighting & Weather mods
    2. STEP Skyrim SE - Lighting & Weather Patch
      • For those that are using STEP Guide lighting and weather
      • Patches only the applicable Lighting & Weather mods

    STEP SkyrimSE Mod List



    At this point users should have their systems fully set up and ready to install mods . Users who are unaware of how to complete mod installations using MO should return to that Guide and refresh their knowledge. When installing mods, keep the following in mind:

    • To maintain compatibility with downstream Patch instructions, it is important to install Patch-related mods as described in their respective Notes.
    • After installing a mod, enable the mod in MO.
    • If no Notes or STEP recommendations are provided for a particular mod, STEP encourages user customization.
    • Mods should be arranged in MO in the order that they are listed to ensure other mods further down the list overwrite/override those occurring before them. This is necessary to ensure the desired outcome.
    • Mods are listed in alphabetical order within each Mod Group and any deviations from this are purposeful to achieve the desired outcome.
    • Always install plugins (ESLs/ESMs/ESPs), unless otherwise noted.
    • Always follow LOOT's advice in regards to mod cleaning and sorting unless otherwise noted.
    • STEP does not recommend extracting BSAs as a general principle, since it adds to the potential for user error and unnecessary support issues. Experienced and self-supporting users may derive benefit from doing so, however.


    MO Separators: Mod Organizer features the ability to create separators within the mod list to group mods for easier visual reference. STEP recommends using these separators for each Mod Group following. To create a separator:

    1. Click the Open list options button on the top of the mod list pane.
    2. Select [Create Separator] and give the separator a name. STEP recommends using the Mod Group names (i.e. Extensions, Resources, Audiovisual - Lighting & Weather, etc.).
      • Create a new separator for each new Mod Group while working through the Guide.
      • Separator colors can be customized by right-clicking on any separator and selecting Select Color.

    Mod Table Reference[edit]

    Below is the legend and reference for the mod tables used in this Guide. Users should refer back to it when confused about a mod listing.

    Mod Table Legend[edit]

    Table FlagsA red vertical bar indicates that the mod is required by the Step CR Patch.
    A yellow bar indicates that the mod is required by the Step L&W Patch.
    Mod NameNexus mod name presented as a link to Nexus for download.
    Wikilink.pngLink to the mod's wiki page, which includes various information about the mod.
    BaselineThis notes the STEP Baseline version or option of the corresponding mod that should be installed, and usually refers to options affecting performance/quality. General suggestions are located in the "Notes" column; see below.
    InstructionsBrief notes that apply to the mod or installation. In some cases, mods with several options will include a suggested option. These suggestions will take the form of: "STEP recommends 'Option A'." In other cases, there may only be one appropriate option, which fits the STEP Mandate. These instructions will take the form of: "Download and install 'Option A'." Users will also see links displayed as: Detailed instructions available. Users should follow these links to find detailed instructions for installing the mod.


    Extend the game engine and required for use by downstream mods or utilities
    Mod NameBaselineInstructions
    SKSE64Link to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available


    1. Download the "Current SE build" archive file.
    2. Open the archive and extract the following files to the Skyrim Special Edition root folder :
      • skse64_X_X_X.dll
      • skse64_loader.exe
      • skse64_steam_loader.dll
    3. Keep this archive open for the next steps.


    1. Create a empty mod in the mod list of MO and name it SKSE64, or anything similar.
    2. Open the SKSE64 mod folder (Ctrl+double-click).
    3. Create a new folder named SKSE and open it.


    1. Within the SKSE folder, create a new file named SKSE.ini i.e.
    2. Open the new file and copy and paste the code in the box below, and save and close the file when finished.

    [Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048 [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1


    1. From the archive downloaded above, open the Data folder e.g.
    2. Extract the scripts folder from the archive to the SKSE64 folder i.e. .
    3. Close archive and Windows Explorer sessions.

    Once complete, the SKSE64 mod's folder structure should be:

    • ..\SKSE64
      • \scripts
        • \Source
        • <file list>
      • \SKSE
      • \meta.ini


    Normally, MO should auto-detect that SKSE is installed upon a restart of the program, and it will auto-generate the SKSE game launcher. This should be used for launching Skyrim going forward. Below are some recommendations for further configuration of the SKSE launcher ... or, if for some reason MO fails to configure this. Please ensure the following is correct for SKSE:

    1. In MO, click the MO Executables button at the top of the main Mod Organizer window.
    2. Over the left pane, click the [+] (add executable button) and select [Add from file...].
    3. Navigate to the skse64_loader.exe file (e.g., ).
    4. "SKSE" can be renamed for clarity, however, if this is done, MO will automatically create the "SKSE" launcher again and place it at bottom of the list.
    5. Use this executable to launch Skyrim SE going forward.

    Reference Image:

    SSE Engine FixesLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    1. Download and install the (Part 1) Engine Fixes Main File in MO.
    2. Download the (Part 2) Engine Fixes - skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib Main File.
    3. Extract the contents of the second archive to the root Skyrim SE directory (e.g. ../Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition)

    Once installed open and ensure the following settings in EngineFixes.toml are configured:

    [Patches] EnableAchievementsWithMods = true FormCaching = true MaxStdio = true TreeLODReferenceCaching = true WaterflowAnimation = true WaterflowSpeed = 16.0 ; 20.0 = default. Smaller = slower, larger = faster [Fixes] ArcheryDownwardAiming = true AnimationLoadSignedCrash = true DoublePerkApply = true LipSync = true MemoryAccessErrors = true MO5STypo = true SlowTimeCameraMovement = true TreeReflections = true VerticalLookSensitivity = true

    Leave the remainder of the settings at their defaults, unless the changes are known and desired.


    Applications or mods that provide additional functions or resources
    Mod NameBaselineInstructions
    XLODGen Resource - SSE Terrain TamrielLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    NOTE: This file is only used for generation of terrain LOD using xLODGen and should be disabled afterward.

    Download and install SSE Terrain Tamriel Extend. Rename the mod to so that it is easy to find and enable/disable (this will only be used as a resource for xLODGen).


    Baseline mods that may be overwritten or overridden by other mods
    Mod NameBaselineInstructions
    Skyrim SE particle patch for ENBLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    This is the first time users will have encountered a mod that isn't downloaded via MO.
    1. Download the Special Edition PARTICLE PATCH ALL-IN-ONE INSTALLATION file.
    2. Install the file by clicking the MO Install Archive button on MO's menu bar.
    3. Navigate to the location where the archive was downloaded and open it for MO to start the installation.

    Once the mod is installed users should move the plugin to Optional Plugins in MO.

    1. Double-click on the mod and click on the Optional ESPs tab.
    2. Under Available ESPs, select the mod's plugin and click the left arrow button to move it to the Optional ESPs pane.
    DynDOLOD Resources SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Download and install the DynDOLOD Resources SE Main File, selecting the following options:
    • Whiterun Exterior
    • Solitude Exterior
    • High Hrothgar Window Glow
    • DLC2 Vvardenfell 3D Plume
    • Desync Birds of Prey

    As with all mods in this guide, this mod should be enabled in MO once it is installed. This mod in particular MUST be enabled for proper LOD generation later in this guide.

    Skyrim Realistic OverhaulLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    1. Install Part 1-3, choosing to merge the files when asked.
    2. Install the update file, choosing to merge as well.
    Majestic MountainsLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Step Recommends: Lightside

    Lightside is the most vanilla-like replacement, however, it can appear too bright in-game when combined with certain post processors. Users are free to choose the style that suits their preference.

    1. Download the Main File of preference.
    2. Download the Lod Pack for DynDoLod (all versions) Optional File.
      • The "Lod Pack for SSELodGen xLodGen (all versions)" optional file is NOT needed, since we are not using landscapes (terrain) from this mod.

    Main File

    FOMOD Instructions
    Majestic Mountains Lightside
      • Required
      • Snow Mountain Type
        • ◉ Snow Mountain New version ESL
      • Optionals
      • Sun Direction (choose one or none)
      • Final Notes
        • ☑ Load order and notes

    Optional File

    (merge into the main file)
    FOMOD Instructions
    Lod Pack for DynDoLod (all versions)
    • Step 1
      • Lod Meshes
      • LOD Textures

    Hide the following files:

    • \meshes\Landscape\rocks\rockcliff07.nif
    • \meshes\Landscape\rocks\rockpiles01.nif
    • \meshes\Landscape\rocks\rockpiles02.nif
    Cathedral LandscapesLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Please be aware this mod deviates to a degree from the vanilla style with respect to some landscape textures. However, we feel the benefits the mod brings out-weigh this drawback. Those who wish to use another mod must installBlended Roads.

    The following FOMOD instructions are for the most vanilla-like options, but deviation from this is user preference.

    1. Download and install the Main File (instructions below).
    FOMOD Instructions
    Landscapes - Cathedral Concept
      • Select Install
        • ◉ Full Install, Brown Tundra
      • Select Roads
    1. Download and install the LODGEN Textures for v3 Optional File.
      • Don't merge this file! Install it separately! This file will be installed as a separate mod so that it can be activated for LOD generation later in the guide and deactivated after. Name the file: .

    05-Animation & Physics[edit]

    Mods that alter the animations and effects in the game
    Mod NameBaselineInstructions
    Realistic Boat Bobbing SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    1. Download and install the Main File.
    2. Download and merge the RBB - SMIM Meshes Miscellaneous File.
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special ExtendedLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    This is a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) mod page!

    Download the file directly: XP32 Maximum Skeleton SE

    Download the main file and install using the following:

    FOMOD Instructions
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended
    • Skeleton
      • Meshes
        • ☑ Skeleton Meshes
        • ☑ Creature Meshes
      • Animation Rig Map
        • ☑ Physics Extensions
    • Character Creation
      • Character Creation
    • Character Creation
      • Weapon Style Randomizer for NPCs
    • Animation Variants
      • Belt-Fastened Quivers
      • Dagger on Back
      • Dagger on Hip
      • Magic
      • Sword on Back
      • Sword on Hip
    • First Person Animation
      • Axe - Warning! Missing Sounds! Not compatible...!
      • Sword - Warning! Missing Sounds! Not compatible...!
    • Mounted Combat Animation
      • Axe - Warning! Missing Sounds! Not compatible...!
      • Bow
      • Sword - Warning! Missing Sounds! Not compatible...!
    • Compatibility Patches
      • The Joy of Perspective
      • Schlongs of Skyrim
    • Compatibility Patches
      • Deadly Mutilation
    • Compatibility Patches

    When updating this mod, remember to run FNIS SE. For new users installing this Guide for the first time, FNIS will be ran at the end of the Guide.

    06-Models & Textures[edit]

    Mods that alter the appearance of objects in the game
    Mod NameBaselineInstructions
    AMidianBorn Book of SilenceLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Download the following files:
    • aMidianBorn book of silence -- ARMORS
    • aMidianBorn book of silence -- DRAGONBORN
    • aMidianBorn book of silence -- UNIQUE ITEMS
    • aMidianBorn book of silence -- WEAPONS

    Step recommends:Merge all files into single mod listing named aMidianBorn Book of SilenceThe instructions below are for the most vanilla-like replacements.

    FOMOD Instructions
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence ARMORS
    • Options
    • Options
      • Iron and Banded
      • Steel
      • Steel Plate
      • Leather
      • Hide and Studded
      • Fur
      • Elven
      • Dwarven
      • Ancient Nord
      • Orcish
      • Scaled
      • Wolf
      • Glass
      • Ebony
      • Blades
      • Falmer
    FOMOD Instructions
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence DRAGONBORN
    • Options
    • Custom
      • Nordic Carved Armor
      • Bonemold Armor
      • Acolyte Masks
      • Dragon Priest Acolytes
      • Hulking Draugr
      • Ash Spawn
      • Ash Guardians
    FOMOD Instructions
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence UNIQUE ITEMS
    • Options
    • Custom
      • Targe of the Blooded
      • Wuuthrad
      • Savior's Hide
      • Helm of Yngol
      • Mace of Molag Bal
      • Mehrune's Razor
      • Volendrung
      • Tsun's Armor
      • Ebony Mail
      • Staff of Magnus
      • Dragon Priest Masks
    FOMOD Instructions
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence WEAPONS
    • Options
      • Options
        • ◉ Install all weapons (default)

    Optional ESPs

    Depending on how the mods are installed:

    1. Right-click the aMidianBorn Book of Silence or aMidianBorn Book of Silence WEAPONS mod
    2. Click [Information...]
    3. Click the Optional ESPs tab and move aMidianborn_Skyforge_Weapons.esp from the right pane to the left.

    Repeat these steps whenever asked to moved plugins to the Optional ESPs.

    Hiding files and folders

    Hide the following files/folders:

    • textures/clothes (aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors)

    To do this,

    1. Double-click on the mod listing in the left pane.
    2. Click the Filetree tab.
    3. Expand the textures folder.
    4. Right-click on the clothes folder and select [Hide].

    Repeat these steps whenever asked to hide files or folders from a mod.

    Arctic - Frost Effects ReduxLink to the mod's Wiki page.Lite Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Arctic - Frost Effects Redux
    • Arctic Installation
      • Main Installation
    • Arctic Texture Resolution
      • Resolution Options
    • Arctic Gradients Color
      • Color Options
    • Arctic Icicles Size
    • Arctic Icicles Style
      • Style Options
    • Arctic Optional Plugin
      • Plugin Option
        • ◉ Frost Mesh Patch (ESL-Tagged)
    Barenziahs Glory SELink to the mod's Wiki page.1k Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Barenziah's Glory SE
    • Optional Textures
      • Crown Texture Options
        • ◉ Desaturated Crown Texture - 1k
      • Jewelrybox Texture Options
        • ◉ Gamwich Jewelrybox Texture - 1k
      • Gem Texture Options
        • ◉ Gamwich Gem Texture - dark
    Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack SSELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack
    • Options
      • Options
    • Custom
      • Bear (brown and black)
      • Chaurus
      • Chicken
      • Dog
      • Dragonfly
      • Deer
      • Fox (Red)
      • Fox (Arctic)
      • Frostbite Spider (Brown)
      • Frostbite Spider (Arctic)
      • Goat
      • Hawk
      • Highland Cow
      • Horker
    • Horse Options
      • Horse Tails
      • Horse Textures
    • More Custom Options
      • Mammoth
      • Mudcrab
      • Rabbit
      • Sabre Cat (Brown)
      • Sabre Cat (Arctic)
      • Skeever (Grey)
      • Skeever (Arctic)
      • Wolf (Black)
      • Wolf (Ice)
      • Wolf (Red)
      • Werewolf
      • Werewolf Eyes
    Better Dynamic Snow SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Download and install the Main File.
    FOMOD Instructions
    Better Dynamic Snow SE
    • Better Dynamic Snow SE - Plugins
      • Plugin Installation
        • ◉ Brighter Snow Materials
    • Better Dynamic Snow SE - Options
      • Projected Diffuse Textures
      • Optional Addons
    Deadly Spell ImpactsLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Deadly Spell Impacts
    • Options
    • Custom
      • Fire Spell Dependant Feature
        • ◉ One Fire Impact (Default)
    • One
      • Fire
      • Frost
      • Lightning
    Dragonbone MasteryLink to the mod's Wiki page.2k/1k Detailed Instructions available
    Step recommends:Dragonbone Mastery - WITHOUT Engravings

    This recommendation is for the vanilla experience. Users can install whichever version they desire and adjust the instructions below to suit their preferences.

    FOMOD Instructions
    Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture
    • Page 1
      • Main Weapon Texures
    • Page 2
      • Arrow Options
    • Page 3
      • Scabbard Style
        • ◉ Full Length Scabbard
    • Page 4
      • Full Sized Scabbard Texture Options
      • Full Sized Scabbard Mesh Optional
        • ◉ Transparent Meshes

    The archive is missing is an empty "99 None" folder so click Install Anyway when prompted.

    DROPSLink to the mod's Wiki page.512 Step recommends:Version 3
    Elemental Staffs SELink to the mod's Wiki page.2K Step recommends:Elemental Staffs SE Main File and the Elemental Staffs SE Basic Optional File.
    Embers HDLink to the mod's Wiki page.2K Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Embers HD
    • Main Component
      • Select One
    • Embers HD Fireplaces Add-On Component
      • Select One
    • Embers HD Add-On Components
      • Select Add-Ons
        • ☑ Forges Add-On
        • ☑ Lave Crater Add-On
    • Embers HD Compatibility Patches
      • Select Add-Ons
    Enhanced Blood Textures SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Download and install the _Enhanced Blood Textures SE (LITE VERSION) Main File.

    Optionally, download and merge the No Screen Blood Optional File. This will remove blood spatters from the screen.

    Enhanced Vanilla Trees SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Download 1) EVT - Basic v2.1.0 (DynDOLOD 2) Optional File.

    This option is for the most vanilla-like experience, and instructions below will reflect this option. Customize the installation to suit preferences or choose another Optional File as desired. For example, the images on the STEP SE Nexus page uses the Lush version.NOTE: only files available from "Optiona Files" of the mod are supported by the guide, because the latest Main Files are not compatible with DynDOLOD 2 (missing billboards).

    FOMOD Instructions
    Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE
    • Mesh Options
      • Select a version
        • ◉ Enhanced Vanilla Meshes
    • Optional Addons
      • Clutter
        • ☑ Enhanced Tree Clutter (recommended)
    • Tree LODs
      • Select One
    FootprintsLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Install the Main File.


    Those installing this ModGroup Should also install the ENB Optional File. Merge into the base mod if desired.

    Gemling Queen Jewelry SELink to the mod's Wiki page.1K Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Gemling Queen Jewelry SE
    • Main Modules
      • Main Modules
        • ☑ Amulets
        • ☑ Circlets
        • ☑ Rings
      • DLC Addons
    • Amulet Textures
      • Amulet Textures Options
        • ◉ Gamwich Amulet Textures - 1024
    • Ring Textures
      • Ring Texture Options
        • ◉ Gamwich Ring Textures -Combined - 1k
      • Optional Mesh Packs
      • Optional Mesh Packs Dawnguard

    The plugin has been made redundant by the USSEP. In MO:

    1. Double click on the mod
    2. Select Optional ESPs tab
    3. Select GQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.esp
    4. Click left-pointing arrow to move it to "Optional ESPs" in left pane

    This will remove the redundant plugin.

    Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux SELink to the mod's Wiki page.v2.7.6 Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux SE
    • Installation Options
      • Meshes Type
      • Sheath/Scabbard Type
        • ◉ Small - Default Textures
      • Skyforge Weapons
    HD Stone Quarry and Clay DepositLink to the mod's Wiki page.2K Detailed Instructions available
    1. Download and install the 2K Main File and Majestic Mountain Patch from Optional Files.
    2. Merge the patch, choosing the version that matches the version of Majestic Mountains that was installed previously.
    High Quality Food and Ingredients SELink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    High Quality Food and Ingredients SE
    • High Quality Food and Ingredients SE
    • Pick and Choose
      • Select all you want
        • ☑ Baked Potatoes
        • ☑ Boiled Creme Treat
        • ☑ Bone Meal
        • ☑ Bread
        • ☑ Carrots
        • ☑ Charred Skeever Hide and Meat
        • ☑ Chicken Breast
        • ☑ Dead Hare
        • ☑ Dead Pheasant
        • ☑ Garlic
        • ☑ Green Apple
        • ☑ Grilled Chicken Breast
        • ☑ Grilled Leeks
        • ☑ Honey Nut Treat
        • ☑ Long Taffy Treat
        • ☑ Mead
        • ☑ Moon Sugar
        • ☑ Mora Tapinella
        • ☑ Pie
        • ☑ Potatoes
        • ☑ Powered Mannoth Tusk [It's misspelled]
        • ☑ Raw Beef
        • ☑ Red Apple
        • ☑ Salmon Meat
        • ☑ Salmon Steak
        • ☑ Salt Pile
        • ☑ Scaly Photiota
        • ☑ Seared Slaughterfish
        • ☑ Slaughterfish Scales
        • ☑ Sweet Roll
        • ☑ Venison
        • ☑ Void Salts
    • Please Read
    Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs RetextureLink to the mod's Wiki page.Detailed Instructions available
    Hide the following files/folders:
    • Textures/Plants/
    • Textures/Plants/
    • Textures/Plants/
    • Textures/Plants/
    • Textures/Plants/
    • Textures/Plants/
    Improved SparksLink to the mod's Wiki page.Step recommends:Grindstones - Vanilla Sparks and Impact Effects - Vanilla Sparks
    Inferno - Fire Effects ReduxLink to the mod's Wiki page.Lite Detailed Instructions available
    FOMOD Instructions
    Inferno - Fire Effects Redux
    • Inferno Installation
      • Main Installation
    • Inferno Texture Resolution
      • Resolution Options
    • Inferno Flame Glow
      • Glow Options
    • Inferno Flame Color
      • Color Options
    • Inferno Flame Tile
    • Inferno Flame Size
      • Size Options
    • Inferno Optional Patches
      • Patch Options
    • Inferno Optional Patches
      • Patch Options
    • Inferno Optional Plugin
      • Plugin Option


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    Illustration of a typical Nord male

    The Nords are the children of the sky,[1] a race of tall and fair-haired humans from Skyrim who are known for their incredible resistance to cold and magical frost. They are fierce, strong and enthusiastic warriors, and many become renowned warriors, soldiers and mercenaries all over Tamriel.[2][3] Eager to augment their martial skills beyond the traditional methods of Skyrim, they excel in all manner of warfare, and are known as a militant people by their neighbors.[4][5] Nords were known for a time for their nautical prowess when they migrated from Atmora.[5] Seafaring merchants or smugglers are not unheard of, as was the case with Tobias.


    Although Nords intermingled with other races over the years, it is primarily to Atmora, the northernmost known place on Nirn, that they trace their lineage.[4][6] Atmora is likely a human corruption of "Altmora", a name found in old Elvish records which means "Elder Wood".[7] Legends say that Atmora was once very green and prosperous, until "the freezing" turned it into an inhospitable wasteland plagued by civil war, causing its people to migrate to Tamriel in waves throughout the Merethic and First eras.[8] During this migration, the chieftain Ysgramor rallied people from all sides who desired to live in peace and set sail south, eventually arriving at Hsaarik Head, at the extreme northern tip of Skyrim's Broken Cape.[4] They named the new land "Mereth" in tribute to the Aldmeri Elves who had already settled most of the continent. Contrary to many stories, which apparently credit Ysgramor with being the leader of the first group of human settlers,[9][10] he and his colonists were the latest in a long line of emigrants from Atmora to Skyrim, and many had already migrated to other places around Tamriel.[11][6]

    The Return[edit]

    Elves and men lived in relative peace and prosperity for a great deal of time, but racial tensions grew along with the human population, and eventually violence erupted. It's unclear how it started, but the Elves razed the Nordic capital city of Saarthal, killing the defenders and everyone unable to flee, in a slaughter now known as the Night of Tears.[4][9][12][13] According to legend, the only humans to survive were Ysgramor and his two sons, who fled back to Atmora, where they gathered the famous Five Hundred Companions and sailed back to expediently slaughter any Elves they came across, founding new cities as they went and clearing the way for new settlers.[9][4][14][15][8] During this time, the Nords also frequently waged war with the various Giant clans of Skyrim and Ysgramor purportedly slaughtered hundreds of Giants himself.[16][17] Despite these early conflicts, the presence of Giants remained throughout the province in the eras that followed, although both races largely kept to themselves.

    The Five Hundred's great achievements and acts of heroism cemented them and their leader Ysgramor as role models in Nordic culture.[8] Their legacy is purportedly carried on by the Companions, a group of nonpartisan mercenaries who are renowned as impartial arbiters on matters on honor.[14][8] Ysgramor's descendant King Harald, who is credited with first uniting the province under its customary borders in 1E 113, drove the last of the Elves out of the province in 1E 143.[4] Despite heavy resistance, Elves were also driven from Solstheim, a small island northeast of Skyrim, which would be predominantly inhabited by Nords for thousands of years to come.[18]

    The Dragon War[edit]

    Dragons were revered as part of the Nordic religion.[19] Dragon priests, on par with kings in terms of the power they wielded, acted as intermediaries between the people and the serpentine "god-kings", whose name could not even be uttered by the common folk.[19] Temples were built to honor and appease the dragons, many of which survive today as ancient ruins haunted by Draugr and undead dragon priests.[19][20] The dragon priests in Tamriel became more tyrannical and the populace eventually rebelled some time in the Merethic Era, leading to the legendary Dragon War.[19] Some dragons turned against their own kind and taught the Nords powerful magic that allowed them to turn the tide of the war in their favor.[19] After a long and bloody campaign, the rule of the dragons was ended, and the remaining wyrms fled to remote areas.[19] The Dragon Cult survived for a time, but was marginalized and eventually died out.[19] The last Dragon Cult Stronghold was found and besieged in 1E 140.[21] Not long after, worship of animal gods was replaced by the then-Eight Divines in mainstream Nord culture.[22] Other traditional Nordic beliefs, known as the Old Ways, continued on, and remained prevalent among Nords even after the introduction of the Divines.[23][24]

    A traditional Nordic ship burial created during the Skyrim Conquests

    The Skyrim Conquests[edit]

    In 1E 241, King Vrage the Gifted (Harald's son) began the aggressive expansion now known as the Skyrim Conquests, which would culminate in the First Empire of the Nords.[4][6][25] Within a span of fifty years, the descendants of Ysgramor ruled all of northern Tamriel, including most of present-day High Rock and the whole of Morrowind.[4][6] Some Nord leaders wanted to turn south to Cyrodiil, but the Jerall Mountains proved to be too big a barrier, and northern Cyrodiil too poor a prize.[3]

    Over the next few centuries, Skyrim expanded and contracted as battles were won and lost.[11] The Conquests, and the Empire, came to an end in 1E 369 with the death of King Borgas, the last of the Ysgramor line, during the Wild Hunt.[4][3] When the ruling council or Moot was unable to choose Jarl Hanse of Winterhold (considered the obvious choice by Imperial scholars), as the new High King, the ensuing civil war tore the Empire apart.[4] The war concluded in 1E 420 with the Pact of Chieftains, but the Empire lost its holdings in High Rock and Morrowind, and Skyrim was divided into independent kingdoms.[4] The Nords tried to reconquer Morrowind around 1E 700, but were rebuffed by united Chimer and Dwemer forces, and the Tribunal would protect Morrowind from invasion for thousands of years to come.[26][27][5][28][29] The failure of the Nord Tongues in Morrowind prompted Jurgen Windcaller to begin a seven-year meditation to understand the failure, leading to the discovery of the Way of the Voice.[4][30]

    Late in the First Era, an invasion from Akavir cut through Skyrim.[31] Even though Nords don't "meet invasions with pitchers of mead", they were unable to stop the mighty Akaviri Dragonguard, and it took the united armies of Cyrodiil to stop their advance at the Battle of Pale Pass.[31] The Nords were understandably impressed, and for the first time, the whole of Skyrim pledged allegiance to one man: Reman Cyrodiil, one of the first Dragonborn recorded in history and the founder of the Second Empire of Man.[31] The Nords would generally support the Empire, even under the Potentates, for hundreds of years to come. The chaos of the Interregnum brought the Nords an opportunity for glorious battle against their neighbors. Together with the Bretons of High Rock, they once again looked south, to Cyrodiil, for room to expand.[32] Despite some initial success, they did not count on Tiber Septim.

    Under the Third Empire[edit]

    Skyrim was absorbed comparatively peacefully into the empire of Tiber Septim, the Battle of Sancre Tor around 2E 852 and other clashes notwithstanding.[32][33] Many Nords found employment in the Imperial Legion, as Talos generally nurtured relations with the north.[32] In the centuries after the Empire's founding, Skyrim was drawn into several major conflicts. One of these was the War of the Red Diamond wherein Skyrim supported Queen Potema against the Empire.[34] The civil war nearly tore the Empire apart and it would take seventeen long years before Potema was finally defeated and peace was restored.[34] However, a strong underground movement called the Hörme, believing that Potema and her deposed son were the last of Tiber Septim's true blood, continued to work against Imperial interests in Skyrim.[11]

    Close to the end of the Third Era, the kingdoms of Skyrim instigated several wars to expand their territory. The War of the Bend'r-Mahk during the Imperial Simulacrum increased Nordic holdings considerably, swallowing up many miles of territory traditionally belonging to eastern High Rock and Hammerfell, and they have their eyes on Morrowind, which is no longer protected by the Tribunal.[11]

    The Fourth Era[edit]

    The Fourth Era brought significant changes for Nords. Late in the Third Era and in the beginning years of the Fourth Era, Solstheim became overrun by Dunmer refugees from Morrowind, which had been devastated by natural disasters and then invaded by the Argonians of Black Marsh who had already conquered much of Morrowind.[35] The Nords of Solstheim wanted to win independence from the Empire, and planned to destroy Fort Frostmoth.[36] Many Dunmer also fled west on the mainland, establishing a strong presence in cities in eastern Skyrim.[37] Following the sacking of Nova Orsinium, many Orc refugees were escorted into Skyrim by the Imperial Legion.[38] Many Orcs choose to segregate their society and live in Orc Strongholds scattered throughout the wilderness, but some others have, like the Dunmer, chosen to live in the "civilized" settlements of Skyrim. Despite some trepidation at these newcomers, the Nords remained relatively peaceful and prosperous, with some exceptions,[39][40][41] in the tumultuous aftermath of the Oblivion Crisis.[35][42] However, their peace would not last.

    Around 4E 200, a little over twenty years after the Great War ended, the High King of Skyrim was killed. A disagreement over whether his death was murder or the result of an honorable duel, combined with resentments created by the White-Gold Concordat which ended the Great War, launched Skyrim into the bloody Stormcloak Rebellion, named after the leader of the rebels, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak.[42][43][44] Even more disturbing was the return of Alduin, the ancient enemy from the Dragon War who had led the massacres against them, which Nordic religion had long held would herald the end of the world.[43][45]


    A drawing of Ice Wraiths, which are hunted by young Nords as a rite of passage

    There are two things most Nords love: music and mead.[45] Most Nords wear animal skins or cotton clothing.[46] They are generally tolerant of outsiders to Skyrim, though often do not make them feel welcome.[14][37][47] In particular, Nords often still hold a bitter resentment towards elves. The Reach, one of the nine Holds of Skyrim, has only a slight Nord majority, and cities in the east have become heavily influenced by the Dunmer.[4][37] The northern and eastern holds - Winterhold, Eastmarch, The Rift, and The Pale—are known collectively as the Old Holds, where the influence of old Nordic traditions is still relatively strong and outsiders are rare.[4] The young men there go out for weeks into the high peaks in the dead of winter, hunting the ice wraiths that give them claim to full status as citizens.[4] The Reach and the Rift both have long histories of lawlessness, and are generally associated with criminal activity.[48][49][33][41]

    Nords tend to be superstitious, and their folklore reflects this.[49][50][51][52]Nordic names, often chosen based on omens, are given in a special ceremony when the child is young.[50] Any unexplained misfortune is often blamed on the Falmer, or Snow Elves.[4] The Falmer, long believed to be extinct after the vengeful Nordic invasion into their lands, caused by the aggressive Falmer response to the new Atmoran inhabitants, were actually driven deep underground, where they became feral and purportedly seek to kill all those who dwell above them,[53] so it's possible there's truth in some of these claims.

    A Falmer, source of many Nord superstitions, and a very real and bitter race of elves


    Nords are known as masters of wood and timber construction.[4] Besides the cities of Skyrim, their architectural style is reflected in Bruma, situated in northern Cyrodiil.[54] Nord buildings are built partly underground to conserve heat, and are made with stones, with wood used only for support, and roofs of straw above the wood. These houses are essential to keep in heat in the freezing climate. Similar designs are also seen in Solstheim.

    Nordic buildings are known for being able to withstand the harshest elements for thousands of years.[4] Old Fort, one of the royal bastions constructed by the First Empire to guard its southern frontier, is a fine example: "towering walls of huge, irregular porphyry blocks fit together without seam or mortar" have stood since the First Era.[4]


    Feast of Dibella
    It is common to display a silver, moth-shaped mirror for the annual Feast of Dibella celebration.[55]


    Main Article: Nord Cuisine

    Nord cuisine reflects the harsh climate and rugged landscape that has shaped their warrior culture. Farming is difficult, but wild game supplies a good deal of their nutrition. These meats are preserved through smoking, drying, pickling, or salting. Fish are also a prominent feature in Nord cooking, such as the salmon endemic to the White River. The Nords are reputed for their great, warm, hearty feasts. Large roasts of mammoth, horker, and assorted game meats are cooked over a spit in the center of the hall, while rustic desserts made with juniper or snowberries are baked in cob ovens. The fruits available in Skyrim's scattered bushes have also made their way into the mead that is much-loved by this rugged race, which has developed a reputation abroad for being sweet and strong.


    The modern Nordic language comes from the Ancient Nordic tongue, which in turn copies from the Dragon Language. The semblance comes from the alphabet, which looks like claw marks and scratches.[56] Nords can still be found using phrases from the Dragons such as "Evgir Unslaad," which means "Season Unending,"[57] or "Thu'um," which means Shout.[4]

    "Dragon" (Ancient Nordic)[19]
    "Home of Frost"[60]:552
    Literally "Era of the Elves"[9]
    "Avenue of Valor" (Ancient Nordic)[60]:552
    "Kings" also "Dragon of the North"[61]


    The Nords are considered to be a devout people with grim religious beliefs. Among other things, they have long believed that Alduin, the World-Eater, would eventually return and bring about the end of the world.[62] As dark as their belief systems are viewed to be, all Nordic traditions extend one bright, shining hope for Nords: Sovngarde, the Hall of Valor, where Nords who have proven their mettle in battle or died valiantly are welcome to experience euphoric bliss and camaraderie, free from time and boredom.[63][64] Some stories claim the place was built by, and still inhabited by, the elusive Shor.[63] It is little surprise that cowardice is the worst trait a Nord can exhibit, for "a Nord is judged not by the manner in which he lived, but the manner in which he died".[64] Nords cross the whalebone bridge to reach Sovngarde, and flying whales are a cultural metaphor for the transition from Nirn to Aetherius.[65]

    The Old Ways[edit]

    Ysgramor and the Atmorans brought with them the worship of animal gods: the hawk, wolf, snake, moth, owl, whale, bear, fox, and most importantly the dragon.[19] Over time, as Nord beliefs evolved, the traditional Nordic Pantheon of Divines emerged as personifications of natural forces and ideas.[62] Many scholars believe that the Nordic Pantheon is the same as the orthodox pantheon, merely with different names (there are certainly many parallels), and many Nords who have adopted the Divines evidently have this understanding.

    A map of Solstheim during the Third Era

    The isolated Nordic tribe in Solstheim, the Skaal, carry on a tradition very similar to the old tradition of animal worship. The Skaal venerate all of nature, believing that certain parts of their environment, such as the winds, the trees and the sun, were given to them by the All-Maker, a benevolent, unknowable creator deity. Wolves and bears are especially sacred to the small tribe. All aspects of nature must constantly be in harmony, for this is what gives the Skaal their shamanic powers. The Skaal also tell tales of the Adversary, the enemy of mankind, and his lieutenant, the Greedy Man. In this regard, the faith of the Skaal is nearly the opposite of the pantheon of their kin in Skyrim.[66] Although the Skaal do not worship them, they also acknowledge the existence of the Daedric Princes.[67]

    The Nordic Pantheon[edit]

    The Hall of Valor in Sovngarde, the Nordic afterlife. It is a huge mead-hall which houses the souls of honorable heroes, by will of Shor.

    Like most modern Tamrielic races, Nordic religion is focused on the Aedra and their old ally, Lorkhan.[68] However, the Nord's Sky Goddess Kyne is notably more assertive and warlike than the nature-loving Kynareth.[62] Although Mara is present in her role as a mother goddess, she is thought of as a mere handmaiden to Kyne, the actual mother of the Nords and the widow to Shor.[1][62] She is also credited with sending her son Morihaus (and perhaps Pelinal) to the aid of the Cyro-Nordic slaves in their uprising against the Ayleids around 1E 242.[68] Shortly after, the Nordic pantheon of gods would be fused with the Aldmeri pantheon by Alessia into the Eight Divines (although this new belief system would be bucked occasionally).[68][29] Interestingly, certain Daedra, notably Hermaeus Mora, are present in Nordic mythos.

    The former chief of the Nordic pantheon of Skyrim is Shor. He was the king of the gods and a champion of men in their struggles against the Elves,[62] until being treacherously slain by elven devils, and consigned to serve as god of the underworld. He may still have an impact on the mortal world in the form of the Shezarrine. Shor was left out of the Eight Divines, but is still represented in a way acceptable to some Nords as "the spirit behind all human undertaking" in the Cyrodilic pantheon.[68][29] Shor, and Shezarr, are suspected to be the same entity as Lorkhan.[62]

    The traditional Nordic pantheon has had a very muddled history with Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time, and misconceptions abound. The totem animals of the Old Ways included the dragon, whom scholars correlate with the worship of Akatosh, but the veneration of dragons understandably dwindled among Nords after the Dragon War.[19] The Nords of the First Era thus only came to know Akatosh as Auri-El, the Elven deity, whom they demonized.[68] Nevertheless, Akatosh was reintroduced in Alessia's compromised pantheon. Many scholars over the years, most of whom were foreigners unfamiliar with the nuances of Nordic history, have mistakenly assumed that Alduin was merely the Nordic name for Akatosh.[62][69][70] Due to mistrust of Nordic education and the integrity of their oral traditions, even well-informed scholars dismissed the dichotomy despite the fact that Akatosh's benevolent nature bore no resemblance to Alduin and that Nords who accepted Akatosh as a deity maintained that he was distinct from Alduin.[62][69][70]

    The Thu'um and the Dragonborn[edit]

    A poem in the Dragon Language

    The spiritual relationship between the Nords and breath is crucial to understanding Nordic beliefs and motivations. They believe Kyne breathed life into them at the Throat of the World, the highest mountain in Skyrim.[1][4] Another creation myth involves the Ehlnofey, wandering progenitors of the Mythic Era, some of whom were displaced to Atmora during the Ehlnofey wars of the Dawn Era and became the Nords.[10] The two stories are not necessarily in conflict, as they both seem to suggest that Nordic ancestors emerged in Skyrim, flourished in Atmora, then returned. Regardless, the Nords believe that their breath and voice are their vital essence, and that by uttering shouts in the tongue of the dragons, they can channel their essence to perform incredible feats.

    Nords have been able to use the thu'um, a magical shout capable of extraordinary power, as a nearly unstoppable weapon against their adversaries as far back as the late Mythic Era.[19][71] They view it as a gift from Kyne, and those with the talent to wield it are called "Tongues".[62][1] The ancient Greybeards, masters of the thu'um, still sit atop the 7000 steps leading to the settlement of High Hrothgar, near the summit of the Throat of the World, where they practice the Way of the Voice.[4] Their leader, Jurgen Windcaller, brought about a ban on the use of the thu'um outside of times of "True Need".[4][30] Tiber Septim established the Imperial College of the Voice in Markarth in an attempt to turn the Way of the Voice to warfare.[4] While some Tongues like Ulfric Stormcloak have proved willing to use the thu'um for violence, the use of the thu'um in warfare has remained extremely rare among Nords. It is false to assume, however, that the Way of the Voice demands pacifism: while the Greybeards don't take up arms directly, they occasionally speak, and thereby set titanic events in motion. They have spoken together on only two known occasions: to announce the destiny of Tiber Septim and, later, to do the same for the Last Dragonborn.[4][43]

    Today, Ysmir is the name by which Nords recognize the divinity of Talos. However, there are many competing theories on who or what Ysmir really is.[72][26] The title seemed to have originated with Ysmir Wulfharth, the Atmoran-born ruler of ancient Skyrim whose thu'um was so powerful that he could not speak without causing destruction.[1][4][29] This is actually rather typical of the greatest masters (powerful Tongues are often gagged for safety).[1][4]

    In Nordic society, the Dragonborn is an archetype for what a Nord should be, and any Dragonborn is treated with a deep respect.[45] A Dragonborn can not only wield the power of the thu'um like other Tongues, but can also absorb the souls of dragons, as well as knowledge of the thu'um, thereby achieving in a short time what it takes others a lifetime to learn.[73] The "Dragonborn Emperors" were able to rely on this cultural influence to cement the fealty of the Nords, while the Emperors of the Fourth Era were not.[73][74] It is likely because of this that so many Nords are unwilling to give up the worship of Talos, even in the face of a ban by the Empire.[44]



    • Male Cyro-Nordic (Redguard)

    See Also[edit]

    • For Nord names, see here.
    • For a list of notable Nords, see here.
    • For game-specific information, see the Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard, Morrowind, Shadowkey, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO, Legends, and Blades articles.


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    • Children of the Sky — A description of the Nords and the Thu'um
    • Crafting Motif 4: Nord Style by Doctor Alfidia Lupus — Being notes by Doctor Alfidia Lupus for a series of pamphlets on the major cultural styles of Tamriel
    • Five Songs of King Wulfharth — A summary of five epic songs of King Wulfharth, plus an apocryphal song of the Tribunal, Dagoth-Ur, and Indoril Nerevar
    • Frontier, Conquest by the University of Gwylim Press, 3E 344 — Details the presence of humans in Tamriel prior to the original Nordic conquests thought to bring humans to Tamriel
    • The Legend of Red Eagle by Tredayn Dren — An ancient tale about the invasion of the Reach by the First Empire
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    Category Archive : Nordic skyrim modpack

    Every year the mods are getting better and better, and new files and updates are being released for Skyrim:SE all the time. Skyrim:SE is probably one of the most popular mod-able games on Nexus Mods now! Nevertheless I used the Nordic guide as a guideline for this mod list, because thats where it is a great guide for.

    Only be careful for mods which require master mods in that case. In this part, we will start with the basics and preparation. The best way to do this is by uninstalling everything, and start all over. To avoid your primary drive being used for all the mod installations. This folder can become quite large. Does not matter that much, since we always want to have the master files cleaned.

    We need it later for LOD generation. You can start a new game now to see if Random Alternate start works.

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    On the next page pick SHD rocks. This needs to be checked with all mods! Always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order. What the title says. Mostly Dungeons and rocks textures. Decided to keep this in this part of the load order like on the Nordic guide.

    We are going to install the major LOD files now. Now, if you want to install any gameplay or quest mods, it might be a good time! Alright, now it is time to make a choice for a weather mod. See video tutorial how to do this.

    I once created 2 showcase videos with both presets. The outdoor areas of Skyrim:SE really give it a special feeling depending how you mod it. I personally like the more 'green' Skyrim, but if you prefer the more lore friendly look, make sure to only install what you like from the below mods.

    Only 1 file. Bark can be better on some models, but ETD the next mod will fix most of that. Fantastic looking grass! Install the main mod, and a resolution pack afterwards.

    And install them afterwards.

    Step into the world of Ultimate Skyrim.

    Later also install JK's Skyrim patch if you are going to install that mod. Please note that I did not install all the minor specific plant textures from the Nordic guide. The reason for this is that almost all of them are already covered now by 3d Trees and 3d plants. Also always make sure to have the Random Alternate Start esp at the bottom of the load order.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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    nordic skyrim modpack

    Items Birds and Flocks. Created by Kazoomie. I am unaware at this time how mods like this one will work with the Skyrim Remaster which is due out in a few days, but I am posting thisAs ofthere are over 40, Skyrim mods circling the web via huge modding communities such as Nexus.

    One-part winter sweater, one-part light armour. A Breton and Nord pose in Northgirl winterwear. An essential mod, if you truly want your Nordic protagonist to look like he belongs in Sovengarde. Although designed for wanderers, Nordic Wanderer armour is heavy-set and can take a good punching.

    The Breton Paladin borrows its aesthetic from original Skyrim concept art of the Bretons. Shiny and heavy. Swords and sexy…the Merta assassin armour is a little too revealing for actual protection. It has a rather interesting aesthetic however.

    Dedicated, bloodsucking follower of fashion. The Lustmord vampire armour carries a gothic and fairly modern visual character. Bringing you a brand-new armour and weapon set — including shield, dagger, axe, Warhammer, and sword — Corvalho and Rafael De Jongh present you items blessed by the God Akatosh himself one of the nine Divines. Bearing in mind you must craft the armour with your own two hands — using the new ingot: The Blessed Metal of Akatosh.

    Armour of Intrigue — brought to you by Patobek — claims to be one of the most detailed armour mods on the whole Nexus. Armour of Intrigue will lend the Dovahkiin a dark, secretive air, with its black cloak and cowl.

    Despite the cloak-and-dagger look, it still works for any class. Designed by Zerofrost Satyr for male and female player characters respectively, the Medusa Drakul and Thanatos Dragon armours are designed to give you something of a monstrous quality. Both are based off characters out of Greek mythology. Medusa Drakul — for the ladies — is an infamous snake-haired monster and Thanatos a winged personification of death — although both will have you looking deadly.

    It also replaces Odaaviing with a model of Thanatos — bring more ancient mythology to Nord land. The monster of Greek mythology Medusa. Thanatos — the male armour is in the likeness of the Greek mythological personification of death. The armours range from sleek Bosmer reinforced armour to skull and bone-engraved Wild hunting apparel. It does this through the introduction of a sizeable 64 new armours 23 heavy armours, 28 light armours, and 13 robes based off armours in the Tera game-world. You know Ju Jitsu!GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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    It is also important to note that Vortex Support is still in early beta meaning that stuff can go wrong, very fast. If you encounter such problems be sure to join our Discord and message erri about the error. Every ModList comes with its own set of instructions which you should read before doing anything.

    The following steps are the general steps you would take, but every ModList is different from one another so don't rely on those. A ModList comes as a.

    You might have a. Once extracted, start Wabbajack and click on the Install a ModList from Disk button and select the extracted. For the former it downloads MO2 for you but for the latter you need an existing Vortex installation.

    Once everything is correctly setup, the button will be clickable and you can proceed with the installation. The installation can take everything from a few minutes to hours depending on the size of the ModList, your Internet speed and your hardware so just be patient and wait for Installation complete! You may exit the program. Wabbajack will index all files in the game folder during compilation.

    15 Skyrim Armour Mods You Should Be Using Right Now

    Depending on the game, indexing can take a long time for the game files alone so having done it already will save you time. Overview video on YouTube. Wabbajack must not be located inside the MO2 folder or else the entire universe and the time-space continuum we know and love will be destroyed MO2 must be in Portable and every archive you used in your MO2 profile has some sort of download information attached:.

    There are special flags that can be placed in a mod's notes or comments to trigger special behavior in Wabbajack:. Wabbajack can create binary patches for files that have been modified after installation.

    This could be an. It could also be a mesh or texture that has been optimized to work better in a given game. In any case, a BSDiff file is generated. The output of this process is copied directly into the ModList instructions.

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    The Duskhunter. Chicken Warriah. Coffee Break. Enai Siaion. Top Shelf Boof. Skyrim Mod Developer M7. Toby Baby. Methuselah Honeysuckle. These mods are the mods that I am currently using. They are not changing the main storyline except Live Another Life. But when you go to Helgen you can start the main story in a different way. So it is not exactly changing the main storyline. Here is the Mediafire links for them.

    Links are in the description! Have fun! Items Created by Wehrwolfmann. Amazing Follower Tweaks. Created by rezzzman. Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords.The guide contains hundreds of mods — many of them are however optional and can be skipped!

    There is also an entire section where you may find more mods to add your setup. Page design was carefully crafted for best readability with a minimalistic approach and pastel colours to go easy on the eyes.

    Skyrim SE Ultra Modded | Best Graphics! 2019

    In no part will the guide ever stray far from vanilla and the Elder Scrolls lore. Mods were selected to improve the core game and integrate seamlessly.

    nordic skyrim modpack

    On our server you can request support if you struggle with any part of the guide as well as chat about the guide, modding and life in general. Get all the latest about the guide and my future plans including polls where you can help shape the future of The Phoenix Flavour.

    Customisability The guide contains hundreds of mods — many of them are however optional and can be skipped! Intuitive Layout Page design was carefully crafted for best readability with a minimalistic approach and pastel colours to go easy on the eyes. Vanilla-Plus Approach In no part will the guide ever stray far from vanilla and the Elder Scrolls lore. Discord Community On our server you can request support if you struggle with any part of the guide as well as chat about the guide, modding and life in general.

    Active Blog Get all the latest about the guide and my future plans including polls where you can help shape the future of The Phoenix Flavour. Based on Skyrim Special Edition 1. Frequently updated, improved and expanded. Features all best-practice methods common in Skyrim modding. Flexible enough to support low- as well as high-end systems.

    nordic skyrim modpack

    Pre-made mod and load order as well as patches for all mods are provided.Ultimate Skyrim is a total conversion modpack for Skyrim, built around the Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul. Its goal is to transform Skyrim into the ultimate fantasy life simulator by combining the excellent mods of the Skyrim modding community with proprietary features found only in Ultimate Skyrim.

    UltSky is intended for players who enjoy dynamic fantasy worlds with deep mechanics and systems.

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    Every part of the game has been rebuilt, including combat, progression, AI, factions, the economy, the visuals, and more. The result is a deeply simulated roleplaying experience unlike any other. This is a massive, hardcore survival experience you won't find in any other game. I'm amazed at how intricate and complex the game is now, and challenging! It really forces you to inhabit Bethesda's creation, and lets Bethesda's work shine more than their own version.

    The installation guide was so complete and well made… Hundreds of hours playing became a thousand, with no crashing. Ultimate Skyrim allowed me to forget everything… it felt like I was completely there. Back What is Ultimate Skyrim? Official Modlist.

    Step into the world of Ultimate Skyrim. Get Started. A new roleplaying experience, delivered.

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    Play now!

    Nordic skyrim modpack

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim SE. Nordic Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - How to Build a Successful Nord Character

    The Nords, a proud race from the province of Skyrim, are also known as the Sons of Snow. Hot-blooded warriors, they are unmatched in shows of strength, and their culture largely surrounds invasion and conquer. With such strong dies to death and heroism, they believe that an honorable death will grant them passage to Sovngarde, the Nordic afterlife.

    Nords are typically light-skinned and fair-haired with large Viking-like height and strength. With their history of cold climates, they have an inborn ability to resist cold and frost and have a fierce mindset to overcome adversity.

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    History of the Nord

    The Nords were first known as Atmorans from the northern continent Atmora. During a great civil war, Ysgramor sailed south from Atmora, landing in Hsarrik Head in Skyrim, where the College of Winterhold now sits. Snow Elves had already colonized Skyrim and lived in harmony with the Nords until tensions rose as the Nordic popular surpassed the natives. Snow Elves attacked the Nords during the Night of Tears and destroyed the city of Saarthal, with the remains still visible south of Winterhold.

    Only Ysgramor and his two sons escaped slaughter and returned to Skyrim with the Five Hundred Companions. Set to destroy the Snow Elf population, the Snow Prince was killed during the Battle of Moesring by Finna, a 12-year-old girl whose mother was killed in front of her by the Prince. The remaining population was driven out by King Harald by 1E 143. During this period, the destruction of the Snow Elves solidified the Nords hold on Skyrim and led to the basis of "Skyrim belongs to the Nords."

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    Windhelm was seen as the home of the Nords after it became the head of the Empire in 1E 240 and was built after Ysgramor's conquest of the Elves. The Palace of the Kings, which now hosts the Jarl of Eastmarch, is one of the few structures still intact from the first era.

    During the Second Era, there was a continuous conflict for the Nords when they were locked in battle with the Reachmen of High Rock over territory. General Tiber Septim had pushed back the Reachmen to Old Hrol'dan but was at an impasse until Ysmir, the Nordic aspect of Talos, a hero-god of Mankind, taught Spetim the Way of the Voice. Septim shouted down the fortress' walls and achieved victory and was given the name Talos, meaning Stormcrown. Upon Talos' death, he became a deity and took place on the Pantheon of the Nine Divines.

    Skyrim remained relatively unscathed from the Oblivion crisis, but in 4E 171, a war broke out between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire of Tamriel with devastating losses on both sides. A treaty was signed between the parties called the White-Gold Concordat, but its terms largely affected the Nords, such as the outlawing of Talos worship and the disbandment of the Blades. Furious that the Thalmor now had the freedom to hunt down Talos worshippers, Nords began to favor Skyrim's separation from the Empire, leading Ulfric Stormcloak to organize rebels into the Stormcloaks and kill the High King of Skyrim in a duel, which sparked Skyrim's civil war.

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    Nord Racial Bonuses

    Compared to other races with heavy magical influence, the Nord's main uniqueness comes from brute force and fighting strength. They can cast basic starting spells like Flames and Healing like other races, but their skill bonuses lay in The Warrior skill tree. Their bonuses are +10 Two Handed (25 total starting level), +5 Block (20), +5 Light Armour (20), +5 One-Handed (20), +5 Smithing (20) and +5 Speech (20).  Despite Archery falling under The Warrior skill set, Nords don't have a bonus in this.

    With their history based on cold climates, the Nord race has a special Resist Frost ability, which grants them 50% frost resistance, which can be in the form of defense against magic or dragon shouts. This ability is great against Frost Atronachs, frost-wielding wizards or Frost Dragons. However, it is beneficial when exploring tombs or crypts as undead Draugr use frost spells almost exclusively.

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    With their ties to Tiber Septium and the Way of The Voice, Nords also have the unique ability to use Battle Cry. Only being able to be used once a day, it is a Greater Power that requires no Magicka to be used. When used, any target up to level 99 will flee for 30 seconds within an area of 60 feet. However, it will not work on the Undead, Daedra or Automatons.

    Battle Cry is similar to the Hysteria spell but is equivalent to physical assault, so beware if used in populated towns or on bystanders, as you will find 40 gold per innocent person affected. Battle Cry needs to be used to gain a tactical advantage, as there is no damage associated with using it. The best time to use Battle Cry is when you are unexpectedly overwhelmed by a group of close enemies, as it will buy you time to use any healing spells if you are out of potions. Alternatively, if used in a wider area where enemies will flee the maximum distance, it will put space between you and them and allow you to run.

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    Nord Build Suggestions

    As Nords are best played in an offensive warrior style, choosing The Warrior Stone at the beginning of the game is the best tactic for leveling up the essential skills for a Nord. It improves all combat-associated skills (except Archery) 20% faster. If you prefer a mix of skills and prefer your Nord to use a bow or have slightly more magic experience, choosing The Lover Stone East of Markarth is an acceptable substitute as it grants 15% more experience in all Skills.

    The best weapons to choose is anything two-handed such as Greatswords or War Hammers, as it is the biggest race bonus in the skill tree. Nords prefer wielding weapons to casting spells; it's also a bigger advantage to use close-range weapons as they typically don't fight a ranged battle. There are also great Perks in the skill tree for two-handed, such as Devastating Blow causing 25% extra damage for standing power attacks. If you prefer quicker strikes, choosing to use a one-handed blade and shield to bash enemies back is a good substitute for the close combat style. For armor, it's best to use any light armor due to the Nord's movement in battle and need for lightness.

    Leveling up Stamina is also essential for a powerful Nord. Stamina measures the character's physical energy and is used to perform activities such as power attacks, bashing or sprinting. By increasing the stamina level as the character levels up, they can push back more enemies with shields or strike more damage with weapons. As Nords favor Light Armour unlocking Wind Walker in the Light Armor skill tree will increase stamina regeneration by 50%.

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    All the Places You Can WooHoo in The Sims 4 (and Why It's Important to Gameplay)

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    Guide skyrim nordic

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide

    If this is your first time in the mine, stop and listen to Crescius argue with his wife about finding his grandfather's remains somewhere in the mine. After speaking with Crescius, you will automatically start the quest The Final Descent. keep talking to Crescius about the remains of his grandfather until you see the option to ask him about the pickaxe. To get the pickaxe back, just remind him that it isn't his and he will hand it over to you. After that just head back into town and give it back to Glover.

    If this isn't your first time inside the mine and have already begun or even completed the sidequest, just speak to Crescius and ask him about the pickaxe, if he is no longer in the mine, check at his house near Morvayn Manor. Remind him that the pickaxe isn't his and you can immediately head back and finish this task without any problems. Glover will in turn reward you with the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe, which is the only type of pickaxe that can be used to mine Stahlrim located on the island.


    In This Wiki Guide

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Bethesda Game Studios' blockbuster open-world RPG puts players on the precipice of determining the future of Skyrim as the Empire waits for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons.
    Sword Expert Rates Rey and Kylo's Lightsaber Skills

    Sword Expert Rates Rey and Kylo's Lightsaber Skills

    We got Matt Easton, a Historical European Martial Artist, Antique Arms Dealer, and owner of the fencing club Schola Gladiatoria, to react to the sequel Star Wars Trilogy. Telling us his sword-fighting expert opinion on just how realistic Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, and Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker is when it comes to lightsaber (or sword) combatFrom breaking down Finn and his battle against FN-2199 with his riot baton, to Rey and Kylo taking on the Praetorian Guards, and more, Matt breaks down these iconic Star Wars battles! Want to watch more of Matt's own videos? Make sure to check out his Scholagladiatoria YouTube channel:
    Skyrim: OVERPOWERED Crafting Guide Early

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released first on November 11, 2011, and currently, it is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch consoles, and PC. The game redefined the open-world RPG genre by giving players unparalleled freedom to do and be anything in the game. Most of the time, players complete certain quests to get unique armor and weapons, which further require leveling up to achieve maximum damage resistance. However, not everything is easier said than done in Skyrim. There is a lot of myth and false knowledge circulating on the web regarding the Skyrim armor cap. That is why we have curated the guide to clear few confusions.

    Skyrim is a massive game involving a multitude of things you can do in the game. For example, you can use Transmute spell to make extra gold in the game or venture into the unknown to find mystical Bound Bow. Moreover, if you are looking for a challenge, you can always go and fight Dragon Priests to get unique masks or go through the pain of farming Quarried Stone.

    Returning to the subject of armor cap, many players associate the higher armor rating with damage reduction. While that may be true to a certain degree, the overall functionality of the armor cap is far from that logic. Since we are on the subject of armor and trying to guide players to reach maximum damage mitigation, it is only befitting to enlist armor types and locations you can find in Skyrim.

    Armor Types and Locations

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features many armor types that range from light, heavy to unique ones. Since we are on the topic of the Skyrim armor cap in the game, it seems befitting to give players a short description of various armor types and their locations. Most armors require you to complete a quest or a series of them. However, just for the headstart, we have mentioned how or where to find all The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim armors.

    Light Armor

    Skyrim Armor Cap
    Name of Armor How/Where to Find
    Elven ArmorPlayers can find a complete armor set of Elven Armor in loot at Northwatch Keep, Thalmor Embassy during the “Diplomatic Immunity” quest. It can also be found inside random loot chests.
    Forsworn ArmorPlayers can obtain it easily by looting the corpse of Forsworn enemies. It can also be obtained by following “Forsworn Conspiracy” quest.
    Fur ArmorThe armor pieces can be obtained by killing and looting Bandits and Hold Guards. Mzinchaleft ruins also contain the complete armor set.
    Glass ArmorPlayers can get armor pieces by looting Thalmor enemies. During the “Missing in Action” quest, you can easily find many glass armor-wearing Thalmor enemies.
    Dragonscale ArmorWhenever a player is around level 50 in Skyrim, Dragonscale armor pieces start to appear rarely in random loot chests. If you want to reach Skyrim armor cap
    Hide ArmorBandits wear Hide armor, so looting set pieces will get you the armor. Arvel the Swift, wears the complete armor set except for the shield.
    Imperial Light ArmorImperial soldiers wear the armor. So looting their corpses will give set pieces. In the “Unbound” quest, you can loot the dead soldiers in Helgen for armor set pieces.
    Leather ArmorBlacksmiths and General Goods Merchants sell armor set pieces. Bandits also wear leather armor at times. You may also come across chests and containers keeping leather armor or its pieces.
    Penitus Oculatus ArmorThe armor set pieces can be obtained easily by looting Penitus Oculatus soldiers during the “Civil War” questline.
    Scaled ArmorBandits with level 20 or higher often wear scaled armor. Looting their corpses will yield set pieces. Killing Fultheim the Fearless is an easy method to obtain complete armor early on in the game.
    Shrouded ArmorIf you join the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid gives you the armor whenever you reach the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Another way to obtain the armor is by looting the armor from dead enemies of the Dark Brotherhood.
    Stormcloak ArmorIt can be obtained by looting from dead Stormcloak soldiers. Mostly, low-level enemies wear this armor, so finding them should not be a problem.
    Stormcloak Officer ArmorThe quickest way to obtain the complete set is to complete “The Battle for Fort Snowhawk” quest. Ulfric Stormcloak rewards you the full Stormcloak Officer armor after completing the said quest.
    Chitin ArmorYou can find the armor set pieces at the island of Solstheim. Glover Mallory also sells set pieces located at Raven Rock.
    Dawnguard ArmorA few set pieces of the armor can be found at Fort Dawnguard. Gunmar sells the complete Dawnguard armor. He also gives away the armor for free if you complete “A New Order” quest.
    Morag Tong ArmorComplete Morag Tong armor set can be found in the sleeping quarters of Ashfallow Citadel.
    Skaal ArmorThe only way to obtain Skaal armor is to visit Skaal Village and loot it from members of the village. It is because no merchant sells the armor, neither it drops from loot chests.
    Stalhrim Light ArmorIn Skaal Village, Baldor Iron-Shaper sells the armor set pieces. Glover Mallory from Raven Rock also sells few set pieces. A few boss types also wear this armor, so looting their corpse may give you Stalhrim light armor.

    Heavy Armor

    Skyrim Armor Cap
    Name of ArmorHow/Where to Find
    Ancient Nord ArmorWhile playing the “Siege on the Dragon Cult” quest, armor set pieces can be loot from dragon cultist enemies.
    Blades ArmorIf the player marries Aela the Huntress, all armor pieces can be purchased from her by trading high-end armor.
    Daedric ArmorAfter reaching level 50 or above, the complete armor may drop from a boss loot chest. Dremora Merchant also sells the enchanted and un-enchanted variations of the armor. Statistically, most players equip this armor to reach the Skyrim armor cap.
    Dragonplate ArmorAfter reaching level 39 or above, players can find Dragonplate armor set pieces rarely from containers and loot chests.
    Dwarven ArmorGeneral Goods merchants and Blacksmiths sell the set pieces. The armor pieces can also drop from random loot chests after crossing level 15.
    Ebony ArmorOnce you reach level 33 or above, Ebony armor pieces will start dropping from random chests. You can also purchase them from Blacksmiths and General Goods Merchants.
    Falmer ArmorIf you visit Mzinchaleft Depths, Dwemer Ruin, the complete armor pieces can be found behind Dwemer’s gate on a table.
    Imperial ArmorIt can be obtained easily after looting Imperial soldiers during the “Unbound” quest. The complete armor set can also be acquired in the New Gnisis Cornerclub tavern located at Windhelm.
    Iron ArmorUsually, Blacksmiths and General Good Merchants sell the set pieces very early in the game. Sometimes Bandits also wear the armor, so loot them whenever you see it. You can also get the set pieces as a loot drop from chests.
    Orcish ArmorAfter reaching level 25 or above, players can encounter the enchanted and un-enchanted variants of Orcish armor from random loot chests or can be bought from General Goods Merchants or Blacksmiths. Killing Chief Yamarz during the “Cursed Tribe” quest will easily reward players will full armor.
    Steel ArmorThe armor set pieces can be bought very early in the game from Blacksmiths and General Goods Merchants. Bandit chiefs also wear them, so loot their dead bodies to get set pieces.
    Steel Plate ArmorAfter reaching level 20 or above, the armor set pieces will drop from random loot chests. Bandit chiefs wear the full armor, so looting their corpse may get you complete armor.
    Wolf ArmorPlayers can obtain the Wolf armor after completing “Proving Honor” quest. Once you finish the quest, Eorlund Gray-Mane, a Nord Blacksmith, will sell the complete set to you.
    Bonemold ArmorThe Island of Solstheim is the place players should venture while looking for Bonemold armor. Glover Mallory, Breton blacksmith, sells the complete set in Raven Rock. Enemies from the Reavers faction also wear the armor, so loot them whenever you see them rocking the complete set.
    Chitin Heavy ArmorWhile playing “Served Cold” quest, Vendil Severin wears the complete Chitin heavy armor. If you loot his corpse, you can get the full set.
    Dawnguard Heavy ArmorPlayers can find a couple of Dawnguard heavy armor set pieces scattered around the Fort Dawnguard. You can also buy the full set from Gunmar.
    Falmer Heavy ArmorFalmer Shadowmasters and Falmer Warmongers wear the complete set. So, looting their dead bodies will give armor pieces.
    Falmer Hardened ArmorFalmer Shadowmasters, warmongers, Skulkers, and Gloomlurkers can be seen wearing the full armor set. Looting them will yield the set pieces.
    Nordic Carved ArmorAfter reaching level 27 or above, players will encounter enchanted and un-enchanted versions of Nordic Carved armor from random loot chests.
    Stalhrim ArmorPlayers will find Stalhrim armor from loot chests in Solstheim after reaching level 35 or above. Baldor Iron-Shaper of Skaal Village sells the armor pieces. Glover Mallory of Raven Rock also sells it.

    Unique Armor

    Skyrim Armor Cap
    Name of ArmorHow/Where to Find
    Deathbrand ArmorOnly the ancient chests contain all the Deathbrand armor set pieces. Players can easily found all chests during the “Deathbrand” quest. Statistically, most players go for this unique armor to achieve the Skyrim armor cap.
    Armor of the Old GodsMadanach, The King in Rags, gives the full armor set if you complete “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine” quest.
    Guild Master’s Armor SetTonilia awards the full armor set after you finish “Under New Management” quest.
    Linwe’s Armor SetPlayers can pickpocket or kill and loot the complete armor set from Linwe during “Summerset Shadows” quest.
    Nightingale ArmorKarliah, a Dunmer thief, gives you the complete Nightingale armor set before commencing the ritual in “Trinity Restored” quest.
    Thieves Guild ArmorTonilia awards the complete armor set at the very start of the “Loud and Clear” quest.
    Worn Shrouded ArmorAfter joining the Brotherhood faction, players can find the full armor set in Dawnstar Sanctuary.
    Ancient Falmer ArmorTo obtain the full set, players need to kill Arch-Curate Vyrthur during the “Touching the Sky” quest. There is no other way to get the complete armor set in Skyrim.
    Ahzidal’s ArmorPlayers can obtain Ahzidal’s armor while in the process of completing “Unearthed” quest.
    Blackguard’s ArmorAfter completing the quest “Paid in Full”, players can obtain the complete armor set by entering into the basement of Glover Mallory’s house.
    Ancient Shrouded ArmorTo acquire the armor, players must complete the “Locate the Assassin of Old” quest.

    Things You Should Know About Armor Cap in Skyrim

    Let us get down to brass tacks of understanding the Skyrim armor cap now that you know about all armor types and how to get them. Each armor upgrade increases the overall rating of the armor that you equip in the game. It allows you to take much less physical damage so that you can have a higher survivability rate. However, the damage reduction scaling goes as high as 80% in Skyrim. What does this mean? It means that you cannot achieve an armor rating above the mentioned value. The developers capped the armor at 80%, balancing the game by not allowing a 100% damage reduction.

    Another Similar Read: Skyrim Black Book Locations

    Furthermore, there is no mandatory requirement to equip a select armor type to achieve an 80% damage reduction. Yes, you can hit the armor cap by equipping any item type you want – the choice is yours. However, there are three variations or conditions that can give you an 80% damage reduction value. These key scenarios are related to how you equip armor sets and pieces to achieve the highest value possible. Please note that wearing armor pieces and equipping the shield does lower the armor rating. Also, do not take the lower number rating as a sign of holding a weaker armor.

    First, if you wear four armor pieces and equip a shield, it should give you 542 armor, allowing you to achieve the armor cap. Second, you can get an 80% damage reduction or 667 armor rating value by not wearing any armor piece at all. One way to do this is to work on pushing Smithing, Enchanting, and Alchemy to its highest possible limits. This method is quite unconventional, so we suggest not going down this road. The last method is to not equip a shield and wear four armor pieces. This will give you a 567 armor rating cap with 80% damage mitigation.

    While understanding Skyrim armor cap logic, the important subject is to focus on the golden number: 80% damage reduction. The overall armor rating number, while wearing set pieces and shield, is just there for the sake of display. Reaching this armor rating number when the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was first released in 2011 was such a big deal. However, after a series of re-releases and extra content, we have found on Reddit that some players even have a 900 armor rating. This is why we repeatedly focus on the 80% damage reduction and not the overall armor rating that you see. There is an overwhelming amount of things that happen in Skyrim. So, if you think we missed something, let us know about it in the comments section below.

    That is pretty much everything you should know about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim armor cap. We suppose our guide offers a big help when it comes to finding different types of armors sets and clears the confusion as well regarding the armor cap. If you think we missed something, let us know about it in the comments section below.

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    Now discussing:

    Skyrim: A Guide To The Unique Forges

    By Callum Archer


    Every unique forge, how to use them, what they do, all of it.

    As one of the major skills that you should invest in throughout your Skyrimplaythrough, knowing where to increase your Smithing skill and create powerful armor and weapons is mandatory for higher-level play, especially if you are planning to play as a warrior or some variety. Not only is the Smithing skill great for obtaining weapons and armor that are otherwise difficult to obtain, like the Nordic Carved and Dragonbone armor, but it can also make a substantial difference in damage output with melee weapons as well.

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    While there are forges and blacksmiths dotted all around Skyrim and Solstheim, there are also four unique forges that are unlike any others found in the world. While some of these are simply unique in design and don't offer the chance to create anything unique, others allow the creation of gear that you won't be able to find anywhere else in the game and are well worth investigating.


    Located in Whiterun behind Jorvaskyrr, the Skyforge, run by Eorland Greymane, is one of two forges in the city, with the other, Warmaiden's, under the ownership of Adrianne Avenicci. While the Skyforge allows Eorland to craft Skyforge Steel weapons, which have the same design as regular Steel weapons but have the same base damage as Elven weapons, you can't forge this particular weapon variety yourself. However, after joining the Companions, you are able to buy Skyforge Steel weapons from him at any time and he is the only merchant in the game where they can be found.

    While you can't forge Skyforge Steel, if you have completed the Companion's questline, you are able to craft Ancient Nordic Armor and Nord Hero weapons instead. The Ancient Nordic Armor is the same armor that most Draugr wear in Skyrim and is very difficult to find in most other instances, as it can't be bought and is only found on certain enemies, such as the Dragon Cultists during the quest Seige on the Dragon Cult. The Ancient Nordic Armor looks fantastic, but it requires the Daedric Smithing perk to be unlocked while not having a particularly high base armor rating, being comparable to Iron Armor.

    The Nord Hero weapons are, like the Ancient Nordic Armor, similar to that found on Draugr throughout Skyrim. However, unlike the Ancient Nordic weapons, the Nord Hero weapons have a distinctly cleaner look and deal more base damage, dealing the same as the Honed Ancient Nordic weapons. The means to craft Nord Hero weapons are a little different to other weapons, as you need the Ancient Nordic equivalent weapon, Steel Ingots, and Leather Strips rather than only requiring the raw materials.

    Lunar Forge

    Found in Silent Moons Camp, just a short distance from Whiterun, the Lunar Forge is normally crawling with bandits that need to be taken care of before you can enter the central smithing area. Although it appears to be like any other forge, with a grindstone, table, and forge being available for you to use, this forge is unique in that, at some point, it was discovered that weapons forged here would have the Silent Moons enchantment placed on them.

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    Unfortunately, while this would be an easy way to get enchantments on high-level weapons without investing in the Enchanting skill, this isn't something that you can actually do without mods. However, you can find Lunar Iron and Lunar Steel weapons in the immediate area that can be broken down to learn the enchantment for yourself a place it on other weapons. These weapons respawn every few days and are a good way to get a decent weapon early on in the game, as most weapons you will find at early levels will be Iron or Steel anyway.

    Aetherium Forge

    Found in the final part of the Lost to the Ages quest, this Dawnguard exclusive forge grants access to three powerful Dwarven artifacts: the Aetherial Staff, Shield, and Crown. After defeating the Forgemaster and uncovering the Aetherium Forge, you will be given the chance to create one of these items using the Aetherium shards you had collected throughout the quest. The necessary ingredients needed to forge these items are all found inside a chest to the right of the forge itself and prevent you from having to return with the right materials.

    The Aetherium Shield will turn enemies ethereal when struck by the Shield Bash attack, making it a good way to stop taking damage from enemies if you are being swarmed, such as what happens in the Boethiah's Calling quest.

    The Aetherium Staff will summon a Dwarven Spider or Sphere for 60 seconds when used, though the staff doesn't benefit from the Twin Souls Conjuration Perk. However, you can have both a summoned Dwarven automaton through the staff as well as the Steadfast Dwarven companions obtained through The Kagrumez Gauntlet. If the Master of the Mind Illusion perk is taken, they will benefit from the Courage, Rout, and Rally spells to allow give them more health and stamina.

    The Aetherium Crown is the most powerful of the three items, as it allows you to have two Standing Stone powers at once while it is worn. While the Aetherium Crown is being worn, the Standing Stone power you had equipped on yourself will be moved to the crown, while the next power you take will not be locked to the crown. By putting once-per-day effects on the Aetherium Crown, you can use those effects multiple times in quick succession by simply un-equipping and re-equipping it and is particularly useful for using the Ritual Stone repeatedly in a dungeon.

    Atronach Forge

    Despite being called a forge, the Atronach Forge is far more useful for mages than warriors, in particular, those that invest heavily in Conjuration. Found in The Midden, the Atronach Forge requires items not usually used in Smithing, such as gemstones and various Salts, in order to summon items and creatures from Oblivion. The recipes themselves aren't as easy to learn as those for regular Smithing, with some being quite convoluted and, although they can be looted from Conjurers, they are written in Daedric symbols rather than English.

    Despite the complicated nature of the Atronach Forge, it is one of the easiest ways to get Daedric Armor in the game, along with certain Atronach staves and spellbooks that means you won't need to find or buy them if you want to invest in Conjuration. In order to use the forge, you will need to complete the Conjuration Ritual Spell side quest for Phinis Gestor, which can only be started with a Conjuration level of 90 or higher. Luckily, Conjuration is one of the easiest magic skills in level up by simply casting Soul Trap on a corpse repeatedly.

    Atronach Forge Recipes

    While you can kill Conjurer's over and over again until you find the right recipe you need to conjure something from Oblivion, it is much easier to use a guide to know exactly what you need.

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    You can summon a random piece of Daedric Armor by placing an Ebony Ingot, Daedra Heart, Void Salts, and a Greater or Grand Soul Gem into the lockbox before activation, with the same recipe being used for Daedric weapons but with the Void Salts being replaced by a Silver Sword. By using this recipe, you will not only receive a random piece of Daedric Armor, but the armor will also be randomly enchanted at a level equal to the size of the soul used in the Soul Gem. By saving and resetting, you can theoretically obtain an entire set with the desired enchantments by using the Atronach Forge, rather than having to invest in Smithing and Enchanting.

    If you want a particular piece of Daedric armor or Daedric weapon, you need to place a Daedra Heart, Ebony weapon or armor of your choice, a Centurion Dynamo Core, and a Black Soul Gem. While the necessary ingredients are harder to obtain, you will get the weapon or armor piece that you actually want rather than a randomized version and is more suited to players who want to customize their enchantments more than can be allowed by summoning random pieces.

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    Aside from weapons and armor, you can also summon Spell Tomes for Summon Flame Atronach, Frost Atronach, and Storm Atronach. All of these will become available to you long before you have reached level 90 in Conjuration, but this is a far cheaper way of obtaining them. The recipe for the Flame Atronach Spell Tome requires a Ruined Book, Fire Salts, Dragon Tongue, and Bear Pelt, the Frost Atronach requires a Ruined Book, Frost Miriam, Ice Wolf Pelt, and Frost Salts, while the Storm Atronach requires Ruined Book, Void Salts, Deathbell, and Mammoth Tusk.

    If you prefer a staff over a Spell Tome, the recipe is a little different but will allow you to cast the spells more efficiently at the cost of not gaining experience in Conjuration. Each staff requires a Broom and either a Greater or Grand Soul gem, but the last two ingredients are different depending on the type of Atronach you want the staff to summon. For Fire Atronachs, you need Fire Salts and a Corundum Ingot, for Frost Atronachs, you need Frost Salts and Refined Moonstone, and for Storm Atronachs, you need Void Salts and an Orichalcum Ingot.

    While Salts and Daedra Hearts are needed for just about every recipe, simply buying them can become expensive very quickly. Thankfully, the Atronach Forge also allows you to create these items yourself, with the various Salts requiring a Salt Pile, Soul Gem, and either a Ruby, Sapphire, or Amethyst for the Fire, Frost, and Void Salts respectfully. A Daedra Heart can be made by simply combining a Human Heart and a Black Soul Gem, both of which can be found quite easily through the Companion's questline.

    Finally, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can summon unbound Atronachs to the forge that can be turned with Command Daedra spell or simply defeated. Flame Atronachs require a Ruby and Fire Salts, Frost Atronachs require a Sapphire and Frost Salts, while Storm Atronachs require an Amethyst and Void Salts. If you place a Skull, Daedra Heart, and either Dog, Horse, or Horker Meat into the forge, it will summon a random Dremora instead, which is a good way of getting a Dremora mage rather than using the warriors that are summoned with the Sanguine Rose or Conjure Dremora Lord.

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    Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle offered some details on Ash's dad, but it leads to more questions than answers.

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