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They're running a different tune, not the VF tune. Company out of Canada called Velocity AP. They've never actually put a car on the dyno to see if it makes any more hp. Strange way to "tune".

Stuart is the owner and they’re based out of British Columbia. Super nice, and was helpful when I considered their tune, but I went JHM due to the fact that they only do Audi, and VAP focuses on more high end exotics for exhaust and tunes.

They originally claimed +30AWHP and around the same for torque, and at one point on Dragy had the fastest customer car, now surpassed by Ben.

IMO it’s a great tune, a friend of mine had it here on his RS5, however, the pops and crackles technically reduces performance slightly (even said it on their site) and can wear out your cats.

You can’t go wrong, but for less money and more performance, I’d go JHM.
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I brought my 2016 F80 M3 MT to Supreme Power to get the VF Engineering Hex tune (Stage 1) done. I really went in just for that overrun sound after hearing the new ZCP Competition Package and the M4 GTS. What I got was the burble sound plus a whole lot of power.

I really didn't think my M3 needed any more power, but I don't mind it. I do think it needed the upgraded sound that this tune gives it. I didn't want to get an exhaust before because I didn't want to make the sound that it made any louder. Now with the sound it makes, I wish it were a tiny bit louder inside the cabin. With the windows down and full throttle...it's sounds pretty damn loud.

To be 100% honest, the entire process took longer than I expected (about 7 hours) but to be fair, I was kind of pushy in trying to get them to do it that day. They told me they were busy, but I was persistent.

While I was waiting around I made a few videos because I can't sit still for 7 hours. I took out my camera since I figured I should do something.

Overall, I am very happy with the tune, and I am happy with my experience at VF Engineering and Supreme Power.

For anyone who is interested in how the overrun works in the different modes, here's Greg from VF Engineering explaining it on this F80 M3 DCT w/ MPE Exhaust.

Here's the video I made from some clips I shot at Supreme Power. I asked the owner to say something about their shop. I hope you find the videos somewhat useful if not entertaining.

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience with the tune. I will try to respond to as many as I can.

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VF Engineering | BMW M3 & M4 S55B30 PERFORMANCE HEX TUNE

Designation: BMW M3 & M4 S55B30 3.0 L I6 Turbo




How is HEX Tuning different from other products?

HEX Tuning is designed as a “full flash” tune, meaning the entire data area of the ECU is reprogrammed to create and sustain more power.  “With great power comes great responsibility”, safety MAPS are programmed into the tune to pull power if an issue occurs. Our engineers have control the boost,  waste gate, ignition timing, and fuel delivery.

Our tunes are developed on “pump gas” 91 octane. Using 93 or 100 octane would only enhance the driving experience of your vehicle. Higher grade fuel allows for accurate time and ignition, cooler engine,  and better performance.



GTS Features

GTS Top Speed Limiter (Set to 192mph)
GTS Sport Display Power Level
GTS Start-up Sequence “Roar”
GTS* Throttle Overrun “Exhaust Burble”



GTS Features

No Performance Gains


ZCP Power level  $795

GTS Features

BMW Competition package HP levels


CS “Competition Sport” Power level  $895

GTS Features

BMW Competition Sport HP levels


STAGE ONE  $1,095

GTS Features

+60-70whp | +90-100wtq


STAGE TWO  $1,195*

GTS Features

+70-80whp | +115-125wtq

Requires Upgraded Downpipes


STAGE TWO+  $1,295*

GTS Features

+90-100whp | +125-135wtq

Requires Upgraded Downpipes

Requires 100 Octane


Throttle Overrun  “Burble”

Controlled by “Driving Mode”

COMFORT  No Burble

SPORT  Soft Burble

SPORT+  Loud Burble


*Stage TWO/TWO+ Require aftermarket downpipes and is intended for off-road use only



  1. Buy HEX Tuning Product (HEX Flash cable included)
  2. Download HEX Flash Program
  3. Use the HEX Flash cable to read and identify your software version
  4. Wait 24hrs for “Stock” and “Tuned” HEX files*
  5. Flash your car and have fun!

*if a specific software version is not in our database wait time may exceed 24hrs.






STAGE ONE vs Stock






Disclaimer- This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California.This applies to any aftermarket product that does not display a CARB EO#. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used.


VF Engineering

We’ve heard some pretty clever guesses: Vigorously Force-fed, Very Fanturbulous, Victorious Fanatics. In truth, we picked the V and F simply because the name VF-Engineering was available. The acronym doesn’t mean anything. Now what VF-Engineering stands for is far more important and it’s something no amount of clever marketing or pretty pictures can achieve. Every part, line of code or supercharger system that leaves with the VF label stands for the paragon in design, engineering and performance. It means your car is running the best there is. After years of spirited use, more than 93 percent of VF Supercharging Systems are still running strong, many on their second and third owners.That’s a great testament to solid design and robust fabrication. That’s what we want VFE to mean.

Additional information

Power Level (cable included)

GTS Features Only, ZCP Level, CS "Competition Sport", Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Two+

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

MakeModelYear | ChassisEngine
BMWM3F80 (2015+)3.0TT
BMWM4F82 (2015+)3.0TT
BMWM4F83 (2015+)3.0TT
Sours: https://funktionperformance.com/product/vf-engineering-bmw-m3-m4-s55b30-performance-hex-tune/
What's the Number #1 Reason to Supercharge your R8? - 2020 Audi R8 V10 Supercharger Testimonial

Since 1999, VF Engineering has been leading the industry in developing complete bolt-on supercharger systems for European sports cars. The company has been supercharging 5.2-liter V10 engines since 2010, and now offers HEX Tuning off-road race tunes for Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more!

VF’s management and engineering team draw upon their immense experience of high-performance superchargers to create top-rated products. VF Engineering has been working on modern sports cars in joint and proprietary projects and partnerships with firms in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the USA. Such has given VF the opportunity to promote its product lineup in Europe, U.S., and world markets. VF Engineering is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest information and technology. Moreover, it has access to new models as they roll off the assembly lines in Germany through important OEM connections, clients, and manufacturer organizations.

Where is VF Engineering Located?

VF Engineering is located in Orange County, California, where it has remained since its inception. The facility measures approximately 15,000 square feet and includes a Mustang AWD 500 chassis dyno, four Hunter lifts, a large photography studio, an R&D room with a rapid prototype, and a room for ECU board work. 

What Does VF Engineering Mean?

Interestingly enough, the acronym in VF Engineering does not mean anything; the name was chosen merely from availability. What VF Engineering stands for is far more important and something that no clever marketing scheme could achieve. Every single part, line of code, and supercharger system that leaves with the VF label stands for the epitome of design, engineering, and performance. Seeing the VF label on a part means that your car will be running the best it can.

More than 93 percent of VF Engineering’s supercharger systems are still running strong even after years and years of spirited use. In fact, many of these systems are already on their second and third owners! That is a true testament to the solid design, durable construction, and remarkable performance that VF parts boast. 

Upgrade to VF Engineering Today

To unleash the true power and potential of your vehicle, you need a supercharging system from VF Engineering. Vivid Racing is proud to carry a large inventory of performance-enhancing parts from VF, including complete bolt-on supercharger systems and HEX tuners for a variety of makes and models. You will notice the difference immediately and wonder how you ever drove with a factory power output. If you have any questions regarding VF’s superchargers, please call our expert parts team at (480) 966-3040.

Sours: https://www.vividracing.com/vf-engineering-m-262.html

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Stage TWO McLaren 720S Test Drive with Nik Saran - VF Engineering

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