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4 Best Polaris Pool Cleaners 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide


Published on February 27th, 2021 | by Roger Corbinetti

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Shopping for a new pool cleaner to ensure clean and fresh water in your swimming pool?

You are in the right place!

A swimming pool is synonymous with summer fun. Nothing beats a cool, refreshing dip in cool water on a hot sunny day. However, keeping a pool pristine requires constant maintenance. 

You will have to keep the chlorine and pH levels balanced while making sure there is no debris or litter in the pool. To make your job easier, you can invest in a Polaris automatic pool cleaner.  

Polaris, an industry leader in pool-cleaning technology, is well-known for providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service. 

Cleaning your pool can be quite a tedious chore, but by investing in a Polaris pool cleaner, you can save yourself time, effort, and maybe a little back pain.  

polaris swimming pool cleaners

What’s In This Buying Guide


Whether you want a traditional automatic pool cleaner or are looking for a robotic unit that is completely programmable, Polaris has a suitable model for everyone. 

In this comprehensive Polaris pool cleaner guide, we will review some of the top Polaris models and share information regarding pool cleaners so that you can choose a product that will help you keep your pool spotless. Although the differences between the various models may seem subtle, it is vital to have complete information in order to make an informed decision.    

Best Polaris pool cleaners 

  1. Best robotic pool cleaner: Polaris F9450 Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner 
  2. Best Triple Jet Design: Polaris VacSweep 360 pool cleaner
  3. Best Powerful Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport
  4. Best Economical Pool Cleaner: Polaris 65 Pool Sweeper

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1. Best robotic pool cleaner: Polaris F9450 Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

polaris pool cleaner reviews


The Polaris F9450 is an innovative combination of engineering, intelligence, and style that promises a truly unique and impressive cleaning experience. It can clean pools up to 60 feet in length. The aquadynamic design of this 4-wheel drive robotic cleaner ensures a spotless pool every time you want to go for a swim.

Key Features

Motion-sensing remote: A truly amazing feature of the Polaris F9450 is the motion-sensing remote control. With just a gesture of the hand, you can direct the cleaner where you want it to clean. Moreover, you can choose between four cleaning modes: waterline only, floor and wall, custom, and floor.

7-day programmable timer: The Polaris F9450 is equipped with a smart 7-day programmable timer. The fully customizable cleaning cycles make it convenient for pool owners to set the timer and just forget about it. With just an easy setting, this cleaner will clean the pool as frequently as you want so that you can enjoy a healthy and pleasant swimming experience. 

Vortex vacuum technology: This top-of-the-line robotic cleaner is designed with an extra-large top-access filter that can hold four times more debris than other cleaners. This convenient feature helps users save time and effort as it does not need emptying frequently.

ActivMotion sensor: This pool cleaner is able to sense its position automatically and adapt its path to ensure efficient cleaning and reduced cord tangling. Its unmatched navigation allows it to tackle any pool terrain and climb walls and steps.

Aqua-Trax Tires: Fitted with Aqua-Trax tires, the Polaris F9450 can be used on all pool surfaces. The 4-wheel drive technology allows this cleaner to clean walls, floors and scrub tile lines with an oscillating, solid-blade scrubbing brush.

Easy Lift System: This system directs the cleaner to the surface of the pool with just the touch of a button. This ensures effortless removal from the water.

Dirty canister indicator: The dirty canister indicator tells the user when it is time to empty and clean out the easy-access filters.

Rear water propulsion system: This feature allows the Polaris F9550 to reach under the stairs and into tight corners to remove every piece of debris with efficiency.

Comes with a caddy: This cleaner comes with a powder-coated alloy caddy for easy transport and storage.

pool polaris models


  • A bit expensive and may not fit everyone’s budget
  • May have difficulty climbing vertical walls of the pool

The Polaris F9450 is best for you if…

You are looking for a state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaner that will keep your pool clean so that you can enjoy your time in the pool safely. For more details, check out our Polaris F9450 review.

2. Best Triple Jet Design: Polaris VacSweep 360 pool cleaner

polaris electric pool cleaner


A powerful pressure-side pool cleaner, the Polaris VacSweep features the iconic three-wheel design. It scrubs, vacuums, and sweeps all contaminants from all pool surfaces, whether they are concrete, tiles, or fiberglass, to provide a cleaner pool. It is a budget-friendly option with few bells and whistles but still does an amazing job in cleaning your pool.

Key Features

Energy-efficient: The Polaris VacSweep is suitable for all in-ground pools. It operates without an extra booster pump, thus ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Triple jets: This pool cleaner is designed with triple jets that provide spotless cleaning. These jets create a vortex and vacuum up all the medium and large debris.

Excellent performance: The Polaris VacSweep is a durable unit that will stay with you for a long time. If your pool is near trees or if it gets dirty quickly, you will be running your pool filter for hours. However, with this cleaner, you can sweep up the leaves and twigs, decreasing your filter’s workload.

In-line back-up valve: The VacSweep 360 is capable of freeing itself if it gets cornered. This ensures uninterrupted cleaning of your pool.

Unique filter bag: This cleaner works on a pool circulation pump, eliminating the need for a booster pump. Its filter bag gets rid of the debris before it can reach the pump filter or basket, enhancing the life of your filtration system.


  • Lack of clear instructions
  • May get stuck on the stairs

The Polaris VacSweep 360 is best for you if…

You want an efficient pool cleaner for a medium-sized pool.

3. Best Powerful Pool Cleaner: Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport

polaris swimming pool cleaners


A perfect combination of power and performance, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport comes with innovative new enhancements that provide added reliability and durability.

Designed to collect leaves, twigs, and palm fronds as well as sand, silt, and nuts, this cleaner will help take care of your pool so that you can have a clean and healthy pool.

Key features

PosiDrive system: Designed with a heavy-duty chain drive system and strong, wide tires, this model offers more vacuum power, better traction, and long-lasting reliability. Equipped with a number of sophisticated features, this cleaner is able to deliver 50% more torque for quicker cleaning with fewer hangups.

Auto-reverse technology: The Polaris 3900 Sport features an innovative auto-reverse technology that gives this cleaner the ability to free itself if it gets stuck. With the help of a dual-chambered zipper bag, this cleaner is able to pick up more debris, thus ensuring less frequent cleaning.

Supplements filtration system: The Polaris 3900 Sport works in all in-ground pools with the help of a booster pump. It circulates an additional 40 gallons of water per minute to help supplement the pool’s filtration system.

TailSweep PRO: This cleaner also includes an advanced sweep hose attachment that makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places while preventing the water from spraying out of the pool. As a result, your windows and walkways remain dry.

polaris pool sweep


  • Requires constant monitoring as the collection bag may become stuck in the tires

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport is best for you if…

You are looking for a capable pool cleaner for your in-ground pool.

4. Best Economical Pool Cleaner: Polaris 65 Pool Sweeper

polaris pool cleaner comparison


The Polaris 65 pool sweeper is an affordable pool cleaner for above-ground pools. Although it can only be used in pools that are five feet deep, its cleaning performance is highly effective.

Key features

Quick installation: The Polaris 65 features a quick installation and works with filtration systems and pumps typically found on above-ground pools. Moreover, it takes three hours or less to efficiently clean the pool floor and sweep the walls.

Unique filter bag: This cleaner uses the pressure of clean water returning to the pool, which leaves the skimmer and filter-free to eliminate contaminants. It has a unique filter bag that cleans the debris before it reaches the filter or pump basket, which ensures a long life for your filtration system.

Versatile performance: The Polaris 65 works in most in-ground fiberglass or vinyl pools. It also effectively cleans pools that have uneven bottoms.

polaris pool sweep


  • May require frequent untangling

The Polaris 65 pool sweeper is best for you if…

You are on a budget and need an economical pool cleaner.

Select the Right Polaris Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

When choosing a Polaris pool cleaner, it is vital to keep your pool’s depth, style, and size in mind. Various models come with different features that can determine their performance level. Having complete knowledge about the various features of pool cleaners can help you pick the one that works best for you:

polaris swimming pool cleaners

Type of pool cleaner 

Pool cleaners are typical of the following types:

Side suction pool cleaner

Side suction pool cleaners are the simplest and most economical robotic pool cleaners. Perfect for screened in-ground pools, these cleaners are highly effective in removing dirt and sand. They connect to a dedicated suction line or pool skimmer and utilize the pressure of the water to move around the pool.

These cleaners are capable of picking up small and medium-sized debris, which is then directed through the suction line and the pool’s filter. However, the pool’s pump and filter can become overloaded quickly, particularly if your pool is dirty. Therefore, it is vital to regularly check on the skimmer basket to find out if it needs emptying. 

Some side suction pool cleaners are designed in the shape of a flat disk that drifts along the pool floor, while others have wheels for easier mobility. Some cleaners clean not just the floor but the walls as well, while some are equipped with bristles to get rid of the dirt and algae that stick to the pool floor.

Side suction pool cleaners are highly cost-effective, making them perfect for people on a budget. These cleaners can be classified into the following:

Inertia-driven suction cleaners: These low-priced cleaners clean in a random pattern. They take more time than automatic cleaners to clean the whole pool and are more suited to pools designed with curved walls and no sharp corners.

General suction cleaners: These cleaners work in a predetermined pattern and take less time as compared to inertia-driven cleaners. They are ideal for small pools as they can easily get into tight corners.

Side pressure pool cleaners

Side pressure pool cleaners use their own dedicated pump or run off of the pool pump’s return water line. These cleaners are best for picking medium and large-sized debris such as twigs, bugs, and leaves. They work by hooking up to the return jet and diverting the water into three streams – the thrust jet propels the cleaner forward, the Venturi generates a vacuum that sucks debris and leaves into the filter bag, while the sweeper tail at the back helps to loosen the debris on the pool walls and floor.

With the installation of this cleaner, your pool filter only has to take care of the finer debris stirred up by the sweeper tail. Thus, these cleaners help to lighten the load on your pool filter and help to increase its service life.

Side pressure pool cleaners are typically more expensive as compared to side suction cleaners. They are of two types: one that needs a booster pump and the other that runs off the existing pool pump.

Best for large in-ground pools, booster pumps help the cleaner perform more efficiently by supplementing the pressure from the pool pump. However, if you choose a non-booster model, make sure that the pool pump is according to the minimum size requirement.

Robotic pool cleaners

Being one of the most advanced pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners are self-contained units that work independently and do not depend on the pool’s pump or filter. They are equipped with an electric motor that powers the wheels and an onboard pump that vacuums water with the help of a cartridge or a filter bag.

Robotic pool cleaners are quite expensive and are designed with scrubbing brushes that help remove the algae and dirt from the pool walls and floor. Some pool robots have scanning software to map the pool’s layout and size to calculate the best cleaning pattern, while some clean with a random pattern.

Most in-ground robotic pool cleaners clean the walls, waterline, and floor, thus providing almost 100% coverage. Above-ground cleaners, on the other hand, are gentler on the pool’s surface and typically vacuum and scrub the floor.

Suction power

A pool cleaner’s suction power provides it with the force it needs to amble along the pool’s floor, cleaning up the dirt and debris in its path. Polaris pool cleaners are known for their great suction power.

Bin capacity

Pool cleaners with a high bin capacity can hold more debris, which makes them better capable of handling large swimming pools. If you have a lot of debris or leaves in your pool and do not want to be emptying the bin all the time, it is best to choose a Polaris cleaner suitable for your pool size.

Filter options

Some of the best robotic pool cleaners are designed with advanced filters that allow them to remove even the smallest particles as well as disease-causing pathogens from the pool water. As a result, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier pool without putting too much of a burden on your swimming pool’s pump and filtration system. In addition, good-quality filters not only lower your power bills but also reduce your reliance on chemicals.


Size & Weight

Polaris pool cleaners come in various sizes and weights. Some of these models have a sleek and slim profile while having a rather bulkier design to easily tackle dirt and debris.

Although some of the models are advertised as compact, they can still be of a fairly decent size. Also, some of them can be quite heavy, ranging from 14 to 44 pounds. Make sure that you pay special attention to a model’s weight and size as it will make it easier to decide which one will be best for you.

Larger pools will need models designed with sturdier wheels, while people with a smaller pool can choose an above-the-ground Polaris pool cleaner.

Budget & Costs

It is vital to find out the cost of a Polaris pool cleaner before choosing one if you are on a budget. Although robotic cleaners are highly efficient and run without any help, they are relatively expensive and can prove to be quite a burden on your pocket.

Cleaning Time

Polaris pool cleaners are equipped with powerful motors that clean your pools quickly. Typically, it takes them two to three hours to completely clean the pool. However, this time may vary, depending on the size of your pool.

Scheduling Options

Polaris robotic pool cleaners come with scheduling options that help users save time. This is a highly convenient feature as pool owners can set the cleaning time for the whole week.

Other features

Polaris pool cleaners are designed with multiple features such as:

Ability to climb walls: A number of Polaris pool cleaners are equipped with the ability to climb walls, which helps you save time. You will not have to spend hours every week brushing the pool walls to get rid of algae and debris.

Versatile range: Polaris pool cleaners are designed with high-quality tires and scrubbing brushes that are suitable for every pool out there. This wide range allows you to choose a model that is right for your pool, depending on how dirty it gets.

Some pools need a hard brush to scrub the algae from the pool’s walls, while some need a simple brush to sweep up the debris efficiently. No matter your requirement, the versatile range of Polaris cleaners ensures that there is one just for you.

Exceptional value for money: Polaris pool cleaners are highly efficient and durable, which ensures sparkling clean water in your swimming pool. Their outstanding performance provides users with excellent value for money.


Polaris is a durable, trusted, and popular brand among the swimming pool community. All the cleaner models from Polaris come with a two-year standard warranty. However, before selecting a model, make sure that you check each individual product to find out the exact details of the warranty and what it covers. 

In case of any damage or breakage, it is best to seek professional help as fixing the cleaner yourself can cause the warranty to become void.

How do Polaris pool cleaners work?

Before deciding which Polaris pool cleaner to buy, let’s take a look at how the different types of pool cleaners, namely pressure-side, suction-side, and robotic, work:

Pressure side

Pressure -side pool cleaners can easily pick up medium and large debris, making them perfect for cleaning leaves and other rubbish from pools surrounded by trees. These cleaners are hooked up to a hose that attaches to the water return jets.

The floating cleaner uses this water pressure to move around the pool’s surface while the sweep hose behind the cleaner, which wags along underwater, blasts the pool’s walls and floor with jets of water to help loosen up the debris.

Larger pieces of debris are captured in the skimmer bag attached at the end of the sweep hose while the pool’s filter system collects sediment and small debris. This is the best feature of pressure-side pool cleaners as it decreases the load on the pool’s filter system.

Another great feature of the Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners is the backup valve that helps your cleaner if it becomes stuck in a pool corner or by the stairs. This valve diverts the water from driving the cleaner, forcing it into a different position in order to continue cleaning the pool efficiently.

In order to increase the water pressure on your pool cleaner, some pressure-side pool cleaners need to add a booster pump. With the installation of this second pump, the cleaner can drift around the pool more easily, cleaning the pool more effectively. However, it is best to have the booster pump installed professionally. 

Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners are available for both in-ground and above-ground pools. The amount of debris in your pool and your pool’s finish will help you decide which pool cleaner will be best for you.

Robotic pool cleaners

Powered by electricity, robotic pool cleaners make pool cleaning fun. They are not only handy, but they also complete cleaning in the pool in a comparatively shorter time. But how can you drop a device that is plugged into an outlet safely into a pool?

These pool cleaners are powered by a ground-fault circuit interrupter and use very little voltage, which makes them completely safe. Polaris robotic cleaners are durable and smart. They suck up the debris into a built-in filter canister while driving around the ground pool.

These cleaners not only vacuum and scrub the pool floor but also climb the pool walls and drive up the stairs to give your pool a thorough cleaning. In addition, they scrub the tiles and waterline.

Polaris robotic pool cleaners are also designed with an Easy Lift System. This feature helps to drain the water from the cleaner quickly, making it easier to remove the cleaner from the pool. Moreover, these cleaners have the ability to work on any surface, and they come with a caddy that further adds convenience.

Suction-side pool cleaners

Although suction-side cleaners are not as powerful as pressure-side cleaners, they can still clean your pool effectively. Suitable for people on a smaller budget, these cleaners have a simple design with no bells and whistles. 

These cleaners are hooked up to the suction side of the filter system. They move around the pool, vacuuming up the debris and sending it to the skimmer through the pool’s filter system. However, with the cleaner, your pool’s filter has to work overtime.

Although Polaris does not manufacture any suction-side pool cleaners, some high-quality models are available from their parent company, Zodiac.

Advantages of Polaris pool cleaners

Being an innovative leader in the pool cleaning industry, Polaris is well-known for its high-performing pool cleaners. Their pool cleaners are widely trusted and appreciated by all pool owners because of the following advantages:

Reduced maintenance

Polaris pool cleaners do not require extensive maintenance. The cleaner’s filter bag collects large debris, including leaves and pebbles, improving sanitation and increasing the life of your pool’s filter.

polaris 165 pool cleaner review

Safer and healthier pool

The independent booster pump operation of the Polaris cleaners keeps the skimmer free, allowing it to remove contaminants and surface debris, thus ensuring a cleaner swimming experience.

Maximum heating and circulation

Polaris pressure cleaners provide treated, clean, and heated water throughout the pool, which eliminates dead areas and cold spots. As a result, there are fewer chances of algae growth.

Frequently asked questions about Polaris pool cleaners

What is the average life of a Polaris pool cleaner?

Everybody in the swimming community is aware of the outstanding performance of Polaris pool cleaners. With proper maintenance, these high-quality cleaners can easily last up to five years.

Moreover, some models can serve you for up to eight years without needing any replacement parts. However, it is vital to clean and maintain these cleaners properly in order to enjoy them for many years.

Why is my Polaris pool cleaner going around in circles?

This problem typically occurs when a pool cleaner is left in the pool for days. Cold pool water can cause the plastic in the hose to get a memory and curl slightly. In order to erase the memory or to uncurl the hose, it is recommended to pour hot water down the length of the hose along its sides and center while it is stretched straight on the pool deck.

Make sure that the temperature of the water should not be so hot that you might burn your skin. Repeat the process after ten minutes if necessary. This process will also help to identify any holes in the hose that might cause air leaks.

Another method is to lay the hoses straight on the deck and let the sun heat them up. Pool manufacturers also recommend storing the hose out of the pool in a flat, straight position. However, if this does not work, you might have to replace the hose.

Are there any above-ground pool cleaners from Polaris?

There are a number of above-ground pool cleaners from Polaris that you can install within minutes. These cleaners are able to perform exceptionally in above-ground pools that are up to five feet deep. They trap large debris such as pebbles and leaves in the filter bag and loosen the dirt in hard-to-reach places. One of the best examples of this type of cleaner is the Polaris 65.

Do Polaris pool cleaners provide good value for money?

Investing in a Polaris pool cleaner can help you save both time and effort. They also help extend the life of the pool’s filter by picking up the debris before it runs through the system, thus providing users with good value for money.

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MMTech24 said:

I am replacing my 15yr old Polaris 360. Im debating between the Quattro P40 and the P3900.

Anyone regret the P40 Quattro? Does it really perform that much better than the P39?

Click to expand...

I have had both your alternatives. The Quattro definitely cleans better than the 3900. My pool bottom is cleaner, and the Quattro even climbs the walls and scrubs the water line. The fine filter of the Quattro gets debris smaller than my 3900 ever sucked up.

Cleaning the debris out of the Quattro is a bit of a pain because the 2 filter boxes must be rinsed under running water. I haven't found a better way of getting them completely empty when wet (a toothbrush, maybe?). I may order a second set of filters and swap them while the wet ones dry out. I always had 2 bags for the 3-wheel models.

I also find that debris goes where it shouldn't in my Quattro. Little bits get stuck in the plastic nose where there is a millimeter of separation between 2 pieces of plastic. A standard toothpick is too wide to get in there. So that's a bit of bad design to add to what others have mentioned about durability.

All in all, I like the Quattro better.


Sours: https://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/polaris-quattro-feedback-review.219442/
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5.0 out of 5 starsWorks better than anything else - for 2 years

Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2021

Model: F9450Verified Purchase

The Polaris sport 9000 series with 4wd is the best system on the market for cleaning. For durability, don’t expect more than 2-3 seasons. I had the Polaris back pressure system beforehand - which I think does almost nothing. I got a sport 9550 and it was a vast improvement. It worked great for 2 seasons and the cable went bad and one of the drives broke. So, the cost was almost $500 to fix, so I bought a new one. I got 2.5 seasons, it broke, and I got another. After the third broke after 2 seasons, I switched to 9450 because all of the programming features I find unnecessary and the “remote control” drive is a joke and a gimmick that sounds great until you see it does not work well at all. And the programming, if you intend to burst your basket, keep the Polaris in for a week on the program. If you want the basket to stay clean of leaves, debris and DE and all other stuff…. You should take it out, clean it and hose it down once per day. I do that. I have switched to the Remington SUN SHOCK (2 - I have a 28,000 gallon pool) and my chlorine consumption has gone down by 75% (I bet it could go more, but I am keeping a little more than necessary) and I shock the pool once per month (rather than 1-2 times per week). The pool is super clear water. I suspect that this should lengthen the life of this unit. Chlorine kills these things. So, if you invest in one of these and need quite a bit of chlorine (I used to go through 6 3” tabs per week with a 10 tab chlorinator) - I recommend you also get the Remington solar sun shock if you have an outdoor pool. I love those things. I also have a solar breeze nx2 solar skimmer. So, I try to keep the pool as clean as possible with machines. Anyway.., if you really think programming is important on a daily schedule, 9550 and up is better. If you know it’s more important to clean the unit daily amd than just set a 1.5 to 3.5 scrubbing length , then get the 9450. It’s really all need. I know. I’ve owned 3 9550’s at this house and 1 9450. My parents, the same. Brothers, the same, vacation homes - we all did the same. And we also all switched to Remington solar shock.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/reviews/B00HYZHI86
New Polaris Quattro in Action

So, which is better? The premium Polaris3900 sport (P39) or the Polaris Quattro Sport (P40)?

I think it is a matter of budget and overall use/need. The P40 does a much better job of climbing and scrubbing the walls to the pool waterline and overall has better coverage. The P39 is less expensive and will also clean your pool in an excellent fashion, it just lacks the wall scrubbing ability and some other cool features of the P40.

The Polaris P40 is the sister cleaner to the Polaris Quattro Sport and it is the first real update of the Polaris Pressure Side Cleaner in over 40 years. Over the years Polaris has tweaked the design of the Polaris by changing the drive from a drive shaft to a belt and then to a chain, but the basic 3-wheel design stayed the same. The Polaris P40 is a huge leap forward in Pressure Side Cleaners.

Here are some of the great new features of the P40:

Active Brushing

Equipped with rotating brushes that actively scrub and scour floors, walls and the waterline —P40 penetrates deep to remove fine, stuck-on debris.

Aggressive Wall Climbing

P40 boasts 4WD agility, enabling unmatched climbing to ensure superior cleaning from floor to waterline.

Dual-Stage Filtration

From leaves and acorns to sand and silt, the dual-stage filtration system collects both large debris and fine particulates.

Large Easy-Clean Debris Canister

P40  replaces the customary filter bag with a large capacity easy-clean debris canister and transparent window — allowing users to see when the canister is full, so they can simply remove, shake, and spray the canister clean.

Multi-Directional Navigation

Engineered to turn on a dime, its innovative navigation technology ensures quick, efficient and complete cleaning coverage for the entire pool.

 Looking at the Polaris P40 you will see a great combination of Polaris/Zodiac technology. It has a scrubbing brush on the front just like a robotic pool cleaner and a canister debris chamber taken right from their robotic cleaner line. Then you have the scrubbing assembly of the MX-8 Elite cleaner to give the P40 better traction on the walls and floor.

The Polaris P39 is the sister cleaner to the Polaris 3900 Sport. It is a solid premium pressure side cleaner for your pool and is designed to last for years without parts or servicing. The P39 is sold exclusively at Leslie’s Pool Supplies and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

The Polaris P39 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is designed to bring your pool the most power of any cleaner by supplementing the pool's filtration system by circulating an additional 40 gallons of water per minutes though it's dual chamber zippered SuperBag to distribute cleaner, healthier water back into your pool. This results in more even temperature throughout the pool and brings you healthier pool water in less time. it's all-wheel PosiDrive system with durable stainless steel drive chain delivers up to 50% more torque for a faster clean, better maneuverability, and fewer hang-ups.

Pool Cleaner Features:

Pressure side pool cleaner

Suitable for use with in-ground pools

Works with all pool surfaces

All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain

WideTrax Tires

Dual Chamber SuperBag Debris Bag

Includes: Dual Chamber SuperBag Debris Bag and TailSweep PRO Scrubber (with 3 extra Scrubbers)

Note that both the P40 and P39 will require a dedicated Cleaner Pump/Booster Pump installed at the equipment area. The cleaner works off of a dedicated return line powered by the Cleaner Pump and if you have an existing pressure side cleaner the P39/P40 is a plug and play type upgrade. Simply disconnect your old pressure cleaner and plug the P39/P40 into the threaded wall fitting.

To learn more: https://www.swimmingpoollearning.com/polaris-p40-cleaner

Visit my Website: http://www.swimmingpoollearning.com/

eBook: https://www.swimmingpoollearning.com/swimming-pool-care-ebook

YouTube Video Index: http://poolmandave.blogspot.com/2014/03/swimming-pool-tips-reviews-how-to-video.html – A list of all of my videos.

Sours: https://poolmandave.blogspot.com/2020/06/polaris-quattro-p40-quattro-sport-vs.html

Quattro reviews polaris

5 Best Polaris Pool Cleaners – Reviews & Top Picks 2021

Last Updated on

There is no question that Polaris is a leading name when it comes to pool cleaners. They have been around for many years and have solid reputations for both the quality of their products and the warranty and service that stands behind it. Polaris is not known for being a bargained priced manufacturer, although they offer pool cleaners for almost every budget.

If you are looking for a completely programable robotic unit or a traditional and straightforward automatic pool cleaner, Polaris will have an option for you. Choosing which Polaris pool cleaner is best can take a bit of research. We have tried to make that a bit easier for you highlighting the pros and cons of the best Polaris pool cleaners so that you can make a more informed decision.

Some differences between models seem subtle, but it is essential to know all features before pulling the trigger. There is nothing worse than finding out that $30 more could have given you a model that was a better fit for your individual needs.

Comparison of Our 5 Favorite Models for 2021

8 Best Polaris Pool Cleaners

1. Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner – Best Overall

Polaris F9550

Check Latest Price


The Polaris F9550 Pool cleaner is a four-wheeled robotic cleaner that will make your pool cleaning responsibility a whole lot easier. The Polaris F9550 comes equipped with ActivMotion sensory technology that will attract it to the areas that need the most help.

One of the great things about the Polaris F9550 is how compact it is. Sometimes, dealing with pool cleaners is a job in and of itself; you won’t have that issue with this model.

This pool cleaner is undoubtedly not the cheapest on the market, but the quality of the job that it does on your pool is worth the extra money. This model is entirely programable, allowing you to set it up to focus on the dirtiest areas of the pools. In addition to the programming, this model comes with a remote that will allow you to direct it to specific areas that need attention.

Some robotic pool cleaners can struggle with irregular shaped pools, but you will not run into that with the Polaris F9550. Also, the Polaris does not struggle with larger particles like leave and twigs. Overall, this option is a bit more expensive than some others, but it will leave your pool looking clean and save you a ton of time.


  • Compact and Quite
  • Runs Smoothly
  • Can be Easily Assembled
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sturdy Mesh Filter

2. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner – Best Value

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

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Our best overall model from Polaris was not cheap, although it provided an excellent quality clean that helps to justify the price. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pool Cleaner is a budget-friendly model that comes with a few less bells and whistles but happens to do a great job on the overall cleaning process.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a pool cleaner is durability. You want to make sure that you choose a model that will last for years to come. If your pool is under trees or tends to collect quite a bit of dirt, your pool filter may be running for hours each day.  The Polaris Vac-Sweep is capable of being this pool cleaner for you.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 can sweep, scrub and vacuum any size or shape pool. It is powered by triple jets that allow it to do all of this cleaning at a great pace.  The only real downside of this product is that is can be a bit tricky to put together.  There are videos available that can make it a bit easier. However, the time spent on proper setup will prove worth it when you have a stable and dependable pool cleaner for years to come.


  • Good Value for Money
  • Secure Hose Fitting
  • Long Service Life


  • Hard to Assemble
  • Lack of Instructions
  • Regular Updates are Needed

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 Pool Cleaner

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The Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 is priced towards the top of the scale. It will be even more expensive when you factor in the cost of the necessary but not included Polaris booster pump. On the positive side, this pool cleaner moves very quickly, but the hose doesn’t knot or bind. You can expect it to live a long service life, keeping your pool clean for years.

Of course, not everything about the Vac-Sweep 380 is great. The hose leaked at the connections in our kit, reducing the overall suction. Also, the wheels got jammed up on ours, which were able to fix. When we looked into it though, we discovered that this is pretty common. Sometimes, the wheels even fall off, breaking at the axle. It’s not our favorite, though it is a solid machine overall.


  • Hose doesn’t knot or bind
  • Moves quickly
  • Great longevity


  • Requires separate booster pump
  • Hose leaks reducing suction
  • Wheels can get stuck or fall off

4. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Vacuum

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If you have a darker pool floor you may not like the sharp contrast of a white pool cleaner. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max takes care of that problem by providing a powerful pool cleaning machine in black to match your dark pool. One thing to be aware of, because it is black, it really shows white buildup from salt or chlorine. This means it may require some regular cleaning that won’t be necessary with other pool cleaners of a different color.

We found this pump to be very reliable, providing years of hassle-free service. It seems to rarely get stuck, though it also seems to have trouble staying on the pool floor. This isn’t the worst problem a pool cleaner could exhibit, but we didn’t experience this issue with our top picks.


  • Rarely gets stuck
  • Reliable


  • Has trouble staying on pool floor
  • Needs more cleaning because of the color

5. Polaris 280 All-Season Pool Cleaner Kit

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Although it’s not cheap, the Polaris 280 All-Season pool cleaner is more affordable than many of the other ones available. We like the reliable all-season use of this machine, and our only real complaints aren’t with the machine itself which we thought was very adequate.

The first problem we faced was with the collection bags which are just too small. They need to be emptied far too often to the point of becoming an annoyance. This is a simple oversight to fix, but it’s a problem that persists. Beyond that, this is just not a very powerful unit. It moves slower and did a less thorough job overall than the units that outranked it on this list. It’s still a sufficient performer, just not strong enough for our top recommendation.


  • Collection bags are too small
  • Not very powerful

6. Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Pool Cleaner

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When we hooked it up, the first thing we thought about the Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport side pool cleaner is that it’s fast. It moves around the pool very quickly, thanks to the improved torque and power present in the sport model. Of course, you’re paying a premium for that extra power.

Everything evens out in the end though, and that power has a drawback. It’s constantly pulling the hose off and spraying water out. We noticed this happening nearly every day. While it’s a pretty effective pool cleaner overall, this was a major inconvenience. We also noticed that this model seemed to get stuck more often than most of the others. For such a high-end model, this was quite disappointing and has stopped the 3900 sport from reaching a higher position on this list.


  • Improved torque and power


  • Very expensive
  • Hose doesn’t stay connected
  • Gets stuck easily

7. Polaris 165 Pool-Vac

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If you’re looking for a budget-priced pressure pool cleaner, then the Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 is one of the only choices available. It’s less than half the price of most floor-rolling models, and one-third the price of the higher-end rollers. In our experience, it did a decent job of keeping the pool clean overall, though it’s not effective for removing dirt.

As far as problems go, the Vac-Sweep 165 is mostly held back by two things. To begin with, the hose is too stiff for this unit, so it prevents proper movement. This results in the machine repeatedly spinning in circles. Eventually, it gets tangled in the hose and tips over. The jets on the bottom continue to shoot, but now the water is just being ejected from the pool and wasted. Although this machine may save you some money, it might also add to your frustration.


  • Hose is too stiff preventing proper movement
  • Gets tangled and tips over, shooting water out of the pool
  • Not effective for removing dirt

8. Polaris 65 Pool Sweeper

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Although it’s only usable in above ground pools, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 is the most affordable pool cleaner that we reviewed. Since it’s only good in pools up to five feet deep, this isn’t going to apply to every situation. We found it to be a rather effective pool cleaner all together, but it exhibited many of the same problems we saw from the Vac-Sweep 165 in the seventh position of this list.

This unit kept spinning in a circle which caused it to get tangled in the hose. It required untangling and resetting at least every day. For us, the extra headache doesn’t seem to be worth the money you save.


  • Only good for above ground pools
  • Only good up to 5’ deep
  • Spins in a circle and gets tangled in the hose

Buyer’s Guide

Before taking the plunge (quite literally) and buying your dream Polaris pool cleaner, you have to think of all possible outcomes that could happen because of your purchase. You may of thinking of buying a pool cleaner due to many problems in the past with the dirt in your pool, and in this case, then a pool cleaner is ideal. However, you have to assess your situation before you invest your hard-earned cash into a pool cleaner that might not be worth it. We’ve compiled a list of things you may want to consider before buying a pool cleaner.

  • How often you will use the pool cleaner is something you definitely must think about before you buy one, there are some models which are made for long usage and others which are better for those people who won’t use them as much. If it’s going to be more of a seasonal clean, then you will have look at models that suit your needs. It’s all about realizing what sort of product you need that will do what you want and isn’t too expensive. There is no point spending a lot of money on a pool cleaner that doesn’t do what you want it too.
  • Do you want a manual or a robotic pool cleaner? Is something else you may want to think about. Both have their advantages and similarly their disadvantages, manual pool cleaners are more for the perfectionist who likes to do a lot of the worth themselves. The pool cleaner doesn’t do any of the work and you’re responsible for covering every inch of the pool yourself. Whereas robotic pool cleaners will roll around on their wheels around the bottom and sides of your pool making sure every single piece of dirt or debris is cleaned up, a lot of them also have a remote control that you can use if they fail to catch some dirt or you want to ensure everything is sparkling clean. However, robotic pool cleaners tend to be a lot more expensive and manual are more affordable, so it could all come down to your budget when you’re comparing the two.
  • The size and shape of your pool will also be a factor to think about before you buy yourself a pool cleaner as a lot of them have a limited amount of area they can cover. The more expensive pool cleaners tend to be able to cover bigger surface areas, but this isn’t always the case, therefore, before you buy a certain model you should measure your pool size and then see what sorts of pool cleaners would suit work.
  • Also, consider if it has to be a Polaris pool cleaner. We’ve also written a buying guide on Dolphin pool cleaners, that you may find interesting.

Tips for Buying

Buying a pool cleaner isn’t easy and there are some top tips you have to think about before buying your pool cleaner that is essential. If you consider these tips you’re sure to find the perfect pool cleaner that will suit everything you need.

  1. Find a pool cleaner that not only fits in your budget but exceeds your expectations, instead of going online straight away and finding the best priced pool cleaners, go instore and try them out, then you can shop online (when you know what you’re looking for!) Shopping online is bound to save you money but doing this method will allow you to see the product and model before you actually spend a lot of money on it.
  2. Don’t always opt for the most popular model of pool cleaner, when products get good reviews then its obvious that they must be working well for a vast amount of people, but that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t hundreds more out there that have just as good reviews but aren’t marketed by large companies. If you’re willing to do some in-depth research then you might be able to find really good models for cheaper prices and that work the same as the expensive ones, thus saving you a lot more money in the long term.
  3. Invest in an automatic pool cleaner if you have a large pool that will need to be regularly cleaned, despite cleaning the pool not being a major job on a hot summers day, when the winter rolls around and you need to keep the pool looking relatively tidy you won’t want to go out with your manual pool cleaner and spend hours making sure every inch of dirt and debris has gone, and that’s exactly why we would recommend putting a little bit more money towards a pool cleaner and getting an automatic one.


It is clear from everything recollected in this guide (in particular the reviews of the Polaris pool cleaners) that the Polaris F9550 is the best model to choose if you’re wanting a robotic pool cleaner for your household. However, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is the best value for money as you’re getting the quality product for a lot less of a high price point. In terms of concluding, we would say that despite the price range and various models to choose from, the Polaris brand is still a good name that is trustworthy and if you go for a model by Polaris you can almost be sure that it will be the right thing for you. Just ensure you read the reviews (even the brutally honest ones!) to find out what could possibly go wrong with the model before you buy it.

Hopefully, we have made the process of buying your Polaris pool cleaner a lot easy and that now you can finally decide on the model you like the best!

There’s simply no better feeling than watching your Dolphin cleaner do all the work, while you drink an ice-cold beer, hehe. I, by the way, recently stumbled upon this cool little gadget: a nICE Mug! It’s basically a mug made out of ICE! Haha, I love the idea.

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