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The Leviathan Raid was the first full Raid mission to hit Destiny 2 back in 2017, and it's still hanging around to be completed right now. In this Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide, we'll be providing you with the complete Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid walkthrough, so you're never lost no matter what challenge the mission throws at you.

If you instead need anything else on the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, for example how to properly make sure you're prepared to undertake the challenge before heading into Nessus orbit, head over to our Destiny 2 guides walkthrough hub.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Walkthrough Guide

Previously, Bungie stated that Guided Games would be available well after the launch of the Leviathan Raid, at some point in 2017. However, since the new Last Wish Raid has arrived in Destiny 2, Guided Games appears to no longer work for the Leviathan Raid.

How to Start the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2

Now that the Raid is officially live, you can fire up the Director (once you've assembled your Fireteam of 6 players), and head into the Nessus orbit area, where you're challenged to take down the Cabal Emperor Calus. The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is designed to test every aspect of players' knowledge about the game, so for a start, make sure you've obviously brought your best equipment with you, as well as weapons that inflict Solar, Arc, and Void damage.

Once you've initiated the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, you'll find yourself on a long walkway leading to what looks like a grand castle. Ignore all the enemies around here, since although you can fight them, they're little more than distractions, and head inside using the pathway to the right of the giant door.

Leviathan Raid Checkpoint System

The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid actually does have a checkpoint system, although it isn't one that's made immediately obvious upon trying it out for the first time. If your Fireteam were to exit out into a social hub area from, say, the Pleasure Gardens area, they would have to undertake the opening Castellum level of the Raid again.

After this, however, they would be put back in the Pleasure Gardens section, skipping out the Royal Pools area as they already beat it on the previous attempt at the Raid. It's definitely not a system that you're made privy to, as it seems like you're going to have to redo the entire Raid when you first head back into Leviathan, but it's definitely a checkpointing system of sorts.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Castellum Walkthrough

In the first challenging section of the Leviathan Raid, you'll find yourself in a large, open area, so continue straight ahead and you'll find yourself standing on an area with the outlines of three banners, all of which you now have to collect. The Cabal troops are now openly hostile to your Fireteam as well.

At this point in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, you'll have to split up into two teams. We'd recommend having four players from your Fireteam hang back and defend the point with the vacant banners, while two players go out and find the three Standard Bearer enemies, killing them and taking the banners that spawn in their wake. Once you've got hold of one of these banners, you'll need to take it back to the base, and put it into the relevant slot.

As soon as you've claimed the first banner, hordes of Cabal troops will begin coming for the four Fireteam players that are defending the base. Should the more powerful Cabal troops make it to the base, they'll steal back one of the banners, making your team repeat the whole process over again. This is why it's vital that four players hang back and defend the claimed banners, while two players head off to deal with the Standard Bearers and the banners that they protect.

Once your Fireteam has successfully claimed all three banners, a door will open up behind you, and you'll be able to claim the first Leviathan Raid loot chest, as well as advancing to the next area.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Royal Pools Walkthrough

In the second area of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, you'll find four pressure plates in the four corners of this area, with a fifth one located in the middle. The middle pressure plate gives players a buff called Psionic Protection, which prevents you from taking damage from the water around the arena for roughly fifty seconds.

To start this challenge, you'll need four Fireteam members to stand on the four plates, and this will cause hordes of enemies to start spawning. You'll want the four players to remain where they are on their pressure plates, and have two players running around the arena, helping out where they're needed. A Ceremonial Bather will spawn at each pressure plate, and you should focus your fire on taking out these tough enemies immediately, not moving off your pressure plate if you can help it.

Basically, all four players need to stand on their pressure plates until a series of lanterns emerge in the arena, which you should then destroy as quickly as possible to conclude the Royal Pools area. If you can't destroy the lanterns in one go, you'll need to repeat the entire process again before you get another shot at them.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Pleasure Gardens Walkthrough

The third trial in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid is significantly harder than the previous two, and you're about the find out why. First off, kill all the enemies when you make it into the Pleasure Gardens, and head to the large statue. Two Fireteam members should now pick up the orbs located there, and charge them using the light. Once this is done, an opening will appear near the statue, and all other Fireteam players can go pick up the pollen located inside.

Now, you'll need to make your way towards the flowers, but taking care not to get spotted by any of the Royal Beasts patrolling the area. So, use the two players holding the orbs to guide the players holding the pollen towards the flowers, taking care to avoid all the Royal Beasts, and once you're there, use the players holding the orbs to attack the flowers, causing them to power up.

Once suitably powered up, the players with the pollen should all now converge on one Royal Beast, and lay into it. However, doing this will start a countdown, which will cause your Fireteam to perish should it reach zero. You'll therefore have to make sure to kill the Royal Beast quickly, and repeat this entire process until every Royal Beast scattered around the area has been killed.

It's vital that you stay in contact with your Fireteam during this challenge, as not being spotted while making your way to the flowers is key, or the timer we mentioned earlier will begin.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Gauntlet Walkthrough

The fourth part of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid will test your teamwork and co-operation, and you effectively can't complete this section without talking among your Fireteam. At either end of this arena, two orbs will spawn, and two of your Fireteam have to pick them up, then finding themselves in a tunnel.

At this point, the two tunnel runners will have to complete an obstacle course, having to jump through colored hoops. You can see which hoop to jump through by whichever one the orb appears in, and the runners will have to call out the position of the orb to the rest of their team outside the tunnel, so they can shoot the correct triangle and open up the hoop inside the tunnel for the runner.

Once you're successfully through the tunnel, run straight back to the middle of the arena with the orb, and dunk it into the center of the map. Once you've completed this three times, your entire team should pick up orbs from the center of the arena, and find themselves all in the tunnel. You'll then have to make it through the obstacle course one final time, all taking turns to make sure each Fireteam members jumps through a hoop with an orb in at least once round the course.

After your Fireteam make it through the course one final time, head into the center of the arena and deposit the orbs to bring a close to the Gauntlet section of the Leviathan Raid.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Emperor Calus Boss Fight

In the final part of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, Cabal Emperor Calus himself will finally appear before your Fireteam, and challenge you to one mega showdown. To start the fight, shoot the cup out of Calus' hand, and a horde of enemies will spawn into the throne room for you to deal with. Eventually, Calus will teleport half your Fireteam into a purple dimension, with the other half being left in the throne room to defend themselves.

It's straightforward for the team in the throne room, as all they have to do is stay alive, and not kill any of the four Psions with symbols floating above their heads. As for the team in the purple dimension, they will have to shout out the symbol floating above the head of Calus to the team with the Psions, who then have to kill the Psion with the corresponding symbol above their head.

Repeat this process every time the symbol above the head of Calus changes, and the shield surrounding him will eventually go down. Now transport yourselves back to the throne room via the orbs, and regroup with the rest of your Fireteam, standing on top of whichever platform is glowing to activate the Force of Will buff.

Shoot Calus until he comes invincible, and then head to the next glowing platform to take down his shield and shoot at him once again. You'll have to repeat the entire process above until Calus is eventually dead, which is no small feat.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Exotic Rewards

One of the main reasons for taking part in and trying to complete the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2 is to get your hands on loot, in particular exotic weapons and exotic armor pieces. We'll detail how you get this look below.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid - Emperor Calus Tokens, Benedict 99 40 Location

Once you've completed the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, a brand new NPC called Benedict 99 40 will appear in the Traveler social hub, located beneath Ikora Rey in the hangar. You can go to Benedict 99 40 to trade in the Emperor Calus Tokens that you earn after you clear each of the above sections in the Leviathan Raid.

Although you will have to beat the Raid once to unlock the ability to trade with Benedict, you can head back to him again even if you fail the Raid in the future, as you'll still be rewarded with Emperor Calus Tokens for any stages you clear.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Loot Details

Here’s a list of all the the loot items we’ve seen so far from the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, including items you can both purchase from Benedict 99 40 in the Traveler after beating the Raid, as well as items you can find for yourself while undertaking the Raid.

Now that we're through with all the Exotic weapons you can obtain from the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, see below for a list of all of the Exotic armor items we know of so far.

As the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid has only just launched worldwide, we haven't been able to gather a complete list of every Exotic weapon and armor item you can unlock from the Raid. Check back on this page in the future though, as we'll be continually updating this list with any new items that we uncover.

If you need additional Destiny 2 guides, why not head over to our Exotic weapons and armor guide, or our complete Destiny 2 Strikes guide.

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Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide and walkthrough: Checkpoints, shortcuts and every main challenge explained

The first Destiny 2 raid is arguably the activity players were most looking forward to from the sequel.

Destiny Raids are an end-game activity gated off by high level requirements, where a group of players take on a gauntlet of puzzles and bosses for exclusive items - and the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid is no different.

Though they can take half-a-dozen hours (or more!) on a first playthrough, they are designed to be replayable, with randomised loot drops encouraging players to revisit week-after-week, inching them ever closer to the level cap with every session.

Without spoiling specifics here, Leviathan plays out somewhat differently when it comes to checkpoints and exploration, which we'll be delivering into - alongside standard room and boss explainers - in our Destiny 2 Leviathan guide and walkthrough.


Destiny 2 Leviathan guide and walkthrough

Step-by-step walkthrough:

Additional activities:

Other Destiny 2 Raids:

How to prepare and what you need to know about the Destiny 2 Leviathan raid

As with the likes of Vault of Glass and Wrath of the Machine with the previous game, the Raid offers challenges and rewards unlike anything else in the game. Here's ways to prepare and things to know about Leviathan:

  • Getting as close to max Power level will help as much as possible since Leviathan's recommended Light level is 300. In our experience, you can get away with some players in the lower range provided you have some players on average or higher than recommended, though by the end you'll want to have a few levels up for the final encounters so they can stay alive and do more damage.
  • Similarly, don't worry about classes too much. While certain classes and their abilities can be useful - the Hunter void class can go invisible or tether enemies for damage phases, for example - as with previous Raids on Normal mode there isn't much that depends on a specific class or sub-class.
  • That said, if you haven't already it's worth unlocking all three sub-classes to give you as many abilities as possible for both offence and defence.
  • Bring your best weapons with you, and if possible, attempt to pack a range of weapons and armour types to maximise your range of energy options for pesky shielded enemies.
  • As with previous Raids, team sizes comprise of six players and there is no matchmaking - Raids revolve around tight co-ordination in puzzle-like scenarios and working with a team you know well will see you succeed. However, the new Guided Games system, which allows players to join up with Clans who are advertising for open spots in an upcoming session works around this.
  • Join a clan and Raid with members of the Clan in order to unlock a bonus Engram by the end of it from Hawthorne.

This year's Festival of the Lost has arrived - which includes the Book of the Forgotten and Jurassic Green to unlock. Elsewhere in Season of the Lost, there are new Exotics such as the Ager's Scepter and the long-awaited arrival of crossplay. New activities include the Wayfinders Voyage, the Astral Alignment activity and finding Atlas Skew, Trivial Mystery, Enigmatic Mystery, Ascendant Mystery, Data Cache, Parallax Trajectory and Ascendant Anchor locations. Elsewhere, we've seen new Nightfall weapons such as the Uzume RR4, Plug One.1 and Hung Jury SR4. Other recent new features include transmog and materials Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave, the Splicer Gauntlet and Decrypted Data used to upgrade it.

  • Pick up and get as far as you can through the World-Eater quest, which requires you to complete the Raid in order to unlock the next step.
  • Before playing, it might be worth completing the Invitation from the Emperor Adventure to learn some interesting backstory for the Raid and its possible cast.
  • As with previous Raids, Leviathan is one of the few sources of gear that can take you to max Power level, so it's worth replaying each week in order to level your character.
  • As well as high gear levels, it's also the source of exclusive loot, such as shaders, weapons and armour. It's also one of the few activities you're more likely to get Masterworks drop.
  • Like other modes in Destiny 2, the Raid features several Challanges to complete, one of which is exploring the Labyrinth underbelly of the Leviathan for all kinds of optional secrets outside the core progression of the Raid itself. While previous Raids has hidden chests and other secrets, the level of optional areas here seems unprecedented.
  • Following an update in late October, Raid Keys will no longer disappear on a weekly reset - so don't feel the rush to spend them straight away if your team is busy tackling the next part of the Raid.
  • Upon the first team completing the Raid, Bungie unlocked a Leviathan-set Crucible map for players to fight on.
  • As of the Curse of Osiris update, you no longer need to complete the Raid in order to spend your Tokens received from each completed segment - the vendor Benedict will accept them straight away.

What you need to know about Destiny 2 Leviathan raid checkpoints and checkpoints

This particular section contains spoilers for the layout and progression of the Leviathan Raid, so read the next few paragraphs at your own risk.

The Leviathan Raid works a little differently compared to other Raids. Starting on the 'Embarkment' - or outside of the ship - you must progress into the main Castellum room with Standard Bearers.

Once you do this encounter, a door will open the next area - in the first week, this was the Royal Pools, but the order of the three events leading up to the main boss changes upon the weekly reset.

After you have finished a section, no matter the order that week, you must then come back to this first Embarkment area and do the same process on a different door - essentially acting as a hub to each new challenge.


If you quit out to a social space, while the game will technically keep your progress, you will be dropped right at the very start of the Raid, and have to complete this first Embarkment door opening sequence again to get back to where you were.

If you need to head back to a social space, then have at least one person remain at the room you are currently at to ensure you don't reset everyone back at the start. If you do, again the checkpoint does exist, you just need to the Castellum fight once more to get back there.

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Alternatively, you can unlock the underbelly of the Leviathan in order to find a connected network that can take you to each Raid room via alternate means.

The directions there are confusing, so the following four YouTube videos can explain it better than we can. Remember that you need to find your way into the underbelly using levers first, and to get to each section, you need to have unlocked their checkpoints. For example, if you haven't unlocked the Pleasure Gardens objective that week, you cannot get there - you will simply be greeted with a locked door until you do so.

Royal Pools shortcut:

Pleasure Gardens shortcut:

Gauntlet shortcut:

Throne and final boss shortcut:

Thanks to the Destiny subreddit for bringing the above to our attention.

The other benefit of this checkpoint structure that boots you back to the start is it allows you to explore the Labyrinth underbelly of the Leviathan for all kinds of secrets, making the trek there a little less troublesome if you want to open those loot chests.

Sours: https://www.eurogamer.net/
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Leviathan (raid)

This article is about the Destiny 2raid. For the ancient creature, see Leviathan (creature).

Grow fat from strength.

Leviathan is the flagship raid of Destiny 2. It was made available on September 13, 2017. It is set within The Leviathan, the personal ship of the exiled Cabal EmperorCalus. The recommended Power Level is 270. The Prestige mode of the raid, released on October 18, 2017, has a recommended Power Level of 750.

To mark the world-first completion of the raid by Clan "The Legend Himself",[1] Bungie released a Crucible map set on The Leviathan called Emperor's Respite.[2]

Unique Enemies[edit]


  • Royal Beasts
    • Aru'un
    • B'ael
    • M'orn
    • Ta'aurc
    • Tho'ourg
    • Va'ase
    • Gra'ask (Prestige only)
    • Za'ahn (Prestige only)
  • Emperor Calus(Final Boss)



Arriving on The Leviathan of Emperor Calus, an honor guard of Loyalist Legionaries and Colossi salute you. These enemies are passive and will not become hostile unless attacked, but they do provide an opportunity to top up on ammo before proceeding deeper into the ship. Ignore or defeat them, then climb that various tiers of the Embarkment to the main entrance, leading to the Castellum.

Also note that checkpoints in this raid operate differently than in past raids. Leaving the raid and returning will spawn players back at the start of the Embarkment area, and players will have to repeat unlocking the door to their current stage, though they will not have to repeat any completed stages.


The Castellum serves as a hub area that links stages of the raid. Loyalists will continually spawn in waves. The goal in this chamber is to defeat a Standard Bearer Centurion, take his Standard, and plant it at a plate. While gathering Standards, however, Standard Liberators will spawn alongside Loyalists and try to steal the Standards from the plate, requiring that the plate be defended at the same time. As Standard Liberators are killed, Councilors will appear and provide invulnerable shields for the Liberators. The Councilors themselves are protected by invincible shield bubbles, but can easily be killed by walking into the bubble and punching the Councilor, which then removes the shields from the Liberators. Once three Standards have been collected, Calus will open the door to the next stage.

Rotating stages[edit]

There are three main stages before the final boss confrontation, but each week the order in which they must be completed is changed. Players must return to the Castellum after completing a stage to unlock the next one, including the final boss in the Throne.

Royal Pools[edit]

Five pools are located in the room with one in each corner of the room and a fifth in the center. In each pool is a plate above which hovers an orb that grants the buff "Psionic Protection", which counts down from x50. Near the plates in the four corner pools are large golden chains that move when players are standing on the plates in the four pools. Moving the chains and defeating the Ceremonial Bathers Gladiators that spawn will raise a series of censers in the central room. A bell will sound when the censers have been raised, at which point all players will head to the central room to destroy them while standing on the plate in the central room. Be prepared to deal with a continuous assault from Loyalists, Ceremonial Bathers, and a Psion that can kill anyone lacking Psionic Protection. The Royal Pools are cleared by destroying the censers.

To tackle this challenge, all players should acquire Psionic Protection. Four can activate the chains, while the others remain at the Psionic Protection pool. Then, as the buff runs out, the two free players can go relieve one of the chain activators, who replenishes the buff. That player can then relieve another chain activator, and so the process repeats until all chains are activated and the team can take up position in the central room to destroy the censers.

Destroy all censers to clear the Royal Pools and move on to the next stage.

Challenge Mode[edit]

For the Royal Pools challenge, there must be at least one player standing in the middle pool at all times. Jumping or being launched by a Psion counts towards failing the challenge.

Pleasure Gardens[edit]

The Pleasure Gardens will require elements of strategy and stealth to surpass. Kill the Loyalist War Beasts and Beast Handlers, noting the positions of several large, flowering plants, pillars of light, and the golden statue atop the safe room which is flanked by two Prism Weapons. The six Royal Beasts will enter the area, hunting for anyone who roams the lower floor, and Calus will unlock the safe room, which contains four spores of Royal Pollen. If the Royal Beasts detect anyone, they will each run to a flowering plant and unleash a Psionic Howl, which will kill anyone not in the safe room after a brief charging period. Furthermore, any players who die will endanger the team: if they are not revived within 30 seconds, the entire team dies from "Shared Fate".

Royal Pollen-carriers must make their way to the flowering plants without being detected, and Prism Weapon-wielders must focus the pillars of light onto the plants while the Royal Pollen is held next to them. This produces a stack of buffs called "Empowering Spores"; the higher the stack, which can be increased by visiting more of the plants, the more damage players can inflict on the Royal Beasts. Making things trickier, as more Royal Beasts are killed, the remaining ones will detect players faster. Therefore, it may be advisable to weaken all six Royal Beasts to the point that they can be killed simultaneously, rather than picked off one-by-one, than the latter strategy can still be used. Ensure that at least one team member can escape to the safe room to survive any Psionic Howls and revive the team. Kill all six Royal Beasts to unlock a loot chest and return to the Castellum.

Challenge Mode[edit]

The Pleasure Gardens challenge requires that each player cannot shoot more than one flowering plant.

The Gauntlet[edit]

Defeat enemies until the Imperial Centurion appears, then kill it to reveal two Psionic Charges. The two players who pick up the Psionic Charges will be teleported into a circular obstacle course along the room's outer walls. While the Psionic Charge-carriers run these gauntlets, the four players who remain in the center of the room must fight off waves of enemies while disabling the shield walls that block the carrier's path.

The carriers will be able to see which of three rows of circular apertures is lit by a red light; the other apertures will be blue. The carriers must call out to the rest of the team to shoot the marker for the correct row. If done correctly, this will disable the shield and cause an orb of Psionic energy to appear in the red aperture. The carriers must pass through that orb to prevent the psionic charge they are holding from exploding. Passing through a ring gate spawns a Councilor which must be punched or it will spawn a Psionic Projection which can triggering a team-killing debuff called Mental Collapse. If a Psionic Projection spawns it may be killed within 6 seconds to prevent the team from wiping. Repeat this at each shield wall and then pass through the final orb and the finish line, then place the Psionic Charges in the dais in the room's center. This will complete the first phase of the stage.

The next phase of the stage increases the difficulty for the carrier by removing sections of the floor in the gauntlet area, requiring more precise jumping skills. Once finished, again place the two Charges in the dais.

The third phase will raise the barricades in between the shield walls, requiring carriers to jump higher. When the final two Charges are planted in the dais, all six Psionic Charges will then spawn at the dais and a countdown timer called "Psionic Overload" will appear. The entire team must pick up a Charge, run the gauntlet, and replant the charges in the dais before the timer runs out. Success unlocks a new loot chest and allows the team to proceed to the next stage. Calus has deigned to reward your valor with an audience.

Challenge Mode[edit]

The Gauntlet challenge requires that players cannot step on the same platform more than once during the running phase, meaning that to complete the challenge, all six players need to run.


After a fourth and final battle in the Castellum, pass through the doors and proceed forward along a lengthy corridor coated in a purple substance, presumably the "royal wine" made from the ship's consumption of Nessus. Emperor Calus greets the players as they enter the Throne. To begin the fight, the chalice he holds must be shot out of his hand. He will attack by summoning adds and targeting players with a line-of-sight "Emperor's Gaze" forehead laser. After a short period of fighting, the team will be teleported into a shadowy realm where a massive projection of Calus's head will attempt to inhale and devour them using the lethal debuff Boundless Consumption. Three players can grab Psionic Charges before they are devoured, which will teleport them back to the Throne.

The other three players must shoot projections of Calus's four Psion Councilors to avoid the Mental Collapse team-wipe debuff. Each Psion in the Throne is also represented by a symbol above their shield (chalice, War Beast, sun, and crossed axes). Each of the players in the shadow realm will see a different symbol on Calus's forehead and must call it out to the players fighting in the Throne; the fourth, unseen symbol which is not called out will be the symbol of the Psion that the Throne group must kill. Failure to kill the correct Psion in a timely fashion will result in a team wipe. In the shadow realm, the projections will appear in pairs for each symbol and must be destroyed, or Calus will inflict Mental Collapse. Once all four pairs are gone, the icon above Calus's forehead will turn black and a final set of projections will appear. Destroy them, and Calus will vomit Cabal skulls at players which can be shot before they inflict damage and grant the stacking, team-wide buff "Force of Will". Once the barrage ends, three more Psionic Charges will appear and the players can use them to return to the Throne.

With the team reunited, standing on one of the four daises where the Councilors were will grant the Force of Will buff and allow players to damage Calus directly for a time. The amount of Force of Will buff acquired determines how much damage can be inflicted. Be aware that Calus will cause lethal flames to spring up on the occupied dais, and players should jump off and move to the next dais before this happens. As Calus is damaged, pieces of his carapace will fall away, revealing robotics; Calus has chosen to not fight in person. The first time this happens, Calus will begin using an arm-mounted cannon in addition to his forehead laser. After all four daises have been used, Calus will teleport the team back outside to repeat the process of destroying projections and collecting Force of Will. As Calus's health nears zero, he will summon a durable energy shield to protect himself which must be shot away.

Once the Calus robot has been slain, the raid's final challenge is complete. The true Emperor Calus will speak through the robot, boasting of the power he has displayed and inviting the Guardians to join his side, while offering more treasure. An elevator in the room's center will then descend to a massive vault containing numerous other Calus robots and a final loot chest.

At this point, the raid is finished. If this is the first time a player has completed Leviathan, they will receive the Quest "Imperial Invitation", which directs them to the newly-available vendor Benedict 99-40 in the basement of the Bazaar in the Tower to redeem any Emperor Calus Tokens for Imperial Engrams containing raid loot.

Challenge Mode[edit]

The Calus challenge requires that all four daises are activated at the same time during the damage phase. This usually results in shorter damage phases.

The Underbelly and Hidden Loot Chests[edit]

In addition to the main chambers of the raid explained above, The Leviathan also contains an elaborate labyrinth of corridors and rooms that conceal at least 9 locked loot chests. These chests are unlocked by the corresponding key (Drain Key, Irrigation Key, Aqueduct Key, etc.), and players acquire three random keys per week after besting the Royal Pools, Pleasure Gardens, and The Gauntlet. Keys must be used before the next weekly reset, or else they will disappear. The labyrinth also connects to each of the main raid chambers, and can be used to access those chambers without having to go through the Castellum.

To fully unlock these other areas, start at Embarkment. Below the spawn platform is a small room containing six levers that must be pulled by the team in one of three specific orders very quickly. Number the levers 1 through 6, from left to right. The three combinations are 1-5-3-2-4-6, 1-4-3-5-2-6, and 1-3-2-4-5-6. As there is no way to tell which combination is the correct one from week to week, it may be necessary to try all three; players have also reported solving the puzzle by pulling all levers simultaneously. Success will be confirmed by the message "The way is open". Next, leave the room and climb to the middle level of Embarkment, looking for another room on the left side of the structure. Enter it to find another six levers, pull them, and watch for "The way is open" again. Lastly, head to the top level of Embarkment, where the entrance to the Castellum is, and jump to the rim of the pool on the left. Run along the rim until you spot a third room entrance covered in ivy below, then drop down and enter the inner workings of The Leviathan.


The Prestige mode of Leviathan introduces a number of changes to each stage that increase the raid's complexity and difficulty. A significant alteration that players must be wary of throughout the raid is that dying will remove the player's revive token if they still hold one.

  • Royal Pools:
    • All enemies have increased health and deal increased damage.
    • Oiled Ceremonial Bathers replace Ceremonial Bathers; Oiled Ceremonial Bathers spawn more frequently and drop debuff pools on death that drain 5 units of Psionic Protection per second if the player stands in them.
    • After damaging the censers, players receive the "Burden of Worthiness" buff.
    • Players must move the plate that corresponds with the symbol they see (Sun, Chalice, Royal Beast, Axes) above the central structure.
  • Pleasure Gardens:
    • Two additional Royal Beasts are present.
    • Royal Beasts have different patrol patterns.
  • The Gauntlet:
    • No player can run the gauntlet more than once before the fourth phase, forcing all six players to run it once.
    • Psion Projections spawn in the central area while players are running the gauntlet, and must be destroyed.
    • The number of Psionic Charges that spawn during the fourth phase is reduced from four to three.
  • Throne:
    • Players who kill a Councilor will teleport to the shadow realm, while a random player in the shadow realm will be teleported to the Throne.


  • Emperor Calus Tokens
  • Embrace His Name Emblem
  • Splish Splash Emblem (Royal Pools Challenge)
  • Good Dog Emblem (Pleasure Gardens Challenge)
  • Two Enter, One Leaves Emblem (The Gauntlet Challenge)
  • Take the Throne Emblem (Throne Room Challenge)
  • Glory to the Emperor Emblem (Prestige only)
  • Calus's Selected Shader
  • Calus's Treasured Shader (Prestige only)
  • Imperial Invitation Quest
  • Raid-specific armor sets
  • Prestige armor sets
  • Ornament for Legend of Acrius (Prestige only)
  • Legend of Acrius Catalyst (Prestige only)
  • Contender's Shell



  • The Leviathan was the sole raid released with the Destiny 2 base game.
  • This is the first raid in the Destiny series to incorporate cutscenes and voice-overs.
  • The Leviathan is the first Raid in the Destiny series that has the Cabal as the central enemy.
  • The Leviathan has the largest amount of puzzles and the least amount of bosses out of any raid to date, with only one boss throughout the entire raid.


Sours: https://www.destinypedia.com/Leviathan_(raid)
Leviathan WR Speedrun in 13:17

How to complete Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid

The Leviathan Raid is one of Destiny 2’s most difficult ordeals, packing plenty of trials to put Guardian Fireteams through their paces. Much like in the original game, completing raids can often take hours depending on the state of your team and even then it isn’t the easiest thing to pull off, with waves upon waves of enemies standing between you and success.

In the case of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid, you will need to work through the stages to unlock trial keys. You can then use these keys to enter new areas inside the Golden Pyramid, where you’ll encounter bosses and other events you’ll have to overcome.

Don’t worry if this all sounds daunting though, because below the intrepid GamesRaiders clan of GamesRadar have put together this essential guide to overcoming Calus’s trials. With this guide on hand, you’ll have a much greater chance of finishing the raid, so be sure to read on!

1. Enter the Royal Pool 

The beginning of the Raid is easy enough, if you can draw your eye away from the golden splendour of the stage itself. Run around the outside of the building, up the slopes, taking out the Egyptian-themed Cabal enemies as you go. These fellas won't harm you until you shoot them, but we already know you're going to attack them - and vice versa. 

Head towards up, up up and towards the big gold door and proceed towards the next section. 

2. The Leviathan Castellum Part 1

The Leviathan Castellum is where it really gets started - well more so than the original area anyway. There's a central area that is marked with a triangle where you're going to have to place three Standards, all of which you're going to need to get to, carry there and protect.

We had success by splitting into two distinct teams. Four of us held the central space, defending it against all the Cabal, while the two most powerful Guardians headed for the Standards. That latter, smaller team will have to fight off the shielded Cabal guarding said Standard and then carry it back to their awaiting Fireteam.

The problem is that if the defending team let any Cabal into that central zone, they will steal one, and then all of the Standards if you don't protect the zone until all three Standards have been placed there by the carriers. Tip for the protectors is to look out for the Councillor psion inside a bubble, who protects his pals with shields. Head into his bubble and hit him with a melee attack to ensure that you can attack all the other guys. 

Once you've done that, you'll be able to pass through the big door and gather your rewards from the first of many loot chests, from which you'll definitely gain a Calus Token. 

3. The Pleasure Gardens

This part of the raid is all about stealth. That well known Destiny mechanic. There are a few enemies to clear out initially but the real threat are the dogs patrolling the area. You won't be able to hurt them initially, so focus on avoiding them and learning the patrol routes as you do so. Like the baths, a dead player will eventually kill the team and you only have one revive each. 

To progress here you'll need some players to find and pick up the large seed-like 'empowering spores' from the safe room under the statue while others head up to the higher platforms where you can see the pools of light. The players with the spores must take them to the plants in the area, and the players on the platforms must use the prism weapons they find to direct light at the plants. When you get it right the light will hit the plants and seeds and infer a damage buff on any nearby players. These will stack, up a 60 times limit from different plants, so you can repeat the process a few times before taking on the dogs, which will now be easier to kill. 

Be warned though, as the hounds have a psyonic attack that will kill everyone unless you can get away. They unleash it if they see you sneaking about and also, obviously, when you start attacking them. Helpfully, when it happens Calus will graciously open up his safe room you can bolt into to survive. This will only happen three times though, so if you haven't cleared the dogs by then it's a wipe.

Complete this and you'll get a trial key.

4. The Leviathan Castellum Part 2

Yay, back to the area you in were before the baths. It's the same process as before, although the locations of Standards and the area to take them to will have swapped around. Otherwise, same deal as before - some of your team protect the main area while the rest fetch. Remember to keep an eye out for the bubble shield guys and you should be okay. 

Once you're done you'll open up a door to a new area. It's fun. 

5. The Gauntlet 

Racing fun times now with a platforming puzzle section. There are four platforms that need to be stood on to activate glowing psionic charges. Two players will need to then grab those, at which point they'll be teleported to an circular area running around the chamber to run a - wait for it - gauntlet. 

Here's the thing: those psionic charge will eventually explode and kill everyone unless you pass through the gauntlet gates correctly, which will reset the charge's timer. 

To get the gates right the player inside the gauntlet will have to tell the players outside which row has a red circle. The other players will then have to shoot the targets on the gates from the other rows - so shoot the targets the red circle isn't on. The runner can then jump though the circle to stop the explod-o-timer. When you complete the run you'll appear back in the main room and have to slam the charge in the central area. 

You'll have to repeat the process until all of you end up running the gauntlet and slamming the middle room - the final stage that'll end this area and earn another key. 

6. The Leviathan Castellum Part 3

Here. Again. Same deal as before: get the standards, kill everything especially the bubble shield guys and when it's done you'll open up another door. 

7. Royal Pools

This is where the raid mixes in puzzle solving with plain old battling. At each corner of the Royal Pools is a pressure pad that gives you a protective buff called Psionic Protection. It only last 50 seconds, and then you'll be susceptible to the poisonous goo that lurks in each of the Royal Pools. There's also a central pad where the protective buff constantly restocks, which you're going to have to run back and forth to.

You're going to need to split up here, with one Guardian on each of the corner pads at all times - only swapping out to restock that buff ball. To start the event, you'll need to press all five pads at once and then whoever triggered the central one will need to roam and help the other Guardians with the sixth member of the Fireteam. 

You'll be facing Bathers and other Cabal as the chains near each plate wind down, with a big white pad moving towards the ground. As soon as all four pads are as far down as they'll go you'll hear a noise. At this point everyone needs to go into the central room and stand on that pad. This should enable you to now shoot the nine purple cisterns. 

Now's a good time for healing rifts and supers as it'll get pretty busy, pretty fast. Use what you can to focus your damage on the cisterns while staying alive. 

Take as any as you can out before one of the bubble shield psions appears. Again you can melee him pretty easy but immediately start looking for another, floating in the air somewhere. You'll need to eliminate him as quick as possible before he kills the entire team. 

It's very unlikely you'll clear all the cisterns in one go so prepare to go back to the pad cycling to move the chains. Woefully you'll get it done on the second cycle where you'll receive some loot and a trial key.

8. The Leviathan Castellum Part 4

Yes. Again. Standards. Bubble shield guys. Kill everything. Complete it once more for the final door...

9. Emperor Calus

Say hello to the big boss man. And then kill him. If only it were that easy. As you'd expect for a raid boss this is a complicated, multistage battle so pay attention. 

First you'll have a big fight in the throne room. You might need to shoot Calus' cup out of his hand, or annoy him in some other way to start it, but when you do prepare for a Castellum level onslaught.

Eventually, four bubble shield guys will appear on four podiums with different symbols. First time around you need to kill them all, but be prepared for what comes next. 

When the four psions are dead the team will be teleported to a strange location with a huge projection of Calus head. There are three portals you can use to return three people, thus splitting the team. Those left behind will see a symbol on Calus forehead matching the ones on the psions' podiums. BUT, each player will see a different one. You'll have to shout them out to the players left in the throne room who must kill the bubble shield guy that isn't called out. So if the giant head has an axe, dog and cup, shoot the sun psion.

This will happen multiple times and activate a progressively closer barrier that prevents anyone being sucked into the giant head. Timing is critical here as if you get it wrong, everyone in the giant head dimension is sucked to their doom and it's a wipe. It's also vital to kill the floating psions that appear here. 

After a while everyone in the giant head dimension will be up against the last barrier which will disappear, leaving you free to attack the flying skulls that fly out of Calus giant head. Focus on these as each one powers up a 'force of will' modifier you'll need in a moment. 

After fighting for a time, portals will appear and the giant head people can go back to the throne room. Now you need to use the podiums to activate the force of will power buff. You'll all need to use one podium at a time as they run out and if you split up you just won't have enough overall time to do any damage. When you get Calus down to a third he'll explode and reveal this is only a robot version.

Once robo-Calus is unmasked you'll have a few mobs to deal with and the process will repeat - kill all the psions, teleport to giant head land and do it all again. The important change here is that robo-Calus now has a charged attack that will kill everyone if it fires. So everyone in the throne room needs to hit him as hard as they can when you see him start to light up. 

This process of attacking the giant head to get a damage buff to hurt robo-Calus via the podiums can repeat for as long as it takes, but ideally you don't want to do it more than three times. After that harder enemies will appear so aim to get a third of robo-Calus' life down each cycle. Also beware that as he dies he'll try and unleash that charged attack again, so be ready to hammer that out of him before it fires. 

Done that? Good. You've finished the raid.  

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/destiny-2-leviathan-raid-guide/

Raid bosses leviathan

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How to start Leviathan raid?

destiny 2 leviathan raid destroyer of worlds
destiny 2 leviathan raid
When you finish each trial, you’ll get a key for a particular loot chest – Aqueduct, Ventilator, Drain and Irrigation.
Destiny 2 Bathers In Royal Pools Leviathan Raid
Royal Pool Bathers Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid How To Beat

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Destiny 2 - Leviathan Raid: Emperor Calus Boss Fight

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