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1. World of Warcraft Domination

You may be asking yourself, why does this person have so many monitors all running World of Warcraft? Well, Bradster (owner) picked up &#;36 copies of Wrath of the Lich King on day one, spending around $, just so he can have a raid group of level 80 Shamans terrorizing Stormwind as soon as possible.&#;

2. Sidewalk Cubicle

Always wanted a corner office, but never got that promotion? Here&#;s another type of corner office of another kind. Featuring lots of boxes, old computer parts, a bunch of floppy disks, and a whole mess of wires.

3. Day Under the Bunk

Why spend a day at the beach, when you can spend a day under your bunk, complete with a broadband internet connection, Pepsi, bed-mounted speakers, and beach towels for added effect.

4. Practicing for a Real Computer

To practice for the arrival of a real computer, just find any old television set, typewriter, and clothes iron. Next, place them on a desk, assume the head lunged forward position, and you&#;re ready to browse the internet.

5. Bathroom Warrior

For those who do not care for the safety of their computer equipment, here&#;s one way to ensure that you&#;ll be able to surf the internet, brush your teeth, and possibly even use the toilet simultaneously. On the other hand, playing some of your favorite tunes while showering doesn&#;t sound so bad either.


Your computer and the way you use it is totally your business. But if someone sees , files on your desktop and sprouts growing out of your keyboard, they will take a photo of it. They will send it to the Twitter account Cursed Computer Setups. And people will make fun of it.

This fun little online project collects user-submitted pictures of everything computer-related, and even though the account was created only in February , it already has nearly 80, followers. If you like Tech Support Gore, this content is also right up your alley.

More info: Twitter

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Even if you are not neglecting your computer like some of the people on this list, chances are you will run into some technical problems that need your attention at some point. RedNight, an IT company working mainly in three areas – cloud infrastructure and applications, ongoing Managed Services (MSP), and business-grade hardware solutions, singles out 6 common issues we should be prepared for. 

Slow Performance. "You may start to notice slower performance in applications you use every day. That's likely a problem stemming from your operating system," RedNight writes on its website. "Typically, this is a result of fragmentation on your C drive (C:). It's not a big problem – easily resolved by doing some basic software cleanup. Run a quick system check from your Task Manager to see which applications are taking up the most CPU and RAM resources."

It's also a good idea to remove any unnecessary programs or processes running in the background that you don't use. In the unlikely event that there are more complicated hardware issues to contend with, operating systems usually come pre-programmed with a suite of free diagnostic and troubleshooting tests you can run to narrow down the problems.

Loud Noises. "You may begin to hear loud clicking or grinding noises from your computer," RedNight highlights. "If so, it's almost certain that you are dealing with some type of hardware failure. There is a range of possible issues when you hear loud noises, but it will likely stem from the rotary functions of your cooling fans or hard drive(s)."

If you open the computer case and figure out that the cooling fans are the culprits for the noise, it’s probably time to change them out. "Cooling fans themselves are relatively inexpensive and easy to change with a screwdriver. CPU fans, power supplies, and graphics cards are other possible areas you should inspect. Keep in mind that these replacements can be a bit more expensive."

Computer Constantly Freezes. "Computers are complex machines that manage multiple processes without you even seeing them. This complexity can sometimes cause your computer to freeze or not respond to your actions," RedNight writes. "9 out of 10 times you can remedy this simply by rebooting your system. In the event that you are experiencing constant freezes, it could be a sign of insufficient system memory, registry errors, corrupted files, or even spyware. You should check each of these potential issues one by one until the problem is rectified."

Running system checks in the background will tell you if there isn't sufficient memory in your system for the applications you use. "Antivirus and malware programs can run a more thorough check. They can see if your system’s resources are being impacted by viral infections and registry errors. They'll help you correct them, too."

Internet Browsing Is Slow or Unresponsive. "If your internet is slow or unresponsive, it could be a combination of software and hardware issues," RedNight explains. "But if you’ve already checked that your WiFi or LAN network connection is active and strong, the lag could result from conflicts in the IP address registration. That can be fixed by rebooting your modem or router. If it still doesn’t fix the issue, the problem could be the browser you are using."

Over time, browser performance can become sluggish from large browsing history and cache. There may also be failing browser extensions that slow down performance. "Make a practice of clearing your internet search history and cache regularly to keep your browser running efficiently. If all else fails, you can try reinstalling your browser or using a different one altogether to see if you experience the same issues."

You're Seeing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Arguably the scariest issue of all, this STOP error is almost certainly hardware-related and unfortunately, could signal significant system failures. But the situation is not hopeless yet. "A simple reboot could be all you need to fix the issue. In most cases, however, further diagnostics are necessary to find the cause of the issue. If the blue screen appears, you’ll see a line of white text that identifies the problem your computer is having. You can easily look these codes up online to narrow down the issue and work toward a solution or seek assistance," RedNight writes.


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  • 20 Of The Worst Computer Setups Shared By The &#;Cursed Setups&#; Twitter Account

    Not all of us have the space and money to install a full out &#;battlestation&#; in our home, meaning that we usually have to settle for more humble setups. But just because you can&#;t spend hundreds of dollars on fancy RGB parts or gaming chairs, doesn&#;t mean you can&#;t get a little creative when it come to your computer setup &#; and some people tend to get a little too creative for their own good.

    The Cursed Computer SetupsTwitter account is sharing the most bizarre and ridiculous computers setups out there, and some of them will haunt your nightmares. Check out some of the worst ones in the gallery below, and if computers are your thing, make sure to read our other posts here and here!

    More info: Twitter


    Image source: CursedSetups


    Image source: CursedSetups


    Image source: CursedSetups


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    Image source: CursedSetups


    Image source: CursedSetups


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    Image source: CursedSetups


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    Image source: CursedSetups


    Image source: CursedSetups


    Image source: CursedSetups

    Aušrys Uptas

    One day, this guy just kind of figured - "I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?" - and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that&#;s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that&#;s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!

    Roasting the WORST Setups I have seen - Setup Wars #200

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    Angry Gamer Destroys Gaming Computer Setup of the Future

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