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Fortune Street is a Board game for Nintendo Wii. This game developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo.


Fortune Street WII ISO Info:

Release Date: December 5, 2011
Genre : Board
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Square Enix
Region : USA
Game ID: ST7E01
Platform : Nintendo WII
Rom Type: ISO/WBFS

Download Links: Game size 771 MB

USA  –1Fichier–   Mega

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Fortune Street

Fortune Street
File name:Fortune Street
User rating:
Console: Nintendo Wii
Genre:Board Game, Card Game, Misc
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Fortune Street is a highly popular and beloved game among Nintendo Wii gamers community who gave it a 4 rating. This game was released for the USA region and became renown in the Board Game, Card Game, Misc genre. For many of us Fortune Street has become a game of our childhood and this as many other games on Nintendo Wii bring back those carefree memories of staying up late evenings gaming. Even though you can download Fortune Street free online, download Nintendo Wii emulator and game on your PC or mobile device, these can be easily purchased online relatively cheaply on Amazon or other online stores to get the full Nintendo Wii experience like holding console or joystick in your hands, playing those with friends or family.

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Fortune Street

Fortune Street is a role-playing game based on mini-games in Dragon Warrior III. With many upgrades and improvements in the gameplay, this version promises to give players a great experience. Regarding graphics, this version is quite appreciated with meticulously designed and extremely detailed images combined with sharp and harmonious colors. Extremely vivid sound, bringing players into a world of entertainment as reality. In each available map, the character will move according to the number of dice rolled at the beginning of each move. Every character’s position will be a plus or a minigame. Mini-games are quite easy to overcome, such as finding the same boxes in an existing version or listening to a story about a certain character. If the character stops at the turn, you can choose your path to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. At the end of each map, based on the total number of points gained by the character, there will be a worthy reward. This bonus can help you exchange pieces (create new characters) at the store or buy new costumes for the character.

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