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It was in 2010 when Montblanc changed the manufacturer of their ink as well as the design of the bottle. The new colours launched include: Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Lavender Purple, Burgundy Red, Oyster Grey, Toffee Brown, Irish Green

Previous colours: Royal Blue, Blue-black, Black, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Turquoise, Bordeaux, Sepia, Racing Green

In 2010 Montblanc updated the look of what was a classic ink bottle and issued a new, larger (60 ml vs 50 ml) bottle. I must say that I like the look of the bottle, but the not the new cap. The old cap has a real classic feel and look. The new cap is plastic and it looks like plastic.

This is a relatively expensive ink, up in price from the previous line. Some of the Montblanc colours have not appealed to me, they tend to be too watery while others, like the old Violet, and which is the same as the "new" Lavender Purple are inks that I use on a regular basis.


Regular Production Colours

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Montblanc Mystery Black bottle and Vac 700

Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of Montblanc inks. Despite not owning any of their pens. But I’ve ignored Montblanc Mystery Black because there are so many other blacks I like – Aurora, Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black, Platinum Carbon Black and more. But I decided it was time to give it try and ordered a bottle a couple months ago.
If memory serves, Montblanc changed up their inks in 2010 but the Mystery Black ink remained similar to the Black it replaced. I never used the old black ink so I can’t compare them.
Montblanc is a luxury brand so it’s thought of as an expensive ink, but at $19 for a 60 ml bottle it’s $0.32/ml, which puts it well under some of today’s other luxury inks and competitive with many others.
It’s not a deep, dark pitch black and in fact some line variation can be detected at times, with wider or wetter nibs. The dry time is very acceptable with my preferred fine and extra fine nibs.
The flow is very good and the ink seems well lubricated. I prefer dryer nibs and found this pen to be near my “wetness” tolerance in them, although not a gusher.
I was especially taken by it’s performance in my Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium nib. Despite my preference for thinner nibs I liked the ink in this pen. Drying time was longer than the TWSBI medium I tested with and I had a few accidental smudges since it was a wet writer. The line stayed true to the nib size despite being wet.
The ink is dark enough to contribute to some show through on papers prone to such things (but not on the Rhodia or Doane paper I used). I didn’t encounter any bleed through or feathering, even on cheap non-FP paper.
The ink didn’t wash completely away in the water test but it was close. I wouldn’t trust it if moister could be a problem.

Pens Used

The TWSBI Vac 700 with the usual nib selection (x-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 mm) was used for testing. The ink didn’t remain in the pen very long so I didn’t expect problems cleaning it and there weren’t any.
I started using my Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black with a fine nib as a daily writer to test the ink. It was problem free and I didn’t encounter and skipping or false starts. The ink was in the pen just under a month and there wasn’t any problem cleaning it.
After I inked my Esterbook J with the #2668 medium nib with Mystery Black I enjoyed it so much it became my daily writer when I wanted black ink. Again, no problems and it was easily cleaned after being inked about two weeks.

Bottom Line

I like the performance of the ink. Unfortunately it’s not pitch black and I prefer grey inks over black. This puts the ink behind the eight ball. I won’t use it when I want a black ink since in those cases I want pitch black. And the color isn’t different enough to make me want to use it in daily writing. On the other hand, I was really taken by it in the Esterbrook medium nib so I’d like to say I may use Montblanc Mystery Black in some wider nibs from time to time and see if there are other nibs with which it gets along as well. But the reality is that Montblanc Mystery Black will probably be lost among the many other ink choices I have.

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Montblanc Mystery Black



Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 068 5

– Handwritten Review –

PenMontblanc 149, Medium Nib
Ink: Montblanc Mystery Black
Paper: Rhodia dotPad, No. 16 – Top Spiral Bound


Notes: First thing’s first, I got the bottle of ink through the TRADING POST (a place to host your list of fountain pen goodies that you would like to trade, click the link for more info). A big thank you to Wilfred E. for trading with me, I’m enjoying the ink quite a bit. I’ve heard some not-so-great things about Montblanc inks in general, mainly that they’re expensive for what they are. Since I got this bottle in a trade, the price of the ink doesn’t play into my review too much. The ink performs well, it’s nice and smooth with a good, consistent flow. I take it with a grain of salt when a pen manufacturer says only to use their ink, but I felt like loading up my 149 for the full experience. The lubrication in the ink is supposed to keep the piston in good working order, but I can’t comment on that because this is the first time I’ve had MB ink in my MB pen.

The inkwell that this ink comes in is really, really classy looking. The metal / shiny plastic cap looks great and the shape of the bottle is convenient for filling and looks great on my desk. The only thing that may not be for everyone is the lower saturation. I understand some people like their black inks to look like a void in the universe (myself included), whereas some people prefer black inks that tend to be more grey. This one falls in the middle of the line and is actually capable of some minor shading. There are certainly other options at a lower price point that can achieve pretty much the same results, but then again, they don’t come with the great inkwell (wow, I really didn’t take a picture of it…sorry!). If you’re into Montblanc and like what you see, by all means check it out, but there are certainly better black inks out there for a fraction of the price.

Thanks and enjoy!

Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 064 1

Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 065 2

Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 066 3
Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 069 6

Montblanc Mystery Black Ink Handwritten Review 067 4

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Montblanc Mystery Black

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Black ink montblanc

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Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition / Montblanc Mystery Black / Fountain Pen Review

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