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Plumber Snake Accessories: foot switches, reel covers, gloves, augers, tile probes, pressure bags, more for sewer drain pipe machines.

Foot switches, reel covers, splash guards, gloves, augers, tile probes, pressure bags, more.

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Part #DescriptionPhoto
T 16Double palm leather gloves sewer drain snake gloves T 16
T 17PVC Ugly gloves, regularsewer snake auger gloves
T 17APVC Ugly gloves, longplumber snake gloves

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Success Stories

Plumbing pro Jake Albright likes reliability, ruggedness, and convenience in his drain cleaning tools. That’s why the ultra-compact, handheld Gen-Eye Micro-Scope® video inspection system remains a key part of his equipment arsenal. “It’s great for inspecting all sorts of small drains –…

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Jake Albright

Grease clogged pipes produce problems.  But the right drain cleaning equipment, Chris Fantauzzo contends, turns those problems into profits. “Health inspectors want restaurants to clean grease traps regularly,” Mercer Drain Cleaning Service’s owner says.  Bar owners, municipal authorities, and homeowners, he…

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Chris FantauzzoTrenton, NJ

For most inside jobs, Michael Williams of Just Drains LLC favors two General classics – Super-Vee® and Mini-Rooter®. The hand-held Super-Vee easily unclogs sink, tub, and laundry drain lines up to 3” in diameter. “My personal Super-Vee is over 20 years old,”…

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Michael WilliamsPhiladelphia, PA

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What are the parts of a drain auger?

Shop for Drain Augers and Gully Grabs

basic components of a drain auger

Drain auger coil

drain snake coilThe coil is a tightly wound spring and makes up the majority of a drain snake.

Coils can be various lengths and diameters to suit different purposes.

small and large drain snakesWhen purchasing a drain snake, the packaging or product information will state the diameter and intended purpose. It may also give measurements of the pipe diameters they can be used on.

Drain snakes can range in diameter from  5/16&#; to 1/2&#; ( mm). The smallest ones are for use on basins and the largest for drains.

Drain auger head

drain auger headThe auger head (sometimes called a &#;boring gimlet&#;) is an expanded section of the coil that sits at the end of a drain snake. It is the part of the tool that is fed down into the drain.

Its loose spring shape is ideal for trapping clogs and its tip can push, break through and hook blockages.

drain auger interchangeable headsSome drain augers have changeable heads with different designs.

For more information on these see: What types of auger head are available for drain snakes?

Drain auger handles

drain auger handlesThe addition of handles enables the basic drain auger to be used as it is and not with a drum or like other types of auger. These come in two different forms: crank handle or gripping handle.crank handle with thumb screw for drain snake

Crank handle

This is a simple S-shaped tube, which slides over the end of the snake and is secured with a thumb screw.

The lower end is held steady by one hand, whilst the higher end is rotated by the other hand.

gripping handles, single and double for drain auger

Gripping handle

Gripping handles work in a similar way to crank handles, but are built in to the drain auger. They can be either singular or double handled, but the singular variety will include a piece of tubing that acts as the other handle.

Confusingly, they will sometimes be called crank handles as well; this is because both varieties work with a cranking action.

handles for drain augersBoth types of handle work sufficiently, however the gripping handles are more comfortable for the user and easier to get in to a smooth rotating action. The crank handles are cheaper however.

Plastic casing of a drain auger

plastic cased drain augerSome augers have a plastic casing to provide a protective barrier between pipes/ fittings and the snake itself.

The casing is generally found on power drill augers, as this type of auger moves faster and can cause more damage.

Sours: https://www.wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk/drain-augers-and-gulley-grabs/what-are-the-parts-of-a-drain-auger
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Auger parts drain

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