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11 Places to Find Free, Printable Wall Art

Show your home and your wallet some love with these sources to find free art online. It's as easy as finding a photograph, print, poster, drawing, map, quote, or watercolor you love and then following a few simple steps to get that art on the wall.

These free art downloads can be used in your living areas, offices, nurseries, kitchens, kids' rooms, bathrooms, and any other room in your home to add some color and interest. They look just as good as prints you would buy, but these are free and you can have them up within the hour.

When you've found some of the free art online that you'd like to print, make sure you download the highest resolution that's available. This will get you the clearest picture and quality that you may be able to blow up if you'd like. Printing on a good quality cardstock will give you the best look.

You can add free art printables directly to the wall with thumbtacks or tape and they'll also look great in a frame. It's easy to find good quality frames at garage sales, thrift stores, or discount stores if you're looking to save even more.

Don't be limited to hanging this free art on the wall, you can print them on normal computer paper and use them as wrapping paper or as homemade cards.


Free Printable Wall Art from Our Team


The following downloadable art print collections feature designs created by our team and curated from free art pieces available in the public domain. We're gifting them to you as free, print-ready designs!

Lovers of minimalism, rejoice! This collection of printable wall art features a variety of black-and-white illustrations that add a touch of simplicity and thoughtful design to any space, infusing minimalist decor into your wall art without distraction or visual commotion. For that reason, we love framing these pieces in highly trafficked areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways. They can also help break up a busy gallery wall with some simplicity and space.

Download The collection

Inspire a sense of play with modern shapes, featuring pleasant tones and light strokes. These designs feel lighthearted while giving your walls ample visual interest. Plus, our team created each design to complement the others, so you can enjoy a full, cohesive look. Perfect for adding a fun pop of personality to any room, we love them best for nursery decor, kid’s rooms, and common living spaces.

Download The collection

Sometimes keeping it classic is quite simply best. To highlight calming decor in your home, we curated this collection of black-and-white ink textures for a peaceful and timeless look. Rest assured, “classic” is not synonymous with “boring” in this case — these designs are visually abstract to elevate your space and keep viewers interested and curious. Incorporate them anywhere you want your decor to last — hallways, bathrooms, guest rooms. These free art prints also work well for modern bedroom decor with museum-quality appeal.

Download The collection

Find your staycation state of mind with these desert-inspired designs. Touting Southwestern tones and motifs, this wall art will make any space feel like an extended vacation in Santa Fe. Feel free to pair this collection with your own travel photographs to impress any globetrotter. We recommend incorporating this sense of escape in bathrooms, bedrooms, and even dorm room decor!

Download The collection

Liven up your living space with these vintage botanical prints. Featuring up-close portraits of plants, twigs, leaves, and seeds, this curated collection with images by Karl Blossfeldt and Kazumasa Ogawa truly brings the outside in — in an artistic and abstract manner. We’d suggest featuring this wall art in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom… any room that you want to feel fresh and lively. And to really highlight your green thumb, you can pair your framed prints with living, breathing plants, too — we even have a guide to get you started.

Download The collection

As self-proclaimed “font nerds,” our team created these typography designs for you to admire beautiful lettering in your space. From a few of the phrases we hold close as storytellers to the full alphabet in a swoon-worthy font, these print-ready downloads will bring inspiration to your walls. It's a great way to add dimension to a gallery wall and break up all the photographs. We also love showcasing it on its own in a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom — especially a dorm room or office!

Download The collection

Last, but certainly not least, these artistic photographs are sure to elevate and impress. We love mixing in professional photography with the personal. From famous, well-visited places to abstract, still-life pieces, these photos selected (and some, taken) by our team will highlight your own eye for design when featured in your space. This printable wall decor looks best in rooms that you want to feel grand and elegant, like your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Download The collection


Now that you have your favorites downloaded, it’s time to go for the gallery wall. Many of these designs were crafted to pair well — both within their collections and with one another. (The more unique the better, right?) So here are a few ideas to mix, match, and create a standout gallery wall in your space.

Psst… we have a full Gallery Wall Guide with even more layout and style inspiration for your printable wall decor.

Layout 01

The Classic Grid

Classic symmetrical gallery wall hung above shoe bench

Keep it simple with this gallery wall layout that never goes out of style. With a classic grid, you’ll focus on clean lines and even spacing (feel free to show off, type A’s!). Stick to the same size, finish, and orientation for all your frames and align them in a symmetrical grid on the wall. But even with this classic and organized style, feel free to get creative by mix-and-matching the type of images you frame — incorporating both photographs and art prints — to create visual interest.

Layout 02

The Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical gallery wall hung behind dining table

If aligned grids aren’t your thing, go for an asymmetrical layout! This type of gallery wall requires the least amount of planning ahead of time. To create yours, forgo set patterns and grids and simply anchor the collection with one centerpiece that all the other frames surround, however you’d like!

Layout 03

The Mismatched Set

Gallery wall that mixes and matches sizes, styles, and finishes.

Play around with various sizes and types of frames to make a mismatched gallery wall. This layout is all about breaking the rules, while still creating a cohesive, thoughtful look. We love this style because it makes the seemingly different complement one other. So go ahead, place a light wood next to black metal — and let your creativity take the lead.


Once you download the designs and plan out where they’ll go in your space, it’s time to follow these simple steps to ensure they look their best in print.


These downloadable images can maintain their full quality up to a size of 20 x 30” (horizontally oriented images), 30 x 20” (vertically oriented images), or 20 x 20” (square images). If you attempt to print them at larger sizes, our editor will show a low-resolution warning.


Our Large Format Prints and Framed Prints are printed on acid-free, archival paper in giclée quality using the more premium and less environmentally disruptive press printing method. This means that you can expect long lasting durability and impeccable print quality, as long as your image is above 300 DPI (dots per inch) at the size you’ve selected. If you see the low-resolution warning pop up in the editor, this means that the resolution is lower than giclée standards at that size, and the print may come out blurry or pixelated.

Pro tip: To learn more about changing DPI, enlarging photos, and ensuring a quality print, visit our Guide to Enlarging Photos.


Like a certain section of an image and want to cut everything else out? The cropping function in our editor allows you to choose the area of the image you’d like to print and ensures it will fit in your large format print or frame while maintaining giclée quality. Cropping or rotating an image also allows you to turn a horizontally oriented image into a vertically oriented print and vice versa.

How to Download
for Free & Print

  1. Enter your email at the bottom of this page and click “Download” to choose your downloads.
  2. To make it easier to find the image you want, click the three lines at the top of the page and choose “large grid” from the dropdown menu.
  3. On desktop, hover over any image, click the three dots that appear, then click the “download” button.
  4. On mobile, select at least two images for the “download” button to appear at the top of the screen, then tap the button.
  5. Visit our Prints or Frames to choose the wall art style that will fit your decor vision best. (Like any of the frames in the images above? Tap on the "+" in the image to go straight to that product.)
  6. Once you’ve chosen a product, select a size and finish, then tap “customize.”
  7. Add the photo you’d like to print to your project gallery, drag it onto the frame or print on the screen, and crop and edit it to your liking.
  8. Once the preview looks good to you, tap “add to cart” and checkout (or continue shopping to create any additional wall decor).

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Where to Find & Download Free Printable Wall Art + Key Tips for Printing


Free printable art has become super popular over the last few years, and I totally get why! You don’t have to pay shipping fees, you can get almost any size, and it’s free! Minus printing and framing costs, of course… but you can’t beat a free art print!

Since there are so many different websites to find and download free printable art, I thought I’d give you a list of my favorites, plus a few key tips for printing printable art!

Just a warning, it’s a lot of info to get through, but I’ve broken it up, so hopefully it’s easy to digest!

What is printable art?

Printable art is a digital file that you download and print yourself, either at home or by using a professional printing service! It’s an easy way to get high-quality artwork for less money than a physical art print, and sometimes you can even download prints for FREE!

Where can I find & download free printable art?

To get your hands on some free printable art, you gotta know where to look…so, I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite sites for you to check out.

The first six are sites where various artists/photographers upload their work for you to use for FREE! Cool, right?

The last four are free resources with historic prints, photographs, and drawings. If you fancy some classic art, look no further!

Where to Print Printable Wall Art:

You can print your art at a local printing shop or online. If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, I highly suggest you head to your local print shop. They’ll be able to help you from start to finish. Just be sure to bring the file with you on a thumb drive!

If you want to go the online route, here are a couple of companies to check out:

  • Shutterfly– I know you’ve heard of them and there’s nothing wrong with going this route. They’re simple to use, inexpensive and it’s a pretty straight-forward process. They print on archival paper so it won’t yellow over time, and offer a few different paper finishes. When I order from them, I always opt for the matte finish.
  • Artifact Uprising – Their site is super straightforward to use, and their prints are priced competitively. They offer giclee prints and use non-archival paper, so you know that the quality is great.
  • Catprint – If you want something a little more special, be sure to check out all the papers that Catprint has! There are a ton of beautiful options. And if you’re not sure what paper to pick, they’ll send you a free sample pack!
  • Giclee Today – They are Etsy’s production partner and they specialize in giclee prints. In short, giclee is just a term for the specialized process of spraying the ink on the canvas or paper. This process is the best if you need super high-quality archival reproductions and photographs.

Tips for Printing Printable Art

First thing’s first. After you download the free art, you need to find out how large the image is in pixels. 

This is to figure out the maximum size you can print the image before it gets blurry. 

Are we on the same page? Ok cool…

To find out the image size in pixels:

  • Download the image you want to use
  • Open the file up. It’s most likely a VERY high quality .jpeg or .png. (If your picture isn’t high quality and the resolution is very low, then reference this blog post that Shutterstock wrote. It’s super informative on the topic.) 
  • Right-click and choose “File Info”
  • Look for the dimensions & make a note of them.
  • Next, look at the chart I made below and find dimensions close to the ones you wrote down. Remember to scale down, not up. This will ensure there is zero blurriness when you print it!


These photos will look quite different in person (printed) than they do online because of different color profiles used for digital images and printed images. When printing black and white photos, I usually desaturate it, so I’m only left with a grayscale image. From experience, black and white photos can print with a blue or purple hue and it totally ruins it!

Most online printing services have built-in photo editors, so you can do this on the spot, but if they don’t then either use Photoshop or a free online photo editor like Adobe Spark.


Just printing the dang thing can be the best way to test out these tips! And honestly, this is the best tip I can give you. You’ll know if it’s blurry and if the color is off right away. If you’re trying to match something, or the photo you’re printing has a ton of color, this is a non-negotiable.

You don’t have to order a huge sized test print, just get a small 4×6 printed to start!

Ok, dangggg…

I think that about sums this one up! That was a TON of information to get through! I hope you have a way better idea about how to get your hands on some free printable art and how to print it!

By the way, I wrote a blog post featuring 16 different printable images to download for free, so be sure to check that post out after this one!

And if you’re looking for a couple of ideas for how to frame your art, check out a couple other posts, How to Float Mount Art and The Art of Floating, Matting and Mounting Pictures.

Until next time,



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