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Have You Tried Solving this ‘Maths Meme’ that Has Left People Scratching Their Heads?

Maths has never been an easy subject, even for the genius among the lot. The numerical and numbers can give a headache to anyone, thanks to the difficulty that the subject brings alone. Once again, the subject has become a topic of discussion as a new viral Maths equation has made people doubt their knowledge of the subject.

Not sure about where was the equation originally shared, a Twitter user posted, “A maths meme that is actually funny rather than stupid: Solve carefully! 230 - 220 x 0.5 =? You probably won’t believe it but the answer is 5! #maths”

Now well, if you try the equation, the answer is indeed 5, as 230-220 is 10, and multiplying 10 with 0.5 gives you the answer as 5. However, the subject mathematics is not as easy as it appears to be.

Applying the general BoDMAS rule, the answer is not 5, yet the same. The BoDMAS applies to the multiplication first, making it 220*5, which is 110, and 110 subtracted from 230 gives you a figure of 120.

Now, if you are wondering how is 120 the correct answer as 5!, the answer lies in the exclamation mark, as the exclamation mark used after five is actually a symbol for factorial.

In mathematics, a factorial is denoted by 'n!' and it is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to 'n'.

In this case, 5! Would mean 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1, which gives you the answer is 120.

You are not the only one who got confused. Check out what other users tweeted:


If you weren’t a Math whiz at school or didn’t have Math listed as your favorite subject, chances are, you’re like the rest of us — struggling with all those danged formulas and equations.

If you asked the world if we really need Math as an adult, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s still a mystery where we’ll be using root formulas or cosines.

Have fun with Math with these funny Math memes. We can at least suffer and laugh together.

According To This Formula


Didn’t Know

First Reaction

Has A Math Test At School

How I Feel

How It Feels Trying

I Don’t Always Use A Calculator

I Don’t Always Do Math

I See Your Problem Here

I Wish I Was Your Math Homework

Last Five Minutes

Math Homework

Math Needs To Solve It’s Own Problems

Me In Every Math Class

My Face

Oh Lowd Jesus

Showed Work

Someone Right Now Is Making This Face

That Moment When You Understand Something In Math Class

They Said Math Wasn’t Used In Everyday Life

What If Algebra Teachers Are Really Pirates

When The Whole Class Is Fighting

When You Hear Everyone Flipping The Test Page Over

When You Look Away In Math Class For Seconds

When You Solve A Math Problem 3 Times

Who The 

You Get 10 Times More Chicks Than Me

After A Math Test

funny after math test memes

Ever Make Mistakes In Math

funny bob ross math memes

This Is The Guy From My Math Book

funny guy from math books memes

Me Learning Math

funny learning math memes

For Me Math Class Is Like

funny math class memes

It’s Some Kind Of Elvish

funny math elvish memes

When You Confidently Answer An Equation

funny math explanation memes

I See You’re Doing Your Math Homework In Pen

funny math live dangerously memes

This Is How I Feel Everytime

funny math problems memes

And Then Satan Said

funny math satan memes

What Does Bob Have Now

funny math test memes

You Got Math Problems

funny math thinking cat memes

When You Finally Understand

funny math understand the question memes

Not Sure If Math Test Was Easy

funny not sure math memes

That Moment

funny that moment math memes

Trying To Do Math

funny trying to do math memes

When You Finally Understand Something In Math

funny understanding math memes

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Numbers? Word problems? PLEASE show your work. From the highs to the lows of being a math teacher, these memes have it all covered.

1. Word problems do come to life…

Car filled with balls "The math books warned us about you"

I wasn’t sure if some of these were actually possible.

2. Outside the box is so boring…


Math teachers like to spice it up.

3. The grey hairs are coming…

"Every time a student says I just added a zero to explain how they solved 6x10 a 5th grade teacher get a grey hair"


4. Every time…

"People's responses when they learn I'm a math teacher.. 88% I hate math, 12% wow you must really be smart"

Or “you must love numbers!”

5. I wish…

When you are reviewing math homework and get jealous of the person in the word problem

You go, Kyle.

6. The most frustrating…

"Me: please remember to show your work and students down't show work with James Corbin screaming interanally

How many times does it need to be repeated?

7. Living on the edge…

Austin Powers "I see you're doing your math homework in pen, I too like to live dangerously"

Pencil, please!

Source: Mrs. Calvin

8. To lighten the mood…

"What happened to the plant in math class? It grew square roots"

On that note, maybe I should get a classroom plant.

Source: Silicon Republic

9. Please don’t even ask…

"Did you seriously just ask your math teacher if you have to show your work?!"

The answer is always yes.

Source: Mrs. Epperson

10. Well technically…

Five guys says IV in Roman Numeral, woman saying five guys, cat saying four guys

We like to be precise.

Source: @stem357

11. That’s one way to teach it…

Radius pictured as half a lightsaber, diameter pictured as a whole lightsaber

Maybe this will work.

Source: @vb_maths

12. During every lesson…

"When you ask a math teacher "is this going to be on the test?"

Just pay attention, please.

Source: Mash Up Math

13. It’s 3.14159…

"If today was really Pi day, it would never end" spongebob meme

Who’s bringing in the pie?

Source: Digital Mom Blog

14. How punny…

"Not all math puns are terrible, just sum"

Sum are better than others.

Source: Gunsmoke & Knitting

15. After endless word problems…

"If math would grown up and solve its own problems, that'd be great"

Maybe one day.

Source: Mr. Math Teacher

16. All jokes.. (maybe not)

"I love math... it makes people cry"

Not when I teach it, though.

Source: @awesomemathteachers

17. Math at home be like…

I don't know how to do math that way.. math is math

But, do it my way, please.

Source: Intentional Homeschooling

18. At least they’re using pencil…

When you start the lesson and you hear the pencil sharpener go off

I guess there are worse things.

Source: Faculty Loungers

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18 Math Teacher Memes That Just Make Sense


Math memes funny

10 memes only a mathematician should get, but you might too

This week’s deep look into STEM professions brings us to maths, a numerical nightmare for all of us non-believers and the key differentiator between English and US English (maths vs math).

Mathemeticians are life’s equation masters, totting everything up into letters, numbers and even smaller numbers just above regular numbers.

Moving away from us regular ‘counters’ in the early days of school, truth maths fans spread their wings into areas as diverse as bridge building, broad analysis and finance.

What they do: Applied mathematicians can help in anything from chemistry and physics to engineering and actuarial work.

What they don’t do: Struggle in the numbers round on Countdown.

Educational requirements: Depending on where you end up, you at the very least need further education in mathematics. From that there may be subsequent need to learn specific fields, be they business or scientific.

Required skills: An incredibly keen, analytical and logical mind.

Here are some bits of humour found around the web that maths fans should get a kick out of, and a couple for the likes of me, too.

Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

10 things only a mathematician will understand: Funny maths memes

Main image, via Shutterstock

Top funny maths memes😂

Pressing against her, Econ screamed with pleasure, and a stream of semen flooded everything inside. Damn it, he said, breathing heavily. This time everything was much cooler than the first. Standing up, Econ pulled on his pants. Get up, we're leaving, he ordered.

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