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Based in Reno, Nevada, Crowned is a hair and makeup company ready to make clients feel like royalty on their wedding day. Their highly skilled team has over five years of experience in the beauty industry, utilizing it to make their clients feel gorgeous inside and out. With their talented guidance, clients will enjoy dedicated and stress-reducing beautification experiences.

Services Offered

Services provided by Crowned include high-quality products in both hair care and makeup lines. Notable brands are included in their inventory, offering professional and stunning results. Their team of artists can travel for on-site services, making scheduling convenient for clients, no matter where they are. They cover areas across the expanse from Northern Nevada to Northern California. Multiple artists can be provided on request and trials can be availed of before the main appointment. For additional information, Crowned welcomes inquiries about any of the offered products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the base price for blowouts for brides?

What is the price of trial service for blowouts for brides?

What is the base price for blowouts for attendants/family members?

What is the price of trial service for blowouts for attendants/family members?

What is the base price for updos/styling for brides?

What is the price of trial service for updos/styling for brides?

What is the base price for updos/styling for attendants/family members?

What is the price of trial service for updos/styling for attendants/family members?

What is the base price for traditional makeup for brides?

What is the price of trial service for traditional makeup for brides?

What is the base price for airbrush makeup for brides?

What is the price of trial service for airbrush makeup for brides?

What is the base price for traditional makeup for attendants/family members?

What is the price of trial service for traditional makeup for attendants/family members?

Does makeup price include false lashes?

Which of the following are included in prices?

What beauty services do you offer?


Group Services



Mult. Stylists



What hair services do you offer?





Textured Hair Styling

Updos / Styling

Hair Trial

On-Site Hair

What makeup services do you offer?

Airbrush Makeup

Contour Makeup

Eye Makeup

Natural Makeup

On-Site Makeup

Wedding Party Makeup

Makeup Trial

Fake Lashes

Recommended by % of couples

  • Quality of service

    Rating 5 out of 5

  • Average response time

    Rating 5 out of 5

  • Professionalism

    Rating 5 out of 5

  • Value

    Rating 5 out of 5

  • Flexibility

    Rating 5 out of 5

  • Lauren B. Getting married on 06/01/

    • Quality of service

      Rating out of 5

    • Responsiveness

      Rating out of 5

    • Professionalism

      Rating out of 5

    • Value

      Rating out of 5

    • Flexibility

      Rating out of 5

    Professional, friendly, and talented

    Originally, I hired Tara for 8 people. Then some people dropped out, then some more, then some more, and by the time of the wedding we had 4 people. Tara was completely understanding throughout the process. On the morning of the wedding, she and her colleague were on time and ready to go. They were fun to converse with as we got ready, kind, flexible, and talented. I can't say enough good things about Tara and her team!

  • Amand Getting married on 07/31/

    • Quality of service

      Rating out of 5

    • Responsiveness

      Rating out of 5

    • Professionalism

      Rating out of 5

    • Value

      Rating out of 5

    • Flexibility

      Rating out of 5

    I felt beautiful!!

    The whole experience from being able to book services, communication with Tara, and getting my hair and makeup done by Alyssa and Rachel respectively was amazing! I could not have asked for a better team!

  • Vanessa R. Married on 08/21/

    • Quality of service

      Rating out of 5

    • Responsiveness

      Rating out of 5

    • Professionalism

      Rating out of 5

    • Value

      Rating out of 5

    • Flexibility

      Rating out of 5

    It was wonderful

    Tara was amazing. She was incredible accommodating for video calls to plane the service. She and her makeup artist were kind and professional. I really appreciate her services. Thank you!!!

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My name is Maureen, or affectionately known as MO!
I started in the beauty business circa as a make up artist and esthetician. I worked in Carmel, CA on luxury wedding properties and wanted to be able to do both hair and makeup so I returned to beauty school in I have continued to work in the wedding industry since. In , I became the "Wedding Coordinator" at an Aveda salon I was employed at for 12 years. This gave me experience on the business end and gave me the opportunity to work with many wedding vendors! I am a pro in all avenues traveling through the wedding industry.
I have always been drawn to people and the connection to them, so spending time with a bride, and her closest people is a privilege to me and I value every moment!
I have so much experience in the way the day is run as well and can keep your bridal party on time.
I look forward to helping you achieve the perfect look for the best day of your life!

Rachel Cail

Makeup Artist

Say Hello to Rachel! A wonderful makeup artist who moved to Northern Nevada three years ago to bring her love for bridal beauty to the area. We could not be happier to have Rachel with the Crowned team so she can provide her talent to those looking to feel absolutely stunning. As a licensed esthetician, Rachel also has the knowledge to work with any and all skin types and provides education to those that want it. Request her for your services today!


Location of (Crowned)

Beauty & Health Reno

Beauty & Health Reno (City)


Crowned Beauty Bar LLC

Crowned Beauty Bar LLC was registered on May 15 as a domestic limited liability company type with the address P.O Box , Augusta, GA, , USA. The company id for this entity is The agent name for this entity is: Lakeisha Mells. The entity's status is Active now.
Crowned Beauty Bar Llc has been operating for 1 years 4 months, and 29 days since it registered.

Entity ID Number

Entity Name:

Crowned Beauty Bar LLC

Entity Type:

Domestic Limited Liability Company

Date of Formation:

May 15

Office Address:

P.O Box , Augusta, GA, , USA

Registered Agent Name:

Lakeisha Mells

Agent Address:

Peach Orchard Rd Suite 2A, Augusta, GA, , USA

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Croaker, Queen: How Sarah Michelle Gellar Slayed Expectations with I Know What You Did Last Summer

August 7, By Emily GagneGo Back

When we first meet Helen Shivers, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character in teen horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer (), she is centre stage. As she steps up to take part in the question and answer portion of Southport, North Carolina’s annual Fourth of July beauty pageant, she beams, projecting beauty, grace and confidence. When she says, without irony, that she will “serve her country” by becoming a “serious actress” on the New York stage, you’re not only charmed, but intrigued. And when she takes home the Croaker Queen crown just moments later, you can’t help but be hopeful for her – and Gellar’s – future.

Much like Helen Shivers, I Know What You Did Last Summer was poised for greatness when it was released in the fall of Based on a script by Scream writer Kevin Williamson (which was itself based off a book by Lois Duncan) and starring a cast full of up-and-coming actors, including Gellar and her eventual husband Freddie Prinze Jr., it had all the makings of the next teen horror sensation. And it made a pretty big splash at the box office, holding the No. 1 slot for three weeks in a row after its release. But over time, it has become a sort of second-runner up to more ground-breaking films of the time (think Scream, Final Destination), a footnote in the late 90s, early 00s horror conversation.

Sarah Michelle Geller is crowned "Croaker Queen" in I Know what You Did Last Summer

The fact is, there has always been a fogginess to I Know What You Did Last Summer’s PG plot, which follows friends Helen, Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Barry (Ryan Philippe) and Ray (Prinze Jr.) as they attempt to keep a damning secret while being framed and maimed by a mysterious hook-bearing villain (“The Fisherman”). (Remember the all-too-sudden seaside climax? Didn’t think so.) But every time Gellar’s Helen is on screen, this fog dissipates, making way for some moments of real emotional weight.

Watching the first 10 minutes of I Know What You Did Last Summer, you might think (or at least hope) that Gellar’s blonde, bubbly Helen has a chance at becoming the film’s Final Girl. Sadly, Helen doesn’t make it in New York, nor does she make it to the film’s finale. In what might be one of the most gutting turns in modern horror history (seriously), Helen’s best friend, good girl Julie, ends up sailing off into the slasher movie sunset (see: silly, but fun sequel) while Helen is brutally murdered just steps away from safety.

Yes, chaste and quiet Julie fits the traditional Final Girl archetype to a baby tee, a sort of watered down version of virginal babysitter Laurie Strode (’s Halloween). But you have to remember, I Know What You Did Last Summer came out in the fall of , almost a year after Scream presented an empowering alternative to the tired archetype (the sexually active, self-motivated Sidney Prescott). What’s more, in the spring of that same year, Gellar made her debut as a walking, talking, pun-hawking symbol of survival: Buffy Summers.

Sarah Michelle Geller, Ryan Phillipe and Jennifer Love Hewitt sit on a bed in I Know What You Did Last Summer

Like Gellar’s signature character on TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Helen Shivers defies expectations at every turn. Often dismissed because of their traditional good looks and passion for fashion, Buffy and Helen are truly complicated women with deep desires and obvious talents. They are the type of characters you naturally root for; the ones you want to see get a second (or third or fourth) chance.

Helen may not be blessed with supernatural strength, but she’s clearly a fighter. She speaks up – nay, screams – when she sees someone in danger (See: Barry’s balcony demise). She is unafraid to confront her feelings, as evidenced by her tearful admission to Julie that she misses her and wishes they hadn’t grown apart (Julie, a sort of sociopath in overalls, says pretty much nothing in return). And while she could easily hide away after her signature long locks are chopped off by The Fisherman, Helen holds her head high and makes her scheduled appearance at the Croaker Festival. This includes the pageant portion, where she knows she will be forced to surrender her crown to a new Croaker Queen. (Surely it helps that she, and Gellar, actually look great with a long bob.)

Unfortunately, Helen is not Buffy and thus, cannot escape her fate. After watching her ex-boyfriend and a cop die in front of her eyes during and following the pageant, she becomes a victim herself. Helen’s death takes place in and around her family’s store, the place she ended up working after her New York dreams were crushed (of course she was relegated to “women’s fragrances”). There, she witnesses yet another death (this time, it’s her jealous older sister played by Bridgette Wilson).

The four leads of I know what you did last summer stand in the road panicked after hitting something with their car

Helen is eventually chased out of the store and into a nearby alley by The Fisherman. Her final moments may be set to fireworks and the cheery fanfare of a nearby marching band, but the fact is, she is hacked to pieces surrounded by garbage cans and discarded tires. It’s a sort of brutal metaphor for consumerism, shedding light on its inherent misogyny and how society has been brainwashed into thinking women have a limited shelf life that can maybe be extended with the right clothes, makeup and hairstyle.

Helen’s death is the film’s most effective scene and Gellar plays it – and, really, all her scenes – with more emotion and subtext than a traditional slasher sidekick. You really are sad to see Helen go, to know that she won’t ever make good on her promise to heal the world through art. In fact, sometimes when I re-watch the film, I turn it off after she dies, as the scenes that follow (yes, including the showdown between Julie and Ben Willis &#; a.k.a. The Fisherman) are both rushed and unrewarding in comparison.

She might not be I Know What You Did Last Summer’s Final Girl, but Gellar definitely solidified her status as a scream queen by playing (and dare I say, slaying) Helen Shivers. It is arguably her second-best career performance (tied with her stellar turn as the dubious Kathryn Merteuil in the Les Liasions Dangereuses adaptation Cruel Intentions) and should be celebrated by horror fans on an annual basis (no fireworks please). At the very least, it should be considered I Know What You Did Last Summer’s crowning achievement.

Helen may not have survived the Southport massacre of , but she lives on through Gellar’s killer turn, and this we will always know.


Find the next playtimes for I Know What You Did Last Summer () on Hollywood Suite.
I Know What You Did Last Summer
GSC Beauty Suites

Crowned With Glory

"Where Your Hair Is Royalty"

General Info
I am a motivated hairstylist who is head over heels in love and enthusiastic about the hair industry. My specialty in natural hair comes with dedication to provide high quality hair care & services on a consistent basis. Every one that sits in my chair is a MVP and will be treated like the queen or king they truly are! I am an excellent listener & communicator who works hard to make each client's experience a positive & enjoyable one. I look forward to servicing your hair care needs.
Regular Hours
Mon - Fri:
Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday)
/02/15 am - pm
Martin Luther King Day
/01/18 am - pm
New Year's Day
/01/01 am - pm
Memorial Day
/05/31 am - pm
Veterans Day
/11/11 am - pm
Labor Day
/09/06 am - pm
Independence Day
/07/04 am - pm
Columbus Day
/10/11 am - pm
Payment method
debit, amex, visa, discover, all major credit cards, mastercard
Off of Roswell Rd, Minutes from
SPECIALIZING IN NATURAL HAIR! Crochet Braids, Silk Press, Locs, Rod Sets, Roller Sets, Cornrows, Box braids, Kid Styles Twist Outs, Blow Outs, Flat Iron and much more!
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Beauty Salons, Hair Braiding, Hair Stylists, Hair Weaving, Wigs & Hair Pieces


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