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Eccentric Plug Valves

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    Eccentric Plug Valves from Kennedy Valve are designed for consistent performance, durability and longevity. Built to exacting standards, the Eccentric Plug Valves are available in sizes 14”-24” for 80% port  and 3"-48" for 100% port with a variety of end connections.

  • 100% Port EPV

    100% Port EPV

    A reliable and engineered product capable of bi-directional flow at fully rated pressures. Dependable in a variety of service applications. 


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KV7068 OSY with HW Flg x Flg LR

Kennedy Valve Series 7000, UL/FM, AWWA C515, Resilient Wedge Gate Valves are designed for use in the fire protection industry. They are available in 200 psi for UL/FM approved use and 250 psi for water works use.

Non- rising stem (NRS) applications come standard with 304 stainless steel fastener system and all OS&Y applications are manufactured with plated steel fasteners. Other fastener materials are available for most NRS and OS&Y configurations upon request.


Series 7000 includes the following figure numbers: KV7068, KV7071, KV7092, KV7093, KV7561, KV7571, KV7592, KV7592P, KV7593, KV7593P, KV7701


  • Comes in sizes 2 1/2" - 12"
  • Based upon specific configuration, valves can be compliant with AIS, Buy America or Buy American.
  • All OS&Y valves are manufactured with pre-grooved stems to accommodate tamper switches furnished by others
  • 2 1/2” - 3” sizes valves conform to AWWA C509 cast in ductile iron
  • 4” - 12” sizes valves conform to AWWA C515 cast in ductile iron

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Kennedy - Model EPV - Eccentric Plug Valve

From Plug Valves


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Eccentric Plug Valves from Kennedy Valve are designed for consistent performance, durability and longevity. Built to exacting standards, the Eccentric Plug Valves are available in sizes 3”-24” and with a variety of end connections.

In the full open position, the plug is rotated out...

In the full open position, the plug is rotated out of the main fluid stream as shown. This allows for high-capacity flow through the valve.

American R/D Eccentric Plug valves meet the requirements of AWWA C517, latest revision, and applicable ANSI, ASTM, and other industry standards.

  • Currently available in sizes 3” - 24”
  • Valve sizes 3” - 8” available with direct nut operator for service at 100 psi and below
  • Valve sizes 4” - 24” available with worm gear operators
  • Available with flanged ends, MJ ends, as well as many combinations and other configurations coming soon
  • Rated to 175 psi working pressure for sizes up through 12”; 150 psi operating pressure on valve sizes 14” - 24”
  • Coatings — internally and externally — NSF-61 approved — meet AWWA C550, protects interior and exterior
  • Corrosion resistant 99%-pure nickel seat
  • Bubble-tight sealing
  • Suitable for throttling/choking applications
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Kennedy valves

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