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It’s the 21st Century, and we’re all attached to our smartphones 24/7, making phone grips an ever-present part of our daily lives. There’s not much your phone can’t do, so having it around all the time makes total sense. However, with the growing size of phones, it has become increasingly difficult to use them with just one hand. Any time you want to take a selfie or simply reach across to the opposite corner of your phone, you risk a catastrophic drop. For that reason, phone grips have become more important than ever for keeping your expensive gadgets securely in hand.

Phone grips are phone accessories that attach to the back of the phone or phone case and provide a loop or handle under which to place your fingers. The most popular of these are the famous PopSockets, which are pop up telescoping phone grips that have colorful designs. But don’t limit yourself to one type of phone holder. As the market continues to expand, there are now tons of great PopSockets alternatives. These phone grips are affordable, durable, easy to use and often come with added features.

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Get a phone grip for your phone and make using it that much more convenient. You won’t believe you went so long without one.


1. Spigen Ring Phone Grip


The Spigen Ring Phone Grip is like the Lamicall featured above; however, for a few dollars more, you can get a similar product with slightly more durability. This ring-style phone holder can easily attach to all smartphones and tablets. The ring rotates and flips so that you can easily maneuver and hold your phone in a variety of positions. The flat bottom turns the ring into a reliable kickstand when needed. In addition, a hook mount is included so that you can dock your smartphone on car dashboards. Finally, the Spigen comes in a variety of colors to better match your phone or phone case.

spigen phone gripCourtesy of Amazon


2. Lamicall Finger Ring Phone Grip


From media viewing to selfies and secure phone use when you’re out and about, the Lamicall Finger Ring can do it all. The multi-directional kickstand ensures you can find a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are or what you’re doing. The finger ring is supplied with a strong adhesive on the back to ensure a secure fit, and the metal in the construction means it’s compatible with magnetic smartphone holders.

phone finger ringImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Love Handle Universal Grip For Cell Phone


You love your cell phone, so why not give it a Love Handle? This stretchy handle keeps you from dropping (and potentially breaking) your phone or tablet by giving you an extra place to grip. It uses a no-residue, removable 3M adhesive, so if you ever want to remove it from your phone or phone case, you don’t have to worry about unsightly residue. It is important to note, however, that this handle won’t grip onto silicone cases or the Pixel 3, iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Black. For these phones, a different adhesive must be purchased separately.

best phone grips love handleImage courtesy of Amazon


4. PopGrip AirPods Holder Phone Grip


With its range of functions, the PopGrip AirPods Holder is a versatile addition to your smartphone. It, of course, includes the usual secure grip and media-viewing stand abilities. However, this handy PopSocket alternative also includes a built-in AirPod holder, which means you’ll always know exactly where your AirPods are. The interchangeable design of the holder allows you to switch out the case for a regular PopGrip when you’re after a more slim option, and it comes in a range of colors so you can choose the one which suits your style and phone best.

pop socket alternatives airpod holderImage courtesy of PopSockets

PopGrip AirPods Holder


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5. Speck Products GrabTab Cell Phone Holder Phone Grip


The Speck Products GrabTab Cell Phone Holder is a non-bulky and multifunctional smartphone accessory. It includes a handy loop for comfortable and secure phone holding, which also serves a second function as a stand for easy media viewing on the go. When collapsed, the holder’s super slim design is barely noticeable, meaning it won’t inhibit wireless charging either. This particular phone grip is available in a range of designs, ensuring there’s one to match your phone case.

pop socket alternatives speckImage courtesy of Amazon


6. PopSockets PopPower Wireless Charger


A lot of people go looking for PopSockets alternatives because their PopGrip doesn’t work very well with wireless chargers. Fortunately, PopPower exists. We’ve written about PopPower before, and it’s the perfect solution if you want PopGrips for wireless charging. The PopSockets wireless charger was designed to accommodate PopGrips, which will fit snugly into the recessed center of the charger. Available exclusively at the PopSockets online store, these chargers are frequently out of stock due to high demand.

PopPower popgrip chargerCourtesy of PopSockets

PopPower Wireless Charger


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7. Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holders


On our list of the best phone holders is the Libosa Cell Phone Ring Holder, which has the same functionality as a PopSocket but at a fraction of the price. This pack comes with five ring stand holders that can help you take selfies and even act as a kickstand for your phone or tablet. The rings also rotate degrees, meaning they provide a grip for your phone no matter the position of your hand.

a phone inside a case showing a woman and a dog with a ring attached to the back sitting over five grip holder rings on a white backgroundImage courtesy of Amazon


8. Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder


Classy and affordable, the Ghostek Loop Magnetic Finger Holder will keep your phone safe from accidental drops. With a loop for your finger, the holder attaches to your phone using a powerful magnet. It also includes a kickstand for propping your phone up on any flat surface. This finger holder is available in 15 fun colors.

pop socket alternativesImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Takyu Universal Phone Lanyard Holder


This phone lanyard will hold any phone secure (regardless of the case) so your lock button, camera and security touchpoints won’t be obscured by it. The nylon lanyard is soft and comfortable to wear around your neck, has a detachable buckle design and an adjustable length so you can customize it to your needs. The connector is thick and easy to attach to any phone case, is very durable and offers you the option to easily remove the lanyard if you would like to. The release buckle is strong and will only detach when you want it to so your phone won’t accidentally drop or smash unexpectedly.

Takyu Lanyard Phone HolderImage courtesy of Amazon


Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder


If your priority is a comfortable way to hold your smartphone securely in one hand, then the Aduro Cell Phone Ring Holder is a great option. It comes in six different colors and gives you an easy and secure way to take photos, send texts, and generally operate your phone. The finger-in holding method prevents your hand from becoming fatigued, and the versatile design allows you to use it as a table stand for easy, hands-free use of your phone.

pop socket alternatives aduroImage courtesy of Amazon


Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Grip


Are you looking to add extra style to your smartphone with your choice of Popsocket alternative? If so, the Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Grip is a great choice. From eye-catching geometric patterns to colorful flamingos, there’s a pattern to suit everyone. The grip itself sports a slim design which is hard to notice and more pocket-friendly than many other options. The ease of switching between a secure holding loop and a multi-angle stand makes this grip an ideal option for users looking for a good balance between watching media on a flat surface and convenient selfie-taking.

pop socket alternatives gear beastImage courtesy of Amazon




The YAP!band keeps your phone safe and makes it easy to manipulate using nothing more than your phone case to keep it secure. The brilliance of this phone holder is that there is nothing sticky holding it on, so there won’t be any sticky residue left on your phone or phone case. In addition, this phone grip sits close to your device in order to maintain your phone’s slim profile. It comes in three different colors.

a white phone case with a grey yap band sitting diagonally across the backImage courtesy of Amazon


AOLIY Cell Phone Grip


If you have large hands and often find average-sized finger holes to be too constricting, it may be worth giving the AOLIY Cell Phone Grip a try. This smartphone accessory lets you adjust the size of the space your finger fits in. This doesn’t just allow for different sized fingers but also helps to ensure a secure hold when you’re using your phone. The device is available in five different color options and includes 3M Nano absorption tape, which is reusable.

a man holding his phone using an aoliy adjustable phone gripImage courtesy of Amazon


MONET Slim Wallet With Grip


Do you want your phone grip to do more than hold your smartphone and allow you to comfortably watch media? The MONET Slim Wallet With Grip fits the bill. In addition to keeping your phone safe, the grip provides space for two cards, like credit cards, ID cards, or metro cards. It’s available in a number of styles and colors, including purple, baby blue, supreme red, and giraffe. The grip also sits flat when it’s not in use to stop it from catching on your pockets.

a man holding a phone with his finger through a monet wallet phone gripImage courtesy of Amazon


iPhone Xs Max BOSS by Grip2U


Grip2U makes several styles of cell phone cases with built-in grips and one of our favorites is the iPhone Xs Max BOSS from Grip2U. The strong silicone straps provide a convenient and secure place for users to hold their phone with their fingers. The straps are interchangeable and can be bought in a variety of colors. The Max BOSS case also includes a slot that fits up to two cards and a kickstand. Each case from Grip2U is designed with military-spec drop protection and is wireless charging compatible.

iPhone Xs Max BOSS by Grip2UImage courtesy of Grip2U

iPhone Xs Max BOSS by Grip2U


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Adidas Phone Grip and Tablet Stand


If your smartphone is your best workout partner, you need a phone grip that can handle sweaty, high-intensity sessions at the gym. Designed with the reusable non-residue 3M adhesive backing, the universal phone and tablet grip can be attached to most smartphones and tablets for a durable fit. An adjustable grip band and kickstand, the Adidas grip is designed with reflective material for high visibility.

Adidas Phone Grip and Tablet StandImage courtesy of Amazon


Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder


For a smartphone holder that provides a convenient grip whether you’re walking or driving, we like Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring Holder. With a degree rotating ring, users have a place to grip their phone and extend it 90 degrees to act as a kickstand. When driving, users can turn their phone into a navigation system by inserting the ring into a vent or CD slot. The soft ring won’t scratch the car’s interior and the adhesive backing provides a secure and durable grip that works with most smartphones.

Mr. Ylls Cell Phone Ring HolderImage courtesy of Amazon


Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand


It’s a phone grip, it’s a kickstand, and it has multiple attachments for added versatility. The Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand features several useful configurations that make using your smartphone more convenient than ever. The adhesive back forms a secure bond to any smartphone or tablet. The metal and iron-plated Mobi has a ring that pops out to act as a handle or kickstand. Openings in the ring allow for users to attach the Mobi to a lanyard. Mobi also makes her own magnetic stand that can be used in the car or at home to raise the phone up for a more comfortable viewing option.

Mobi Handle 3 Finger Phone Ring Holder KickstandImage courtesy of Amazon


7 Ways to Get a Better Grip On Your Phone


You Might Need a DIY Phone Grip Strap if You:

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

Have you been looking for something to help you hold on to your phone? Have you been shocked by the prices of Popsockets, LoopyCases, or other popular phone grip accessories? Me too!

My kids and I enjoy playing Pokemon Go. We go for long walks around the park with our phones and phone drops are a frequent problem.

I wanted something to help that didn’t cost $ per phone. There had to be a cheaper alternative to Popsockets and LoopyCases!

I came up with a DIY solution that only requires about 5 cents worth of materials. How’s that for savings?! In this post, I’ll show you how to make your own cheap DIY phone grip strap.

DIY Phone Grip - 5-minute, easy solution! Awesome cheaper alternative to Pop Socket or Loopy Case.

  • Have a modern smaller phone that’s hard to hold onto.
  • Have your hands full already (with groceries, drinks, papers, etc).
  • Run or walk with your phone.
  • Have a large tablet-style phone that you can’t get your hands around.
  • Enjoy playing Pokemon Go while walking for an extended time.
  • Have a child who drops your phone because of lack of coordination.
  • Have physical limitations due to age or disability that limit your ability to hold a phone.
  • Want to use your phone one-handed, such as while holding a handrail on a bus or train.

My DIY phone grip strap is better than a Popsocket because it:

  • Doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.
  • Works with magnetic car mounts.
  • Doesn’t add any thickness and lays flat.
  • Can be used with a single finger as a handle when your hands are full.
  • Is much cheaper.

My phone grip strap is better than a LoopyCase because it:

  • Can be used with any phone while LoopyCases are only available for Apple, Samsung, and Pixel.
  • Works with any type of phone case.
  • Lays flatter.
  • Is much cheaper.

No solution is perfect. I found that this version of a phone grip strap:

  • Doesn’t function as a stand. It helps with grip only.
  • Can break with heavy use (but is easy and cheap to replace).
  • Doesn’t hold quite as tightly as some elastic grip options.
  1. Phone
  2. Phone case: any variety should work. Mine is a basic TPU case.
  3. Ribbon: non-stretchy and not too slippery. I used this pack of 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon.
  4. Scissors
  5. Heavy Duty Packing Tape (easier) OR Needle & Thread (longer lasting)
DIY phone grip strap

DIY Phone Grip Strap Supplies

Step 1: Measure & Cut Ribbon

  • Insert one end of the ribbon through the charging hole in the bottom of the case.
  • Insert the other end of the ribbon through the camera hole in the middle of the case.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the back of the case and cut a piece that overlaps by inches (as shown below).
DIY phone grip strap

Measure & Cut the Ribbon

Step 2: Measure the Amount of Slack Needed

  • Hold the ends of the ribbon on the inside of the case, as in step 1.
  • Put 1 or 2 fingers underneath the ribbon on the outside of the case to estimate how much slack you need.
  • TIP: Do not pull the ribbon tight when you attach it or you won’t be able to get your fingers inside.
  • TIP: You may need to adjust and experiment with the tightness to find what’s comfortable for you.
DIY phone grip strap

Estimate how much slack you need in the ribbon to fit your fingers.

Step 3 (Option 1): Tape the Ribbon

  • Leaving the ribbon as loose as step 2, firmly tape the ribbon to the inside of the case.
  • Rub all around the tape to make sure it’s gripping well.
  • TIP: Do not overlap the ribbon if you’re taping it. It will hold better if it’s not overlapping.
  • TIP: The tape must be very strong. I recommend Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape.
DIY phone grip strap

Be sure to push down the tape firmly.

Step 3 (Option 2): Sew the Ribbon

  • The tape will eventually let go, so sewing is a sturdier, longterm option.
  • Using the amount of slack you measured in step 2, sew the ribbon into a loop. Any type of stitch will work, as long as you make a few tight stitches.
DIY phone grip strap

Sew the two ends of the ribbon together.

DIY phone grip strap

It’s OK if your stitches are sloppy! No one will see them inside the case.

Step 4: Enjoy Your DIY Phone Grip Strap

  • Put your case back onto your phone.
  • Test that the ribbon is holding tightly. Adjust as necessary.
  • Enjoy!
DIY phone grip strap

Go for a walk with your new phone grip strap!

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DIY Phone Strap/폰스트랩 만들기//Dor's Playground

Best Phone Grips &#; Cell Phone Grips in &#; Grip Mobile Phones

Buying guide


When it comes to a phone grip, you’re going to care about how thick it is. Anything too wide then there is a good chance that it’s going to get caught in your pocket and that could tear off the adhesive which is keeping it stuck to your phone.

All of the products that we have looked at here have quite a thin profile but some are a little bulkier than others. If you wear tight jeans, for instance, then you will want to get a phone grip which has a very thin profile.

Everyone cares what their phone looks like and the styling of the device is a factor you’ll be taking into consideration when it comes to getting your phone. It only makes sense then that you are going to care about what your grip looks like when it’s attached to your phone.

Some of these designs are basic while others will look great and are available in a vast range of colors. If you care a lot about the styling of your device then getting a grip with a more attractive design is most likely going to be the best way to go.

Color and design


The way that the grip attaches to your phone is important and it’s one area where there can be a big difference between devices. The adhesive has to be strong enough to stay on but not too strong that you won’t be able to get it off.

It’s a delicate balance but one which most companies are able to do quite well. There are others with will grip onto the corner of your phone and don’t require any adhesive at all. These can be good but perhaps a little tricky to keep on.


The material that is used is going to be an important part of how comfortable it feels. A lot of these phone grips use elastic in order for it to keep a firm grip. This can be a good idea but for some users, it might be a little bit tight.

A metal cell phone grip is perhaps going to be the most durable solution but it’s going to be up to you whether or not it’s something that you are comfortable with. It’s obviously a hard material but then you put your finger through the ring, it’s not going to be uncomfortable.

There are also the rubberized pone grips which you are able to slide up. These are great as you’re going to be able to make the loop as loose or as tight as you want. It also has a great natural level of grip to be able to keep your phone secure at all times.

Extra features

The primary function of these grips is that they give you a secure and comfortable hold on your phone. Some of them also have other uses too which makes them even more desirable. Perhaps the most common feature that we see in these phones is them being able to be used as a stand. This can be brilliant for those people who like to prop up their phones and watch moves.

There are other features too. The Monet grip allows you to store cards or cash and there are others who are going to also be used as a car mount. Before buying your phone grip, it’s important to see if any of these features are going to be useful for you.


All the things to help hold your phone that we have looked at here are going to be available for under $ That’s a very minor investment for a little device which could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in damages or having to deal with a crack for a long time.

Before picking the grip you most like the look of, it’s important to consider what your needs are and all the information you’ve looked at here. Once you have picked the right one, then you’re going to be able to hold your phone with a lot more security and confidence.


PopSocket has been a leader in the cell phone grip market for quite a while now. It’s a device which lies flat on your phone when it’s not in use and then will extend out when you pull it back. It gives you an easy solution to grip your phone and has been tried and trusted for many years but there are also great pop socket alternatives out there.

Both solutions work with the same theory of having a collapsible design which can extend out. Both are great solutions but the better one for you is whichever you would feel more comfortable with. They take up a similar amount of space and can come in some great designs. While there are pop socket alternatives out there, the decision of which one is better is up to you.

There are many things like PopSockets including the ring option which we spoke about earlier. Both will allow you to slide your fingers through to be able to grip your phone. There are also plenty of elastic phone grips which have a simple design but one which is highly effective. Then there are other similar to Popsocket things for the back of your phone such as the grip from CatTongue Grips which will simply provide you with a non-slip backing to your phone. Finally, there are other solutions which pop out to create a loop to place your finger through. The grips we have looked at here provide you with a lot of options with some great solutions.

Most of these grips are going to be compatible with all phones but there are others which are a little bit more specific. In the product description, it’ll always advise you of what phones the grip is going to be compatible with and you want to check this before buying.

A gentle adhesive or suction cup is used for most of the phone grips and you don’t want them to mark up your phone. Most of the times you’ll be able to pull it off without a mark but sometimes you won’t be so lucky. Thankfully this is never a big issue and you’ll quickly be able to clean it and make your phone pristine once again.

Matthew Croft

An avid traveler and tech enthusiast. Publisher of many gadget reviews that will excite you!


Strap phone grip

Finger Strap Phone Holder, AOLIY Cell Phone Grip | Phone Stand f

$5 Finger Strap Phone Holder, AOLIY Cell Phone Grip | Phone Stand f Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Stands,f,Phone,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories , Stands,AOLIY,Finger,Cell,|,Phone,Strap,Grip,/antennulehtml,Phone,Stand,Holder,,$5,f,Phone,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories , Stands,AOLIY,Finger,Cell,|,Phone,Strap,Grip,/antennulehtml,Phone,Stand,Holder,,$5 OFFer Finger Strap Phone Holder AOLIY Cell Grip f Stand $5 Finger Strap Phone Holder, AOLIY Cell Phone Grip | Phone Stand f Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Stands OFFer Finger Strap Phone Holder AOLIY Cell Grip f Stand

OFFer Finger Surprise price Strap Phone Holder AOLIY Cell Grip f Stand


Finger Strap Phone Holder, AOLIY Cell Phone Grip | Phone Stand f

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • COMPATIBLE with most phones amp; Tablets, such as iPhone 12/11/Xs Max/XR/ X/ 8 Plus/ 8/ 7 Plus/ 7/ 6s - Samsung Note 9/ 8/ Galaxy S9/ S8 - Mate 30 pro/ 20 - iPad mini and more.
  • STOP DROPPING Your phone amp; mini tablet! Enables easier one-handed texting, photos, selfies, and holding your phone or tablet, protecting against accidental dropping of your phones.
  • SLIM Pocket-friendly Design! Anti-drop, Anti-theft, Push up the holder when you need, and push back when you put the phone into the pocket.
  • 3M adhesive phone back grip, except for silicone rubber or oily surface of phone or case, the strength that Multi-Band sticks to handheld device is increasing by time so it will hold your phone securely.
  • Our Company develop lifestyle tech accessories. Our products combine design and performance to bring you convenience with style. For any problem you have, please feel free to offer us a chance to service you.

Finger Strap Phone Holder, AOLIY Cell Phone Grip | Phone Stand f

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Annabelle's Mum, Tera Coder, Age 11

Global Greening, Notting Hill - Essex Church

My daughter really enjoyed her first Cypher Coders experience. Great to be in a virtual class with her school buddies and the teacher, Grace, was very clear, friendly and helpful in her delivery. Annabelle particularly enjoyed creating her ocean picture with the moving waves. Thank you!

Celine, Mum of Tera Coder, Age 12

World Tour, Ealing - NHEHS

Harry has really enjoyed the course this week - it has exceeded his expectations.

Gaston, Mega Coder, Age 8

World Tour, Notting Hill - Essex Church

I loved my class today. I really enjoyed it!

Nicola, Mum of Giga Coder, Age 8

Curiouser + Curiouser, Dulwich - Dulwich Prep

Edward is absolutely loving the class and had only been asking this morning if he was doing it again next week, and I was sorry to have to say no. So we would absolutely be interested in a follow-on class. What he's produced even inspired me to have a go last night - we now have complimentary Easter pictures that we've both made!





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Architecture & Design

Phone Finger Grip SPIGEN Flex Strap Anti Slip Phone Holder Universal

Then Lena looked at the screen of my computer. In the form of a screen saver there was a hand-drawn picture in which an enormous Lucifer is tormenting a slender girl in his arms. He dug into her body with his claws, wrapped his tail around his legs.

scarlet blood. The devil opened his mouth with huge with my teeth, trying to bite the girl in the neck, which she accidentally left open, trying to dodge him.

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So inappropriate - Sasha grimaced in annoyance, turning to the creak of the door. One could only hope that Ira came into the office to ask something quickly. I thought Tanya had already examined all of yours, said an unfamiliar girl who came in after her to Ira.

- Tan, really why is it taking so long. - asked the nurse Ira, - I also thought half an hour would be enough for you.

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