Valspar sugar and cream

Valspar sugar and cream DEFAULT

1Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore

"This color is the perfect balance of crisp white with the slightest cream undertone for warmth. It's always a winner, whether a city apartment or a beachside residence. Chantilly Lace is my favorite background color and a champion in both matte and satin finish. It's a classic color that allows art and upholstery to take center stage." — Nathan Thomas, Pembrooke & Ives

2Alabaster, Sherwin-Williams

"This warm shade with taupe undertones brings a velvety depth to walls and millwork. It works wonderfully with crisp white trim, and while it's right at home in more traditional spaces, it's bright enough to feel modern and fresh when paired with medium wood tones and clean lines." — Regan Baker, Regan Baker Design

3Vanilla Milkshake, Benjamin Moore

"We love Benjamin Moore's Vanilla Milkshake and its blend of gray with a strong cream undertone, for the walls, especially in a bedroom. It's super soft and soothing on the eye. The walls should be a softer tone to let the patterns on curtains and upholstery and textures in pillows show." — Meghan Hackett-Cassidy, Hackett Interiors

4Belgravia, Myland

"I like Belgravia by Myland for wall and trim. The ground marble powder in their Marble Matt finish offers depth to complement the bones of classical architecture and show off the curvatures of fine woodwork." — Carolyn Pressly, Carolyn Pressly Interiors

5White Tie, Farrow & Ball

"I love this pale cream, as it serves as a warm neutral and brightens any space. It's also a great backdrop for art and pops of color. I like to use it in hallways; on kitchen cabinets; and for moldings and trims in contrast to a vibrant wallpaper." — Ritika Bhasin, Ritika Bhasin Design

6Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore

"My favorite cream paint is Benjamin Moore OC Swiss Coffee. It’s the perfect creamy white, with a touch of beige and grey. I have it all over my home and have used it in many other homes. It’s warm and inviting while still modern and clean." — Danielle Fennoy, Revamp Interior Design

7Slipper Satin, Farrow & Ball

"I love this soft neutral. It warms up a space more than white, but doesn't carry too heavy of pink or yellow undertones." — MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors

8Natural Linen, Sherwin-Williams

"Sometimes creams can either have too much of a yellow undertone or resemble white and read cold, but this one’s just right and creates a calming understated elegance, allowing furnishings and art to be the real statement makers in the room." — Saudah Saleem, Saudah SaleemInteriors

9Pointing, Farrow & Ball

"I love Farrow & Ball Pointing for its ability to simultaneously invoke light and air, as well as depth and warmth. It's just as welcome in a historic estate as in a contemporary home. I especially love to use this color on the trim, walls, and ceiling in slightly different finishes for a cozy space with a subtle play on light." — Mel Bean, Mel Bean Interiors

10Tallow, Farrow & Ball

"I love this cream color for a space. It has a very subtle peachy undertone that warms a room, but also a clean feel so it can be in a modern home or a more traditional setting." — Jess Cooney, Jess Cooney Interiors

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Valspar Paint

This list contains colors and is part of the colornerd GitHub project, a library of color books implemented in Sass, LESS, Stylus, JSON, and CSV. If you want to use these colors in your CSS, check out the samples on the GitHub page of the project. All the color names on this list are the property of their respective owners.

Download this list as CSV file.

Color PreviewColor NameColor NumberHexRGB
Harmonious RoseAF19DB7, ,
Flower GirlCFAF, ,
Sweet SixteenAF29FAB, ,
Peach BurstCF, ,
Salmon RoseCEB, ,
Coral ReefAF6A, ,
Poppy PetalCF6A08C, ,
Simply CoralAF8B09C, ,
Apricot JamAF5A, ,
Coral RidgeAE59E85, ,
Iced BerryCE67F9B, ,
So CharmingBEA7D96, ,
Poppy FieldCEF, ,
Strawberry PinkCDB, ,
Powder PeachCE, ,
Sweet MelonBEA, ,
Coral PassionBEE8A78, ,
Desert RoseCEF, ,
Sweetly SingingCE18E78, ,
Orange SliceBF08A64, ,
Frosty BerryBDD, ,
Peruvian Pom PomCCE7C94, ,
Reflecting RoseBD, ,
Passion PinkBE06E78, ,
Rouge RedBDD, ,
Amber RoseBDB, ,
Flamenco PinkBDA, ,
Ripe PomegranateEA, , 90
Spanish DancerBDC7D66, ,
Island OrangeE66C35, , 53
Hint of CherryBDA, ,
Pink BurstAD55E7B, 94,
Sonora RoseBC86C6D, ,
Cuban PlazaBCF, ,
Blaze OrangeADFD, , 93
RhapsodyCC27B71, ,
Ultra OrangeDE, 99, 80
Autumn EnchantmentAE46B54, , 84
Autumn BlazeAE, , 66
Roasted SquashADA, , 74
BerryliciousAD34E5F, 78, 95
Playful PinkBC06E71, ,
Scarlet SunD24B42, 75, 66
Hacienda TileC, 87, 73
Roasted PumpkinACD, , 81
Vivid OrangeCF, 89, 66
Florentine ClayBB, , 99
Fall LeafBD, 99, 77
Bear ClawAAB6A50, , 80
Dark PalominoCD, , 61
Very BerryAB, 85,
Deep SunsetAA65D75, 93,
Sienna DustAB, 87, 98
Whipped StrawberryAC74E5B, 78, 91
Red BlissCFA, 69, 74
Autumn FireAC34B4A, 75, 74
Island SalsaABB5D50, 93, 80
Terra Cotta RedACA, 88, 74
Orange MapleB, 89, 67
Cinnamon CakeA, 98, 69
Berry BlushAB84D5D, 77, 93
Deep RoseAACA, 89, 90
Red OchreA, 85, 81
Oh So RedBE, 73, 72
Brick FacadeAB, 85, 80
Lovely Love SongC34B44, 75, 68
Rare SiennaAC, 88, 76
Fire OrangeB, 85, 69
Crimson GlowA, 83, 65
Toffee Glaze9A5F45, 95, 69
Radiant Red8F, 56, 65
Cut Ruby8CB, 54, 59
Quite RedC, 53, 60
Bright RedAD3C44, 60, 68
Fabulous RedE41, 62, 65
Classic RedAEF, 55, 63
Toasted CranberryAAD, 85, 77
Decadent RedAC44, 76, 68
Russet RedF43, 79, 67
Autumn Russet, 86, 66
Heirloom Red7F, 54, 57
Sassy PeachAFCB78C, ,
Peach TaffyAF6BA93, ,
Orange TaffyAF1BB8C, ,
Almond ButterAF1C18D, ,
HayloftAFCC, ,
Apricot ButterAFFCA8C, ,
Orange ToffeeCFDBC6C, ,
Cantaloupe SmileAFFC, ,
Whipped ApricotBFFD, ,
Peach TeaCFDC, ,
Peach FrenzyAFBB, ,
Tangerine CreamCFAB67F, ,
Orange IceCFFB, ,
Honey TeaAEEB47A, ,
Orange CreamCF4B, ,
Pumpkin ButterBFEAF50, , 80
Spun GoldCEBB, ,
Spring SquashBFEB24F, , 79
Morning SunriseFFB, , 52
Afternoon TeaBF4B65B, , 91
Ripe MelonCF8A47E, ,
Orange NutCF6A, ,
Apricot HoneyCF1AB7F, ,
Warm CiderCF4AE80, ,
Tomato BisqueCE9AB77, ,
Toasted HoneyBEFA, , 97
Buttered HazelnutCECB, ,
Sunset GlowFFAB37, , 55
Orange GlowAFFA, , 0
Pirate's TreasureBE2AE62, , 98
Pumpkin BurstBF89E57, , 87
Orange OchreF39C4E, , 78
Butterscotch SundaeCE9A, ,
BriocheBE7A, ,
Monarch WingAF99F3B, , 59
FrankincenseCDAA, ,
Safari SunBDBA, ,
Creamy OrangeBDAAC6F, ,
AmbitiousCD8AF77, ,
Caramel HoneyBE3AB57, , 87
TangerineBFE, , 94
Orange PecanBEF9A6D, ,
Peach Ice CreamCDB9F7A, ,
Brushed OrangeBF29C5E, , 94
Orange FruitF88F21, , 33
Toffee CreamBDD9C62, , 98
Buttercup SquashAF, , 57
Toasted CoffeeBE5A, , 96
Roasted ChestnutAE49B40, , 64
Golden CastleAE3A, , 49
Toasted ApricotBE38F66, ,
LaredoCD, ,
Carrot CakeAEB8A52, , 82
LonghornBDB, ,
Fresh PersimmonsF58E4B, , 75
Pumpkin CustardAF38F3E, , 62
Toasted PumpkinAE38F43, , 67
Autumn SpiceBCDC, , 92
Poseidon's GoldACE, , 80
Amber WheatADA9A40, , 64
Autumn GlimmerAE97F4E, , 78
Autumn GalaAEB7B45, , 69
Patio StoneBD28A5B, , 91
Coffee WhipADE, , 78
Canyon SunAC, , 81
Hazelnut CoffeeAD48D4F, , 79
PronghornABF, , 85
Fancy SuedeCD, , 77
Butternut TreeBCB, , 91
Bugle CallACFA, , 74
Cattle DriveAB, , 88
Clove BudBC, , 98
Caramel CreamC56E39, , 57
Caramel ToffeeB47B4D, , 77
Wet RiverbanksBD, , 61
Amber SiennaABAD, , 77
Garden OchreABC, , 76
Pumpkin SquashB, , 65
Mixed PotpourriB18A52, , 82
Camel RideAB18A52, , 82
FiestaAB66B46, , 70
Orange GlazeB66A3E, , 62
Autumn Surprise9D6C40, , 64
Praline CakeAAD, , 77
Toasted WheatBFFDD97, ,
Peach TickleBFFE3A1, ,
Fruit CompoteAFFE, ,
SunglowBFFE59E, ,
Hazy DawnBFEE8AC, ,
Toasted OatAF9E, ,
Like ButterAFEE59C, ,
Tangy LemonAFEE, ,
Lemon TwistBFDE9A1, ,
Lemon CurdAFDE, ,
Butterscotch CreamAFFD78C, ,
Maple CreamBFDDDA8, ,
Toasted PecanAFFDA89, ,
Honey GlazeAFFDD7A, ,
Hint of HoneyCFFDE81, ,
Almond GlazeCFADB85, ,
Yellow ChimesFFDD5D, , 93
Golden MistCFBDD64, ,
Late Day SunAF3DE97, ,
Top BananaCFAE17D, ,
Soft DucklingAFFD, ,
Lazy SunAFAD79E, ,
Brushed AlmondAFED, ,
Golden ButterCFFD, ,
Summer WheatCFFD, ,
Sunny JonquilFFD, , 57
Golden HazeCF8D, ,
Sweet MustardBFBD, , 80
Pineapple MousseCF1D, ,
Island SunCEFDA86, ,
CroissantAF8CE8C, ,
Dreamy CaramelAF6CD8A, ,
Maple TaffyCFECA6D, ,
Bask in the GlowCF7CC7C, ,
Golden PromiseCFFD, , 82
Summer GoldBFDD25D, , 93
Dandelion ChainBF9D14C, , 76
Amber PearlCF3D57E, ,
TangyAFBD12B, , 43
Golden YellowBFCD, , 69
Delightful MoonAEBC, ,
Pale ButterCF4C77F, ,
Elizabethan YellowFFC33E, , 62
ChickadeeBFFC34D, , 77
Golden SpellBFEC, , 64
Field of DaisiesBFFC, , 67
Sweet LemonBF2C85E, , 94
Golden DelightAFECA2A, , 42
DijonAF7C82F, , 47
Yellow MustardAFACD03, , 3
Golden ChimeCF0C, ,
Dandelion WishBFFBB46, , 70
SunsparkFFBC2E, , 46
Gold ToneCFFC14A, , 74
Cloudy SunsetAE4C38E, ,
Gold AbundanceAFFBB08, , 8
Golden TreasureAFCC13D, , 61
Sunday BrunchBECC, , 85
24 KaratsADFC, ,
Fall MeadowBE1C, , 97
Golden FlameAFFB41C, , 28
Golden MoonBF5B, , 81
Veranda YellowAE4C18B, ,
Buttered ToffeeAEFBB3B, , 59
Harpswell GreenCDDBF85, ,
Mustard GlazeAE4BB53, , 83
Heraldic GoldE2BA4E, , 78
Golden MeadowBE4C24F, , 79
Swiftly GreenCDDC47B, ,
Crushed CuminAD8C, ,
Lewis GoldCCBA56B, ,
Afternoon StrollCDFB, ,
Earthen SiennaBC9A, ,
Butterscotch LollipopE3B, ,
Roman OrnamentD3A, , 70
Golden AvocadoAC7A44B, , 75
Almond PuffACEAB3B, , 59
Dylan VelvetBD0B, ,
Spring MossAD8BC4B, , 75
City ChartreuseCB7A, , 86
Antelope HideBC3A, ,
CorduroyAB28E4B, , 75
Bamboo LeavesBC9F60, , 96
SwampwaterBB3A36A, ,
Wild DaisyAF3E, ,
Chickery ChickAFBE, ,
Pineapple CreamAF8E9AA, ,
Daisy SpellBF6EAB3, ,
Summer SunBFAEEB5, ,
New WillowBF0EBAC, ,
Lime MousseBE2E48F, ,
Fluorescent LimeCDEE28C, ,
Fresh PearCD6E, ,
Spring LawnCD0E4A5, ,
Desert HotspringsCE4D, ,
Tangy DillAD8D, , 86
Citrus TickleCDAD, ,
Green TeaACDD, ,
CeleryAD8DE7E, ,
Garden FreshCD8DF80, ,
Sonic LimeAC0D56E, ,
Afternoon DelightABDDB8C, ,
Lush MeadowCB7DC98, ,
Au NaturaleCA9DBA3, ,
Olive MarinadeCCBC58D, ,
Lavish LimeBD4CF3E, , 62
Lime BurstBC6D15E, , 94
TemptationBB2CD62, , 98
Greenhouse TintCBACB8D, ,
Spring MeadowCBBD38E, ,
Crocodile SmileCB4CE93, ,
GreenscapeAA8D, ,
Gentle LandscapeCA7D, ,
Garden SproutC96D49D, ,
Greek TapenadeBCDBC6B, ,
Lime PassionCC5C, , 37
Herb CornucopiaCC3C18B, ,
Parsley SprigBC2C54B, , 75
LimoliciousCA9C, , 66
Everglade GlenAB9C, ,
Parakeet GreenA7C, , 67
MartianCA7C, , 70
Spring LimeBA1CB67, ,
Superior GreenA90C, ,
New AvocadoAB8B, ,
Can't Miss LimeBEBD3B, , 59
AsparagusCAEB83A, , 58
Brush MeadowAA9B37D, ,
Green GeckoAA7C06A, ,
Sunny DaleAA5BB78, ,
Pea PodA9DC37A, ,
Jaunty GreenB8AC56C, ,
Tossed SaladA86BF8C, ,
Green ShimmerA7BC, ,
Gilded PestoBB1A, , 89
Jalapeno JellyAB0AD70, ,
Fiddlehead FernBA3B, ,
Mardi Gras GreenB93AB64, ,
Chopped ChiveB96B55C, , 92
AwakeningC85BC50, , 80
Peaceful LeafA8CB96F, ,
Lucky CloverB87B66B, ,
Gamma GreenB71B96A, ,
Green GaloreB67B, ,
Crushed OreganoC9D, , 80
Organic GardenB9F9E61, , 97
Sassy Green93AB3E, , 62
Emerald IsleB9AA56D, ,
Meadow TwilightC89A64C, , 76
GreenwayC69AE44, , 68
Putting GreenB75AA5C, , 92
Spring LeavesB7FA, ,
Polly GreenC54A84F84, , 79
ElfB71B, ,
Shallow ValleyE48, , 72
Ivy PastureCC55, , 85
Palm LeafC7E8E4A, , 74
Mountain Botanical7F, , 67
Tropical FoliageCC54, , 84
LeprechaunC68A34A, , 74
Enchanted ForestCB4F96, , 79
Bright Parrot5A9E4890, , 72
Simply GreenC84, , 89
SpinachC48A72, , 89
Lovely Green, , 64
Field Time GreenCB57, , 87
Lime CandyF97, , 63
French Olive86, , 68
Vegas Green64, , 72
Green VibeBB5E0BD, ,
Green GalaC86D2A9, ,
Mino's EyeBB1E4C9, ,
Sea TreasureC87D8BB, ,
Simply AquaA6CD4BD, ,
Fresh MistC9AE1D1, ,
Mermaid's SongC99E1D1, ,
Sea WaveC8CD9D4, ,
Beach SparkleC8FD4DB, ,
Infinity PoolC9CD5E6, ,
Fresh MeadowC8ECA97, ,
KelpA8FC2A7, ,
Lavish GreenA73CDAE, ,
Aqua QuartzA6CD3BB, ,
NauticalC7ACDC6, ,
Playful PoolC8AC9CF, ,
Fiesta BlueA7BC5D9, ,
Summer SplashC88C9E6, ,
BillowC87C5E6, ,
SlumberC98C8EA, ,
Spearmint BurstA67C, ,
New MeadowB4EC19D78, ,
SeafarerA62C1B698, ,
BaysideA5FC8C095, ,
SwimA75BBBA, ,
Aqua OceanA6FC5C5, ,
RapidsA67C4CB, ,
Well WaterA6EB7BE, ,
Water FountainA7FBCD7, ,
Sea FrolicA6DB9E3, ,
DivotB50B80, ,
Tantalizing TealB2DBCA345, ,
Rainforest MistB32BDA450, ,
Twilight MeadowA5BAFAB91, ,
Turquoise TintB3CB5B160, ,
Rushing StreamB46B3B870, ,
Sea SerenadeA75B3C2, ,
Ocean SighA51AECE81, ,
Tidal BasinC77ADC9, ,
SkyscapeA70ADD7, ,
Cosmic GreenC2FA47, ,
SalamanderB6CA, ,
Tropical RainforestC19A25, ,
Laguna GreenB34A79E52, ,
Tidal TealBCA081, ,
Exotic SeaB2EA6B246, ,
Sea ExposureBEA982, ,
Gone FishingA5DA1AC93, ,
Fragrant BouquetBEBC38, ,
Rolling SeaB5BA3C691, ,
Beach GrassBC8787, ,
Sea SwellC0, ,
Spa GreenA5A90, ,
Tropical HideawayC20, ,
Dreamy TealB4E78, ,
Cool RainCBA19, ,
Tropical OasisBB82, ,
Aqua DanceB4F95A579, ,
Pool PartyB2D9ABC45, ,
Rushing RapidsA5E97B594, ,
Luscious Green35, , 72
Green SeaC0, ,
Elegant Silk55, ,
Blue TurquoiseCA870, ,
Fish StoryC3F63, ,
Garden PoolC0EF14, ,
Wishing WellC0A85A910, ,
Roadster BlueB5AE90, ,
Blue ChinaBA780, ,
Deep Blue SeaCAC67, ,
Deep MintC3E62, , 88
Green SuedeE18, , 94
Nordic Forest2F6F5E47, , 94
Stained GlassA730, ,
Pine ForestCC53, ,
Artisan GreenC53, ,
Bay TealCC0, ,
Vintage Teal0D6B7413, ,
Starry SkyCB52, ,
Ocean Soul0, ,
Four-Leaf CloverA4C54, , 76
Poker GreenB53, , 75
Northern HemisphereE40, , 94
Sensual Jade0, ,
Gypsy TealB23, ,
Shaded LakeF6F40, 95,
Pacific PleasureC8A20, ,
BluishCA7CBEB, ,
Sassy VioletAABAFDA, ,
Imperial LilacCB7ADD6, ,
PlinkAD0AAD3, ,
Pink PlungeCEAA7CA, ,
Magic WandAEBBADC, ,
Dawn's RevealADFADC4, ,
Pink FrenzyAEBA7C4, ,
Hushed RoseAF1B2C8, ,
Positively PinkCEC9BB8, ,
Autumn SkyC81B4DF, ,
High SeasA89B5DC, ,
Blue EyesA86ACD2, ,
Superior BlueA86ABD5, ,
Simply PeriwinkleA90ABD6, ,
Mysterious BlueA9AAFD8, ,
Purple GalaAC0A2D1, ,
La La LoveCC8A0C3, ,
Quilted HeartCCE9CB8, ,
Polka PinkADB9CB3, ,
Enchanted SeaA69A0D3, ,
BlissA8CA7CB, ,
Enchanted EveningAC4, ,
PurpliciousA94A5D2, ,
Quite LilacA9F93C8, ,
Gleeful JoyCAB6, ,
Amethyst PurpleCBB2, ,
Berry TwistCDAB, ,
Market FlowerCCF8CA9, ,
Raspberry SorbetBDC7FB4, ,
Blue BurstBD048, ,
Blue TangoBFD489, ,
SomedayBCD98, ,
JazzyBDBF, ,
Blue ShockB7F97CC, ,
Plum BurstBABA, ,
Berries GaloreBBB8, ,
Wild LavenderBAA8, ,
Purple StripeBAE7DA7, ,
Nice BerryBBF, ,
Star GazerBBC480, ,
Mountain LakeBB8, ,
Violet TwistBC0, ,
Simply PurpleB7D83BD, ,
GrapoliciousB8D7FBA, ,
Plum ShadeBAA5, ,
Purple JewelBAA2, ,
So Long ShadowBBA, ,
Cosmic PinkAD26EA4, ,
Rose DustBCA, ,
Cosmic BlueCEBB20, ,
WellspringB5E85B294, ,
Burbling BrookCA181, ,
Peek-A-Boo BlueCAC51, ,
Bedtime StoryB6A7BA2, ,
DazzleCDA985, ,
Twinkle NightC5A65A190, ,
Purple PhantomBAA4, ,
Dusky PurpleA, ,
Sonic PlumCA92, 90,
Vivid BlueC3E6AA562, ,
Bluer Than BlueC4F79, ,
RegalCA86, ,
IndigoC88, 99,
Purple FrenzyCB97, 97,
RollickCA92, 90,
Cosmic BerryCC, 85,
Pensive PlumA7A5B7A, 91,
Purple DavenportA, 87,
PlumberryA8CD, 84,
Egyptian BlueA66, ,
Precious SapphireE68, 89,
Deep SpaceCB56, 97,
Enchanted Navy72, 83,
Purple Royalty, 88,
Magician's CloakE6C, 78,
Brown CherryD, 70, 93
Berry Brown, 54, 73
Perfect Plum5B3C4791, 60, 71
Poetic Purple5D3A4B93, 58, 75
Karmic GrapeC5D93, 96,
Classic Royal Blue70, 83,
Homecoming BlueE8372, 78,
Jazzy Blue
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Chocolate Cream Pie

Coordinating Colours

Coordinating whites

Tahitian Vanilla

L8AW14AOrder chipColour chip added

Seven Sisters

L5AW11AOrder chipColour chip added

Any shade in this gradient will coordinate beautifully with Chocolate Cream Pie

How will the colour really look in your home?

How will the colour look in your home?

The lighting in your home can subtly change the look of colours. Sunshine is often a true reflection of the colour, whereas fluorescent lighting can add a blue tinge and energy saving bulbs find a middle ground between the two.

Our lightbox will give you a good indication of how your colour chip looks in different lighting, just click the buttons to see the changes.

For the most accurate reflection, pick up a tester pot to see how the colour looks in your home.

Find a storeOrder chipColour chip added

Disclaimer Screens and printers display colour differently, so how it looks on your devices might not be the same as how the paint colour will look on your wall. We recommend picking up a colour chip from our range in B&Q before you make a decision. All of our colours must be mixed in Valspar paint to ensure accuracy. Colour may vary depending on lighting conditions, sheen and the surface you’re painting.
Testing the scrubbability of Valspar® Premium Walls \u0026 Ceilings #Ad

We&#;ve made quite a few changes to our bedroom in the last month! Of all the rooms in our house, it was probably the room that we had decorated the least since we&#;ve lived here. I&#;ve had plans for a while, that after we got married, we would makeover our bedroom to make it feel more peaceful and relaxing and make it more &#;us.&#; So, as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, we got started on it!

First, we decided to paint the walls. Our landlord told us when we moved in that we were free to paint any walls, as long as whenever we moved, we left the leftover paint/paint can so he would have the color to get more paint mixed for future touch-ups. The existing color wasn&#;t horrible, but every room in our entire house is painted that color (except for the bathroom and laundry room which are both white). We really wanted to change up the color a bit and since our bedroom is a relatively small room, we thought it would be an easy room to change up with paint. Our bedroom also doesn&#;t get a ton of sunlight because of the dark wooden blinds on the windows (that are necessary to keep all of our neighbor&#;s porch/house lights out of our faces while we sleep), so we wanted to lighten the room up a bit with the new paint color.

Here you can see how splotchy the wall looked before we painted it. It had been touched up many times over the years and all the touch ups stood out.

Here is our room all cleared out (except for the bed and dresser in the middle of the room) and ready for paint! You can see in this picture that even though we have all the windows open and more sunlight is coming in than normal, the wall color still looks kind-of dark (and a little too orange-y for my taste).

The color we picked for the walls is &#;Sugar & Cream&#; from Valspar at Lowe&#;s. It is paint and primer in one and covered the walls really well. We had just enough paint in one gallon to do one coat and we decided it didn&#;t need more than that anyway. I don&#;t have any great pictures of the new color on the wall until the final afters of this post, so you&#;ll have to wait just a minute for those. 🙂

After we got the walls painted, before we even started to bring our stuff back into the room, I noticed something else I wanted to fix while we were at it &#; our headboard.

You can read all about how we got and attached this old door to our bed frame in this post. We had lived with our old door headboard in its natural state for about 8 months and I finally decided it was time for a change. Overall, the character of the natural wood in the door was interesting, but the color really clashed with the darker wooden blinds and darker wooden dresser in the room. It just looked really dingy and dirty. In a different house somewhere, it might have looked more shabby chic, but to me, in here, it just looked shabby.

I thought painting it would be the best idea, since I thought it could benefit from lightening up, but I figured I should at least try staining it first, so I could be sure that painting was the way to go. It is always easier to paint over something than to strip painted wood back down to stain it.

So I grabbed my can of stain, the same one I used to stain my desk in my office and about a million other smaller things. One coat of stain later and I was left with this HORRIBLE mess:

Instead of a pretty rich wooden color like my desk, this old door soaked up the stain completely different and just looked horrible. Some parts were kind of reddish, but most of it turned a darker grey color. I thought this new look just make it look even dirtier.

So, on to painting it was. Before painting it though, I decided that we should add a little bit of molding to the old door to make it look a little more &#;finished.&#; I had always wanted to do that and even mentioned it in this original post about the headboard, here, but we never added it because we had left the wood plain and if we added molding out of a different type of wood than the door, we knew we would have to paint it all to look seamless.

So off to Lowe&#;s it was to look for wood. We originally thought about putting crown molding along the top of the door, but  in order to do that, we would have had to buy more power tools to cut the molding correctly. I also kind-of thought it would add too much of a traditional feel and I wanted something a little more simple. We decided instead on just a simple trim using 1x2s and 1x3s to frame out the top and two sides of the door.

Then onto our next set of challenges. Usually when we&#;ve bought wood for other house projects, we&#;ve just had the people at Lowe&#;s use their saw in store to cut our wood down to the sizes we needed. This time, however, we went to two different Lowe&#;s and both of their saws were out of order. We don&#;t have our own power saw because we don&#;t really have room to store it and we&#;ve never really had to have one before. Luckily though, Drew got a jigsaw from his grandma as a wedding present and we thought we might be able to get all the small, straight cuts we needed for this project from that.

Once we got our wood home and took all our supplies outside to make the cuts, we realized that the outside of our house doesn&#;t have any plug-ins. We didn&#;t have an extension cord long enough to reach out our second story window to the front yard either. As a last resort we even tried to use the converter box in Drew&#;s car to plug the saw in, but it didn&#;t give out enough power to run the saw. So, we were left with having to make all the cuts inside the house.

Luckily, the saw worked perfectly to make the cuts we needed and it didn&#;t actually create as big of a mess as I thought it would.

We were really only left with a minimal amount of sawdust from the wood. Thank goodness.

We brought our headboard and wood into the hallway and set up shop there to get this makeover started.

For our makeover, we decided to add 1x2s to the front of the door on the top and both sides, then add 1x3s to the outside of the top and both sides as well. The top of the door headboard before had some notches in it where the door hinges used to be and was old and worn and not at all straight and finished looking. We basically just wanted to frame out the door a little more to give it a more finished look. We let the 1x3s on all the sides come out over the 1x2s about a quarter of an inch or so for a layered, stair-stepped look.

After getting all our trim attached it was time to get all the holes puttied up and the seams caulked for a smoother, seamless finished product.

Sometimes things have to get a little uglier before getting better, right?

Then we had to sand everything down to make it smooth again. Side note that we learned from this project &#; caulking is not sand-able like wood putty is. It doesn&#;t sand down smoothly, it just balls up and peels off, so if you use caulking for the seams, make sure you have them perfectly smoothed out with your finger before letting them dry. Lesson learned.

I wish I could say that the sanding step went just as smoothly inside as the wood cutting, but it did not. Sanding makes a mess, so hopefully if you attempt to make a project like this, you have outside plug-ins. If not, prepare yourself for a really dusty house and have your vacuum cleaner nearby to keep the mess under control.

 After all the sanding, we re-attached the door to our bed frame to make it easier to paint.

I chose a soft, warm, white paint, called &#;Wedding Bells&#; (how fitting!) from Valspar at Lowe&#;s for the door. I just got a quart and again it was paint and primer in one so it worked well for this project.

I worked late into the night to get the first coat of paint on. (We had to sleep on an air mattress in the living room for a week while we were painting the walls/staining then painting the headboard in here, so we were anxious to get this project finished and be able to get back in our own bed!) Once I was finished with the first coat and stepped back, I was a little dis-heartened. Our sanding job on the seams in the wood of the door was really bad and made the whole project look like crap.

So the next day, back to sanding it was. Unfortunately, that meant we had to get yet another part of the house messy and covered in dust from the electric sander.

But in the end, making sure that all your holes and seams are sanded smoothly really gives a much better looking product in the end, so it was all worth it. I also ran (by hand) a piece of fine grit sandpaper along the entire surface of the headboard as well. It is always essential when painting wood furniture that you lightly sand between the first layer of primer/paint for a smooth finish in the end. It really makes a big difference.

Finally, two more coats of paint later (and a little extra on the seam parts since the first coat was sanded off) we were left with a pretty, clean white headboard!

I am really impressed by the transformation that the extra molding around the edges and the crisp, white paint added to this headboard! It just looks so much more crisp and clean. I love the updated look. So simple and pretty.

Ready to get to some real before and afters?

This is what the old door headboard looked like in the room before:

And now, with a lighter wall color and some new bedding:

It makes the room feel so much lighter and airier! I also think it makes the room feel a little more young as well. I love taking something old and giving it a whole new life and purpose!

As you can see, we have still yet to find the right side tables for in here. I&#;ve been on a search like a madwoman for them! I just can&#;t find what I want (for an affordable price!). Plus the headboard is slightly larger than the bed and hangs over about 6 inches on each side, meaning I have to find sidetables that fit underneath it, so the tallest they can be is 26 inches high.

You might have also noticed a few other changes in here as well. The new sheer curtains in here are ones we bought and used on the pergola at our wedding that we got married under (I have lots of wedding pictures to show you soon!). They looked so pretty on the pergola at the wedding and I&#;m so happy that we got to re-use them in our bedroom. I&#;m super sentimental, so I love little things like that. They add such a pretty layer of softness to the room that I love. There are 8 panels total, so 2 on each end of the window. (They are the 95 in length bought online at Target, here)

We also have some new bedding in here as well. The previous mattelasse that we had on our bed (in the before picture above) was from my dorm room a couple years ago and was a full size (meant to hang far over a super tall twin size college bed). It was pretty, but too small for our queen size bed. I prefer my coverlet/comforters to hang farther over each side of the bed, so we really needed a king size coverlet. It was also ivory, and I really wanted white to go better with our new light and bright bedroom feel.

Over a year ago I posted about Restoration Hardware&#;s bedding with a rose window design on it that I loved. At $ (without tax or shipping) for the coverlet alone, it definitely wasn&#;t in our bedroom bedding budget. However, while shopping at Marshall&#;s the other day, I found this king size white coverlet with a really similar design for just $49! It is so soft and much lighter than our old mattelasse, which is great because Drew is a giant heater at night. I really, really love the circular rose window design on it, better than the one from Restoration Hardware actually. If you look closely you can also see little fleur-de-lis&#; in the design as well! Perfect for our life in New Orleans!

Drew hated the pillow shams that matched our mattelasse before, so with the new coverlet, I decided not to buy any matching pillow shams. Instead, I decided to go with king sized pillows in back, with two standard sized pillows in front. I love the layered look that adds without putting too many pillows on the bed. The king sized pillows fit perfectly across the width of our bed and I think they also make it feel a little wider as well. They are also nice for an added cushion behind my back when I&#;m sitting in bed doing my bible study at night. The white and cream patterned pillowcases are from Target.

We also bought this new rug for in here as well. The wood floors in here need badly to be refinished. They are rough and splintering right at the end of the bed. I had to walk really carefully across here to my side of the bed and be watchful of getting splinters in my feet. We had been looking for a long time for the right rug, and for $80 from Target, this one works just fine. No more splintery floor on my bare feet! (You can also see in this picture that we need to move up our curtain rods a bit to keep the ends of the curtains off the floor!)

Another addition to my bedside table (and an up-close view at the curtains) is this picture frame (on clearance from Wal-Mart) that we used on the guest sign-in table at our wedding. It goes with the colors of the room perfectly! I can&#;t wait to print out one of our wedding pictures to put in there.

Overall, I love the changes we&#;ve made to our room in the past few weeks! The wall color (although much more yellow than I expected it to be) makes the room a little brighter and cheerier, the rug is great, the curtains look much better in here than our old ones, I love the new bedding and pillows, and I absolutely love our made-over headboard!

Next on the list in here are definitely side tables, re-finishing Drew&#;s dresser, new sheets (already on this &#; the current ones are looking a little too orange in here now) hanging a big wedding picture above the dresser, and possibly new table lamps (the ones we have are from Drew&#;s old apartment and aren&#;t really my style and don&#;t really go in here &#; when the lights are off, the shades are grey which clashes with all the white, brown, and creamy yellows in here). We&#;ll get to all that eventually!

Oh, I almost forgot! Here is what our budget breakdown looks like for this project:

&#;$15 door from flea market
&#;$ for wood/bolts/screws to attach door to bed frame
&#;$30 in poplar boards (1x2s & 1x3s) from Lowe&#;s to trim around door
&#;$ in sanding pads for our electric mouse sander (had to buy several extra with all the sanding we ended up doing &#; still have some leftover though, so those can be used for another project)
&#;$ quart of paint (Valspar Paint & Primer in one, in &#;Wedding Bells&#; from Lowe&#;s) to paint headboard
&#;$ for Caulking to make seams nice and smooth
&#;$ for Cabinet/Door paint roller (I actually didn&#;t use this much, found a small angled paintbrush was easier for me)

TOTAL: (We actually spent the $15 for the door years ago and the $ in wood/bolts/screws to attach the door to bed frame almost a year ago, so technically we only spent $ on the actual headboard makeover.)

Not bad for the completely different look the headboard gives our bedroom! Buying any bed/headboard elsewhere would be much more than that! 🙂


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