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The Adventure of Link Heart Containers

In The Adventure of Link a total of four Heart Containers can be found across Hyrule. They will increase your overall life meter a little each time you find one. Below is a listing of all four of the Heart Container's locations.


  • AoL HC 001.png

    Location: Parapa Desert

    Conditions: None

    Heart Container #1: Go south from Parapa Palace through a small valley. You will encounter a scene where you must jump over water pits and avoid rising bubbles. The road will lead to a forest with a small area of grass in the middle; walk over the grass to encounter a Goriya and the Heart Container.
  • AoL HC 002.png

    Location: Midoro Swamp Cave

    Conditions: Acquire the Hammer

    Heart Container #2: Once you have obtained the Hammer, take out the rock just south of the Town of Rauru. Next, take out the rock blocking the cave to the right and enter the cave. Follow the cave to the end to find the Heart Container.
  • AoL HC 003.png

    Location: North of the Palace on the Sea

    Conditions: Acquire the Boots

    Heart Container #3: After obtaining the Boots go east from Harbor Town of Mido and walk out into the ocean. Once the Palace is visible start trying to walk north. When you are able to walk north, start walking east until you reach a scene containing the Heart Container.
  • AoL HC 004.png

    Location: East of Three Eye Rock

    Conditions: Acquire the Flute

    Heart Container #4: East of Kasuto are three rocks in a triangular shape. Walk along the southeast coast of this area to find a screen containing the Heart Container.
Sours: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/The_Adventure_of_Link_Heart_Containers


Heart Containers, Magic Containers, Dolls

There are four each of Heart Containers and Magic Containers, making for a total of eight container items. Collecting one adds an extra bar to the corresponding meter, so it's vital that you collect all eight in order to give yourself the best chance of surviving this challenging adventure! Additionally, there are six Dolls scattered throughout Hyrule, and each gives you an extra life. Much like the Heart/Magic Containers, Dolls are one-time only items, so once you grab them, that's it.

Heart Containers

Let's start with the Heart Container locations:

  • Clearing in the middle of small forest south of Parapa Desert (guarded by an Orange Goriya)

  • Cave east of Midoro Swamp (destroy boulder with Hammer to enter cave)

  • In the water north of Palace on the Sea (walk on water with Boots to reach)

  • Coast east of Three-Eye Rock

Magic Containers

And now for the locations of the Magic Containers:

  • Cave southwest of North Castle

  • West entrance of Spectacle Rock at Death Mountain (destroy boulder with Hammer to enter)

  • Western road at Maze Island

  • Kasuto (talk to old woman in purple at the second house, then follow her inside and go into the basement)


Finally, here are all six Doll locations (four in the overworld and the last two inside palaces):

  • Moruge Swamp (catty-corner to the boulder blocking the cave entrance)

  • Coast southwest of King's Tomb

  • Coast southwest of bridge leading to Maze Island

  • Northwest corner of swamp that's located southeast of River Devil (cast Jump to reach)

  • Three-Eye Rock Palace (in room above boss room, guarded by Blue Iron Knuckle at end of narrow corridor)

  • Great Palace (near the end, a few floors above final boss rooms, go left from elevator and jump across lava pits guarded by Bots)

Sours: /nes/563487-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link/faqs/76382/heart-containers-magic-containers-dolls
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The Legend of Zelda games included with the NES Classic Edition are, much like the Super Mario trilogy, amongst the most popular games in the system's library.

The original Legend of Zelda kicked off a cultural phenomenon that's still going strong today, and while The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is less popular than its predecessor, it still has a place in most fans' hearts.

Both games are tough thanks in part to their open-ended natures. This guide will help you find the items and power-ups you need to survive. Don't forget to check out the other tips and articles we've written about the NES Classic Edition and its games.

In other words, it's dangerous to go alone. Read this.

The Legend of Zelda Cheats and Hints

Where to find the dungeons -- Your foremost goal in The Legend of Zelda is to clear out Hyrule's dungeons and find the items and Triforce shards within. However, some of these strongholds are well-hidden. Here's how to get to each one.

Level 1 – The Eagle
From the game's starting point, go one screen right, four screens up, and one screen left. The dungeon is inside the tree trunk.

Level 2 – The Moon
From the game's starting point, go four screens right, two screens up, two screens right, one screen up, one screen left, and up the stairs. Enter the cave to find the dungeon.

Level 3 – The Manji
From the game's starting point, go one screen up, five screens left, one screen down, and one screen right. You'll find the dungeon inside the cave.

Level 4 – The Snake
You'll need the Raft for this one; you can find it in Level 3. From the game's starting point, go one screen right, one screen up, and use the Raft to travel to the next dungeon.

Level 5 – The Lizard
From the game's starting point, go seven screens right, four screens up, two screens right, one screen up, two screens left, and four screens up. You'll find the dungeon entrance here.

Level 6 – The Dragon
From the game's starting point, go one screen up, three screens left, one screen down, one screen left, three screens up, two screens right, and one screen up. The dungeon is inside the cave.

Level 7 – The Demon
From the game's starting point, go one screen up, two screens left, and one screen up. Use the Recorder (you can get the Recorder in the fifth dungeon) to dry up the faerie pond. The dungeon is down the staircaise.

Level 8 – The Lion
From the game's starting point, go right four screens, up two screens, right one screen, down one screen, and right one screen. You'll see a bush at the top-center of the screen that looks suspiciously out of place. Burn it down with a candle to reveal the entrance to the eighth dungeon.

Level 9 – The Entrance to Death (Ganon)
From the game's starting point, go right one screen, up five screens, left one screen, and up one screen. Cross the river, then go up one screen and left two screens. Bomb the left rock to reveal the final dungeon.

Now that you know the dungeon locations, you'll want to know how to beef up Link so he doesn't get utterly mauled by the enemies within. Time to go heart-hunting.

Have a heart -- The Legend of Zelda is a very open game. While your main goal is to find pieces of the Triforce scattered around Hyrule's dungeons, you should take plenty of time to wander the overworld in search of the Rupees and power-ups you need to make yourself stronger. For instance, the overworld has five heart containers that extend Link's health bar. Here's how to find them.

First heart
From the game's starting point, go four screens to the right. Place a bomb at the leftmost rock corner (where the mountain face forms a 90-degree angle). You can buy bombs, and the blue versions of some enemies (including Moblins and Octoroks) drop them. You can also get bombs as a reward for clearing some dungeon rooms.

Second heart
From the game's starting point, go four screens to the right, five screens up, and then one screen right. Place a bomb at the lower-right corner of the rock in the middle of the screen.

Third heart
From the game's starting point, go one screen right, three screens up, and then one screen left. Equip either the red or blue candle (you can buy a blue candle, and the red candle can be found in the seventh dungeon) and burn the fifth bush from the right to reveal a staircase. Downstairs, you're offered a heart container or the water of life. Go for the heart.

Fourth heart
From the game's starting point, go eight screens to the right and two more up. Use the ladder (which you can find in the fourth dungeon) to cross the gaps and reach the heart container.

Fifth heart
From the game's starting point, go eight screens to the right, then up for four screens. Use the raft (which you can get in the third dungeon) to reach a cave with an old man who offers you another water of life or heart container. Pick the heart container.

Easy rupees -- There are hidden Moblins scattered everywhere in Hyrule, and if you uncover them, they'll buy your silence (not that Link talks, anyway). Here are the locations of three Moblins who'll reward you with 100 rupees each if you keep their hiding places a secret from everyone.

First Moblin
From the game's starting point, go two screens to the left. Use a candle to burn down the third bush from the top. You'll find a Moblin hiding down the staircase here. Again, you can buy a blue candle, or get the red candle in the seventh dungeon.

Second Moblin
From the game's starting point, go seven screens to the right. Burn down the lower third bush from the left using a candle. Go down the stairs to meet a Moblin.

Third Moblin
From the game's starting point, go seven screens to the right, four screens up, two screens to the right, one screen up, and two more to the right. There's an hold man here who wants to play a gambling game, but you actually want to go behind his house and push up against the middle of the mountain wall. You'll find a secret passage that will take you to the third rich Moblin.

The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Cheats and Hints

Power up -- You can still find heart containers to extend Link's health bar in Zelda II, but there are only four this time around. However, you can also hunt down magic containers that expand Link's magic bar. Here's how to find the good stuff.

First heart
Travel south of Parapa Palace while sticking to the eastern shoreline. You'll find a heart container in a ring of trees. Be prepared to fight a Goriya for your prize.

Second heart
Travel south of Rauru until you find a cave. You'll find a heart inside. You need the hammer to get into the cave, which you can find at Spectacle Rock at the end of the Death Mountain maze.

Third heart
When travelling the invisible path to the Ocean Palace, keep pressing up on the controller until Link advances three spaces north. From there, walk east until you find a hidden heart container.

Fourth heart
Walk east from Three-Eye Rock (the sixth palace) and walk along the shoreline until you find a hidden area with the heart container.

First magic container
You'll find this in a cave just to the southwest of the Northern Palace (your starting point). You'll probably need to get the candle from Parapa Palace to safely navigate the terrain and grab the magic container within.

Second magic container
When you get the hammer at Spectacle Rock, you can test it out immediately by breaking the rock beside the cave entrance. Fall down into the hole to get a magic container.

Third magic container
There's a hidden hole in the lower left-hand area of the Maze Island. Fall down it to get a magic container.

Fourth magic container
This one's doubly-hidden. Go to the Hidden Town of Kasuto, which you'll find through a cave in the north-eastern corner of East Hyrule. Use the hammer to chop down the trees here and reveal the town. Inside, there's an old lady in a blue dress who will tell you to follow her. Go into her house to find the last magic container in her basement.

We can also help you get high scores in Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, and Mario Bros, plus we have tons of hints and secrets for Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3.

Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/the-legend-of-zelda-and-the-legend-of-zelda-ii-nes-classic-edition-dungeon-locations-heart-container-locations-and-how-to-find-lots-of-rupees
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - All Magic Containers
 New Fan Works Old Fan Works Zelda Series Multimedia Features Interactive Site InfoThe overworld is where you will do much of your journeying. In some ways, it's similar to the original Zelda game. It is an overhead view of the world. There are a few things you should know about the overworld. First of all, there are no enemies and the only items you can use are the flute and hammer (which cannot be used in battle scenes). The overworld is for getting from point A to point B, battle scenes make up the actual fighting. This page has tips for navigating the overworld, as well as a complete map.

On the overworld map, castles are easy to spot. They are little white pictures of castles. This particular one is level 4.
This is what it looks like when you enter the castle. All of the levels and battle scenes are in side-scrolling mode.
This is Link about to enter a town. Towns are indicated by a little group of houses on the overworld map. This example is Mido town (name sound familiar?).
This is what it looks like once Link enters the town. It is side-scrolling, but you won't need to fight enemies. Towns are a good place to get info and a little help. You can talk to townspeople, get magical spells, and get your hearts and magic filled up. It's a good idea to go into all the houses you can and talk to as many people as possible. Many of them give useful hints.
This is just one of the many caves. I recommend going into all the caves you can because many of them contain helpful items like magic ocntainers, heart containers, and treasure bags.
This is the inside of a cave. They all look pretty much the same, but they often have different layouts and different enemies in them.
This is one of the many "invisible" battle scenes. Notice where Link is. If he walks one square upwards he will be taken into the battle scene below. There are many of these hidden battle scenes all over Hyrule. They are not indicated at all, they're surprises. You will be taken into these hidden battle scenes regardless of whether or not there are those little black monsters running around. Hidden battle scenes are indicated by red squares with yellow outlines on my overworld map.
This is what it looks like in the hidden battle scenes. They all look just like regular battle scenes, but often have more enemies and more difficult obstacles.

Here is a complete map of the entire overworld. The overworld is divided into three parts: West Hyrule, East Hyrule, and Maze Island. All the major locations you need to know are indicated on the map.

Sours: http://www.kasuto.net/zelda2.php?main=zelda2/z2overworld.html

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Wiki Guide

Go directly south of Parapa Palace (Palace One) and through a small valley. You will see a three-by-three area with grass in the middle. Walk there and you will encounter a Goriya as well as the first Heart Container.

Heart container #2

After acquiring the Hammer, break the rock directly south of the Town of Rauru. Then go right and break another rock and enter the cave there. At the end of the cave is the second Heart Container.

Eastern Hyrule

Heart container #3

After obtaining the Boots, walk out towards the Ocean Palace. There is a hidden path that leads north of the palace where you will find the third Heart Container.

Heart container #4

East of Three-Eye Rock Palace is a beach. Walk along the shore of the beach until you find the hidden spot containing the final Heart Container.

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - All Heart Containers

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