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Nix your phone and avoid any unwanted sales calls

Do you know that you can nix your phone if you have a Swedish phone number? Imagine that you finally settle down on the couch after a long day and start a n episode of your new favorite serie. After a few minutes, your private phone rings, from a number you do not recognize. We are probably many who have been called by a sales person who refuses to accept that you do not want to buy their goods or services. You rarely feel that you have time to take the call, let alone explain, in a nice way, that you are not interested in buying anything. If you feel that you do not want to receive this type of call, you can use NIX-Telephone to “nix” your Swedish number. Nixing a number means blocking your number against telephone calls for sales marketing or fundraising purposes.

How to nix your phone?

Nixing your phone number is super easy. All you have to do is call 077-228 00 00 from the number you want to add to the register. You will come to an automated system and then follow the instructions. It all is done in virtually no time and costs nothing.

Nix your phone via the web page

If you prefer to block your phone through their website, you can browse here:

Nix your phone in different ways


What happens next?

Once you have done the registration and your number has been entered in the NIX-Telephone lock register, your telephone number is immediately blocked. However, it may take about 2 months before all affiliated companies have updated their records, which is why it can take a while before the sales calls end completely. The lock then applies until you remove it or if your subscription is transferred to another person. If you want to remove your lock instead, you call 0772280000 and follow the instructions.

NIX nixa din telefon

What is not included with NIX Phone?

If you are already a customer of the company, the NIX lock does not apply. Political campaigns, community information or surveys also do not apply under NIX-Telefon. So companies and organizations can still call you for these purposes. In addition, companies do not need to update their records more than two months. Therefore, you can still receive sales calls up to two months after you have blocked your number.

Why is NIX available?

NIX is available to make it easy for consumers and individuals to inform organizations that they do not wish to receive calls. In this way, private individuals should avoid receiving unwanted calls for sales or marketing purposes. This makes it easier for companies and organizations to know which people do not want to receive this type of call. According to the Marketing Act, marketers are required to check whether a private person has placed their number in NIX-Telefon before calling (with some exceptions).

Who operates the NIX-telefon?

It is the NIX-Telefon Association that runs this register. Since then, the association has ten industry and interest organizations as members. This is a privately owned Swedish register which then sells the data on to companies against, the fee is either against a license fee or per verified number. No fee is charged to consumers who use the register but are completely free of charge.

Block against direct mail to your mailbox

You can also nix your home address to avoid addressed direct mail. You do this via the internet and use your mobile bank ID to verify you.

So if you want to avoid sales calls to your private phone, you can nix your number in no time.

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