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ConstellationEffect AevitasNearby living entities receive Regeneration,
Plants experience accelerated growth ArmaraHostile mobs and projectiles are repelled away from the Pedestal DiscidiaHostile mobs near the Pedestal take damage over time EvorsioBreaks solid blocks near the Pedestal VicioEntities near the Pedestal receive creative flight BootesNearby animals "shed" their drops as if they were slain FornaxNearby blocks become their burnt or smelted counterparts HorologiumMachines experience bonus ticks and work faster LucernaHostile mobs do not spawn around the Pedestal MineralisNearby Stone has a chance of becoming ore blocks OctansNearby Water blocks become easier to fish PelotrioEntities experience a higher chance of spawning, including hostile mobs

Astral Sorcery, Last Chapter: “Rituals”

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~Welcome my amino astronomers, I’m Gabu and this is the last chapter blog of Astral Sorcery. No more constellation to go over with, no more weaponry nor more crafting to do only going over the rock crystal growth, interesting features, tips and rituals~

>~Astral Sorcerers learn from time to time that the dark isn’t scary no more. It is just the true light from the outer space without needing our nearest star [Sun]. Through the mod, you learned how to defend and use all features of the game to have fun and be protected as a son or daughter of the night~<

By: Gabushatoki Silver.

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•Rock Crystals•

-If you have followed along with this series of blogs, Rock Crystal and Celestial Crystals have an important use on almost every crafting recipe through the mod of Astral Sorcery. Their stats as Purity, Size, and Cutting have drastic changes on weapon, tools, and collector crystals. But how can be increased the stats?

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-Size is increase by leaving a Crystal in liquified starlight, the fluid doesn’t get removed. Meaning the player has time to time check how much is left to grow. Celestial and Rock Crystal doesn’t de-spawn on liquified starlight!

-Purity is increase by splitting the Celestial or Rock Crystal. This split only happens when the Crystal has maximum (Rock Crystal is 400, while Celestial Crystal is 900) size, so you do have to keep the eye on both, later on, to make them have more size and don’t split.

-Cutting is increase by using the grindstone, is better to make an action and check the Crystal, if the Crystal is already full or maximum of cutting (100%) and is once again use with the grindstone the Crystal is going to be a break as a tool will do.

-Already Attuned Crystals can’t be increased their size, cutting nor purity!

-To the size only be increased to A Crystal that is inside a liquified starlight block only! Two in a single block WONT work.

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•Ritual Structure•

-The ritual pedestal needs a structure in order to work, is a flat surface structure. Only bringing an image helps to understand how the structure goes;

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•20 Marble Arch (Borders)

•24 Marble Bricks

•1 Chiseled Marble (Under Ritual Pedestal)

•12 Marble Stone

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•Ritual Anchor•

-To anchor an effect from a ritual to another location of many locations you need a ritual anchor at least on the fifth (5th) block on top of the ritual pedestal!

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-There must be no block between the ritual anchor and ritual pedestal!

-Remember to use the Linking Tool yo link both Ritual Anchor. Use the Linking “from” first to the ritual anchor where the ritual pedestal is under and then the Linking of “To” to the other ritual anchor/anchors you want the effect to be given!

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•Enhancing a Ritual•

-To enhance the effect range and the potency of a ritual you most link a Collector Crystal to a Ritual Pedestal with a running Ritual (Already working ritual), 5 beams of starlight will try to come out so you will use Lenses and re-link them to the ritual pedestal again. By each beam going back to the ritual pedestal, new details on the floor can be seen. For example, a circle of starlight particles, the constellation mark on the center, and rays of light start been seen too. The following video shows an example of how to do such a thing;


-The place where the beam of starlight that jumps out of the ritual pedestal can go in any direction! They are random by the game, many times is a misfortune that the same beam of starlight can be reflected to the direction from where the first starlight beam comes from ( the one that starts giving the enhancing to the ritual).

-Remember to use Lenses, and they must be linked back to the Ritual Pedestal!

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-Each effect given from the Ritual Pedestal is brought it from which rock crystal you are using. The better max out the Crystal is, the best it works. I highly recommend using celestial crystals, but it is an early game still you do can use rock crystals. Remember they have to be attuned to a constellation!

>~Bright Constellations~<

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•Aevitas: Nearby living entities receive Regeneration, plants experience accelerated growth.

•Armara: Hostile Mobs and Projectiles are repelled away from the pedestal.

•Discidia: Hostile Mobs near the pedestal take damage over time.

•Evorsio: Breaks solid blocks near the pedestal.

•Vicio: Entities near the pedestal receive creative flight.

>~Dim Constellations~<

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•Bootes: Nearby animals “shed” their drops as if they were slain.

•Fornax: Nearby blocks become their burnt or smelted counterparts.

•Horologium: Machines experience bonus ticks and work faster.

•Lucerna: Hostile mobs do not spawn around the pedestal.

•Mineralis: Nearby Stone has a chance of becoming ore block.

•Octans: Nearby Water blocks become easier to fish

•Pelotrio: Entities experience a higher chance of spawning, including hostile mobs.


-Some inspiration of uses for all of you;

•Using the Lucerna ritual hostile mobs can’t spawn on a BIG, MASSIVE range.

•Using the Discidia and Pelotrio together can be used as a mob farm.

•Using Mineralis and Lenses with Break Colored Lens you don’t need to go to the mines no more!

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•Aquamarine Farm•

-As you may read before, lava, when interact with liquified starlight, became sand or sometimes aquamarine shales. But what about using the Containment Chalice to make it more compact and hoppers to collect the dropped blocks. Leave it an hour and when you come back you’ll see that you have a ton of sand and some aquamarine shale that later on can be harvest with fortune!

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Renewable sand, aquamarine shale, obsidian, stone and cobblestone


-You can do similar interacting features using water and lava chalice to gather Cobblestone, Stone, and Obsidian. May prefer ice by using water and liquified starlight chalices!

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-Let’s say you got more mods with you, perhaps mods that add conduits that can take out or give fluids to blocks or give and take out items out! If you want to automate easily the lightwell you can do such by connecting the conduits/tubes/node/duct by the bottom to either take out the fluids and give items!

user uploaded image
Orange, Output | Cyan, Input

-You can also make a lightwell work faster if is linked with starlight beams! Meaning having rock crystals, aquamarines, celestial crystals, resonating gems can take out more liquified starlight than normal!

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-The new commands given are “query” is used as “/time query daytime”, the game would tell you which day is the one you have! Another one could be “/as” to interact farther with all Astral Sorcery commands! Such as “/as attune” (to be attuned), “/as build” (to spawn a structure),

“/as constellation” (to unlock that constellation), “/as exp” (to gain a number of perk experience!), and more!

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-After the Eclipse event which looks like this;

user uploaded image

-That same night the constellation Horologium is going he showed! Also, you can check this same constellation if it is day 36 on the game! You have the opportunity again on an additional 36 more days (Minecraft days).

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•Have you missed a blog?•

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~That’s all for Astral Sorcery adds to the game, any thoughts, questions go ahead and comment. Please leave a like, share so we grew the community more and more! Subscribe to my YT channel and have a wonderful day or night! Bye my astronomers :D~

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Video Game / Astral Sorcery

Astral Sorcery is a Game Mod for Minecraft themed around drawing power from the stars and constellations. This mod adds shrines that spawn in the world, as well as two new ores that can be collected: Aquamarine, which normally spawns in sand underwater, and Rock Crystal, which spawns near bedrock in small clusters.

Astral Sorcery provides examples of:

  • Armor of Invincibility: The late-game Mantle of Stars, a chestplate with slightly worse protection than Diamond, but far better enchantability and can give a variety of other effects, such as completely blocking attacks every so often, doubling as an Elytra, refilling the player's health and hunger over time, etc.
  • Big Book Of Everything: The Astral Tome. Similarly to Botania, it is not omniscient at first, and more sections open up as the player progresses through the mod via making the different luminous crafting table upgrades.
  • Breakable Weapons: Averted with the Crystal Equipment — their stats degrade with use, but will never outright break.
  • The Corruption: A variant. The faint constellation Alcara can "corrupt" other constellations, reversing the effect of most rituals.
  • Encounter Bait: The Pelotrio ritual increases the spawn rate of all entities, including hostiles, in its radius. Earlier, you can craft Nocturnal Powder, which when used, will spawn several monsters.
  • Encounter Repellant: The Lucerna ritual prevents hostile mobs from spawning in its radius.
  • Fantasy Metals: Starmetal. Ingots made from it have a dark blue color to them, and don't spawn naturally, instead created when you direct starlight onto Iron Ore. It cannot be used in tools, however, unless if the Tinker's Construct addon PlusTic is also installed.
  • Fictional Constellations: The mod has its own unique set of constellations, which the player can learn the looks of through constellation papers. There are three sets of constellations that can be learned as you progress: the bright constellations can be found by anyone, dim constellations need a telescope to be discovered and can only be found by attuned players, and faint constellations need an observatory to be found.
  • Flight: The Vicio Ritual gives creative flight to players in its radius. A Vicio-attuned Mantle of Stars allows for Not Quite Flight similarly to the Vanilla game's Elytra, but can become full blown flight if the user has a certain perk.
  • Gemstone Assault: You can make tools out of Rock Crystal. Unlike vanilla tools, their stats depend on the stats of the crystals used to make it, and instead of losing durability, they slowly lose power and would need to eventually need to regain lost size by dipping them in starlight and re-sharpened at a grindstone.
  • Geo Effects: At night, starlight is much more available, and more starlight is available at higher altitudes. Certain places, found via a Fonic Resonator, have a lot more starlight in them, making them ideal places to build a setup.
  • Hard Light: Downplayed, you can aquire Liquid Starlight. It functions similarly to water, but going inside will give temporary night vision to the player, emits light, and creates ice on contact with water, and sand on contact with lava. It is also an important crafting ingredient, and can be used to grow rock crystals.
  • Heavenly Blue: In addition to white, blue is associated with the stars: constellations appear in blue after being discovered, and many materials are blue.
  • Light 'em Up: There are many light-themed items in the mod, though most are not offensive in nature: Illumination powder is an intangible light source, a Cave Illuminator places light sources in caves below itself, the wand of illumination can freely place light sources. The Lucerna constellation has light-themed benefits as well. For an offensive use, you can put a Damage lens on a Lens redirecting starlight to make it damage entities, or a break lens to make it break blocks.
  • Making a Splash: The Octans constellation is associated with water.
  • Magic Wand: There is the Resonating Wand that is needed to start the mod and mainly serves as a tool for dowsing for Rock Crystals and crafting things. Later on, you can make the Wand of Impulsion (which serves somewhat like a Grappling-Hook Pistol in wand form), the Wand of Formation (places many blocks at once in a line), the Wand of Conversion (same as wand of Formation but instead changes blocks into other blocks), and later the Wand of Illumination (can be used to place light sources). Even later, you can attune your Resonating wand to a constellation to give it additional properties, such as being an impromptu shield or giving a buff to your damage based on how many consecutive attacks you make. However, unlike many other fellow magic mods like Thaumcraft or Botania, there aren't any wands with a pure offensive use.
  • The Night Owl: Since starlight is most active at night, players delving into this mod would likely become this trope.
  • Power Crystal: Loads. Rock Crystals are mineable and are a key ingredient throughout the mod, Celestial crystals are upgraded versions of the former that can get better stats, Collector crystals are large floating crystals that can be placed in the world and are good sources of starlight.
  • Ritual Magic: A mechanic in the mod. By building a multiblock ritual pedestal and placing an attuned rock crystal on it, the surrounding area gains various effects. Outside of the ritual pedestal, the mod gives the vibe to this as well, since most placeable things in the mod need a multiblock structure to function.
  • RPG Elements: Once you attune yourself to a particular bright constellation, you can gain levels that can be used on various perks to passively buff yourself.
  • Ruins for Ruins' Sake: You can find shrines throughout the world that contain chests, which often have constellation papers, aquamarine, and assorted goodies like gold ingots, ender pearls, or even the occasional diamond. The larger shrines have a large collector crystal inside, and are needed to be found to begin the mod.
  • Star Power: The main theme of the mod, being based around gaining power from the stars.
  • Stone Wall: The Armara constellation is all about defense, giving defense-related perks, defensive enchantments, etc.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: The Celestial Gateway is a multiblock structure that can let the player teleport to any other celestial gateway, including those in other dimensions.
  • Time Master: The Horologrium constellation is associated with time. It can give haste and speed on potions, its ritual makes nearby machines work faster, and adds a Time Stands Still effect to the Mantle of Stars.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Starlight transmutation's main use is transmuting iron ore into starmetal ore, but it can change a few select blocks into other blocks, one of which being turning pumpkins into cake. While this is a fairly novel way of getting food, it isn't the most useful thing. However, Botania has a generating flower which generates Mana using cake, making using starlight in this manner incredibly powerful if both mods are installed at once.
  • Total Eclipse of the Plot: Every 36 days, a solar eclipse will appear which will darken the sky. Somewhat downplayed since this event mainly serves as a signal that the elusive Horologium constellation will appear in the next night.
1.15/1.16 Astral Sorcery Pt7 -Bit-By-Bit-💗Rituals💔

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Enigmatica 2 Expert - HOROLOGIUM RITUAL [E65] (Modded Minecraft)

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