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Hable hampers, storage boxes, and baskets add a touch of organization to any space, providing you a tidy and sweet solution for your paperwork, magazines, toys, sports equipment, laundry - you name it! Durable, sturdy, and pretty! Proudly hand-printed on the heaviest utility canvas and made in the good ole USA! Storage boxes ship flat for ease while bushels are shipped stacked if multiples.

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Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Wave goodbye to all your home storage problems with Dunelm’s impressive collection of boxes. We’ve got big boxes, small boxes, boxes with wheels, boxes you can sit on, square boxes, round boxes and pretty much any other kind of box you can think of.

Ottomans and trunks

Our ottomans are a particular favourite with our customers. Not only are they an attractive addition to any living room, bedroom or hallway, they are multi-purpose, too. Fill them up with things you need to store away, close the lid and they’re handy seats. Some even have slightly cushioned lids to make them comfortable, whether you’re putting your shoes on or just having a rest. We also sell basket-style ottomans for an authentic village feel in your home. From velvet finish to a really funky modern pattern, you’ll find the ottoman that suits your room at Dunelm.

If you want something a little more formal but want to keep things light and pretty, our range of storage trunks is bound to contain something that takes your fancy. Available in finishes like wicker and rope, they have an understated charm that people love.

Baskets in all sizes and materials

“Basket” doesn’t always mean wicker, but whatever your needs, there’s bound to be one for you. Our seagrass ottoman is ever popular, and since it’s available in two sizes, you can choose the perfect one – or get both, of course. We also stock a range of plastic baskets that are ideal on tabletops, in kitchens and in bedrooms. Starting at as little as £1, you can get as many as you want without breaking the bank.

All sorts of boxes

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boxes. A few seconds looking at our collection is all you need to tell you there’s a huge choice when it comes to your storage needs. From the purely functional plastic boxes with capacity up to 100 litres, to beautiful wooden storage boxes and ornate hand-painted chests. If you’re not looking for a particular kind of box, you can sort the category by colour so you can be sure the box you get will match your room’s decor. So whether you’re looking for some storage for the loft, some under-bed storage or a box especially for shoes , one thing is guaranteed – we’ve got it.

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Are you always struggling to organize your underwear, socks, and small personal items so that they are visible and easily accessible right when you really need them? Well, with this Foldable Storage Organizer you will always have your undergarments, socks, accessories, and small personal items conveniently organized.Now all your delicates, accessories, and more are arranged and easily accessible at all times! Size:30x30x22 cm Material:non-woven fabrics Drawer-style Organizer for Underwear, Socks, Accessories and More. Foldable and durable. Hierarchical design,Convenient classification.

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