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To access encrypted RAR archives, you are required to enter the password used to protect them. If you do not have this password, you have two options – give up and delete the file or recover the password. Do you want to know how to decrypt RAR file? Then read this post to the end, as we will show you ways to carry out this operation effectively and safely.

Method 1. Decrypt RAR Password Online(Not Recommended)

Several websites provide RAR password decryption services. I am not referring to websites where you download the password decryption tools; with these platforms, you can decrypt RAR password online. One such website is To decrypt RAR password online, you do not need to download any software; it’s all done on the website. LostMyPass will be our case study; you will learn how to decrypt an encrypted RAR file online below.

Step 1: Open on your internet browser.

Step 2: Find the field where you upload the RAR archive, browse for it on your computer, and import the RAR file to upload it to their servers.

Step 3: Once you successfully upload the RAR file, it will begin to decrypt RAR password online. It may take some time, but you will see a “Download” button after a while. Click “Download” to save the unlocked file.

If your RAR file is not of sensitive nature, then feel free to decrypt RAR password online, but to maintain privacy, we do not recommend this method. The reason being that these websites save the data on their servers, and unlocking it means that whoever is at the other end of things can access your documents.

For the best results, I recommend that you opt for professional RAR password recovery software. The next methods will introduce two powerful password unlock tools and how to decrypt WinRAR files using them.

Method 2. Decrypt RAR Password with cRARk

The first tool is called cRARK. cRARK is a free tool for unlocking encrypted RAR archives with a password of fewer than 29 characters. If you used other software before giving cRARK a test, the first thing you will notice with cRARK is its incredible speed. It uses a brute-force attack to decrypt WinRAR password easily. However, it’s not all roses. cRARK does not have a graphical user interface, and all the operation is carried out on command line/terminal, so it looks like cRARK was designed for geeks. But don’t be scared because it’s pretty easy to use when you get the hang of it. Below is how to decrypt WinRAR files using cRARK.

Step 1: Open the crack website and download the right cRARK version for your operating system.

Step 2: Run Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key and searching for “CMD” and run some commands.

Step 3: In a command that runs without error, you only need to wait for your RAR archive password to be cracked. When that happens, you will be notified.

cRARK may be one of the fastest tools you can find to decrypt WinRAR password, but the lack of a graphical user interface is a huge drawback. Also, cRARK has only the brute-force attack and limits you to cracking passwords with 28 characters. The third method below is perhaps more powerful than cRARK, has a beautiful interface, and features more password attack modes.

Method 3. Decrypt RAR Password with PassFab for RAR

For a complete solution to decrypt WinRAR files, you have PassFab for RAR. With PassFab for RAR, you are given 3 password attack modes to use based on what you know (or do not know) about the password and your specific needs. PassFab for RAR is powered by robust algorithms that make its operation more reliable than the other methods on this list. Speaking of this list, PassFab for RAR does not save your files to their server like our first method, and your data is guaranteed to be untouched following the password cracking operation. Although this tool is quite easy to use, we will still show you detailed steps on how to decrypt RAR file with it, but first, let us highlight some of the most important features of this program.

Free Trial

Key Features

  1. It offers a very high password recovery rate at a whopping 98%. This almost guarantees you success in your password recovery.
  2. Unlike the other tools on this list, if you cannot complete the password recovery for any reason, you can count on PassFab for RAR to save the progress and resume successfully at a later time without errors.
  3. PassFab for RAR is a 100% secure tool, as it does not save your data or share it with a third-party.
  4. It features 4 different ways to unlock your RAR file. Selecting an appropriate mode greatly increases efficiency and reduces the recovery time.
  5. Best of all, you are welcome to try out the program for free before making the purchase. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to gamble about.

How to use PassFab for RAR

Step 1: Download, install and launch the program on your computer.

Step 2: On launching PassFab for RAR, you are welcomed with a screen showing the four password attack modes. First, import the RAR file you want to decrypt.

Step 3: After importing the archive, select one of the options and then click “Start.” Below is an overview of the various password attack modes:

  • Dictionary attack: PassFab for RAR sports a dictionary from which it will attempt all the words there. You can modify this dictionary to suit your specific scenario. Use this attack if the password may be a dictionary word.
  • Mask attack: Select the mask attack if you remember some of the characters of the password.
  • Brute Force attack: The Brute Force attack lets you set properties of the forgotten password as a guide for password cracking. Some of the properties could include all capital letters or all small letters, and so on.

Step 4: On clicking “Start,” PassFab for RAR starts to decrypt the RAR file. And in no time, you will see your recovered password displayed on the screen. Finally, you can either write out this password or click “Copy” to save it to your clipboard.

When you open the RAR archive following this operation, use the recovered password to access the file.


Most people have at one point asked how to decrypt WinRAR files, and searching online gives you loads of results. You can decrypt RAR password online, using geeky tools or professional, user-friendly software. In this article, we have presented to you the best ways to do each. After reading this post, you see why the last option is recommended. If you need to decrypt, you are now equipped with all the information you need for success. Good luck recovering your RAR archive password.

Free Trial

How to Decrypt an Encrypted WinRAR File without Password

Are you in such confused situation? Encrypted RAR/WinRAR file password forgot or lost when you just want to open and edit WinRAR archive? If it is, I think an effective way would be important if you want to decrypt encrypted WinRAR file without password at this moment.

In order to satisfy most people who encounters such problem, now two solutions to decrypt winrar file will be introduced in two situations. Hope they can help you.

  1. Solution 1: Decrypt Encrypted WinRAR File Offline without Password
  2. Solution 2: Decrypt Encrypted WinRAR File Online without Password

Solution 1: Decrypt WinRAR File without Password Offline

As is known, WinRAR can compress files to be RAR or ZIP archives, and decompress RAR or ZIP archives. But when you want to decrypt encrypted winrar file, you could find WinRAR would ask you for password before starting extracting. So if you prepare to decrypt encrypted WinRAR archive, it is necessary to get WinRAR file password at first. The question is that whether there is a powerful password recovery tool that can do this? If not, we should consider recovering password for every kind of WinRAR file deparately.

Surely there is. For example, what I know is RAR Password Genius could work for RAR passwrod recovery and ZIP Password Genius available for ZIP password recovery. The steps of how they do are the same. So now let's see how to decrypt RAR file with RAR Password Genius.

Steps to Decrypt Encrypted WinRAR File Offline with RAR Password Genius

Step 1: Install and run RAR Password Genius on your computer.

Choose trial or full version depends on RAR file password length. Trial version recovers password no more than 3 characters, while full version could decrypt encrypted RAR files regardless of forgotten RAR password complexity and length.

Note: The rar password recovery tool used in this article is Standard version, which could recover RAR password on one computer. Besides it, there is Professional version available for fast RAR archive password recovery in LAN.

decrypt encrypted rar file offline

Step 2: Click Open button to browse and add encrypted RAR file from computer to RAR Password Genius.

Step 3: Select password recovery type from Type of attack and make settings.

Step 4: Click Start button to recover RAR password and decrypt RAR file in WinRAR.

decrypt encrypted winrar file password successfully

Once Start button clicked, imported RAR file password will be recovered successfully when you see a new dialog appears with a RAR file password. Then you can copy it to decrypt RAR file in WinRAR, when you are ready to open files in RAR archive or extract RAR file.

Solution 2: Decrypt WinRAR File Online with Decryption Service

From solution 1, we can see that the key to decrypt encrypted WinRAR file is RAR file password. And WinRAR file decryption service online takes place on distant servers provided by website owner, so there is no need to install additional password recovery software on computer to decrypt RAR file.

Step 1: Look for a safe website that provides WinRAR file decryption service.

Probably some websites are free, while some would ask for payment. But the most important thing to decrypt winrar archive online is the website safety. Otherwise, even though you can successfully decrypt *.rar or *.zip file online, the contents in archive file has been lost or damaged, or the archive is used by others.


decrypt winrar file online

Step 2: Follow wizard on website to upload encrypted WinRAR file, and wait for WinRAR file decryption.

Until WinRAR file is decrypted successfully and confirm WinRAR archive safely, we can pay for decryption service. And download WinRAR file to open on computer.

Comprision of decrypting WinRAR file online and offline:

In a word, there are different advantages and disadvantages in offline or online decryption method. Now talk about them in following about efficiency, security and ease of use.

1. Efficiency. Archive password recovery tool promises to decrypt WinRAR file password successfully and free recover password if it is no more than 3 characters. Online method would try best to recover RAR/ZIP password first and then ask for payment. Sometimes, it probably fail without any tips.

2. Security. Password recovery tool recovers WinRAR file password offline on your computer. So security of your computer relates to the security of WinRAR file. While, if you upload WinRAR encrypted file to specified website to decrypt WinRAR file, we can't promise the WinRAR file safety.

3. Ease of use. There are operation wizards for each step during recovering WinRAR file password with RAR Password Genius, and it can work without network. However, if you take online method, network is necessary and you have to upload encrypted WinRAR file to specified website and write down your receive email.

So do you think which one is better for you to decrypt an encrypted WinRAR file without password?

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3 Methods to Remove RAR Password without Software 2020

Please imagine a situation when you are trying to extract a RAR file downloaded from the internet but it asks for a password which you have no idea with. The awful experience is quite common since nowadays many people upload documents, videos, and other useful files to the internet in RAR or other archive format. More often than not, you’ll need passwords to access the contained data. In this article, we are going to know how to remove password from RAR file without software.

Remove RAR Password

RAR, Roshal Archive Compressed file, is basically formed when a large number of big files are compressed into a small file. Since compressed files are easy to transfer and share, RAR is preferred on the internet, especially for download websites, online clouds, and email attachments. Besides password removing, RAR users should also know how to recover deleted RAR archive files with Jihosoft File Recovery in case of accidental deletion or formatting.

Download File Recovery for WindowsDownload File Recovery for Mac

Why RAR file is preferred:

  1. RAR is one of the foremost archive formats.
  2. The compressed format saves not only space but also the data and time.
  3. It is safe and easy for file transferring.
  4. It allows password protection, which can keep the important file saved from any unauthorized access.

So, if you have downloaded a RAR file which is password protected. Then, follow the ways given below to unlock it.

Why to Remove RAR File Password without Using Software

The online market is flooded with many file password breakers for unlocking RAR files. However, some of them don’t work at all, others give you some hope but ask for money at the last step. If it is a known-precious document, like PDF, then we could consider using a premium PDF password remover for long term, but for an unknown RAR file, we’d better try some alternative methods.

If you have been searching for RAR file password remover, but end up with wasting time, then the following methods may help you remove password from RAR files without any software.

Warning: Always make an extra copy of the original RAR file in case the solutions below fail to work causing permanent corruption to the document.

Method 1. Remove Password from RAR File with CMD

In order to help non-technical users crack password-protected RAR files easily, some advanced user has included command lines in a batch file, which works as a free password cracker for RAR file.


  1. The BAT file executes the commands in your local computer and dose no harm to your computer or data privacy. You can open the batch file with Notepad to look through the codes.
  2. Make sure WinRAR has been installed to C:\Program Files\WinRAR\ on your computer so that the BAT file will be able to run the program.

Steps to find RAR password with CMD

  1. Download the BAT file for cracking RAR password.
  2. Double click the BAT file to run it. You will be required to enter the file name and location of the RAR file that needs to be unlocked.
  3. Open the folder that contains the RAR file.
    • Copy the full name, including the .rar extension, and paste it in the window, then press Enter.
    • Right click the folder name in the address bar of File Explorer, choose Copy address, then paste the full address in the window and press Enter.
      Steps to find RAR password with CMD
  4. Wait for the process to complete.
    Steps to find RAR password with CMD

Depending on the complexity of the password, this method may take some time to finish the process, but it is absolutely free for use. It usually only works for numeric passwords.

Method 2. Remove Password from RAR File Using Notepad

Removal of the password of RAR file using Notepad is very easy and does not involve the usage of any software. Notepad is present in PC as a pre-installed app. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to unlock the RAR file using Notepad.

  1. Right click on the locked RAR file, select Open with > Choose another app, then select Notepad.
  2. On Notepad, click Edit > Replace…, then replace the following two items.
    • Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà’
    • Replace ‘IžCO with IžCO
  3. Save the file. Now use your Archive tool to extract the RAR file. You will find that you are not asked for any password to open the file.

This method works better with pure numeric passwords, so you may have a try with it first. If it doesn’t work, you could move to other solutions.

Method 3. Remove RAR Password Online

This method allows you to remove RAR file password without any use of the software. However, this method first converts the RAR file into Zip file. Meanwhile, it unlocks the RAR file by converting it to zip file. Now, you can find the steps to change and unlock the RAR file into the zip file.

Steps to unlock the RAR file

  1. First of all, open the online zip converter.
  2. Now, search your locked RAR file from the device or drive by clicking on “Browse“. You can also paste the URL of the file to be converted into a zip file. Moreover, it also allows you to select the file from the Dropbox.
  3. Now, click on the Convert file.
  4. This site will upload the RAR file to its server and then convert it to zip file. This involves the removal of the password from the RAR file.
  5. Now download the Zip file. This downloaded zip file will be present without a password and can be easily opened.
    In this way, the RAR file password can be easily removed and get converted into a zip file.

Bottom Line

Now, we have learnt three possible ways to open locked RAR files without the use of third-party software. In addition to the easy-to-follow nature, the best part of these methods is that you need not to pay a single penny to do so. Hopefully you will get access to password protected RAR files easily with your PC. Nevertheless, you should not be surprised if none of the method works for you, because it is really not a piece of cake to remove RAR password.

If you have any queries related to removing password from the Zip or RAR file, please share your concerns in the comment section. You can also mention your problems if you have failed to remove the password from you RAR file using the methods given above.

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How to Bypass WinRar Password in 2021

How to Decrypt RAR Password: The Complete Guide [2020 Update]

Hello, I have a problem with RAR password. I have tried to access some of the archived files, but I keep on getting the "you've entered incorrect password" notification. Please, can someone give me a guide on how to decrypt RAR password!

With your scenario, we are glad to inform you that there are several useful workarounds you can employ and have the RAR file securely decrypted. Some of the solutions on how to decrypt RAR/WinRAR password includes guessing for the frequently used password, using the third-party software, employing online suites, and more others.

Described below are some of the methods you can use and decrypt RAR/WinRAR password with ease:

Guess Password Passper for RARDecrypt Password OnlineCommand Promptvia Notepad
Can Password Be DecryptedUnknowYesPossiblyPossibly(Only works for numeric password)Possibly
Recovery SpeedUnknownFastMediumSlowMedium
Data LossNo data lossNo data lossPossiblyNo data lossNo data loss
Data LeakageNo data leakageNo data leakagePossibly severe data leakageNo data leakageNo data leakage
File Size LimitNo limitNo limitLarge file not supportedNo limitNo limit

Method 1. Guess RAR Password with the Frequently-Used Password

It is normal that you immediately freak out after realizing that you can't remember the RAR password any longer. This will affect your concentration and thoughts. Just calm down and insightfully try to recall those common password characters you usually use. There is a possibility that this will be a success and saves you a lot of time you would waste trying to figure out the right software to decrypt RAR password. Following are some effective techniques to figure out your password easily:

  • Use common passwords like 12345, abcde, asdfg, ABCDEF etc.

  • Your highest achieved marks and professional achievement.

  • Your birthday or your love one's birthday.

  • Your pet name or things like that.

  • Your nickname or your friends nickname.

Method 2. Decrypt RAR/WinRAR Password with Passper for RAR

Passper for RAR is a top-notch utility which will let you decrypted RAR/WinRAR passwor with 4 powerful attack methods. This amazing password decryption tool can help you decrypt the password much faster if you have a clue about the password, but it is also very helpful even if you don't know what the password is.

Unique Features of Passper for RAR

  • Highest Success Rate: Recover RAR/WinRAR password of up to 16 characters with 98% success rate.

  • Fast speed: It adopts CPU & GPU acceleration, which makes its recovery speed much quicker than other competitors.

  • 4 Customized attack methods: Provides 4 powerful attack methods, you can decrypt locked RAR/WinRAR even you know nothing about the password.

  • Pretty Simple to use: With a sleek and elegant interface, you can decypt RAR password in only 3 steps without any special skills needed.

  • 100% trustworthy and safe to use: Passper is the sub-brand of iMyFone which is highly recognized by tech authorities, like Makeuseof, Macworld, Cult of Mac, please rest assured to give it a try.

Following is the instructions on how to decrypt WinRAR/RAR password which are straightforward and easy for everyone, even the beginners. Prove this statement with the following step-by-step guide:

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Step 1. Launch Passper for RAR on your computer. Click the "Add" button on the screen and browse the locked RAR/WinRAR file location. Select the file you intend to unlock.

Step 2. Once the file has been uploaded on the interface, select one of attack modes: Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Brute Force Attack, and Brute Force with Mask Attack which you deem right to decrypt WinRAR password.

Step 3. After you have completed setting up, tap the "Recovery" button to initiate WinRAR password recovery. Wait several minutes for the process to finish and go to the password tab to view the recovered password.

Method 3. Decrypt RAR Password Online

To decrypt RAR password online is a very simple way compared to the rest of the other methods on this list. The only effort you make is to upload the locked RAR file, and the online utility automatically decrypts RAR password for you. You can experience this effortless password recovery by following the guide below:

Step 1. Power on your computer and visit one of your favorite browsers.

Step 2. Next, precisely navigate to the official website of LostMyPass.

Step 3. Now, upload the RAR file you are planning to recover its password. Then, the decryption process will begin automatically. Patiently wait for the website to finish its job and provide you with the lost password.

I guess that is the simplest and shortest method you can feasibly utilize and recover forgotten RAR password with no difficult! However, as we mentioned before, the online tools may cause data loss or data leakage. If you are concern about this, please choose other methods.

Method 4. Decrypt RAR Password using Command Prompt

After trying above methods and they keep on failing or you generally not comfortable with them, Command Prompt comes handy for you. This will possibly decrypt RAR password regardless of the lost password strength. But please keep in mind that this solution is only works for numeric values.

Start by creating your password suite using a batch script. A batch script is a Disk Operating System file whose components are series of commands. It is worth noting that if you create a batch file with ".bat" and the run it, it involuntarily open on the Command Prompt.

Use the following guide and decrypt WinRAR password with CMD:

Step 1. Open Notepad and provide batch script code which can easily locate on the internet.

Step 2. Save the Notepad file as "Cracker.bat" once you have provided the code.

Step 3. After saving the file, locate the storage of the same file and open it. After doing so, the Command Prompt will automatically open and request the name of the RAR file. Enter the name of the target RAR file and include the extension with the name. Then, enter the location of the file and press "Enter."

Step 4. Kindly wait as CMD is cracking RAR Password. When the process is complete, password characters will appear on the screen.

Method 5. Decrypt RAR Password via Notepad

If your RAR/WinRAR password is still not be decrypted by using CMD, Notepad is another choice for you. Even though the success rate is not high, it still worth a try. Many people do not know that Notepad can unlock password-protected RAR file, but after checking the following steps, you will find that it is an amazing tool.

Step 1: Locate your password-protected RAR file. Right click on the file, then open it with Notepad.

Step 2: When your locked RAR file opens with Notapad, click the Edit menu and seclect Replace.

Step 3: Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà' and ‘IžCO with IžCO. Save the file.


Forgetting RAR password is not a big deal anymore there are quite and a handful options which you can employ and get back the password with no much hustle. However, we recommend you Passper RAR password unlocker which is a professional and secure tool

Free DownloadFor Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista


By Adams Johnson to RAR

Posted on Jun 08, 2021 ( Updated: Jun 08, 2021)

Passper editor since 2015, has over 20 years’ professional technology support experience. He has contributed nearly 100 articles to the site on topics that ranger from password unlocking for MS office/Windows, Windows tips to network security.


Password decrypt winrar

Open, decrypt, extract encrypted 7Z RAR ZIP files

Supported encryption standards

PeaZip is focused on security and supports handling multiple strong file encryption standards for the archive formats implementing cryptography by design:

Full encryption / decryption support


7-Zip AES-256 encryption


FreeARC AES-256, Blowfish, Serpent-256, and Twofish-256
This format also supports recovery records to protect data against corruption


AES-256, Serpent-256, and Twofish-256 in EAX mode (authenticated encryption), optionally cascaded multiple-algorithm encryption combining AES, Serpent and Twofish.


WinZip AE, based on AES-256

ZipCrypto (for legacy compatibility only, not recommended for protecting sensitive data in a modern security scenario)

ZPAQ AES-256 encryption

Read, decryption only


WinAce Blowfish-based encryption (requires optional plugin)


RAR4 AES-128 encryption

RAR5 AES-256 algorithm in CBC mode


PKZip's AES encryption standard


WinZip AE, based on AES-256

(while encryption method is fully supported, the archive format itself is supported read-only so PeaZip can handle it only as opener / extractor)

View more information about cryptography standards implemented in popular archive formats: 7-Zip 7z format specificationsencrypted .7z file, WinZip AE encryptionzip advanced encryption standard,  PKZip AES encryptionencrypted zip file

open encrypted rar zip files

Hint: official PeaZip packages NEVER ask users a password to be installed or to run: if that happens please don't trust that package and rely only on official packages published on official PeaZip domain, and official mirrors.

How to extract files from password protected archives

To extract a password protected archive open it with PeaZip (double click if it is a supported file extension) to read and navigate / search its content, then use Extract button in application's toolbar.
Otherwise, use "Extract" entries in context menu for direct extraction of the encrypted file without browsing / displaying the content of the encrypted archive.

free encrypted files extraction utility

extract encrypted rar zip files

If a password is needed for extraction (or browsing, if archive TOC (table of content, list of names of files) is encrypted) PeaZip will prompt a form to enter the password or passphrase - and optionally a keyfile, if two factor authentication is in use.
Some archive types, like 7Z format, ARC format and RAR format, supports encrypting the list of files and folders contained in the archive (option usually identified as "encrypt file names"), to protect this information from unauthorized users, so the password will be required even for listing / browsing the archive - without providing  correct password the archive TOC will not be decrypted and will not be visible, disallowing archive browsing / searching.
In other cases, when the TOC of archive is not encrypted, it is possible to browse the password protected archive, but the password will be required to extract the encrypted data; in PeaZip's file / archive browser you can enter the password clicking the proper context menu entry or clicking on the locker icon in the status bar or pressing F9.

open password protected rar zip files

Current revisions of mainstream archive formats like (7Z, ARC, PEA, RAR, and ZIP/ZIPX) uses strong file encryption, and it is unlikely to be possible to brute-force it with any kind of utility if the password is unknown or was forgotten.

extract encrypted archive

Some archive types such as 7Z, ARC, RAR, and ZIP, allows to use multiple passwords in the same archive, and even to mix encrypted and unencrypted content, because encryption is applied at level of each single file inside the archive - each file can be theoretically encrypted with a different password.
This means that providing a password it may be possible to extract only the part of the archive protected by that password, and to access other files different password may be needed.
Using test function with different passwords can help identifying which files can be correctly decripted with the given password.
In some cases PeaZip may not able to view and browse archive's content not because it is encoded but because it is corrupted or was created out of standard: in all those cases PeaZip will always display the password dialog, to let the user in control of choosing if entering a password for trying to decrypt the archive, even if the file extensionencrypted file formats is not usually associated with archives supporting encryption, as file extension can be easily changed.
If you got a corrupted archive you will need to re-download it from a trusted source or restore it from a backup copy.

extract password protected rar zip files

If you have to work on different archives with the same password you will not need to re-enter it since it will be kept until you change it or close PeaZip. If you open different instances of PeaZip each will start with no password and can keep a different password.

decrypt password-protected rar zip files

PeaZip, unlike most other file archivers, supports optional two factor authentication, requiring a password and a keyfile to decrypt an encrypted archive built using that option - simply setting a keyfile in the password dialog when creating the archive.
If a keyfile is set for any other format than PEA (which has its own way to use keyfile) the SHA256 hash of the keyfile, encoded in Base64 (RFC 4648), will be prepended to the password: this convention allows to open archives built with two factor authentication with any third parts archiver simply passing the Base64-encoded SHA256 hash of the keyfile as the first part of the password.

PeaZip also provides an encrypted password manager in Tools > Password manager from main menu, in this way a master password can be used to encrypt passwords the user desires to keep saved.
The password manager file is unique for each user on the system using PeaZip, so multiple users can keep multiple separated password lists.

Read more on Wikipedia pages about encryptionopen encrypted files and two factor authentication2fa Wikipedia

FAQ > Security > Open, decrypt, extract encrypted 7z, ace, arc, pea, rar, zip, zipx archives

Topics and search suggestions about how to use PeaZip free encrypted files opener and extractor tool, how to work with 7Z ARC RAR ZIP files password-protected archives extraction utility, read and decrypt AES Twofish Serpent encryption algorithms on Windows and Linux systems:
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encrypted files reader,
extract encrypted rar files,
encrypted files extractor,
view encrypted files,
encrypted 7z rar zip extractor,
work with password protected files,
free decryption utility

How to Decrypt Winrar Password Protected

RAR is an abbreviation for Roshal Archive. It is a file format developed by Eugene Roshal, a Russian software engineer. This archive file format provides computer users with a quick way to compress and secure files. Users can add a password while compressing files to ensure only intended users access the files. Unfortunately, this security feature is difficult to surmount when the user forgets the password. This can be quite inconvenient.

To make matters worse, WinRAR, the GUI-based version for Windows, uses a 256 bit AES encryption, which is hard to crack. So how do you decrypt a RAR file? Below are four methods that show you how to decrypt RAR files without password.

Method 1. Guess RAR Password with the Frequently-Used Password

This method is a no-brainer. If you can’t open the password-protected RAR file, begin by entering all the passwords you can remember. More often than not, the password is one of your most frequently used passwords. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Double-click the RAR file and click the Extract to tab.

Step 2: Select the folder where you want to extract the contents. Windows will show you a prompt to enter a password. Enter the most likely password and click OK.

Step 3: Repeat step two and try all your frequently used passwords.

Step 4: If you still can’t decrypt WinRAR password protected files, move on to the next method below.

Guess RAR File Password

Method 2. Decrypt RAR File without Password Using A RAR Password Recovery Software

This method calls for the big guns. You have to download RAR password recovery software. There are several handy tools to do this, but PassFab for RAR is by far the best tool you can find online. This powerful RAR decrypter tool quickly recovers lost or forgotten passwords for RAR and WinRAR archives. It uses advanced GPU acceleration to speed up the process.

Get PassFab for RAR Now

PassFab for RAR is just one of the password recovery tools in the developer’s portfolio of password tools. It is a highly capable RAR password decrypter with a raft of features.

1.1. Features of PassFab for RAR

  • Password cracking options: The tool uses three possible attack modes to decrypt your RAR password, Brute force attack, brute force with mask, or Dictionary attack.
  • Speed: The tool uses the graphical processing unit (GPU) to boost the decryption process.
  • Technology: PassFab RAR password decrypter uses advanced SSE technology and complex search algorithms to accelerate the password decryption process.
  • Ease of use: PassFab decrypts RAR password locked documents in three easy steps.

1.2. How to decrypt RAR file without password using PassFab for RAR

The tool is straightforward to use. Download the file from the website and install it on the computer. After that, double-click the PassFab icon on your desktop to launch the application. After that, you need to follow three easy steps to decrypt the RAR file without password.

Step 1: Click Add to Import the archive file

PassFab Import RAR file to decrypt

Step 2: Select the attack mode.

Passfab select attack mode to decrypt RAR file

Step 3: Click Start to decrypt your RAR password.

Passfab RAR file decryption

Once the decryption process is complete, the password is displayed.

Method 3. Decrypt RAR Files with Command Prompt

It is also possible to decrypt RAR files without password using the Windows Command prompt utility. Please note that this is a technical process that can corrupt your files and even your PC. So, it is only recommended for highly adept Windows users.

Also, this solution only works where all the password characters are numerical.

Step 1: Open a new Notepad file.

Decrypt RAR password using Notepad

Step 2: Copy and paste the following code into Notepad and save the file using the file name rar-password.bat.

Save a batch file in Windows

Step 3: Double-click on rar-password.bat to launch the Windows command prompt utility. Then locate your encrypted RAR file, right-click, and click Properties. In the Details tab, take note of the file path.

RAR file name and file path

Step 4: Type the exact file name, press Enter, and then type the file path. The RAR password is decrypted and displayed.

RAR file password is decrypted

Method 4. Decrypt RAR File Online

The final method involves using a RAR decrypter online. There are several applications online for this, but the best tool we have found to decrypt RAR file online is LostMyPass.

4.1. Features of LostMyPass RAR Decrypter

  • Free check: The free scan tries weak passwords and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  • Nuclear option: If the free scan doesn’t work, you can go for the paid option, which searches a database of over 20 billion passwords and takes about 24 hours to complete.

Pricing for the paid version starts at $39 for every successful decryption.


  • There is a free option, and you only pay for successful decryption with the paid option.
  • You don’t need to download and install any software.


  • The free option is only successful in about 22% of cases, while the paid option is only successful in 61% of cases.
  • You have to pay each time you upload a different file, which makes the tool very expensive.
  • File uploads are limited to 100Mb.
  • There is no security guarantee once you upload your file to the cloud.

4.2. How to Decrypt RAR File Online

To use LostMyPass, visit the website, and follow the steps below:

LostMyPass - RAR decrypter online

Step 2: Upload the encrypted RAR file.

Upload RAR file online to decrypt

Step 3: Get your password.

Decrypt RAR password in LostMyPass


RAR is a highly sophisticated technology used by many companies to secure documents when sharing them via email, collaboration tools, or physically in storage media. When you forget or lose a RAR password, your job or business prospects could be on the line. The only way to get out of such a jam is to use a professional RAR password decrypter. Although free online methods seem easy to use, they are not effective. Your best bet is a tool like PassFab for RAR. We hope this article has taught you how to decrypt RAR files without password.

Get PassFab for RAR Now

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