Wolf persona

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Zenkichi Hasegawa


Japanese Name

長谷川 善吉
はせがわ ぜんきち


Hasegawa Zenkichi

First Appearance

Persona 5 Strikers


Public Security officer

Ranged Weapon

Dual Revolvers

—Zenkichi Hasegawa, Persona 5 Strikers

Zenkichi Hasegawa is a playable character from Persona 5 Strikers. He is a police inspector from the Kyoto prefecture in charge of investigating the latest Metaverse-related incident.



Zenkichi has black shoulder-length hair, dark grey eyes, and a goatee, with similar facial features to Masayoshi Shido. He wears a set of rimless glasses with a square narrow frame and a black suit with a tie. Underneath he has a light turquoise long-sleeved shirt with golden buttons on each end, and black buttons on each side of the collar. He wears white sneakers.

As a Phantom Thief, Zenkichi wears a pinpoint blindfold as a mask. His attire is a black ankle-length tailcoat with black buckled tassels at the end of the sleeves, a silverish-gray folded up collar up at forehead-length with a large-brimmed fedora-based hat attached on the collar with a long swordfish-like point up at the front of the hat as the tailcoat has large 'V'-fashioned lapels. He also wears a high-collared jacket coat with silver accents with matching double bandolier belts and a matching holster belt where he can keep his firearm on the right side and puts the belt around his waist with another holster belt on the left side, black pants, silverish gray accented, black winkle pickers. His eyes turn blue when his close-up is activated.


While Zenkichi's appearance and demeanor suggests he is untrustworthy, he is actually deceptively intelligent and easygoing, and doesn't conceal any hidden motives. However, Zenkichi also has a comical side to him, having a tendency to panic or overreact when he's caught off guard that usually involves him speaking while shouting in dismay, most prominently seen in Sendai when he scared a child while trying to help him find his mother because he was screaming at his fellow backup officers when they turn him down.

He has some self-worth issues, caused by the death of his wife and his daughter's resulting disdain towards him. Forced to set aside both justice for his wife and his values for his daughter's safety (due to the culprit's connections), Zenkichi subsequently buried himself in his work and moved with Akane to Kyoto in order to be closer to his wife's parents. Upon encountering his daughter Akane's shadow within the Jail (who was by the time heavily brainwashed and not acting like herself), and realizing the depths of her rage stemming from his failure to uphold justice and avenge the victims, he realizes his own hypocrisy in letting the culprit go unpunished for his own convenience. However, upon hearing his Shadow's voice, coupled with the Phantom Thieves' encouragement to stand up for his family, he finally makes a stand to fight by his own code of justice, triggering his awakening as Wolf. He is even capable of convincing his superior, Miyako Kaburagi, to turn on the corrupt and now-powerless Owada, and personally spearheading the punishment of the head culprit, Akira Konoe, who manipulated his daughter in a delusional conquest to wipe out the world's crime.

As a Phantom Thief, akin to his codename, he fights shadows mercilessly like a rampaging wolf, considering it's not bad to go wild once in a while. Even the Phantom Thieves were surprised by his personality change in his first awakening and battle. His speech patterns in battle are akin to a wolf hunting its prey. Despite being less agile than the other Thieves due to his age, he's capable of quickly recovering his stamina, proven by his recovery speed in between after his first battle and before their mission to save Akane within the same day. True to his assigned Priest Arcana, he is the oldest Phantom Thief (and surprisingly, the oldest playable character in the Persona series), and takes his role as the adviser and father figure of the team seriously, despite being the newest member. He is shown to be wise and logical during discussions and strategies, as well towards the targets' shadows when convincing them to change their ways. Unlike the rest of the Thieves, Zenkichi does not let knowledge of the Monarch's trauma give him pause, recognizing that their past does not excuse their current misdeeds.


Persona 5 Strikers

While native to Tokyo, Zenkichi is currently a member of the Kyoto Prefectural Police and Public Security Intelligence Agency officer. He lives in Kyoto with his daughter Akane. Two years ago, his wife, Aoi, was killed in a drunk driving hit-and-run accident by Chief Cabinet Secretary Jyun Owada. Despite Akane's witness account, Owada avoided legal repercussions due to his connections with Masayoshi Shido, and blame was placed on Owada's secretary for the incident. Zenkichi attempted to investigate on his own, but eventually relented after receiving a death threat against Akane. Soon after the incident, Zenkichi and Akane moved to Kyoto, where Aoi's parents lived (likely for Zenkichi to lessen the burdens of being a single father).

Because of Zenkichi's failure to solve the case behind her mother's killer and his general neglect towards her, Akane came to resent the Police and law enforcement in general, even going as far as supporting the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in fervor because she believes that they go against law enforcement. She also resented her father to an unhealthy degree since she's more often alone at home to the point of referring him by his name. Commissioner Miyako Kaburagi, however, promised him that she may overturn the case as soon as he sets her into power, with the requirement that he must follow her orders at all costs. This led to him working with Kaburagi to use the Phantom Thieves to investigate the new Metaverse incidents during the events of the game in hopes of bringing his wife's killer to justice.

By Strikers, he is the Inspector who was responsible for investigating the mysterious Change of Heart cases all over Japan, targeting the Phantom Thieves under the belief that they were the most probable culprits. He tracks down the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and decides to use them in order to investigate the increasing amounts of change of heart cases, with one that involved the mesmerizing of a talk show host being directly pinned on them. In reality, this was not of the Thieves' work, but those of Alice Hiiragi's. He approaches the protagonist and his friends by chasing off two drunkards, revealing himself to be a police and even exposes a police officer who is tailing them. Zenkichi reveals that the Police had suspected that the change of heart case with the talk show host a day ago being their work and blackmails the Phantom Thieves into working together with him in exchange he will guarantee their freedom from being suspects.

Throughout the investigation, Zenkichi proves to be a surprisingly trustworthy ally for the Phantom Thieves and the investigation on EMMA's mysteries and the data of its clients, even if he's assigned to arrest them when anything goes wrong. Despite his superior's order, Zenkichi grows closer to the Phantom Thieves, especially after they help comfort his daughter's loneliness. He provides them a hiding place when they are chased by people under EMMA's influence and promises that he will fulfill his end of the deal. To his surprise, however, he finds his superior, Miyako Kaburagi orders a fully armed arrest of the Phantom Thieves. Zenkichi tries to discourage her from arresting them as they are innocent. When this fails, he took the place for them to be arrested. Fortunately, he was quickly released from interrogation by Sae Niijima. At the same time, a forced search warrant was issued in Zenkichi's residence, and Akane asks for someone to save her out of a fit, having knew the Phantom Thieves were assisting Zenkichi all along. The EMMA application on Akane's phone responds autonomously without input, and she advises Akira Konoe to ignore police and turn "an associate of the Phantom Thieves" into a King to take the Phantom Thieves' matters on his own hands. Since Akane was the only person who fits the criteria, EMMA brainwashes her and turns her into the King of Kyoto without telling Konoe anything about her. She fakes an SNS message from Akane to capture the Phantom Thieves, and manages to trap them with a heavily brainwashed Shadow Akane, partially also because of their general recklessness. Futaba was the only person who managed to escape because she was too weak to run.

Zenkichi goes to their hiding place and finds Futaba alone. Learning that his daughter has become the Monarch of the Kyoto Jail, Zenkichi enters the Jail with Futaba to rescue the Phantom Thieves who are captured by Shadow Akane, who was now effectively acting as if she were Konoe instead of herself, even ranting about getting the hearts of the Phantom Thieves changed then going after her mother's killer (The exact same plan Konoe ordered EMMA to execute, followed by the man who killed Akane's mother being the same man Konoe is going after). Confronting his daughter's Shadow, Zenkichi finally explains he chose not to pursue Owada to protect her life, but then learns that Akane not only thinks about her mother, but also Owada's secretary who are not protected like she is, shocking Zenkichi who never considered that his daughter would have thought that far. The revelation makes Zenkichi believe that he had failed to protect his loved ones, but the encouragement from the Phantom Thieves reignites Zenkichi's resolve to fight by his own code of justice, awakening his Persona, Valjean. He defeats Akane's Shadow horde and frees the rest of the party. Now able to fight, Zenkichi officially joins the Phantom Thieves.

Once the party reaches the end of the Kyoto Jail, Shadow Akane snaps and attacks the party as they deny her using copies of the Phantom Thieves. Wolf and Sophia fight against Futaba's copy, while the rest take care of their own. After the protagonist defeats his own copy, Shadow Akane collapses and thanks Zenkichi for saving her, then vanishes into light. Despite Zenkichi seeming to be grief ridden over his daughter's "death," he gets over it when Morgana informs him that it's just her Shadow Self, and the real person is perfectly fine. Once the party returns to the real world, the real Akane is actually rendered unconscious after she told EMMA to save her, and she comes into terms with Zenkichi.

While forming a plan to change Akira Konoe's heart, Zenkichi requests Kaburagi's help in his case, promising that Owada would be arrested. Kaburagi granted Zenkichi her permission, returning his police badge and giving him three days to solve the case. Once Konoe's heart is changed and he confessed to his crimes, Zenkichi would later personally arrive to Madicce alongside Kaburagi to arrest Konoe, while revealing to him that EMMA brainwashed his daughter, something that Konoe was initially kept in the dark from. While he couldn't forgive Konoe for using his daughter, he encourages him to atone for his crime and reform as a true hero of justice he dreams of, which touched him.

When EMMA restarts on its own, Zenkichi joins the Phantom Thieves again to fight against the False God Demiurge and shut down EMMA once and for all. Once the Jail of the Abyss ceases to exist, Zenkichi bids the Phantom Thieves farewell as he is going to return to Kyoto once the case is closed. He is last seen waiting outside the Diet building as Owada is arrested and escorted by the police, walking away with a triumphant grin.

During a New Game Plus, Zenkichi will be automatically in the party's default roster, regardless of the plot.


Persona 5 Strikers

Zenkichi Hasegawa Concept Art

Concept art

Zenkichi and his Persona concept

Concept art 2

P5S Zenkichi Status Art

Zenkichi's status screen art

Persona 5 Scramble Famitsu Cover

Zenkichi with the protagonist and Sophia on the Weekly Famitsu Magazine Issue #1629 cover

P5S Released Art

Artwork of Sophia and Zenkichi for P5S's release by Shigenori Soejima

P5S ReleaseWallpaper Zenkichi SP

Zenkichi Pre-Release Date Wallpaper (1080x1920)

P5S ReleaseWallpaper Wolf SP

Wolf Pre-Release Wallpaper (Scramble, 576x1024)

P5S ReleaseWallpaper ZenkichiValjean SP

Zenkichi & Valjean Pre-Release Wallpaper (Scramble, 576x1024)

P5S Zenkichi Animated

Zenkichi Hasegawa

P5S Zenkichi RealWorld

Zenkichi in Shibuya

P5S UnnamedWomanMeeting

Zenkichi at a Tokyo Public Security Bureau meeting revolving the Phantom Thieves


Zenkichi talking to Shadow Akane

P5S Zenkichi Awakening

Zenkichi awakening to his Persona

Zenkichi and Valjean

Zenkichi's Awakening

P5S MadicceBuilding

Zenkichi at a Madicce building


Wolf's portrait

Zenkichi Showtime

Zenkichi Showtime

Zenkichi in Okinawa

Zenkichi in Okinawa


Zenkichi enjoys learning to cook


P5S Portrait Zenkichi

Zenkichi neutral

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Smiling

Zenkichi smiling

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Scowling

Zenkichi scowling

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Surprised

Zenkichi surprised

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Harmed

Zenkichi harmed

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Serious

Zenkichi serious

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Sad

Zenkichi sad

P5S Portrait Zenkichi Disappointed

Zenkichi disappointed

Wolf grin
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How to Unlock Zenkichi Hasegawa in Persona 5 Strikers

Zenkichi Hasegawa is one of the newer characters to join the cast of Persona 5 Strikers. This guide will show players how to unlock him. Persona 5 Strikers takes place a few months after the original game. Joker and Morgana have returned to Tokyo for a vacation with the rest of the Phantom Thieves. As they soon discover that Shadows are attacking people, they reform the group and work together to bring peace back to the city. All of the original Phantom Thieves make a return from Persona 5 with a few new characters joining the roster as playable characters. This guide will show players on to unlock Zenkichi Hasegawa.

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Persona 5 Strikers takes the gameplay from Dynasty Warriors and combines it with the characters and the world of Persona 5. Although, the game only pulls from Persona 5, as Persona 5 Royal is considered non-canon in this entry. Characters like Maruki and Kasumi are completely absent, as they did not exist in the base game and only available in the Royal entry. Maybe they will be added DLC in the future but no plans have been made just yet. For now, here is how players can unlock one of its newest characters, Zenkichi Hasegawa.

How To Unlock Zenkichi Hasegawa in Persona 5 Strikers

Players will be able to unlock Zenkichi Hasegawa much later into the game. Zenkichi Hasegawa will be unlocked in the fifth dungeon of the game, the Kyoto Jail. This is fairly close to the conclusion of the game and rewards the player for their perseverance. Without getting into spoilers, the players will be able to unlock him midway through the dungeon. Zenkichi Hasegawa and Sophia are the only new playable characters in the game but they fit the mold of the rest of the Phantom Thieves, making them solid additions to the cast.

Persona 5 Strikers took well over a year to make their way to the west. Atlus has the tendency of taking forever when it comes to localizing their titles when compared to other developers. This is also the first-ever Persona 5 title to make its way to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, Atlus will release a Nintendo Switch port of the original Persona 5 to catch players up to the narrative. Some players might be a bit confused with the plot of Persona 5 Strikers without information from the previous game. It's not completely off the table, as Atlus released a PC port of Persona 4 Golden in 2020. Only time will tell.

More: How Long Persona 5 Strikers Takes to Beat

Persona 5 Strikers is available now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.


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Thank You, Persona 5 Strikers, For This Adult Who Doesn't Suck

Oh my! What a look Mr. Hasegawa.

Persona 5 Strikers has been out for a little more than a week, so I feel pretty comfortable saying this:

Image for article titled Thank You, Persona 5 Strikers, For This Adult Who Doesn't Suck

Thank God for Wolf!

Wolf (née Zenkichi Hasegawa) is the newest and only adult member of the Phantom Thieves. There are adults who help the Phantom Thieves and keep their secret, but until Strikers, there’s never been an adult persona user.

And I love him. A lot.

I worried about him when he first started coming around the Phantom Thieves. While there are some good grown folks like Cafe Leblanc proprietor Sojiro or Dr. Takemi, adults have always been the villians in the Persona 5 series. So when a new one, a cop no less, started hanging around in Strikers, I thought he was going to be trouble. Great, another character to get attached to only for the writers to turn him evil. This is Dr. Maruki all over again.

G/O Media may get a commission

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She’s right of course, but that’s funny coming from the mega-rich privleged kid.

However, despite a couple of scenes where it looked painfully clear Mr. Hasegawa was playing the Strikers’ gang for his own benefit, he turned out to be one of the good guys. Aided by the spectacular voice talents of Tom Taylorson, Mr. Hasegawa has a bumbling charm about him. He’s not overly serious like most of the Thieves’ allied adults. When interacting with his young partners-in-crime, he takes their jokes about his age or uncoolness in stride. Finally, a persona user for grown folks!

The Persona 5 series presents the ultimate power fantasy: How much better could life be if the shitty people simply realized they were being shitty and stopped? In Persona 5 and Royal, this conflict was represented as adults vs. kids. The adults get carte blanche to be shitty, and the only people who realize or care are the helpless adolescents. Because of this, the Phantom Thieves are rightfully distrustful of them—adults are the ones who supposedly have the power to bring justice to assholes, but they don’t. When Kamoshida was abusing kids in Persona 5, none of the administrators stepped in, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. It calcified this idea that adults are either clueless or complicit.

 Hasegawa introduces some much needed gray into the Phantom Thieves’ black and white notions of justice.

But Wolf’s presence on the team adds nuance. He helps the Phantom Thieves understand that even all powerful, make-all-the-rules adults can suffer under the yoke of oppression and manipulation, and that it’s better to work together than fight. When his own daughter turned against him for failing to arrest her mother’s killer, Hasegawa reveals that he compromised his sense of justice in order to keep her safe. Then, after awakening to his persona through closely working with the Phantom Thieves, he’s able to finally bring his wife’s murderer—who also happens to be responsible for all the change of heart shenanigans—to justice. Collaboration between adults and kids saved the day.

Also, man does Wolf look good when he fights.

Oh! Hello Zaddy.

The cowboy getup? Slinging those pistols? Swinging that fuck-off huge sword? Calling himself “Wolf”?? Whew! He’s hot,not in that smolderingly sexy kind of way, but that single dad, crumbs in the bed, charmingly schlubby kind of way. And he’s got massive DBE—dad bod energy. Mr. Hasegawa is basically a Japanese version of Jim Hopper from Stranger Things. And thank god he’s grown, so I don’t feel bad about saying Wolf’s hot. Thank you Strikers, for finally letting me lust guilt-free.


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Persona 5 Strikers - Zenkichi Persona Awakening

Guide Complete guide to Zenkichi [Wolf] - Persona 5 Strikers

Finally Persona 5 Strikers, sequel to the beloved Persona 5, has arrived in the West (only in Digital Deluxe) bringing with it the immense amount of content typical of the series.

So let's get started with the basics of the game through this series of playable character guides. For more information on the game, check out ours Complete guide to Persona 5 Strikers.

  • Introduction
  • Attacks
  • Masterful Talents
  • Valjean

Introduction to the character

Zenkichi Hasegawa works as an investigator for the Kyoto prosecutor's office tasked with investigating the Phantom Thieves and strange events that occurred in Japan.

His fighting style involves the use of a short range broadsword and a pair of long range pistols. He can also use his "Madness" skill to increase his attack at the cost of life.

His Persona, Valjean, specializes in the use of guns, support skills and almighty skills, thanks to which he is able to inflict non-elemental damage to all enemies.

All of Wolf's attacks

Being an Action title, Persona 5 Strikers will allow the player to perform, with different buttons, various combos of hits unique to each character.

Basic attacks

As for Wolf, these will be his simple actions:


Masterful Talents and Showtime

During Showtime, Valjean hits enemies with chains, knocking them into the air while Wolf he ends them by hitting them with guns and causing them to explode.

Valjean's skills and stats

Valjean specializes in the use of type skills Divine, who will ignore the opponent's resistances and weaknesses. He can also make use of various buffs and debuffs.

The other character guides

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News DARQ: Complete Edition, back to the nightmare ❯
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Persona wolf

Persona 5 Strikers - Wolf Character Guide

Persona 5 Strikers - Wolf Character Guide

Zenkichi Hasegawa

Persona 5 Scramble - ZenkichiCodename: Wolf
Starting Persona: Valjean
Persona’s strengths: Specializes in Almighty and Gun skills. Also has support abilities to empower allies.
Melee Weapon: Greatsword
Ranged Weapon: Dual Pistols
Combat style: Able to use Madness to gain increased attack power at the cost of health.


Zenkichi is an investigator from Kyoto tasked with gathering information on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and the series of strange events occurring around Japan. Despite his carefree demeanor, he sticks to the plan and will exhaust all means to guarantee its success. He has a daughter named Akane.

Zenkichi is unlocked as a playable character upon reaching the Kyoto Jail.

Kyoto Jail Guide


TrophyHow to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyRepentant FangUnlock all Wolf Master Arts
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyFarewell to the PastAwaken Wolf‘s Persona



Zenkichi’s initial Persona Valjean specializes in Gun, Almighty skills, and Support skills.


Almighty Skills

Almighty skills deal non-elemental damage that work against all enemies in battle. This makes Zenkichi a good all-around damage dealer if you are unable to use elemental skills that your foes are weak against.


Combo 1
  • ▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→X (Switch)
Uses the Persona’s skill at the end of the combo.
Combo 2
  • ▢→▢→▢→△ (PS4)
  • Y→Y→Y→X (Switch)
Uses the Persona’s skill at the end of the combo.

Master Arts

Wolf’s Bite△ (Special Attack Effect)When “Madness” is in effect, all succeeding attacks inflict Almighty attribute.
HuntingWhen “Madness” expires, HP absorption increases.
HowlLowers HP reduced when “Madness” is in effect and also increases chance to inflict critical hits.
Wolves’ Fang□ △, □□ △ , □□□ △Pursues enemy. Prolongs duration and inflicts multiple hits when charged.

Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Sours: https://samurai-gamers.com/persona-5-scramble-p5s/zenkichi-character-profile/
Persona 5 Strikers - Zenkichi gets Arrested

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