Scp 939


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Item #: SCP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP, -3, , , , , , , and are kept in Cell A or B, 10&#;m x 10&#;m x 3&#;m containment chambers within Armed Bio-Containment Area Both cells are environmentally regulated and negatively pressurized, with walls constructed of reinforced concrete. Access to these cells is regulated by an outer decontamination chamber and inner gas-tight steel security doors. Observation windows are constructed of laminated ballistics glass 10&#;cm in thickness protected by a kV electrified mesh. Humidity is maintained at % at a temperature of 16° C. Specimens are monitored at all times via infrared cameras. Level Four authorization is required to access SCP, their containment areas, or the observation chambers.

SCP is dismembered and stored in Cryogenic Preservation Tanks A to M within Bio-Research Area Access to SCP requires authorization by two Clearance Level 3 personnel, one of which must be present for all research and testing. The contents of only one (1) tank may be accessed at any given time. Core temperature of SCP tissues must be monitored while removed from cryogenic preservation; should core temperature exceed 10° C, tissues are to be returned to their corresponding tank and all testing suspended for a period of seventy-two (72) hours. Barring core temperature exceeding 10° C, research of SCP tissues may continue as long as its ramblings and pleas for release may be tolerated.

Containment cells should be cleaned biweekly. While this takes place, SCP specimens will be transferred to the adjacent cell. During this time, the cell's door and observation window must be inspected for damage and repaired or replaced accordingly.

Heavy sedation of all SCP is required before any interaction, including transfer between cells and experimentation, may take place. See Document #TE4 for transfer and experimentation protocol.

Level C Hazmat gear is to be worn by personnel during interactions with SCP specimens and in any areas which SCP have been known to inhabit. Afterward, standard decontamination procedures are to be observed by all personnel involved to ensure no secondary spread of amnestic agents occurs.

Following Incident ABCA, all non Class D personnel interacting with SCP for any length of time are required to wear two (2) water-proof electronic pulse monitors for the duration of such interaction. These pulse monitors will transmit to a wireless monitoring system independent of a facility's main power grid, with at least one backup power system on standby. Should both an individual's pulse monitors flat-line or otherwise malfunction, the wearer will be presumed dead, personnel instructed to disregard all the wearer's subsequent vocalizations, and a breach of containment declared automatically. Security personnel responding to such a breach are likewise required to wear these pulse monitors.

Additionally, all live SCP must be implanted with subdermal tracking devices upon capture.

Description: SCP are endothermic, pack-based predators which display atrophy of various systems similar to troglobitic organisms. The skins of SCP are highly permeable to moisture and translucent red, owing to a compound chemically similar to hemoglobin. SCP average meters tall standing upright and weigh an average of &#;kg, though weight is highly variable. Each of their four limbs end in three-fingered claws with a fourth, opposable digit, and are covered in setae which considerably augment climbing ability. Their heads are elongated, devoid of even vestigial eyes or eye sockets, and contain no brain casing. The jaws of SCP are lined with red, faintly luminescent fang-like teeth, similar to those belonging to specimens of the genus Chauliodus, up to 6&#;cm in length, and encircled by heat-sensitive pit organs. Eye spots, sensitive to light and dark, run the length of their spined dorsal ridges. These spines may be up to 16&#;cm long and are believed to be sensitive to changes in air pressure and flow.

SCP do not possess many vital organ systems; central and peripheral nervous systems, circulatory system, and digestive tract are all absent. SCP's respiratory system is atrophied and serves no apparent purpose beyond spreading AMN-C (see below). SCP have no apparent physiological need to feed, nor any way to digest consumed tissue. Ingested material typically accumulates in the respiratory system of SCP and is regurgitated once the amount is sufficient to markedly inhibit its function. Despite the absence of many vital organ systems, SCP are capable of bearing live young. See Addendum .

SCP's primary method of luring prey is the imitation of human speech in the voices of prior victims, though imitation of other species and active nocturnal hunts have been documented. SCP vocalizations often imply significant distress; whether SCP understand their vocalizations or are repeating previously heard phrases is the subject of ongoing study. How SCP acquire voices is not currently understood; specimens have been documented imitating victims despite never hearing the victim speak. Analysis of SCP vocalizations cannot distinguish between SCP and samples of known victims' voices. The use of biometric voice-recognition security or identification systems at any installation housing SCP is strongly discouraged for this reason. Prey is usually killed with a single bite to the cranium or neck; bite forces have been measured in excess of 35&#;MPa.

SCP exhale minute traces of an aerosolized Class C amnestic, designated AMN-C AMN-C causes temporary anterograde amnesia, inhibiting memory formation for the duration of exposure, plus an average of thirty (30) minutes. It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless with an estimated ECt50 for inhalation of mg•min/m3. In well-ventilated or open air environments, risk of exposure to ECt50 is greatly reduced but not negligible. AMN-C is typically undetectable in the bloodstream sixty (60) minutes following cessation of exposure. Reported sensations of disorientation and mild hallucinations immediately following removal from environments saturated with the agent are similar to recreational use of numerous psychoactive substances and easily mistaken as such.

Note This report pertains to morphology alpha. For information regarding morphology beta, see [REDACTED] Experiment Log , AMTF Nu-7 After Action Report ██-██-████, [REDACTED]

Addendum A log of radio traffic between capture teams during initial contact with SCP is available here.

Addendum Due to SCP's intense aversion to bright light, it has been deemed a minimal risk of escape. Standard fluorescent hallway lighting is sufficient to deter SCP from leaving its darkened cell. See Addendum .

Addendum Preliminary research into AMN-C suggests potential for use as a general-purpose amnestic. Methods of mass-producing the agent, as well as possible adverse effects, are being investigated at Bio-Containment and Research Site

Addendum AMN-C has been approved for use as a Class C amnestic. Projected annual production at Bio-Research Area by SCP respiratory tissue cultures is expected to surpass three (3) liters.

Addendum Containment of nine (9) SCP specimens has been compromised following a "Silent Night" breach scenario at Bio-Containment and Research Site Nearby civilian settlements have been evacuated on the pretense of a coming storm. Recovery teams have been deployed to the area.

Addendum [REDACTED] In light of this, all interaction with SCP from September 8th to October 7th in the Northern Hemisphere or March 6th to April 4th in the Southern Hemisphere is strictly forbidden. [REDACTED] No male specimens of SCP have yet been identified [REDACTED] contain a Class B amnestic [REDACTED]

See Reproduction of SCP

Addendum Effective immediately, use of AMN-C as an amnestic is suspended indefinitely. Consult Incident Report AMN-C for further information.




Item No. #Obj. ClassName
SCPKeterWith Many Voices, Mango

Movement Speed

Walk: m/s

Sprint: 7 m/s

(Unique) Abilities

  • Can "see" players that make noise through walls.
  • Can speak to human players
  • Can sprint without stopping.
  • Can talk with humans.
  • Silent when walking.
  • Can see players that make noise through walls.
    • SCP does not affect its "sight".
  • Sprints slower than humans.
  • Large hitbox.
  • Attacks have cooldown.
  • Can only "see" those that make noise.

"A pack-dependent predator that intelligently mimics human voices to deceive and entrap its desired prey. Remember who your allies are. Be wary of who you trust. Don't fall for stray imitations, lest you’re repaid with a bite.

-Steam Store Page"

SCP is one of the SCPs in SCP: Secret Laboratory, which can talk to human characters and locate other players through walls.

Official SCP Wiki Information

"SCP are endothermic, pack-based predators which display atrophy of various systemsThe skins of SCP are highly permeable to moisture and translucent redEach of their four limbs end in three-fingered claws with a fourth, opposable digit, and are covered in setae which considerably augment climbing ability. Their heads are elongated, devoid of even vestigial eyes or eye socketsThe jaw of SCP are lined with red, faintly luminescent fang-like teethup to 6 cm in length, and encircled by heat-sensitive pit organs. Eye spots, sensitive to light and dark, run the length of their spined dorsal ridges. These spines may be up to 16 cm long and are believed to be sensitive to changes in air pressure and flow."


Up to two instances of SCP can spawn in Heavy Containment Zone in SCP's Containment Chamber. They are functionally identical and only differ in appearance.

SCP attacks players by biting them, dealing 65 damage per bite while also giving victims amnesia for 3 seconds.

SCP can speak to humans by pressing V, and can sprint at 7 m/s with the sprint key. SCP is able to sprint forever, unlike humans. SCP makes no sound while walking, but it does makes the human sprinting sound while sprinting.

Another one of SCP's unique abilities is to see movement through walls, with its vision range based on movement, but it can only see in grayscale.

There are three levels of vision range based on what type of movement a player is doing. If a player is running, SCP can see them from a long distance. If a player is walking SCP can see them from a moderate distance. If a player is sneaking or standing still, SCP cannot see them unless they are in extremely close proximity to (Within biting distance). On the Surface, SCP can see players regardless of whether they are moving or not.

SCP can also see humans based on the loudness of weapons. The louder the weapon, the further away from where is able to locate it. This is also affected by attachments on the weapon: suppressors and oil filters will reduce the range in which SCP can see you, whereas barrel extenders will increase its range of vision. SCP is also able to see grenades that have been thrown or dropped.

Update History

July 3, Patch (v)
  • SCPXX was added to the game.

November 29, Patch (v, Megapatch II)

  • Removed 25% speed boost when damaged.
  • Sprint speed increased to 7 m/s (was m/s).
  • Walking footsteps are silent; sprinting footsteps remain audible.
  • Walk speed reduce to m/s (was 5m/s).
  • SCP’s mimicking no longer plays over SCP chat.

July 24, Patch (v, Scopophobia)

  • Attacks now inflict Amnesia for 3 seconds.
  • Multiple attacks will add onto the duration of the effect.
  • Attacks now consistently deal 65 damage, instead of a random amount between 50 and
  • Fixed an issue where SCP couldn't see thrown grenades
  • Fixed SCP being unable to see SCP's model through wall

August 3, Patch (v)

  • Fixed an oversight preventing SCP from seeing moving human players unless they were jumping.

September 14, Patch (v)

  • Added voice chat role indicator.

October 23, Patch (v)

  • Both SCP instances now have a unique Halloween themed skin and name.

November 19, Patch (v)

  • SCP's screen will no longer flash when it bites people.
  • SCP's bite will no longer lock up when attacking.
  • SCP's screen will no longer flicker when motion blur is enabled.

Related Sounds

Description Sound
SCP attack sound. (#1)
SCP attack sound. (#2)
SCP attack sound. (#3)


 Icon 02

SCP's voicechat indicator.

 Icon 01

SCP's voicechat indicator.


SCP's profile image, without the info background. This image is shared by both instances.

SCP Info

Image of in-game character info for SCP, the character image does not change if you are a different SCP instance.


Image of SCP from the SCP:SL Trello page.

SCP Secret Laboratory Screenshot -

Example of SCP's vision.

Related Achievements

  • Microwave Meal: Kill an SCP with the Micro HID.
  • I'll Pass, Thanks: As an SCP, kill someone who's charging or firing the MicroHID.
  • If you want something done right: Kill an SCP as a Scientist.


  • SCP is the only playable SCP in the game to have more than one instance.
    • SCP and SCP have different models due to a miscommunication, leading to two people making different models for SCP
  • During Halloween event, SCP's head was given a more pumpkin-esque appearance, with a glowing mouth as well.
    • During the April Fools event, both instances of SCP were converted into "Evil SCP", sharing a new player model and orange tint for the echolocation vision of the player.
    • During Halloween event, SCP had a violet glow while SCP had a green glow and their breath was smoke which was the same color as they are.
  • Both SCP instances are commonly referred to as "dog" or "doggos" by the community, due to having similarities in appearance to dogs.
  • SCP was the only SCP to have the ability to talk to humans before SCP was re-added in Megapatch 1.
  • According to the names of the sound files for SCP's bite, they are tiger growls.SCP was the only SCP to have the ability to talk to humans before.
  • SCP sometimes used to make the SCP walking sound effect time to time.
  1. Compare angles
  2. Sculpting head zbrush
  3. Boeing classic





Hume Shield
Spawn ZoneHeavy Containment Zone
Movement SpeedWalk: m/s&#;


Sprint: m/s&#;

7 hubes

Special AbilityCan sprint
Speak to humans
See sound through walls
Attack gives players the
Amnesia Effect&#;Cause the player to not be able to reload their weapon or open their inventory.
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Class ID16 =
17 =


SCP is one of the seven playable SCP classes in SCP: Secret Laboratory.
SCPs are creatures that are able to mimic the voice of their prey, using it to lure in new victims.
SCP acts as a 'chase' SCP, being able to easily catch up to humans who waste their Stamina. SCP also acts in a minor support role with the ability to talk to humans, in an attempt to trick them into opening doors.
Unlike other the other playable SCPs, multiple SCPs can spawn in a given round.

Starting the round, SCP will spawn in its containment cell which has a ramp leading to the HCZ. Upon escaping, SCP is able to roam curiously around the HCZ, finding prey or other escaped SCPs.
Many encounters can happen for SCP, such as being attacked by the Facility Guards or they could possibly head straight towards the LCZ.

If SCP takes no damage for 5 seconds, its Hume Shield will regen at 25 HS/s.

SCP can only see people who are making noise (i.e. walking, sprinting or firing weapon within a certain distance) and can view these players through walls.
People who SCP see will have an animated ghostly white outline.
SCP can also see people who are within a very close range to her and can always see people on the surface no matter what. SCP can't see people who are sneaking unless she touches them.
SCP is not affected by people who are wearing SCP

SCP has a bite attack that it can perform with a and is generally most effective to simply hold down . The bite attack is extremely strong, dealing 50 damage of HP as well as applying the Amnesia Effect.

SCP has the ability to speak with a voice identical in behaviour to humans, with proximity range and heard by all players nearby. This is done by holding down the key and can only be heard by people near SCP - it cannot be heard by other SCPs unless they are near it.
Like other SCPs, SCP can talk to the other SCP players by holding down the key. This voice chat can be heard by all SCPs regardless of the distance.

SCP's footsteps are completely silent unless sprinting, allowing her to easily sneak up behind unsuspecting targets.

Despite being blind, SCP is not immune to Flashbang Grenades, this is because SCP instances are very sensitive to light, similar to SCP


  • Can run
  • Can talk to non-SCPs
  • Can see outlines of players causing sound through multiple walls
  • Footsteps are silent when not sprinting
  • Not affected by people using SCP
  • Weapons that increase firing noise are heard easier by SCP than other classes.


  • Can easily be avoided
  • Incredibly large hitbox
  • Cooldown on attacks
  • Takes multiple hits to kill enemies
  • Slower sprint speed than human classes
  • Attachments that decrease firing noise are harder to hear as SCP compared to other classes



  • SCP's limited vision.

  • A human player in SCP's vision.

  • Mango SCP used for April Fools by Intimating Creature.


  • Interesting, SCP sees via sound in-game, despite the SCP wiki article suggesting SCP uses heat and air pressure to see their surroundings.
  • For the April Fools Update, SCP's model was changed to SCP, along with his name being changed to Evil SCP It made high pitch growls when attacking and the vision was white and orange.
SCP-939 With Many Voices (SCP Animation)
Object ClassKeter

SCP, also known as "With Many Voices", is a Keter-class SCP encountered in SCP - Containment Breach.


SCP are pack-based predators. Their primary method of luring prey is the imitation of human speech in the voices of prior victims, often in a fashion that implies significant distress.


Three specimens of SCP can be found in Storage Area 6. Each will be patrolling the area in a clockwise pattern. Upon approaching an instance, it will mimic the voice of Foundation personnel in an attempt to lure the player towards it. When it sees the player it'll take chase and attempt to kill them.

When the player is in close proximity of a SCP instance, it will detect the player's footsteps. Crouching or walking decreases chance of detection, but doesn't prevent it completely. When the player gets detected, SCP will begin pursuit until losing track of the player.

SCP are not very capable of chasing the player around a corner. After approximately corners, the SCP specimen will stand still shortly before returning to its clockwise pattern.

SCP are not detectable by the S-Nav Ultimate.


Specimen One[]

Upon detecting the player
  • "Who the hell is there?!"
Luring the player
  • "Is there someone there?"
  • "To think, today of all days."
  • "[sigh] I hope the rest of them are alright."
  • "I wonder what the hell's going on up there."
  • "Researcher Tole to main, please respond."
  • "Tole to main, anyone out there?"
Attacking the player

Specimen Two[]

Upon detecting the player
  • "Oh god, what the hell is that?!"
Luring the player
  • "Hehmaybe I'm just hearing things."
Attacking the player

Specimen Three[]

Upon detecting the player
  • "Oh thank god, it's just somebody else."
  • "I thought I lost you for a moment there."
Luring the player
  • "Where are you guys? I can't see you down here."
  • "Come on out you guys stop hiding."
  • "Guys, come on. They're sending in an extraction team up here. We just gotta make our way to one of the designated shelters."
Attacking the player


  • SCP chasing the player.

  • Close-up of SCP's teeth.


939 scp

To his surprise, the expected storekeeper was not there. The girl sat down at a table on which there was an old computer and a pile of large granary books. One was open, the pages were scribbled in neat handwriting. - Give the documents, - said the girl, looking at him with dark eyes. - Why did you uncommand.

หมาแดงนักล่ามฤตยู - SCP-939 - ep.05

Good, bitch. All the same, I trained you. Queen Cassandra rode with gusto on a member of Grievous all evening, and then he poured into her bosom. At night, the demon went to bed, and the mistress of the castle took her rightful place under the blanket at his feet, or rather at.

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