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Valuable US vinyl records you might have at home

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Thinking of playing those old records? You might want to think again. Some original mint condition singles, EPs and LPs sell for huge sums these days, so a look through your vinyl collection could be music to your bank balance. Click or scroll through these 60 sought-after records and get searching in your collection.

The Beach Boys &#; Ten Little Indians / County Fair: up to $ (£)

One to hold on to. Original pressings of this single (7", 45 RPM) are only worth around $ (£) now, but with the band firmly fixed as rock and roll legends these days, it’s fair to say their early singles will be worth a great deal in years to come.

Y Kant Tori Read &#; Y Kant Tori Read: up to $ (£)

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos' failed rock debut is highly prized among fans of the piano-playing artist. The album, which has since been reissued, was panned by the critics and a limited number of LPs were pressed. Mint copies can fetch up to $ (£) according to discogs.com.

Bernard Herrmann &#; Mysterious Island: $ (£)

It's not just rock stars and pop sensations who can produce valuable vinyls. Bernard Herrmann's score from the science adventure film Mysterious Island would give you a decent return if you happen to have it lying around, as one copy sold at auction for $ (£) last year. The adventure mystery was considered to be a worldwide success when it was released in and the soundtrack, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, was hugely praised by critics.

Lester Young Trio &#; Trio: $ (£)

With only four songs, this EP-esque vinyl features music from Nat King Cole, Lester Young and Red Callender. Recorded back in , a copy of this album sold for as much as $ (£) on Heritage Auctions.

Britney Spears &#; Britney: up to $ (£)

Released in , this limited edition of Britney's third album features a coloured vinyl record, and came with a poster and cardboard inserts. A bona fide collector's item, this extra special LP is known to sell for up to $ (£) in mint condition.

Elvis &#;&#;Elvis Presley: up to $ (£)

Elvis records don’t tend to sell for much, given that most teenagers in s America bought them by the bucketload. However, certain records are worth a pretty penny, and a fair few feature in our ranking. Have a look out for mono copies of the King's debut album. These can sell for up to $ (£).

Marilyn Manson &#; Golden Age of Grotesque: up to $ (£)

Nothing/Interscope Records

If you snapped up a vinyl copy of Marilyn Manson's fourth studio album during your teenage goth/alternative phase, you're in luck. The double incher from is worth up to $ (£) in mint condition and even used copies can fetch several hundred dollars.

Aretha Franklin &#; Take A Look: up to $ (£)

Stereo versions of the Queen of Soul's album Take A Look are few and far between, and collectors have no qualms about paying hundreds of dollars to snag one. People will pay up to $ (£) for a mint condition specimen.

Bobby Paunetto &#; El Sonido Moderno: up to $ (£)

Jazz aficionados will pay through the nose for hard to find gems such as this Latin fusion album by vibraphonist Bobby Paunetto. An original pressing from sells for an average of $ (£) on discogs.com. 

Elvis Presley &#; Moody Blue: $1, (£)

Heritage Auctions, HA.com

The second pricey Presley vinyl to make an appearance in our roundup, the Moody Blue album debuted on Billboard's charts only a month before the rock and roll crooner passed away. This red promo LP was one of a few colored versions made for in-house use only, and the highest bidder at Heritage Auctions took it home for $1, (£).

Buddy Holly &#; That'll Be The Day: up to $1, (£)

The original pressing of Buddy Holly's That'll Be The Day album, released by Decca Records a year before the rock and roll pioneer was killed in a plane crash, will set you back $1, (£) if you want it in near-mint condition.

Miles Davis &#;&#;Kind of Blue: up to $1, (£1,)

Another one you can’t retire on, but mint copies of Davis’ Kind of Blue LP are worth up to a very respectable $1, (£1,). You're looking for a gram blue vinyl copy (not hard to spot) with a 6-eye label. Columbia switched to a 2-eye label in , making the former versions more valuable.

Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n Roll Trio: up to $1, (£1,)

The debut album of rockabilly band the Rock 'n Roll Trio, this LP had a big influence on the development of the genre. Exceptionally rare, copies of the first pressing realize prices up to $1, (£1,). 

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The Pagans &#; Six and Change: up to $1, (£1,)

An iconic American punk record, this cult 7" single by The Pagans was released on Neck Reckords in Only are known to have been pressed, and mint copies are as rare as hen's teeth.

Amos Milburn &#; Rockin The Boogie: up to $1, (£1,)

An album for serious collectors only, Amos Milburn's Rockin The Boogie is one of the rarest blues and R&B records in existence. An original copy of the LP pressed on red vinyl is worth up to $1, (£1,). 

Robert Tanner &#; Sweet Memories: up to $1, (£1,)

Released on obscure Virginia label Megatone back in , this catchy single is considered one of the most desirable Northern Soul records. Very few were ever pressed and mint condition copies are worth up to $1, (£1,).

Tom Petty &#; Wildflowers: up to $2, (£1,)

Tom Petty’s solo work divides people more than Donald Trump. Unopened copies of this album with two original inner sleeves can fetch $2, (£1,) while mint copies go for up to $ (£), which is no petty cash Look out for that artwork and you could be in for a treat. 

The Cashmeres &#; Show Stopper: up to $2, (£1,)

During the s, mods in the north of England created a movement based around non-mainstream Motown-style music called Northern Soul. Collectors pay crazy sums of money for the most sought-after records, which include this dancefloor-filler by Washington DC's The Cashmeres.

Samhain &#; Initium: up to $2, (£1,)

Deathrock band Samhain released a limited edition gray marbled version of their debut album Initium back in Only 40 copies were pressed, making this LP super-rare and valuable: collectors will pay up to $2, (£1,) for a copy in reasonably good condition.

Lee Morgan &#; City Lights: up to $2, (£1,)

Moneyed jazz enthusiasts wouldn't think twice about splashing $1, (£1,) on this much-admired Blue Note classic by trumpeter Lee Morgan, a price that Jazz Collector lists on its website as normal for near-mint editions. Meanwhile, pristine first pressings of the LP are the most coveted and can sell for as much as $2, (£1,).

J. R. Monterose &#; J. R. Monterose: up to $2, (£1,)

Another Blue Note rarity, the debut album of saxophonist J. R. Monterose is top of many a jazz record collector's wishlist. Original pressings are especially lucrative, realizing up to $2, (£1,) at auction.

Jess Hooper with The Daydreamers &#; All Messed Up: up to $2, (£2,)

Like classic jazz and Northern Soul, rockabilly is another genre that attracts die-hard fans and avid collectors. This early Memphis rockabilly 45 by Jess Hooper with The Daydreamers recently sold for $2, (£2,) on eBay.

The Doors &#; Morrison Hotel: up to $2, (£2,)

First pressings of the Doors' fifth LP are worth good money: you're looking at around $1, (£). But one version with the original dark red Elektra jacket, as well as a typewritten timing sheet included, was selling for $2, (£2,) from a respected seller on discogs.com.

Helene Smith &#; Sings Sweet Soul!: up to $2, (£2,)

This classic soul album from is highly sought after by collectors. Fewer than copies of Floridian Helene Smith's LP were pressed, and even fewer are thought to exist these days, bumping up the value no end.

Sun Ra &#; Jazz in Silhouette: up to $2, (£2,)

Initial pressings of this release from experimental jazz artist Sun Ra feature a silk-screen printed cover and are worth a small fortune. In , a mint condition copy sold for just over $2, (£2,).

Lou Pride &#; It's a Man's World: up to $2, (£2,)

This cover by Lou Pride of the James Brown classic It's a Man's World is a Northern Soul favorite. Only copies are known to have been produced, and surviving examples are like gold dust, fetching up to $2, (£2,) apiece.

Mötley Crüe &#; Too Fast For Love: up to $2, (£2,)

The first batch of Mötley Crüe's debut studio album was restricted to a limited edition of when it was released in November These copies, which feature cover typography in black and white rather than red, are worth up to $2, (£2,) apiece. 

The Queers &#; Kicked Out of the Webelos: up to $2, (£2,)

Only copies of this 7” EP by punk band The Queers were ever produced, and when a copy of the recording does come up for auction collectors fall over themselves to bid for it. They can expect to shell out up to $2, (£2,).

George Lemons &#; Fascinating Girl: up to $2, (£2,)

Back to Northern Soul, this obscure s R&B single by Detroit's George Lemons, who was sentenced to life without parole in for triple murder and died in prison in , is highly prized among collectors. It has been known to sell on eBay for as much as $2, (£2,)

Rhythm Cadets &#; Rockin Jimmy: up to $3, (£2,)

A mere copies of this doo-wop 45 from by Syracuse band Rhythm Cadets were pressed, and mint specimens are almost impossible to come by these days. Collectors will part with up to $3, (£2,) to get hold of one.

Curtis Fuller &#; The Opener: up to $3, (£2,)

Enough to make the typical jazz cat go weak at the knees, mint, minimally-scratched copies of this Blue Note LP by legendary trombonist Curtis Fuller are exceedingly valuable. Original mono pressings from are worth up to $3, (£2,).

Nirvana &#;&#;Bleach: up to $3, (£2,)

A copy of Nirvana's studio debut won’t pay off your mortgage, and most vinyl editions won’t even cover your cable subscription, but various re-releases are worth a great deal. Look out for the red and white marbled edition, which is worth up to $3, (£2,) in mint condition. Other reissues are also valuable, but this is the pick of the bunch. 

The Rising Storm &#; Calm Before: up to $3, (£2,)

Widely regarded as one of the best and rarest garage band albums, Calm Before by The Rising Storm enjoys almost mythical status among vinyl collectors. Mint copies of the LP go for up to $3, (£2,) at auction.

Prince &#; Purple Rain: $3, (£2,)

There's owning a vinyl by your favourite artist, and then there's owning a vinyl that was owned by your favourite artist. This cut-out stereo copy of Prince and the Revolution's musical masterpiece was part of Prince's own personal collection and came with two newspaper clippings inside – a British one from and a French cutout from Thanks to these personal touches, this Purple Rain vinyl was auctioned off for $3, (£2,) by Heritage Auctions in

Nirvana &#; Love Buzz: up to $3, (£2,)

Before Nirvana got famous, the grunge band released this 7” single on Sub Pop Records. Given only were pressed, the track is revered by dedicated fans who will pay up to $3, (£2,) to add it to their collection. 

Del Shannon &#; Runaway with : up to $3, (£3,)

Stereo copies of this album by rock and roll artist Del Shannon are extremely thin on the ground – only 80 are thought to have been pressed. This of course makes the LP hugely desirable, and mint condition copies sell for up to $3, (£3,). 

John Wayne &#; America, Why I Love Her: $3, (£3,)

Wild West hero John Wayne is arguably one of Hollywood's best-loved stars and his album, the 4 July classic America, Why I Love Her, is still revered as an anthem that expresses true American spirit. Wayne's popularity makes it unsurprising that fans are keen to snap up collectibles bearing his name – especially those featuring the actor's autograph – and as such, this signed vinyl went for $3, (£3,) at auction in

The Del Tours &#; Sweet and Lovely: up to $4, (£3,)

Yet another Northern Soul rarity worth big bucks, this uptempo toe-tapper by The Del Tours was released by Starville Records in Only a handful of copies of the single are known to exist, each of which is worth up to $4, (£3,).

The Four Voices &#; Your Love is Getting Stronger: up to $4, (£3,)

A record with almost legendary status among Northern Soul vinyl collectors, Your Love is Getting Stronger by the Four Voices is as valuable as it is revered. Limited edition copies of the single with green labeling are most valuable, fetching up to $4, (£3,).

The Velvet Underground &#; The Velvet Underground & Nico: up to $4, (£3,)

This classic featuring cover art by Andy Warhol bombed on release, and only 30, copies were pressed. Nowadays, rare first pressings are mega-valuable. Look for a copy with a peelable banana sticker covering Eric Emerson's torso. An unpeeled example sold for $4, (£3,) in

John Coltrane &#; Blue Train: up to $4, (£3,)

The last word in classic jazz LPs, John Coltrane's Blue Train album is ridiculously collectible. Original deep groove mono pressings of the Blue Note record are the most esteemed and command the highest prices, going for up to $4, (£3,) a pop.

Frank Frost with the Night Hawks &#; Hey Boss Man: up to $5, (£4,)

This album by renowned Delta blues harmonica player Frank Frost is ultra-rare. Very few copies from the original pressing are known to still exist, and those that do come up for sale achieve prices up to $5, (£4,).

Bruce Springsteen &#;&#;Spirit In the Night: up to $5, (£4,)

Copies of Bruce Springsteen's first release on Columbia Records are so scarce, collectors will pay up to $5, (£4,) to acquire one. The 7” single was released in very limited numbers back in before The Boss hit the big time.

Rolling Stones &#;&#;Let It Bleed: $5, (£4,)

Many Rolling Stones fans would rate Let It Bleed among the band's best albums, and what makes this version so special is its multi-coloured pressing. It's thought that this design was only created to be given to executives at the London Records label. Experts reckon that there are only two in existence, which explains why this one managed to sell for $5, (£4,) back in

Robert Johnson &#; Sweet Home Chicago: up to $6, (£5,)

The most wanted pre-war Blues record in vinyl collectordom, Sweet Home Chicago by Robert Johnson is exactly the sort of thing you wish you could discover in your grandpa's dust-covered collection. Mint copies of the original 78 rpm from go for up to $6, (£5,).

Misfits &#; Legacy of Brutality: up to $6, (£5,)

Due to a printing error, 16 copies of this limited edition version of the Legacy of Brutality LP by New Jersey punk band Misfits turned out pink – the remaining are either white or red. If you have a precious pink copy, it could be worth up to $6, (£5,) today.

Judge &#; Chung King Can Suck It: up to $6, (£5,)

The title of this album was designed as an insult to recording studio Chung King and only copies were produced by the band Judge. Thanks to its scarcity, this album by the hardcore quintet tends to go for thousands of dollars if in mint condition. 

The Sloths &#; Makin' Love: up to $6, (£5,)

A very small number of copies of this classic single by west coast garage rock band The Sloths exist, and only one has come on to the market in recent years. As a result, this 7-inch is worth up to a whopping $6, (£5,).

Hank Mobley &#; Hank Mobley: up to $6, (£5,)

Like the other Blue Note classics featured in this round-up, Hank Mobley's eponymous album is tremendously valuable. Only several hundred copies were printed, some of which feature an error on the label. Mint copies are worth up to $6, (£5,), and possibly more with the label error.

Roland Kirk &#; Triple Threat: up to $6, (£5,)

One of the rarest jazz LPs, a very small number of copies of Roland Kirk's album on King Records were ever pressed. The sole surviving mono mint copy went under the hammer for $6, (£5,) in

Rammellzee and K-Rob &#; Beat Bop: up to $8, (£6,)

Tartown/Profile Records/Wikimedia Commons

The holy grail of rap records, this early hip-hop single from influenced everyone from the Beastie Boys to De La Soul, and features cover art by Jean-Michel Basquiat, adding to its cachet. Restricted to a limited release of , mint examples are worth up to $8, (£6,) these days.

Elvis Presley &#; Can't Help Falling in Love: up to $8, (£6,)

Elvis' classic Can't Help Falling in Love sold over a million copies in the US, and the standard 45 rpm singles are ten a penny. The limited edition 33 rpm singles on the other hand are worth a fortune. If you're lucky enough to have a copy with a near-mint condition "hula" sleeve, the sleeve alone can sell for $3,$6,, (£2,£5,) while on top of that you could get up to $2, (£1,) for the record itself. That could mean an impressive $8, (£6,) for a copy of this rare gem.

Stonewall &#; Stonewall: up to $14, (£11,)

A slew of record companies were set up in the s and early s with the sole purpose of producing music that would lose money in order to offset tax. The so-called tax scam records are highly collectible, and the most valuable, Stonewall by Stonewall from , has been known to sell for $14, (£11,) on eBay.

The Beatles &#; Introducing: up to $15, (£12,)

Princeton Record Exchange via YouTube

The first Fab Four record to make it onto our list, this was the first Beatles album to be released in the US, featuring songs including Love Me Do and PS I Love You. One version, which was in mint condition with its original Sears wrapping and price sticker, sold for $14, (£12,) on eBay in , while other copies are listed for up to $10, (£8,) on the auction site.

The Rolling Stones &#; Street Fighting Man: up to $17, (£14,)

This single sparked controversy for featuring a picture of demonstrators and the police force at a time of considerable civil unrest in America. Shortly after the single hit stores the record company withdrew it, and it's thought that just 10 to 18 copies of this version exist. One of these singles sold for $17, (£14,) at Bonhams. Beware of counterfeit versions.

The Beatles &#; Beatles for Sale: $20, (£16,)

Miraculously sometimes you don't even need to have the vinyl itself to rake in cash from your old collection. This jacket for the album Beatles for Sale was signed by all four members of the band and thanks to the rarity of having all of the autographs on one item, it's worth an astonishing $20, (£16,), despite not having anything inside it.

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Jolly What! England's Greatest Recording Stars: The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage: up to $22, (£18,)

US label Vee Jay Records released this compilation album in pairing The Beatles with yodeling easy listening star Frank Ifield. Only copies of the cover featuring Lennon, McCartney, Starr and Best all together were produced, making this particular version of the LP one of the rarest Beatles albums. In , the record was put on eBay for a starting bid of just $ (£), climbing its way up to a winning bid of $22, (£18,).

Elvis Presley &#; Complete Sun Records: $32, (£27,)

The first ever Elvis single, That's All Right was released in July and popular music was never the same again. Mint condition copies sell for thousands of dollars, but the most valuable feature a misprinted upside-side '' on the B-side. Meanwhile, a complete set of Elvis' five Sun records 7"s are listed for as much as $32, (£27,) on eBay.

Bob Dylan &#;&#;The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan: up to $35, (£29,)

As one of Dylan’s most lauded records, most copies of this are not worth a huge amount. However, certain editions that feature four additional tracks are insanely valuable. Original stereo copies are worth up to an incredible $35, (£29,), and mono copies sell for up to $15, (£12,) in mint condition.

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The Beatles &#; Yesterday and Today: up to $, (£,)

One of the most infamous album covers in music history, this US compilation originally had a photo of the Fab Four wearing butchers' smocks and draped in decapitated dolls and meat on its front. But it was pulled from stores after just one day and replaced with a much more anodyne photo of the band. So-called 'first state' versions with the original image are hugely valuable and very rare. A sealed copy sold for $, (£,) via Heritage Auctions in 'Second state' pressings with the replacement cover pasted over the original are also very valuable (look for 'File Under: The Beatles' and 'T' in the top right corner of the front cover). Once news broke of the switch, many enterprising fans peeled off the replacement cover, with varying degrees of success. These are known as 'third state' copies and are less valuable.

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