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Best Penny Stocks To Buy? 4 Trending On Reddit While Facebook&#;s Down

That&#;s right; Facebook is down. But not only Facebook but the whole suite of Zuck&#;s apps. Instagram is down, WhatsApp is down, and even Messenger is down. Why is Facebook down? Well, if you go to its Twitter feed, the company explained that it is &#;aware that some people are having trouble accessing the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) app. We&#;re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.&#;

But that doesn&#;t mean all social apps are down. If you&#;re looking for some of the best penny stocks to buy on social media, Reddit has become a more prominent place to look. This is, of course, where the whole meme stonks craze began earlier in the year.

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Tracing its origins back to popular sub Reddits like r/WallStreetBets r/RedditPennyStocks, and r/PennyStocks, AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC), Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ:BBIG), and plenty of others got their retail trading spark from Redditors. So while you might be wondering, Why is Facebook down,&#; if you&#;re a trader looking to gauge some social sentiment, there are plenty of other places to search right now.

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid] On Reddit

Today we&#;re looking at some of the trending penny stocks today. Whether it&#;s Reddit, Twitter, or popular chatrooms, retail traders have begun actively mentioning these names in different circles. Some you may recognize as potential short squeeze stocks. Others may have gotten mixed with low float stocks. Meanwhile, there could be some companies on this list of penny stocks that are brand new to you. In any case, I&#;ll leave it up to you to decide if they&#;re worth adding to your watchlist or avoiding entirely.

  1. Cinedigm Corporation (NASDAQ:CIDM)
  2. Camber Energy (NYSE:CEI)
  3. Evolve Transition Infrastructure (NYSE:SNMP)
  4. ContextLogic Inc. (NASDAQ:WISH)

Reddit Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid] #1. Cinedigm Corporation

One of the active penny stocks today is Cinedigm Corporation. This is one of the names we&#;ve followed for a while now. While I won&#;t give you a full deep dive on the company, there are a few things to make note of right now. That&#;s especially true when discussing any streaming entertainment stock, in my opinion. Thanks to the stay-at-home orders of the pandemic, many became more used to cutting the cord. With that has come a slew of new streaming platforms that are all hungry for adding new content to their catalogs.

Cinedigm is a content provider offering streaming channels and technology services to leading media and retail companies. This week, in fact, the company announced the newest milestone from its Fandor streaming service. According to press, Fandor was named the &#;Netflix for Indie Film&#; by the Wall Street Journal. Debuting a new look to the platform, Cinedigm explained that this new look with a wider footprint and more content acquisitions on the horizon will offer subscribers more access to thousands of hours of entertainment.

Erick Opeka, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Cinedigm explained, &#;Fandor has been a pioneer in this space and offers a haven for Cinephiles looking for deep and meaningful titles that made them fall in love with films in the first place. Cinedigm&#;s commitment to independent film has never been stronger and, as the company grows into a global brand, that dedication has caught the attention of filmmakers around the world.&#;

Though it isn&#;t one of the short-term skyrocketing names on this list, CIDM stock has steadily risen over the last few months. Since January 4th, the penny stock has climbed from under $ to over $ within the last few weeks.

best penny stocks to buy on reddit Cinedigm Corporation CIDM stock chart

2. Camber Energy (NYSE:CEI)

Energy penny stocks are hot this week. With a mix of excitement focused on traditional oil and gas paired with momentum from renewable energy, many of these companies are heating up scanners. Camber Energy has become somewhat of a bellwether for carbon capture penny stocks. That&#;s thanks, in part, to a move that it made from August to September of over 1,%.

Thanks to its new meme stock status, groups of traders on social media have followed this company closely more recently. Similar to Progenity, Camber has been wrapped into the short squeeze penny stocks niche. As of right now, most outlets show a short float percentage of around 24%. By most accounts, anything over 20% is considered high.

While Camber is traditionally focused on oil and gas, its latest initiatives focus more on carbon neutrality. In particular, Camber recently signed a deal with ESG Clean Energy to exclusively license intellectual property regarding ESG&#;s patent rights and knowledge related to stationary electric power generation. According to the company, this includes ways to use heat and capture carbon dioxide.

Essentially, the IP involves repurposing otherwise harmful carbon from combustion engines and using this &#;waste heat&#; to produce valuable commodities. This would include distilled/ de-ionized water, UREA (NH4); ammonia (NH3); ethanol; and methanol, which could get resold. I won&#;t go into an entire history lesson on CEI stock. But with the latest focus of retail traders on both short-squeeze and energy stocks, this could be one of the names on a list of penny stocks to watch right now.

best penny stocks to buy on reddit Cmaber Energy CEI stock chart

3. Evolve Transition Infrastructure (NYSE:SNMP)

Similar to Camber, Evolve is finding its footing in the renewables space right now. The company specializes in the transitional infrastructure necessary to the shift to lower-carbon energy sources. It has also been going through the final steps of firming up a joint venture with Nuvve Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: NVVE) and Stonepeak Partners. This JV named Levo Mobility uses Nuvve&#;s V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology, money from Stonepeak, and Evolve to speed up the development of electric fleets.

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Stonepeak and Evolve plan to deploy up to an aggregate $ million capital commitment to Levo. Adding to this is what Evolve achieved before the end of August. The company executed its credit agreement with the Royal Bank of Canada, providing Evolve with a $65 million term loan and a $5 million revolving credit facility.

&#;The execution of this amended credit agreement represents the completion of an important milestone in our business strategy shift to focusing on the acquisition and development of infrastructure critical to the transition of energy supply to lower carbon sources&#;

Chuck Ward, Evolve CFO

With a strong focus on renewables, SNMP stock has been one to watch recently.

best penny stocks to buy on reddit Evolve Transition Infrastructure SNMP stock chart

4. ContextLogic Inc. (NASDAQ:WISH)

One of the companies I honestly thought we wouldn&#;t have a chance to discuss is ContextLogic. Better known for its online outlet, Wish, the company specializes in affordable products sold through its online portal.

Since its IPO, WISH stock has faced a staggering amount of speculative trading. This goes for both bullish and bearish discussions. However, as you&#;ll see, the bears were the victors so far. Now, as a penny stock, WISH is off its week highs by over 80%. Adding to things, WISH stock was also downgraded by analysts like Oppenheimer, who set a price target of $4 and cut its Perform rating to Underperform.

The company itself continues making strides toward growth. Monday, the company announced that it strengthened its position in Spain through a new partnership with Correos. The Spanish carrier will help Spanish merchants process their orders quickly and efficiently within a fully trackable system that is designed to optimize the customer experience, according to a press release from ContextLogic.

This adds to the company&#;s growing list of channel partners. Wish has quickly become one of the largest eCommerce platforms servicing millions of consumers in over countries. Despite the recent downtrend in the stock, will this latest move help turn things around?

best penny stocks to buy on reddit ContextLogic Inc. WISH stock chart

Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

Risk and reward are the most significant factors when it comes to buying penny stocks. How much money are you putting on the table to hopefully achieve your target gains? With social sentiment as a critical driver for some of the stocks mentioned on this list, volatility also has a heavy hand.

With the slightest shift in opinion can come a much more significant change in directional movement. The goal with that is to be on the right side of the sentiment, no matter if it&#;s bullish or bearish. Given the current trends in the stock market today, are any of these names on your list of penny stocks?

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It may not last forever. But, the Reddit stocks phenomenon is here to stay for now. It may go against the philosophy of investing legends like Warren Buffett. But, as retail investors continue to essentially gamble on stocks, with minimal interest or concern about their underlying fundamentals, there are likely still fast profits to be made with this high-risk, but possibly high-reward “investing” strategy.

Interest in continued favorites like AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) may be peaking. In the case of GameStop (NYSE:GME), it may have already peaked. But, as recent headlines indicate, the hunt is on for new names that could provide similar amounts of fast trading profits.

Obviously, it’s not wise to risk money you can’t afford to lose. That is, don’t risk permanently damaging your financial future just because a stock seemed primed for a short-squeeze. Or, because it’s trending on r/WallStreetBets. Yet, you don’t have to necessarily “bet the ranch” to profit from this sometimes logic-defying investing phenomenon.

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

Instead, there are several stocks you could throw $ into, with the potential to see a high return on your small investment. Nothing’s guaranteed, of course, but these seven risky Reddit stocks could potentially see a turbocharged rally or two in their future:

  • Ashford Hospitality Trust (NYSE:AHT)

  • Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics (NYSEAMERICAN:BTX)

  • GEO Group (NYSE:GEO)

  • PubMatic (NASDAQ:PUBM)

  • Skillz (NYSE:SKLZ)

  • Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL)

  • ContextLogic (NASDAQ:WISH)

Reddit Stocks: Ashford Hospitality Trust (AHT)

Reddit Stocks: AHT stock

Source: Shutterstock

AHT stock was a hotel REIT (real estate investment trust), hit hard by last year’s Covid shutdowns. It avoided having to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But it would’ve had to if it had failed to negotiate forbearance from its lenders. Yet, in the past month, Reddit traders have piled back in, sending it up 69%, to around $ per share.

This retail investor enthusiasm has also improved the company’s financial footing. Much like AMC, it was able to seize the opportunity, and raise new equity capital, thanks to the run-up. So, with its financials improving, and the travel reopening trade in full-swing, does this stock have even more room to run?

Considering it traded for around $27 per share before the outbreak, a partial recovery for Ashford Hospitality shares could still mean a triple-digit percentage return on your investment. However, it’s anything but a sure thing. Per a Seeking Alpha commentator’s recent bearish take on the stock, the REIT not only still has a high debt load. When you factor in its outstanding preferred stock, the increase in its underlying value from improved results may not flow to common shareholders.

In other words, there’s a good reason why AHT stock still trades for a fraction of its pre-Covid prices. Even so, this may not matter to Reddit investors, who may send it soaring even higher before they decide to look elsewhere.

Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics (BTX)

BTX stock

Source: Shutterstock

Formerly known as NTN Buzztime, shares in Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics took off once it merged with the privately held biotech company of the same name. Becoming one of the hottest meme stocks out there, it soared from $ at the time of the deal close (March 25), to as much as $ per share. Yet, as the bubble that formed within it faded, shares have since given up most of their gains, and trade for around $15 per share today.

So, with the meme stock hype seemingly played out, why might this be an appealing opportunity, albeit one that’s a gamble? Speculators may have gotten ahead of themselves. But, this clinical-stage company still has tremendous potential with the therapies in its pipeline.

The main therapy in its pipeline? Its IRX-2 cytokine therapy for the treatment of head and neck cancer. According to its May investor presentation, this therapy is currently in Phase 2b trials. Recently, the company has moved into mRNA-based gene-editing and cell therapies as well. This portion of its timeline may be more years in the making. Yet, progress in this area could also produce a short-term boost for the stock.

Admittedly, a repeat of the run-up in BTX stock is going to hinge on the Reddit stock community piling back into it. But, given the strong potential of its underlying business, shares could still take “to the moon” again, even without the boost of the meme stock phenomenon.

GEO Group (GEO)

GEO stock

Source: Shutterstock

With all the talk about criminal justice reform, and President Joe Biden’s Executive Order banning new federal private prison contracts, it’s been a tough time this year for publicly traded owners and operators of correctional facilities. When Biden’s EO was signed into law, I made the case why it may not be such a big deal for the industry.

Between their contracts with U.S. states, as well as their contracts with other agencies unaffected by the order (like Immigration detention facilities), I argued that the downside from losing Bureau of Prisons contacts was more than priced-in with both GEO stock, as well as its peer, CoreCivic (NYSE:CXW).

Yet, for the first few months, it appeared those more bearish were correct. Geo Group got hammered, mainly due to it suspending its dividend to conserve cash. But, starting this month, it seems like Reddit has made it one of its next short-squeeze targets. This resulted in shares popping from around $ per share to nearly $9 per share before partially pulling back in recent days.

However, this may not be the end of the GEO stock bounce back. With about % of its float sold short, another parabolic move may be in store. Consider this another short-squeeze play worth throwing $ into.

Reddit Stocks: PubMatic (PUBM)

Reddit Stocks: PUBM stock

Source: Tada Images / Shutterstock.com

Looking for short-squeeze stocks? PUBM stock may be one to keep an eye on. Shares in the programmatic advertising company have fallen substantially over the past few months. It’s fallen more than 56% off its highs, from $ per share, to around $ per share today.

The reason? As a Motley Fool commentator recently discussed, shares got way ahead of themselves earlier this year. With its big declines, PubMatic is now back to a valuation more in line with its long-term prospects. But, related to this beat-down based on valuation has been the fact that it’s become a crowded trade among the short-seller community.

As a result, more than 55% of its outstanding float has been sold short. The possible outcome from this? Just like what happened earlier this year with AMC and GameStop, high short interest, coupled with en masse buying by retail speculators, could result in a jaw-dropping short-squeeze.

We may not see a squeeze on the level of AMC or GME stock. But, a temporary parabolic move, like the one seen in Clover Health (NASDAQ:CLOV) earlier this month (which went from $9 to as much as $ per share in a matter of days), may be possible. With this, throwing $ at this may be a fun and (possibly) profitable short-term trade.

Skillz (SKLZ)

SKLZ stock

Source: Shutterstock

Back in February, when anything Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest was involved in running hot, mobile e-sports play SKLZ stock was flying high. The former SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) more than doubled in price after its merger close. But, in the months that followed, sentiment quickly shifted.

As inflation fears scared off growth stock investors, and short-sellers painted a not-so-pretty picture of the company and its growth potential, Skillz shares took a beating, briefly falling back to price levels not far above its blank-check company offering price.

Yet, since bottoming out in the spring, growth investors have started trickling back in. Reddit investors have been giving it more attention as well. But, don’t mistake this resurgence in interest for irrational enthusiasm. InvestorPlace‘s Luke Lango has made the case why there’s substance to its growth story. Namely, as digital advertising fails to be the best way to monetize mobile gaming, this company’s competition-based model, which involves entry fees and prizes, appears to be where the industry is heading.

Lango sees shares changing hands for about $20 per share day, heading to $30 per share in the immediate future. But, as it’s on the Reddit crowd’s radar, and more realize that it’s a reasonably priced growth stock? We could see it deliver even more impressive returns in the coming months.

Sundial Growers (SNDL)

SNDL stock

Source: Shutterstock

Based on its fundamentals, Sundial Growers doesn’t look to be that great of an opportunity. Due to heavy shareholder dilution earlier this year, this pot stock trades at a forward price-to-sales (P/S) multiple on par with high-quality names in this space, such as Canopy Growth (NASDAQ:CGC).

Why pay up for SNDL stock, when names like CGC stand to benefit more from changing social mores about weed? Due to its low stock price (around $1 per share today), and the popularity of it among retail traders, expect it to see outsized moves on any progress related to the U.S. Federal Government legalizing marijuana.

Yes, President Biden hasn’t yet warmed up to the idea of legalization (rather than just decriminalization). Even as his own party has tried to fast-track legalization in Congress. But, don’t take this to mean America is still years away from having a fully open market for pot. With this being less of a partisan issue than it was in the past, sweeping changes could happen sooner than you think.

Legalization wouldn’t immediately change Sundial’s underlying business. Yet, it could be enough to send its shares back up toward prior highs (as much as $ per share). Now, don’t get me wrong, this stock is still richly priced and could fall substantially if pot legalization hits a near-term dead end. But, comparing possible gains against possible losses, it’s at least worth a $ “legalization lottery ticket” wager.

Reddit Stocks: ContextLogic (WISH)

Reddit Stocks: WISH stock

Source: sdx15 / Shutterstock.com

It’s not a secret that many are looking to this as being the next hot meme stock. Shares in ContextLogic, owners of the Wish.com e-commerce platform, have fallen substantially off their highs. But, after falling more than 75% so far this month, it’s caught the eye of Reddit investors, who have bid it back up from under $8 per share, to around $11 per share as of this writing.

Can this rebound continue? Granted, there’s much on the table pointing to its meme stock rally sputtering out. Short interest in this stock is moderately high (% of float). But, it’s well below the level seen in the most successful short-squeeze plays.

Meme stock traders may not be too concerned about fundamentals. But, recent guidance has been underwhelming. During the pandemic, it’s sales may have seen a nice boost, thanks to the outbreak’s tailwinds for e-commerce. Yet, as the world goes into “recovery mode,” year-over-year sales growth is set to slow down considerably.

Yet, if Reddit speculators pile in, and other investors cut the company some slack, as Deutsche Bank analyst Kunal Madhukar did with his recent bullish call on shares, WISH stock may have room to continue on its recovery.

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On the date of publication, Thomas Niel held long positions in CXW and GEO stock. He did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in any other securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines.

Thomas Niel, contributor for InvestorPlace.com, has been writing single-stock analysis for web-based publications since

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3.SDC(SmileDirectClub, Inc.)NASDAQ% MM$ (%)$ B
4.NKLA(Nikola Corporation)NASDAQ% MM$ + (+%)$ B
5.CRSR(Corsair Gaming, Inc.)NASDAQ% MM$ + (+%)$ B
6.AXDX(Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.)NASDAQ% MM$ + (+%)$ M
7.RIDE(Lordstown Motors Corp.)NASDAQ% MM$ + (+%)$ B
8.AMRS(Amyris, Inc.)NASDAQ% MM$ + (+%)$ B
9.GME(GameStop Corp.)NYSE% MM$ (%)$ B
TWNK(Hostess Brands, Inc.)NASDAQ% MM$ (%)$ B

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Gamma squeezes cause an increase in the price of a stock based on investors buying many call options that are or become ITM (In-The-Money) before expiry and option sellers needing to hedge their trades on the underlying stocks. Greatly accentuated for stocks with low float. These are the potential upcoming gamma squeezes.

#Symbol (Name)ExpiringOpen InterestITMSharesFloat% of Float

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Top 3 Screeners for LOW FLOAT Stocks Using Finviz

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Avoid traps in Low Float Stocks

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