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What does GUI stand for in Roblox?

What does GUI stand for in Roblox?

Graphical User Interface

What does instance mean in Lua?

Instance is the base class for all classes in the Roblox class hierarchy. Every other class that the Roblox engine defines inherits all of the members of Instance. It is not possible to directly create Instance objects. Instance has a special function called Instance.

Are there classes in Lua?

Lua does not have the concept of class; each object defines its own behavior and has a shape of its own. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to emulate classes in Lua, following the lead from prototype-based languages, such as Self and NewtonScript. In those languages, objects have no classes.

Is Lua an OOP?

Lua is not really an object-oriented language, and it doesn’t have a built-in concept of classes. But it is easily possible to create your own class system using tables and metatables.

What is a Metatable in Lua?

Advertisements. A metatable is a table that helps in modifying the behavior of a table it is attached to with the help of a key set and related meta methods. These meta methods are powerful Lua functionality that enables features like − Changing/adding functionalities to operators on tables.

What is a Metatable Roblox?

Metatables allow tables to become more powerful than before. They are attached to data and contain values called metamethods. Metamethods are fired when a certain action is used with the datum that it is attached to.

Why was Lua created?

Lua was originally designed in 1993 as a language for extending software applications to meet the increasing demand for customization at the time.

What is Property in Lua Roblox?

Properties control how objects look and function. Some properties an object might have are material, color, or shape. Scripts can change a part’s properties, like making a part change color.

What is a script on Roblox?

A Script is a type of Lua code container that will run its contents on the server. By default, Scripts have print(“Hello, world”) as their contents.

What is a valid service in Roblox?

A service, in scripting, is an object that contains built in properties, functions, events, and callbacks. These services are used to reach a goal. For example, MarketplaceService is used to handle in-game purchases, while Lighting is used to control light, time, and fog, and.

What is Roblox collision Group ID?

The CollisionGroupId property describes the ID number of the part’s collision group. You can find the ID of a collision group by using PhysicsService:GetCollisionGroupId . This value cannot be negative, and cannot exceed PhysicsService:GetMaxCollisionGroups .

How do you make parts not collide on Roblox?

To prevent objects in the GreenObjects group from colliding with objects in the Obstacles group, uncheck the box in the respective row/column.

How do I turn off player collision?

To disable player-player collisions, we will need to create a collision group for the players. This collision group will be configured to not collide with itself.

What is player collision?

Player collisions, more commonly referred to as body-blocking, has been one of the more frustrating things in many Call of Duty titles over the years. Running into your own teammates can throw off your timing when you’re rushing to get to a power position.

How do you turn collision off in Skyrim?

To fix, use TC on the Dragonborn to turn off their actions. Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (characters may turn hostile, but will not attack the Dragonborn). Toggle Collision. Using the TCL command with a target toggles clipping for the target.


[v3.0] GuiCollisionService - Gui collisions done right

Update v1.17.0! :tada:

Added “solid” property to , setting it to true makes it impossible for a hitter to go through a collider! Example:

new ‐ Made with Clipchamp

Updated Source code

Updated Documentation


you can use this for that :wink:

I have almost everything working perfectly however is this a challenge I’m having I don’t know how to keep the White Box inside the frame I want to keep the white box inside the frame like how the Black box is.

UI Collision (1).rbxl (255.9 KB)

Special thanks to @RuizuKun_Dev without whom, this wouldn’t have been possible, after understanding the math, I was able to figure out how easy this was to implement! :wink:

I am working on a 2D RayCasting module to help you cast rays even when the rotation of the gui is not 0 for 2D projectiles. Stay tuned!

There are a few bugs to this, which I have been fixing, thanks!


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Can anyone Explain GUI Collisions, because ROBLOX Wiki does a poor job of explaining?

I wrote up part of a wiki article for GUI collisions but never ended up publishing. Here's the algorithm I created for it. It will work for general cases, but not for rotated GUIs.

In order to check if two GUI objects overlap, we can use the read-only AbsolutePosition and AbsoluteSize properties to calculate the positions of the four corner points of each rectangle. AbsolutePosition is the offset (in pixels) from the top-left corner of the game window, while AbsoluteSize is the width and height of the GUI object, in pixels. For example, if a button is located 20 pixels from the top and 40 pixels from the left side of the screen, the AbsolutePosition will be 40, 20. Both properties return the Vector2 data type, a simple data type with only two components: x and y.

function collidesWith(gui1, gui2) local gui1_topLeft = gui1.AbsolutePosition local gui1_bottomRight = gui1_topLeft + gui1.AbsoluteSize local gui2_topLeft = gui2.AbsolutePosition local gui2_bottomRight = gui2_topLeft + gui2.AbsoluteSize return ((gui1_topLeft.x < gui2_bottomRight.x and gui1_bottomRight.x > gui2_topLeft.x) and (gui1_topLeft.y < gui2_bottomRight.y and gui1_bottomRight.y > gui2_topLeft.y)) end
Roblox Studio - UI Scaling Tutorial [How to Fit a UI on the Screen on any Device]

Detecting GUI collision for minigame

So I have gone ahead and made a method which accomplishes this for you:

The method returns a method which can be called to check if a given unrotated intersects with the given frame. This accomplishes this task using SAT (see: as @AstroCode said). It determines the corners/vertices of the frame using sin/cos along with the absolute size/position of the frame.

So you would use this by doing something like this:

You can also check out this demo place:
It is open source.

Note: every time you update the frame position you must create a new frame collider, as it uses a “cached” version of the frame to increase speed. Pretty much you need to update it any time the or of the frame changes. You can either do this manually, or wrap the method I created to do this for you automatically. The wrapped version would look something like this:

Note: I have not tested this wrapper, but in theory it should work… but might need some tweaks. You would then call instead of . Naming could be better though. Edit it as you please.

Hope this helps, if you need any further explanation let me know.



Gui collision roblox

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