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Features: 1. The red starry sky laser projection creates stylish romance, visual enjoyment, the laser light illuminates the entire starry sky, the bright stars in the night sky, always illuminates your road, illuminates your life and increases driving pleasure. Built-in high brightness capacitor diode light source, low power consumption and high brightness. 2. Small size, easy to use, suitable for car / car / PC / computer / portable battery. Red LED atmosphere light, decorative light, interior decoration light, emergency light, DJ light, there is a switch on the side, if you don't use it for a long time, you can turn off the switch 3. Freely adjustable bracket, suitable for lighting in different directions. 4. Cooling aluminum alloy head, safe and durable. 5.360-degree rotation adjustment, five unique lighting effects. 6. Easy installation. The USB interface is plug and play. specification: Type: Mini LED Car Roof Light Projector Appearance color: black Light source color: red, blue Material: Aluminum Power: 1 watt Voltage: 5V Current: 2A Life: 50000 hours Size: 15.0 * 10.0 * 10.0cm Light source type: laser Net weight: 45g Included in the package: 1 * Starlight


Rolls-Royce Starlight Roof Headliner

Rolls-Royce Starlight

Are you looking for a completely new way to customize your Rolls Royce interior? Select the Rolls Royce starlight headliner to get in touch with your inner polymath and try your hand at translating personal imagery into the design of the Rolls Royce roof with 1,900 stars. You’ll work directly with Rolls Royce designers to create a bespoke graphic pattern that can shine in any color or configuration. Below, we’ll go into the details of creating each custom starlight headliner with hundreds of hand-placed fibre-optic lights on the interior or your Phantom, Wraith, or Ghost.

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Custom Constellations: Do all Rolls Royce Have Stars?

The Rolls-Royce starlight headliner is available in the Wraith interior, Phantom, and the Ghost. This spellbinding Rolls-Royce-exclusive feature incorporates between 600 and 1,600 hand-placed fibre-optic stars in your motor car’s leather roof lining. Submit your customization preferences to receive a Starlight Headliner quote directly from Rolls-Royce, or give us a call at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena, and our team can answer your questions on the starlight headliner roof price and custom options. Interested in a star headliner with 2,900 stars? You’ll want to contact our team to learn more.

Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith with Star Headliner
So, what can a Rolls Royce with a star ceiling car of 1,900 stars do? You can brighten or dim the “stars” to fit your mood with the car’s infotainment system, and there are almost limitless choices when it comes to designing your unique headliner. Custom possibilities include:

  • Depicting the constellations precisely as they were on any day in modern history.
  • Arranging the stars in any graphic pattern, such as your family coat of arms.
  • Programming your stars to shine in any color.

Crafting Your Starlit Sky: How Much is a Rolls Royce with Stars?

2020 Rolls-Royce Phantom Interior
The pricing depends on what you opt for. Rolls-Royce hires skilled craftspeople to install each starlight headliner completely by hand. The process typically takes nine hours per car for two craftspeople to complete, but this can take up to 17 for a custom template. The first step is to perforate the leather with 600 to 1,600 holes, carefully counting each. The lights need to be set perfectly on the visible surface, and secured at the right height on the concealed side. So, no matter if you choose the Star roof car with 3600 lights or the star headliner with 2,900 stars, you’ll have a clear view. The starlight headliner’s unique effect of stars at different depths is achieved via fitting delicate fibre optic strands at varying depths and at different angles, so that light escapes at different intensities.

Explore your Unique Starlight Headliner Options at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena

Visit us at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Pasadena for more on the starlight headliner or other Rolls-Royce custom upgrades, like whether you’d prefer the moonroof or sunroof. We’re happy to show you our inventory of the all-new Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Black Badge Cullinan off-roaders, show you our Rolls Royce stars up to 3,600 stars, and share our car-buying tips and tricks. Come and experience the Spirit of Ecstasy today or learn more about the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith!

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Car interior lighting kit

Fibre optic starlight ceiling for your car


Make your car interior look outstanding with a car interior lighting kit also known as a starlight headliner. Stellar Lighting fibre optic headliner brings the shining starry night sky into your car. You can control the colours and the twinkle feature easily, creating an incredible cosmic vibe while you drive.

Everyone wants to feel different and unique when it comes to their home or car. Some people have that feeling when they install a brand new radio in their car.  Certain products can give us a feeling of sitting on new wheels! When it comes to exterior light, the choice of colours is limited by law. For example, brake lights simply have to be red. Headlights need to be white or yellow. Luckily it's a bit different from other light categories like fibre optic or LED lights inside the car. Interior design can transform the look of your car just as much as a new set of headlights or brake lights. One way of doing this and personalising it, make it more comfortable or make it outstanding with a car interior lighting kit. You might be wondering what is the point of having these products and twinkle lights inside the car? Many automobile fans use interior lights and other products to customise their cars by installing additional fibre optic or car LED lighting. 

If you want more than just a standard interior LED lighting car, you might have to search a bit more.  You need to be aware of your options for interior design, what products and light you are allowed and free to use, as a driver.

Your vehicle doesn't have to be the finest in the neighborhood, there are some features and lights that you can use to turn heads wherever you go.  The other benefit of the lighting cars, sometimes fibre optic and LED lights come in handy especially when you search for something in your car.

What are interior lights on a car?

Starry ceilings are not just for your home. You can convert your car’s inner roof into a starry ceiling with our car interior lighting kit. This star ceiling kit is a complete set, containing optical fibre bundles, a light generator and a car adapter - all you need to create your own starry ceiling in your car. Just a single light source can provide enough light for the perfect star ceiling in the cars. With our easy to follow instructions, your creativity can run wild: you can go random, install constellations, or even write your name in lights. The product is also suitable for smaller indoor starlight ceiling projects, up to 5 square meters.  The remote control will allow you to change the lighting effects and colours of your fibre optic headliner quick and easy.

Is it legal to have a coloured interior light in the car?

According to this article, it is legal to drive with interior lights on. There is no legislation mandating whether people can or cannot legally drive with interior fibre optic or LED lighting. However, if the police officer pulls you over, and sees the lights in the car they are free to tell you to turn the lights off. Please be aware that sometimes the police will take different views on your car’s light system. Excessively bright lights can be a distraction to yourself and other drivers, also pose a major safety concern. Certain interior lights are unsafe and therefore not road legal. You may find a product or LED light you like but it's not safe to use in your vehicle. You should be able to switch the light on and off with an independent switch or the remote control. 


If you love going on a night drive, the interior brilliance can verse your ride and your vehicle with some soft mood light. Night time is not the only time you can show off your interior lights. You can also turn the light on during the day.  But for the best showcasing of your starlight headliner, after-dark hours are the finest.

Enjoy the starry light ceiling on your ride, turn the lights and your favourite music on.


Fibre optic kits recommended for cars




Here are some tips how to install the lights in your ride:

  • This brand is safe, and free to use in your cars.

  • Avoid using the product above 40 C temperature.

  • Check the tools you are working with are in a good condition for installing the fibre optic lights.

  • Some useful products you are going to need for the installation of a starlight headliner: cordless drill, side cutters, scissors.

  • If you don't feel safe as a customer meanwhile the installation please feel free to search for a pros.

For car headliner installations, check out this installation guide.  


Light for ceiling car star

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