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How to Put Curtains on a Front Door That Is Half Glass Panes

By Renee Miller

Offset pivots are common on glass and aluminum entry doors but can also be used on wood or metal doors.

Front doors that are half glass panes can be a security risk. They make it easy to see into your home, and thieves can quickly locate and break the glass to open the locks. One way to make these doors more secure is to hang a curtain on the inside of the door, covering the glass. To install curtains on doors with half glass panes, a sash rod at the top and bottom of the window is ideal, because this type of rod fits almost flat against the door, and installation is straightforward.

Mark a line 2 inches above the trim at the top of the glass pane. Use a level to ensure the line is straight. Mark a second straight line 2 inches below the trim at the bottom of the glass pane.

Measure 2 inches to the left of the upper left corner. Draw a line up from this point and make a mark where it intersects with your upper line.

Measure 2 inches to the right of the upper right corner. Draw a line up from this point and make a mark where it intersects with your upper line. This indicates where you will install the upper rod brackets.

Measure 2 inches to the left of the window’s bottom left corner. Draw a line down from this point and make a mark where it intersects with your lower line.

Measure 2 inches to the right of the window’s bottom right corner. Draw a line down from this point and make a mark where it intersects with your lower line. This indicates where you will install the lower rod brackets.

Place a bracket over the upper left mark. Secure it to the door with the screws provided. Repeat with the upper right bracket and the two lower brackets.

Insert a sash rod through the top pocket of your curtains. Hold the rod up to the door and extend or shorten it as needed by pulling or pushing on one end. The holes on the end of the sash rod should line up with the prong on the sash bracket. Slide the rod over the prong and clip it into position.

Adjust the curtain panels to distribute them along the rod to your satisfaction. Slide a second sash rod through the bottom rod pocket of your curtains.

Adjust the width of the bottom rod so that the holes at the end of the rod line up with the prongs of the brackets and slide the ends over the prong to secure the bottom of the curtain to the door.



  • By installing the brackets a minimum of 2 inches away from the window trim, you ensure that you won’t break the glass or the window’s seal when fastening.
  • Measure the length and width of the window before selecting or making curtains for a door with a half glass pane. The curtains should be at least 5 inches longer than the window, and about double its width.
  • If you prefer to use longer curtains on your door, you can install the top sash rod first and then use the bottom rod pocket of the hung curtains to establish where to install your bottom rod.

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Renee Miller began writing professionally in 2008, contributing to websites and the "Community Press" newspaper. She is co-founder of On Fiction Writing, a website for writers. Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario.



Window Curtains for Refining Your Home Decor

Like all other interior décor, curtains play their own role in beautifying your personal space. In addition to serving as an arbitrary material that separates areas and covers windows and doors, they contribute to your home's overall aesthetics and magnify its underlying composition by adding more depth.

With everything else in place, curtain designs can complement or mess up the interior theme. It is, therefore, imperative to select the suitable fabric, texture, colour tone, size and number of curtains for any given space. From net to velvet, you’ll find them in every fabric type with an unending array of colour options and designs. This wide range of availability often confuses and blurs our judgement while purchasing. Therefore, it is essential to separately define the features that you seek in windows, doors, and living room curtains.

Here’s How to Choose Window Curtains

The shopping spree should begin with dimension analysis for the curtains. Determine the mounting technique, curtain rod length, curtain length, measure for the width of curtains, and measure the window's size. Once noted, you can shift your focus to the aesthetics of the pieces. The material of window curtains should be selected according to the natural light that comes from the windows. Keep it light-coloured with net fabric if the window opens to low lighting and dark and thick fabric if excessive light heats your home. You can also go with curtains that have blackout lining if too much natural light is a significant concern. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, try the curtains with thermal lining.

In addition to the room’s colour theme, you should also consider the plywood shade and texture of pelmets, if any. Curtains might appear out of place if they aren’t well-coordinated with the pelmets and other interior elements.

How to Choose the Perfect Door Curtains?

The choice of door curtains depends upon the door’s placement. Suggestions for front doors curtains, long divider curtains and room door curtains differ. For the front door, choose a curtain with heavy fabric, embroidered or designed heavily to impart an effect of grandeur to the entrance.

Contrastingly, it would help if you opted for lightweight, manageable and light-shaded curtains for room doors. They make the interior area look clean, large and sophisticated.

Bold geometric designs, large scale florals and abstract print make for the best options to suit long divider curtains. The richness of fabric is fundamental here; it ensures that the division has a visual appeal and is classy.

Everything Available at a Click

Flipkart brings you a wide range of bedroom curtains, window curtains and living room curtains online. With an unending variety, it makes available several filters like fabric type, colours, pattern, pack composition, length, curtain-type, etc., to help you categorise the best-suited options as required. Brands like Bombay dyeing, Swayam, Ville Style, etc., are some of the most famous curtain sellers at Flipkart. So what are you waiting for? Go through their colourful and classy collections available at affordable prices.

Curtains can make or break the look of your home. When it comes to choosing drapes, you should always consider the color, fabric, length and the print. While the fabric determines the functionality and durability, the color of the drapes can give a cohesive look to your overall decor. Linen or silk drapes can instantly add a luxurious and classy to your home. You should choose the length of a drape according to the height of the panels. If you want to add a sense of height to your room, you can hang your drapes a little above the window frame. This will give your room a dramatic feel. Online stores have all types of drapes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for curtain rods, window curtains or door curtains, you can find them all in online stores. Popular brands like Bombay Dyeing, Swayam, Home Sizzler, [email protected] and Flipkart SmartBuy have an extensive range of drapes to choose from. With online shopping, you can also look at the care instructions of the drapes. While some drapes need to be dry cleaned, others are machine-washable. You can go for printed drapes or solid ones according to the overall decor of your home. It’s good to go with printed ones if the rest of your furnishings are of solid colors and vice versa.

Buy Curtains Online: Give Your Rooms a Grand Makeover

Change is something that we all tend to resist, be it in our personal lives, our surroundings or even if we have to change something as simple as a curtain. Oh, did I say simple? Not at all. Choosing the right curtains, be it window curtains or door curtains, is not an easy task. With a plethora of options of fabrics, finishes, colours and curtain rods, choosing the right curtain that would suit your space can be quite overwhelming!

However, before we jump into the types, let us understand a few basics on how to go about making your space an aesthetically appealing place to be. For surely, an ill-fitting curtain would definitely spoil the overall decor of your space.

1. Mounting Style: Determine the mount-type of your curtain, should it be metal, wood or a mix of both.

2. Lenght: Getting the correct length of the rod is very important so that you do not end up with a shorter piece or cutting off that extra piece and making a mess of the idea.

3. Curtain Lenght: Getting the correct length of the curtain will add on to the aesthetic appeal of your space. A curtain too short or perhaps something that sweeps the floor might be an eyesore.

Having said that, let us take a look at what are the different types of curtains that you can choose from while redoing your space.

Box Pleated Curtains

If you are looking to give your space a simple, formal look, box pleated curtains would just be fine. With a tailored look and drapes that have deep folds down the full length of the curtains, box pleated curtains are ideal for more formal rooms like the lounge, dining or study.

Rod Pocket Curtains

These curtain-types need a slender curtain rod that can be used to easily put in the hooks that come attached to the curtain sets. Made of a net or lightweight materials, these types of draperies are usually placed in spaces where the curtains are not opened and closed very frequently.

Pinch Pleated Curtains

If you are looking for a curtain that has a decorative finish, the pinch pleated drapery should be the one you must be looking at. With a decorative finish, this curtain comes with a many as five-finger pinch pleats. The more the pleats, the more the size and fullness of the curtain. However, this form of drapery can be done on most fabric types.

Choose from a range of curtains that are designed for doors, windows, french windows and even shower doors. You can also choose from an assortment of materials such as cotton, net, polycotton, velvet, tissue, silk and more. Available in a range of patterns, colours, and styles, you can buy your preferred style of curtains online from a reliable e-commerce website at great discounts and prices. 

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Hi -

We just bought our house and are installing curtains for the front windows and front door. The picture attached here is from the house listing - the sellers removed all of the curtain hardware so we are left with a totally blank slate. Originally I was going to copy their layout - two curtain rods hung above windows, with nothing above the door. But, it would be nice to have some privacy for the door, too, since it looks straight into our living room. So....I'm pondering what to do!

Here are my ideas:

1) One loooong curtain rod across the entire front wall - both windows and door, which we could mount wide curtains on and pull closed at night, covering the door, too. But that seems like it could get a little messy, as we come and go through the front door constantly. And we wouldn't have privacy when we are gone for the day (since we'd have to pull it back at least to get out of the door!).

2) Mount a french-door curtain to the door using a single panel that matches the curtains covering the windows. I could have a tieback in the middle to allow light in during the day. It won't be as uniform of a look, but would give some privacy.

We love the amount of light coming in from the front of the house, and have chosen cheap (but cute) Ikea Aina linen curtains for the windows, to start with at least. This allows light in but provides just enough privacy to keep us happy. Now the question is, what to do about the door? Does anyone have any experience with this dilemma? Or ideas? Thanks!!
A must see: Over the door blind install for patio door 2018

Front Door Window Covering Ideas

For Beauty and Privacy

May our front door window covering ideas inspire you to dress up, add privacy, and create more curb appeal for your home and porch. When you think about it, your front door speaks volumes to family, friends, and visitors walking up on your porch or stoop.

So, let your entrance be the envy of the neighborhood with the right front door window covering.

Don't limit yourself to just coverings for doors; window coverings work just as well. And we discovered a few other ideas for front door window coverings that might surprise you like it did for Mary and I.

cute front door window covering on front porch
Sheer front door window covering on classic front porch
Did you realize that window or sidelight covers will soften the look of your front door, the gateway to your home?

Innovative Front Door Window Covering Ideas

Usually front door window coverings don't command a lot of attention, however they do bring classy style and elegance to almost any front door. How, you ask?

Window coverings can add movement, for example, or a minimalist look like sheers. Some coverings add interesting texture and natural materials, like wood, are making a stylish comeback.

Be particular when selecting coverings for your front door; choose a style that compliments your home's decor and your personal taste.

Here are a few examples of the latest window covering trends.

cute front door window covering on front porch
Front door window covering on a charming front porch

Add Warmth with Front Door Window Blinds

If you purchase an item through affiliate links within our content, we will earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. See our disclosure policy.

One way to being instant warmth to your interior space is to add faux wood blinds to your glass door; they mimic real wood. If your style is traditional, country or rustic, these are perfect. In fact, some can even be painted to harmonize with your interior color scheme.

White Faux Wood Sidelight Blinds - Amazon affiliate

Custom Made 2 Inch Faux Wood Horizontal Window Blinds - Amazon affiliate

Magnetic Blinds for Steel Doors

Steel doors often present an installation issue for blinds. But perhaps no longer. We discovered magnetic blind window coverings for steel doors making them easy to attach with magnetic disks. Who knew?

In addition to the nice privacy they provide, they also easily snap off to wash the window.

Easy Install Magnetic Blinds - Amazon affiliate

Ever Seen These Add-On Blinds for Flush Frame Front Doors?

Have to admit this was a new one for us; we hadn't ever seen blinds for flush frame front doors until now. But now that we have, we wanted to share them with you because we think they are pretty neat and quite functional.

Take a look at the video below to see how they installed.

Add-On Blinds for Flush Frame Doors - Amazon Affiliate

Video: How to Install Add-On Blinds

Sheers Create Mystique

cute front door window covering on front porch
Sheer front door window covering in Savannah

Remember that Curtains and Sheers Are Delightful Too

Sheers are perfect for glass doors as they showcase the architectural features of the door while at the same time softening the look. Sheers add a light whimsical appeal to your home and give you natural filtered light.

Sheer Voile French Door Curtains - Amazon Affiliate
We like that sheers are easy to care for, machine washable and minimal ironing. We bet they'll never go out of style and are a classic way to make your room feel sunnier, cozier and classy.

Front Door Curtain Panels - An Easy Front Door Window Covering Ideas

Curtain panels, depending on their weight and fabric, can block light (darken your room), add a layer of privacy and even reduce outside sounds.

And with that being said, they also help keep your furnishings from fading as quickly so they last longer.

Front Door Room Darkening Curtain Panels - Amazon affiliate
Eclipse French Door Curtain - Tricia Tie Up Light Filtering Single Panel

Shades Are a Good Solution for Front Doors

Similar to blinds, window shades fit inside the window frame, but they are made of a solid fabric sheet or cellular material. While shades range from classic roller to Roman styles, their functionality remains the same as they roll up to let in light.

Most shades come in a variety of colors to match your decor, making decorating easy. Here are a few suggestions for your front door.

Cellular Shades Ideas

Cellular shades range from single or double cells to room darkening and blackout, if needed. They offer natural filtered light to give your home a soft glow.

Vertical cellular shades provide as much protection as solar screen panels but with a totally different appeal. Some companies multiple layers of insulating cells that block UV rays to help prevent furniture fading.

We use them on our front door; they reduce the heat from the sun.

cellular shade on front door
Cellular shade on front door

quaint front door window coverings
Quaint Lacy Front Door Window Coverings

Roman Shades

You can easily mount a Roman shade over your door's glass whether it be top-down, bottom-up, or traditional Romans. If you have sufficient space between the ceiling and the top of the door's frame, you can use a wide Roman shade that can fold neatly when not being used or cover the entire door when expanded.

Cordless Roman Shade - Amazon Affiliate

How About Drapes?

Drapes on glass doors are both elegant and classic and depending on the material and design, can give your home a modern appeal.

Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

Front Door Window Shutter Ideas

Create a cottage country style using shutters as your front door side light coverings. Shutters bring warmth to your foyer and add a classical touch of aesthetic comfort that some other types of front door window coverings can't.

DIY Shutter kits come in different widths and lengths and can be trimmed if necessary in most cases. Install wood shutters to add charm and character to your front entrance. An added advantage is you can paint them to match your interior decor.

Mirrored Film Window Coverings for Privacy

Self-adhesive window mirror film offers both privacy and intrigue to a variety of surfaces, especially your front door and sidelights. The film filters light and removes glare giving your much unencumbered view.

The reflective mirror finish provides privacy and is appealing whether looking from the inside or the out. The self-adhesive film is easy to install and can be repositioned or removed when needed.

mirrored window film for front door from Wayfair
Mirrored window film provides some (but not complete) privacy

Sliding Glass Door Covering Ideas

Need window coverings for your sliding glass doors? Check these out.

These give your room a soft, dreamy, and airy feeling while stopping glare. They diffuse summer heat and winter cold yet let the summer breezes flow.

Semi-Sheer Curtains for French Front Door - Amazon affiliate

Go Dear Design Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Panel - Amazon affiliate

Stain Glass and Window Film Front Door Coverings

Stain glass and window films allow for privacy while simultaneously permitting light to enter your home.

You can give your existing front door window a stained-glass look or other creative design using window films. They offer the advantage of giving you a multitude of options. In many cases, they come glue free, can be applied quickly, and are easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Another benefit is many block UV rays and help to reduce heat!
See More Window Film Options - Amazon affiliate

stain glass front door covering
Stained glass front door window covering for privacy

Speaking of Front Doors

Now you combine your door bell and peep hole into one feature by using a video doorbell that lets you to not only see who is at your door, but also hear and speak to visitors from wherever you are.

When installed, you get alerted no your phone, tablet, and computer when anyone knocks, presses the doorbell, or activates the adjustable motion sensors. It even works with Alexa. We're speaking of the Ring Door Video Camera.

Here's another option we discovered that might be just what you've been looking for. It's a video doorbell with its own monitor.

Video Doorbell and Intercom with Monitor - Amazon Affiliate

Want Some Tips for Painting Your Front Door?

blue front door painted with Modern Masters
What color front door do you most love?
Please check out the paint color ideas as well as painting techniques.

Thank you for taking your time to visit us.

Door curtain main

There are a number of different ways to enhance the entryway to your home. Perhaps you’ve thought about painting the front door a new colour. Maybe you’re thinking of having some decorative glass fitted. If however, you’re looking for something a bit different, why not add a curtain? There are many benefits to installing a front door curtain, some of which we’ll explore here.

Increased privacy

One of the greatest benefits of hanging a door curtain is the privacy it provides. This is particularly useful if you have glass panels built into your door. Even with obscure glass, it is usually possible to see shapes and colours on the other side of the door. By hanging a curtain, you can prevent people from seeing directly into your home. As a bonus, you’ll still be able to see out, simply by stepping in front of the curtain.

Draught exclusion

If you suffer from a draughty front door, there are several ways you can deal with the problem. One option is to invest in a draught excluder – you could even make your own. If a draught excluder isn’t really your style, you might want to consider a door curtain instead. Look for something in a heavy fabric such as faux suede or velvet. The thickness of the material will help to stop any door draughts from coming into your hallway. A heavy material will also be less likely to move with the flow of air. An additional benefit of using a curtain to manage draughts is that you can match it to your décor.

Visual appearance

Visual appearance is a key consideration when adding any textiles to your home. Whether it’s a new sofa or a curtain for your door, the design should compliment your personal style. The great thing about a door curtain is that there are so many options to choose from. If you favour a chic, contemporary style, you might opt for a plain material in a neutral tone. If you prefer eye-catching designs, you could go for a pattern in bold colours. For more traditional homes, a muted tone might be more appropriate.

The staff at Interior design blog, Elle Decor, state:

“Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time.”

Also consider the type of fabric you’d like to use. As mentioned above, a heavier fabric is likely to be sturdier. It will also create a cosy ambiance in your entryway. A lightweight fabric will have a cooler, airy feel. You could always buy one of each and swap them over according to the season.

Multiple options

Some people worry that a door curtain won’t be a practical solution for their home. They may think their space is too small to accommodate a curtain, or that opening the door will be difficult. However it is worth considering all the installation options, before making a decision. Hanging a fixed curtain rail above the door is one possibility. In this scenario, the curtain will remain in place but can be held ‘open’ with tiebacks or hooks. Another option is to use a hinged rail, which moves the curtain out of the way as the door opens. Alternatively, you could fit a curtain either side of the door and choose when to have them open or closed.

[Photo by rkit] Tags: front door, hanging curtains
Magnetic Mosquito Screen Curtain for Doors - Review - How to Install

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsSouthern Living Idea House

Happy Monday! I saw quite a few sweet comments and questions last week about the curtain hung in a doorway in my entry. So, I thought I might as well answer the questions and do a post for inspiration, too!

I had forgotten that I hadn’t mentioned this curtain before, but I actually hung it over the holidays! The curtain idea was one I had been considering for a long time, but I just wasn’t sure if I should do it or not. When I found that cute gray striped curtain panel with the pompoms at Target, I thought I might as well give it a try!

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

My pom pom curtains and two similar pom pom curtains: one and two

Runners / Lights – Barn Light Electric (specific details in this post)

The panel is hung from a simple white pressure rod (like these), so it’s super easy to remove if we decide we don’t want it down the road. I just tied the curtain back with a string and cup hook, fancy!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea or work in every house, but I love it and it’s not permanent, so why not?

We’ve considered so many options for that doorway, including walling the opening off entirely (and creating a new bedroom / bathroom entrance), putting in a new door there, or some combination of a building a new bathroom and door area.

All of our master/bathroom ideas are still on the table (and I’ll share new ideas soon). Since we still haven’t decided what or when (or if) we’re going to make a bigger change, the curtain was a simple solution for now.

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

The curtain actually solved a few issues, it was easy to do and the budget was right! It made our hall much cozier and quieter and brought a little personality to the space. The curtain creates the visual entrance to the “master suite” and it offers a bit more privacy when we have guests.

Often I feel like we make decorating and design problem solving far too complicated and overly expensive. Even if there is a “better” or more perfect way to do something, I really love it when a simpler solution is used.

We’ve hung curtains in doorways in some of our old houses, too. I think they really can help to define or separate spaces, make a charming design statement as well as help to cozy up a drafty doorway.

As long as we’re talking about this subject, I thought you might enjoy some other inspiration photos for curtains in doorways.


Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsThe Wall Street Journal

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsAtlanta Homes Mag

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsBHG

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealmentsoriginal source unknown

Curtains on Doorways: Creative ConcealmentsLonny

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Photo by Penguin Random House, LLC – Browse hallway photos

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

Curtains on Doorways: Creative Concealments

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