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Pimlico Results

The most recent Pimlico results are below. You can also access other historical race results by selecting an alternative date.

Pimlico Results - August 22,

Pimlico Race Results

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Pimlico Race Course Information

Pimlico Race Course is a horse racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland, most famous for hosting the Preakness Stakes. Its name is derived from the s when English settlers named the area where the facility currently stands in honor of Olde Ben Pimlico's Tavern in London. The racetrack is nicknamed "Old Hilltop" after a small rise in the infield that became a favorite gathering place for thoroughbred trainers and race enthusiasts.

Pimlico Track Info Thoroughbred Racing
Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD   US

Sours: https://www.offtrackbetting.com/results/64/pimlico.html

Preakness Stakes: Saturday’s Pimlico race entries and odds

Here are the entries for Saturday’s races on Preakness Day at Pimlico Race Course. For Saturday’s live results, click here.

PP Horse, Wt. Jockey Trainer Odds

$,, 3YOs, 1 1/16 mi.

1 The King Cheek, J. Rodriguez, Ness 5/1

2 Golden Gulley, S. Russell, Capuano 20/1

3 Market Cap, J. Rosado, O’Dwyer 15/1

4 Hozier, J. Rosario, Baffert 2/5

5 Romp, J. Ortiz, McGaughey III 9/2

6 Dream Big Dreams, S. Russell, Russell 15/1

$52,, alw., 3YOS&up (NW1 X), 1 1/16 mi.

1 Josef Is Real, H. Karamanos, Dilodovico 9/2

2 Keeping the Peace , A. Crispin, Leaf, Jr. 30/1

3 Speed Game, A. Cortez, Davis 10/1

4 Toe Curlin’ Kiss, K. Gomez, Magana 15/1

5 Tapwood, S. Russell, Stidham 6/1

6 Artistic Endeavor, K. Gomez, Graham 15/1

7 Operative, J. Acosta, Ashby 10/1

8 Crazy Kater, J. Ruiz, Aguirre 15/1

9 Unequivocal, J. Ruiz, Aguirre 10/1

10 Oceans Map, J. Ortiz, Sacco 3/1

11 Bear Treasure, R. Monterrey, Bezara 50/1

12 Daddy’s Cozy, C. Marquez, Doran 5/1

$,, 3YOs, 6 furlongs

1 Palatial Times, C. Cedeno, Magee 30/1

2 Mighty Mischief, R. Santana, Jr., Asmussen 5/2

3 Hemp, J. Toledo, Farrior 15/1

4 Jaxon Traveler, I. Ortiz, Jr., Asmussen 4/5

5 Shackled Love, S. Russell, Capuano 20/1

6 Willy Boi , J. Velazquez, Engler 3/1

$52,, alw., 3YOs&up, f&m (NW1 X), 1 1/16 mi.

1 Nokomis, S. Russell, Shuman 15/1

2 Liraz, J. Toledo, Lawrence, II 6/1

3 Witty Banter, C. Cedeno, Smith 15/1

4 Double Fireball, A. Cruz, Aguirre, Jr. 30/1

5 Good Life Cider, J. Velazquez, Matz 5/1

6 Judi Blue Eyes, J. Acosta, Gonzalez 9/2

7 Fionnbharr, C. Cedeno, Cooney 12/1

8 Glamorous Thunder, J. Acosta, Riviezzo 15/1

9 Pink Pearl, V. Carrasco, Schoenthal 10/1

10 Rapidashqueen, A. Cortez, Leaf, Jr. 30/1

11 Vibrancy, C. Marquez, Salazar 15/1

12 Out of Sorts, S. Russell, Russell 6/1

13 Deciding Vote, F. Lynch, Graham 5/1

$52,, alw., 3YOs&up (NW1 X), 6 furlongs

1 Royal Crusader, G. Whitacre, Cole 12/1

2 Breaking News, J. Rosario, Moquett 5/2

3 John the Bear, K. Gomez, Allen, III 15/1

4 Fire Sword, J. Velazquez, Ward 9/2

5 Going to the Lead, H. Karamanos, Dilodovico 5/1

6 Baptize the Boy, K. Gomez, Gonzalez 5/1

7 Sugar Daddy, A. Cruz, Gonzalez 10/1

8 McCain, C. Cedeno, Smith 20/1

9 Candygramformongo, C. Marquez, Pickett 20/1

10 Abuelo Paps, A. Cruz, Salazar 6/1

$,, 3YOs&up, f&m, 1 1/16 mi.

1 Vigilantes Way, J. Ortiz, McGaughey III 5/1

2 Great Island, J. Castellano, Brown 12/1

3 Flighty Lady, I. Ortiz, Jr., Brown 4/1

4 Tuned, n/a, Motion 8/1

5 Mean Mary, L. Saez, Motion 6/5

6 Feel Glorious, , J. Rosario, Clement 7/2

$55,, alw., opt. cl., 3YOs&up, 1 1/16 mi.

1 Silent Malice, J. Toledo, Sanchez-Salomon 20/1

2 Burning Bright, J. Castellano, Thomas 8/1

3 Shane’s Jewel, J. Rodriguez, Ness 9/2

4 Oxide, C. Marquez, Gaudet 10/1

5 McElmore Avenue, L. Saez, Eppler 4/1

6 Torch of Truth, J. Pimentel, Trombetta 12/1

7 Informative, A. Crispin, St. Lewis 20/1

8 Gentleman Joe, V. Carrasco, Smith 15/1

9 Hanalei’s Houdini, A. Cruz, Gonzalez 9/2

10 Mischief Afoot, J. Ortiz, Toner 3/1

1 Indian Lake, J. Rodriguez, Ness 10/1

2 Outadore, I. Ortiz, Jr., Ward 7/5

3 Kasim, L. Saez, Maker 8/1

4 Reassured, J. Toledo, Russell 20/1

5 Extrasexybigdaddee, J. Ortiz, Trombetta 10/1

6 Arzak, D. Centeno, Trombetta 6/1

7 Charles Chrome, C. Cedeno, McGaughey 8/1

8 T D Dance, J. Castellano, Cox 7/2

$,, 3YOs&up, f&m, 6 furlongs

1 Club Car, J. Ortiz, Colebrook 8/1

2 Casual, R. Santana, Jr., Asmussen 9/2

3 Paisley Singing, A. Crispin, Frock 30/1

4 Never Enough Time, J. Pimentel, Trombetta 12/1

5 Chub Wagon, I. Ortiz, Jr., Preciado 8/5

6 Dontletsweetfoolya, J. Toledo, Gaudet 6/1

7 Call On Mischief, L. Saez, Breen 15/1

8 French Empire, J. Castellano, Cox 3/1

Jim McKay Turf Sprint Stakes

$,, 3YOs&up, 5 furlogs

1 Boldor, R. Santana, Jr., Asmussen 6/1

2 The Connector, J. Ortiz, Hoffman 8/1

3 Grab the Gold, J. Acosta, Agnew 30/1

4 The Critical Way, L. Saez, Delgado 5/2

5 Hollis, I. Ortiz, Jr., Ortiz 6/1

6 Jammer, X. Perez, Leaf, Jr. 50/1

7 Dubini, J. Acosta, Demasi 15/1

8 Love You Much, H. Karamanos, Allen, III 20/1

9 Robey’s Boy, F. Boyce, Hill 30/1

10 Push to Start, H. Karamanos, Dilodovico 30/1

11 Firecrow, J. Rosario, Moquett 10/1

12 So Street, J. Rodriguez, Ness 15/1

13 Completed Pass, A. Cruz, Gonzalez 7/2

Maryland Sprint Match Series Stakes

$,, 3YOs&up, 6 furlongs

1 Laki, H. Karamanos, Dilodovico 6/1

2 Yodel E. A. Who, S. Russell, Russell 8/1

3 Mucho, J. Ortiz, J. Ortiz 15/1

4 Frosted Grace, J. Castellano, Ritvo 15/1

5 Strike Power, R. Santana, Jr., Asmussen 7/2

6 Threes Over Deuces , V. Rosales, Capuano 20/1

7 Breezy Gust, J. Torres, Velazquez 6/1

8 Special Reserve, I. Ortiz, Jr., Maker 9/2

9 War Tocsin, A. Crispin, St. Lewis 30/1

10 Lebda, J. Acosta, Gonzalez 12/1

11 Seven Nation Army, L. Saez, Moquett 5/1

$,, 3YOs&up, 1 1/16 mi.

1 Somelikeithotbrown, J. Ortiz, Maker 4/1

2 English Bee, J. Rosario, Motion 8/1

3 Kuramata, I. Ortiz, Jr., Brown 6/1

4 Midnight Tea Time, L. Saez, Sharp 10/1

5 Sacred Life, J. Castellano, Brown 7/5

6 Talk Or Listen, F. Prat, Delacour 8/1

7 Flying Scotsman, F. Prat, Sisterson 15/1

8 Bye Bye Melvin, J. Velazquez, Motion 10/1

$1,,, 3YOs, 1 3/16 mi.

1 Ram, R. Santana, Jr., Lukas 30/1

2 Keepmeinmind, D. Cohen, Diodoro 15/1

3 Medina Spirit, J. Velazquez, Baffert 9/5

4 Crowded Trade, J. Castellano, Brown 10/1

5 Midnight Bourbon, I. Ortiz, Jr., Asmussen 5/1

6 Rombauer, F. Prat, McCarthy 12/1

7 France Go de Ina, J. Rosario, Mori 20/1

8 Unbridled Honor, L. Saez, Pletcher 15/1

9 Risk Taking, J. Ortiz, Brown 15/1

10 Concert Tour, M. Smith, Baffert 5/2

$,, Stakes, 4YOs&up, 1 1/16 mi.

1 Iridesse , V. Carrasco, Bentley 15/1

2 Bellfastt, F. Peterson, Bentley 20/1

3 Uptown Sandy Girl, J. Acosta, Ashby 4/1

4 Uptown Lady Arabella, K. Coa, Ashby 15/1

5 Hiab Al Zaman, L. Berticelli, Castro 30/1

6 Uptown Cruisedirector, F. Boyce, Ashby 20/1

7 Colors In Motion, K. Swan, K. Swan 30/1

8 Rb Rich Lyke Me, C. Cedeno, Lake 7/2

9 Madjikman, Y. Ortiz, Bentley 30/1

10 Paddys Day, R. Santana, Jr., Aguayo 8/5

11 On The Verge, G. Rivera, Castro 20/1

12 Quick Sand Aa, R. Alvarado, Jr., Lake 10/1

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Sours: https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bs-sp-pimentslvmiivkfwfa75nyyuqirbymkau-story.html
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MAINArrow to RecreationRecreationArrow to SportsSportsArrow to Horse RacingHorse RacingArrow to Preakness Preakness Stakes

Following this year's Kentucky Derby, it's "riders up!" once again for the Preakness Stakes held on the third Saturday in May each year at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

Preakness TV coverage and post time

Watch for all the action to take place at Pimlico on Saturday, May 21, with live television coverage of the Preakenss on NBC beginning at PM ET with post time set at approx. PM ET.

post positions and top contenders

Leading up to the Preakness, Preakness post positions and morning line odds will be announced on Tuesday, May 17, at 4PM ET.

also see -> Belmont Stakes

Preakness rewind

The lineup included Derby winner and Preakness favorite Medina Spirit with morning line odds announced at Other official Preakness were Concert Tour at , Crowded Trade at , Rombauer at (the winner), Unbridled Honor, Risk Taking, Midnight Bourbon, and Keepmeinmind at , France Go De Ina at , and longshot Ram at

Preakness payouts

Rombauer paid $ to win, $ to place, and $ to show
Midnight Bourbon paid $ to place and $ to show
Medina Spirit paid $ to show

Preakness Stakes fun facts

black eyed susan, Maryland's state flower&#; The Preakness is named after the horse who won the first stakes ever run in Pimlico when its doors first opened on May 27,

&#; The Preakness Stakes is sometimes dubbed "The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans" because a blanket of Viking daisies, decorated to look like Black-eyed Susans, is traditionally placed around the winner's neck. Actual Black-eyed Susans -- the state flower of Maryland -- are not in season during the Preakness.

&#; The official drink of the Preakness Stakes is the Black Eyed Susan cocktail made with orange juice and vodka.

&#; The Friday before the Preakness is Black-Eyed Susan Day at Pimlico, where a party atmosphere prevails, including the running of the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes for 3-year-old fillies and appearances by notable female jockeys.

&#; While pre-race celebrations in Baltimore last for days, the actual Preakness Stakes race lasts an average 2 1/2 minutes.

The Run for the Preakness around the Web:

Elsewhere on the Web, learn more about the race for the Black Eyed Susans (Maryland's state flower) with a look at the odds, Preakness Stakes' most famous races in stories and pictures, along with Preakness party ideas, and background history on the famous Woodlawn Vase winner's trophy

Preakness at Pimlico -
The scene of all the action with seating, ticket and parking info, visitor accommodations and related Maryland attractions, feature stories and profiles, history and trivia, and lots more as the big race draws near

Preakness Stakes - Complete Wikipedia overview including history and controversy, as well as facts and information on the modern race, including a complete list of winners, most wins and records with related resources.

The Woodlawn Vase and the Preakness Stakes - The famous winner's trophy designed by Tiffany & Co. with a long and fascinating history, clickable photo.

also see -> Kentucky Derby | Belmont

Preakness Party Ideas

Preakness Party Tips - Complete recipes for those luscious Maryland crab cakes and mixology for the Black-Eyed Susan, the traditional drink of the Preakness

Triple Crown Recipes at StarChefs - The complete menu including Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes party ideas with a nod to the Preakness in a lip-smacking recipe for Maryland Fried Chicken and Maryland crab cakes.

Preakness Cocktail - A scotch concoction to help celebrate the day.

Millemark Equine Postcard Center - Say 'hay!' with a selection of lovely photos to send as free e-invitations to the party.


Sours: http://www.chiff.com/recreation/sports/preakness.htm
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