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Flights from Birmingham (BHM) to San Antonio (SAT)

The Southwest travel experience

When you deplane at San Antonio International Airport you'll be just eight miles north of downtown San Antonio.

At Southwest, we know it takes more than great deals on San Antonio airfares and convenient scheduling options to make your trip memorable. So from booking to boarding, we offer services and features designed to make your travel from Birmingham to San Antonio the best it can be. Learn more about the Southwest® travel experience before you book your flight from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to San Antonio International Airport.

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Cons: Flight crew dI’d not enforce mask mandate.

Pros: No entertainment on the plane and plane was very small...
Cons: Explain flight situations better..

Pros: My flight got delayed twice. Had to get rebooked.

Cons: Appreciate the communication from pilot when on tarmac

Pros: Great entertainment.
Cons: Turbulence was high so good/drink service was less than normal. No fault of delta or their crew but the JFK airport was awful, especially through customs. No help from the employees and easy to get lost.

Pros: The crew were awesome and friendly, both in the air and on the ground.
Cons: Delta communicated no reasoning for delaying our flight three hours. They also did not update estimated departure times even when it was clear we would be delayed multiple times because the plane was not at the gate, the crew were not in place, and the pilot safety checks had not occurred.

Pros: Friendly flight staff, on time service.

Pros: Great airline. Crew was great. Comfort was good. Arrived on time
Cons: Well the days of reclining seats are over.

Pros: Funny crew members and very friendly captain

Pros: Crew was great. Delta auto rebooking caused me to miss my next flight
Cons: Contacting me before rebooking would have saved me $400

Pros: I liked the entertainment

Cons: Seat assignment for me and my traveling companion was done at gate. We had to sit in 2 different rows.

Pros: Crew was really great.
Cons: Electrical outlets didn't work. Wi-fi didn't work. Flight was delayed. Wasn't a lot of leg room even in first class.

Pros: The crew was amazing had no problems!
Cons: Nothing had a great experience!

Pros: Flight was smooth and fast.
Cons: Didn't love that my 1st flight got off at gate G. And connecting flight was at gate C on the other end of the airport.

Pros: Boarding was super quick, as crew wanted to leave before the strong rains and winds came through, so we left early! Plane itself was very modern and surprisingly comfortable, as much as a small space can be. Good amount of entertainment, and the crew were pleasant. And flight itself was smooth with very little turbulence which helps!
Cons: Had to pay for food, which was a little annoying considering the cost of the flight. Entertainment was very American led... but I guess not surprising considering it’s delta.

Cons: delay

Pros: Nice plane and comfy seats
Cons: The stewards were not at all helpful or as friendly as most of the delta staff! I was so disappointed with their service. We had TWO delays making us arrive in SAT AT almost 2 am. Hence there were a lot of empty seats. We asked if we or even one of us could move into the …at least three empty rows…and they would not let us as they were they comfort plus section and it cost more…NO ONE WAS USING THESE SEATS!! So they let the passengers be crammed together in the rest of the plane and left numerous empty seats that could have been used! It’s was just rude. They also served drinks and never checked back to pick up the garbage. Didn’t tell us to raise our seats or put up our table trays before landing. So, as I exited the plane I handed them my garbage! I wasn’t going to be rude and leave it in the seat pocket or my seat …where I found crumbs of food on when I boarded the plane. Was just very dissatisfied with this crew!! I have been flying a lot lately using delta. I’ve had some delays but they’ve always been accommodating, this crew was not! What a shame!

Pros: With all the competition among airlines and the cutbacks we suffer as customers Delta manages to make you feel like you matter still. Timely boarding, actual help with finding seats making boarding efficient (not just hurrying you along), updates from the cockpit that you could hear and understand, multiple choices in snacks-one even a healthy option, staff that was friendly and interested in making it a good experience not one that seemed bothered they had to work.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Delay

Pros: The people was relaxed and the flight attendant was polite and professional.. everything was on time
Cons: Nothing at all great service

Pros: My first perfect Delta flight. No issues. No delays. Excellent customer service. What more could you ask for
Cons: No problems

Cons: Flight was delayed until it made me miss my connection

Pros: Ended up with earlyish boarding and exit row legroom.
Cons: Online check-in was an ultimately unsuccessful confusing nightmare. Having either a codeshare flight or a passenger with a new passport would probably have been enough to break the online check-in system, and we had both. Straightened out in the airport, but required waiting in a long line where late arrivals for flights an bhour before ours were given priority. Frustrating not to have a seat assignment until boarding had already begin (would have gone SWA if we wanted that mess).

Cons: Did not like being assigned a seat next to the bathroom and having an aisle full of people waiting to get in.

Pros: The crew was nice. The cabin very clean. Flight very comfortable
Cons: The landing was a little rough

Pros: Fast, orderly boarding.
Cons: These planes are too small. I’m average in size but women have hips and it’s not easy fitting into the seats. Why are they stacked so closely together? It’s ridiculous.

Pros: Short flight.

Cons: 3 hrs delay My first fly was cancell Atl- Mty So ,they booking me next fly atl-Qro I have to stay weathing 9 hrs and just water and cookies

Cons: No on board entertainment.

Pros: ditto above
Cons: ditto above

Pros: Standard Flight boarded fast everything went smooth

Pros: Porsha. The best flight attendant ever. Not
Cons: Liked everything

Pros: New equipment
Cons: Late departure

Pros: Staff friendly,efficient and courteous. On time. Different snacks. Prompt service. Power source each seat worked.
Cons: Gate area for flight change filthy. LAX gates 31-38. Garbage overflow with no seating. No entertainment option on flight.

Pros: friendly flight crew

Pros: Gate and plane crew helpful, smiling, courteous. On time and baggage provided quickly.
Cons: Seats uncomfortable, no power, service predictable and boring snacks.

Cons: Airplanes are filthy; asked for Coke without ice & the flight attendant filled my cup halfway. Unbelievably cheap! I was afraid to ask for more, for fear that I'd get an up charge!

Cons: Not knowing where our seat was until the very last was disconcerting. My wife and I did not get to sit together

Pros: Repair took just under an hour which I think is very good considering the paperwork that is involved. We were informed and everyone on the plane seemed to understand so the handling of the event must have been exceptional...
Cons: we took off 45 minutes late, business trip, but a slack day prepping for tomorrow, so still no big deal. Besides we picked up an hour by the time zone change. Im good!

Cons: It was belated by 2.5 hrs :(

Cons: I feel Delta didn't try very hard to get me a flight and I stood in line for four hours

Pros: Boarding time and schedules were as expected or faster and other than the food incident, good attention from the flight crew.
Cons: No choice during for lunch since the flight crew didn't have enough meals to cover the preferences of the first class travelers.

Pros: My seat was very near the front ...two rows behind comfort class seating (which was mostly empty). WiFi services and entertainment were those that brought along their own receiving devices.
Cons: My seat happened to be one row in front of the Exit Aisle Seating rows....I wasn't aware that this meant having to sit straight up the entire time without the chance of reclining my chair back into the Exit Aisle's space.The 2 hour and 13 minute flight time sitting straight up really worked up my sciatic nerve into a flaring frenzy. I Forgot to bring my iPad Pro with me on this trip...and had no adequate access to any entertainment content.

Pros: Staff friendly and helpful at gate. Aircrew staff handled one hour rain delay on taxiway with frequent updates and good attitude. New plane, and convenient electronic support.
Cons: Peanut allergy on flight. No peanuts. No other options.

Cons: Wifi didn't work.

Cons: Our seats were assigned at the gate. We were literally seated in the last 2 rows of the plane. It was loud and tight and I would have NEVER booked those seats!! The whole fiasco was a complete turn off. And will make me reconsider booking through delta especially if it's a connecting flight!

Pros: Service
Cons: Small plane don't do well with turbulence

Pros: Delta is cheap, probably for a reason. Also had no food available on a 3 hour flight.
Cons: Delta lost our bags immediately. We were two hours early and had more than an hour between our connecting flights. Our connecting flights were literally next door to each other. However, our bag didn't make it to the connecting flight. No excuse, no explanation. We were on a 3 night vacation, and we didn't get our bags for more than 30 hours.

Pros: The cookies were great, the captain was very good and gave good excuse's On why we we were behind.
Cons: The pilot was great and keep us informed on the delays, but the tall flight attendant was very cold to the passenger's, and rude at times. Very unlike your crews from past flights. I pray my flight next week home goes Ok.

Pros: I was able to sleep on the late night flight
Cons: Can’t think of anything

Pros: Ended up with a row to myself since flight wasn't full and people were able to move to different seats to provide for social distancing.

Pros: We ask for help with a 80 year old woman that needed assistance signed up for help o get her from one terminal to her next carnet flight no one accepted her.
Cons: Only saw what was supposed to have happened but didn’t no help from the air line period.

Pros: empty plane awesome

Pros: Crew was great, pilot was amazing through the rough turbulence. Thank you!

Cons: Either less stingybwith Basic Economy or take one less chance to repeat that it is basic.

Pros: Crew was awesome!
Cons: it was great!

Pros: Nothing at all.
Cons: Not run late, have entertainment on board and provide better snacks.

Pros: Crew
Cons: Be on time

Cons: Could have been better without mechanical issues, delay.

Pros: Nothing.
Cons: You could have been on time. You negatively impacts ppls lives and don’t give af.

Pros: Nothing. You’re horrible.
Cons: You could have been on time. You could be accountable. You ruined my wife’s 40th birthday by failing to fulfill you’re end of the deal.

Cons: This is my second time bad experience with ticketing desk crew. The lady (Her name is Maria) at issuing boarding passes was real rude. First of all she doesn’t know how to enter India OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) information. She was keep saying I do not have a visa to go to India. Which I do not

Cons: Free real food

Cons: Flight attendant for main cabin disappeared after first round of service on a 3 hour flight. LAX is horrible. Delayed 30 minutes for take off.

Cons: The female staff at the desk where the luggage is dropped and boarding passes are issued was very rude. A little smile makes a difference vs being rude to customers. Apparently she needed to know that she is getting paid because customers like us choose to fly AA or BA

Cons: Slightly wider seats

Pros: Friendly, comfortable and ON-TIME!

Pros: On time.

Cons: There was a mom with 3 very rowdy boys in the row in front of me. They disrupted the entire length of the flight! I wish a Flight Attendant had said something to them as the mom clearly didn't care to discipline her kids. Worst flight ever!

Pros: Great service and on time flight.
Cons: Just wish sears would be a bit wider and comfortable. They are not bad but I am sure could be more comfy because I am not skinny.

Pros: Ontime. Friendly staff. Newer plane. Large overhead.

Pros: Awesome crew. Very pleasant people.
Cons: 2 hours late. Thanks ohare.

Cons: Flight to and from AL on American Airlines were both canceled - I was switched to Delta on the ‘to’ trip and stuck in AL another night on ‘home’ trip

Pros: Crew was great!
Cons: Flight delayed 3x, it was a very long day of traveling.

Cons: It took 30 ish minutes to wait in line to speak to to an AA rep about what my next steps were to get home from Dallas.

Pros: Nice staff!
Cons: A bit bumpy!

Pros: The flight was so short we did not even get a snack, only an offer of a bottle of water; this was simply due to to short length of the flight. Basic economy had my wife and I 16 rows apart each in a middle seat. I was in the very last seat on the plane. Flight attendants were attentive and surprisingly very nice, legroom is non-existent (same as every flight in plain coach).
Cons: High cost to prebook seats was twice what Spirit or Frontier would charge

Pros: Not much.
Cons: Plane malfunction resulted in delay, and missed connection. Rebooked connection flight was canceled. Now in day 2 of eaitingto get home.

Pros: Attendants were so nice as kind

Pros: The flight was a quick 39 minutes from Chicago, the staff was friendly. Good flight.
Cons: It's snowing!

Cons: Domestic flights with American are atrocious. The plans cram too many people into such a small space. Leg room is non-existent.

Cons: Nickel and diming people for every little thing. I didn't mean to select a paid seat upon making my reservation on-line, and I couldn't get it to come off. Had to pay anyway.

Pros: Once we got underway everything was excellent and fast.
Cons: Flight was delayed due to the original plane being hit by a bird.

Pros: Great customer service, very friendly and helpful. Plane was very modern and high tech which made it great for our two year old toddler. The whole experience went considerably better than we expected since we did not know how our son was going to handle it. All in all we were very happy thanks to the wonderful AA staff that helped us at each stop.
Cons: Limited drink and food choices. It was a short flight, so I think it's understandable.

Pros: this flight only takes an hour so really nothing is an issue. again, there was plenty of overhead storage so nothing ended up under the seat.

Pros: Boarded on time.
Cons: Left 25 minutes late. when I asked the flight attendant to let me move further to the front so I can leave the plane quick and not miss my connection I was told that there were no other seats. I looked and YES there was at least 5 other seats in rows much closer than mine! Also upon arrival we did not get off the plane for 15 minutes . My connection was boarding already. I had to go from gate E 6 to gate B14 in a flash at the age of 66 I barely made it out of breath and they were about to close the doors! I was not a happy camper when I was told in the flight 5406 that I had plenty of time!!! not to worry!!!

Cons: Sat next to a dog guy and the crew did not help with the situation

Pros: crew was nice
Cons: never was told that a shuttle was needed to get from gate to actual aircraft. I almost missed my flight because of this.

Pros: Courteous and polite
Cons: Nothing was a great flight

Cons: I was forced to check my carry-on bag because it was too big according to the gate agent. I travel weekly, always carry-on my luggage and I have never been told it needed to be checked. AA had a ticket counter agent that was on a mission because she had a roll away cart parked by the jet way door to collect all the luggage she wouldn't allow on the plane. Very customer unfriendly!

Pros: The estimated time for both my flight was over an hr, but we arrived in on my first flight at 45mins and my second flight 30mins.
Cons: N/a

Pros: The flight was quick and everyone was nice.
Cons: No entertainment but it was only and hour flight.

Pros: Flight delayed which allowed us to make connection after long runway and customs delays. Crew friendly and helpful. Prompt cabin service. Baggage brought quickly in SAT. Clean plane. Power source.
Cons: Local pickup at SAT is now devoted to taxi. Airport police rude. Most people picked up at 11PM and hard for cars to get to curb or see passenger due to taxi line. Both terminals terrible after several experiences in last couple months. SAT worst pickup experience that I see national and international travel. Obvious that cabs and air port police are the worst congestion problem I experience.

Pros: After missing my flight by a few minutes, AA booked me on the next flight which was only a 40 min wait, which was a blessing.
Cons: Missed my initial flight due to how long it took to get my baggage to go through customs (after arriving from Japan.) My baggage was then left in Dallas and I had to wait until the following night to receive it.

Pros: Nice airplane, it appeared pretty new. Everything was clean.
Cons: My screen was out so I didn't get to use the new technology. I could see other people using it for maps and stuff. It looks neat.

Pros: crew was exceptionally polite and courteous.
Cons: free beverages were rushed, many passengers not get same mostly because of turbulence conditions

Pros: Same
Cons: Same

Pros: Amazing crew!
Cons: Keep traveler's updated on delays.

Pros: Llego a tiempo
Cons: N/h

Pros: Crew was fun. Didn't get to finish movie because no wifi from den to mtj

Cons: Multiple people on flight not wearing masks

Pros: Got to San Antonio finally
Cons: Not having maintenance issues on the same flight from the prior flight to our airport then having more maintenance issues prior to leaving.

Pros: Flight was very late landing and we missed our connecting flight. As a result had to get a rental car in order to connect with our friends. Also it was a baby crying nonstop for the first half of the flight.
Cons: Better timing on the flight connections.

Cons: Food choices ran out of stock soon.

Pros: Nothing
Cons: We could have made our connecting flight. And then our

Pros: Great gate agent and flight crew!! I checked in my acoustic guitar for the first time with an airline and it was treated like gold.
Cons: Nothing at this time

Pros: Crew cheerful and funny.
Cons: Seat area dirty with pretzels all over floor.

Pros: Entertainment options were very good.
Cons: Basic economy rules are really poor especially for passengers that travel for business every day. On the one hand, the airline tells us we are very important to them by assigning us with special gold privileges and on the other tells us we are not important to them. It is confusing at best.

Pros: what's there ever to like in United? One things is worse than the other!
Cons: Flight was delayed 1 hour for crew not showing up. contacted customer service 2 times on phone and was promised to get travel voucher in 24-48 hours. Never got that. On 3rd time contact I was asked to email their support I did one week ago and nobody bothered to respond yet. Typical United!

Pros: The flight from BHM to DEN (my connection) was re-routed due to poor weather in DEN. What was supposed to be a 3-hr flight, turned into a 5-hr flight. Thank goodness my layover was originally 3.5 hrs, so that extra time in the air cut into that wait time at the airport, but at least waiting at the airport would allow me to move around and stretch my legs, and not be stuck in THE tiniest plane seat I've ever experienced.
Cons: Being stuck on the plane for 2 hours longer than the original flight time of 3 hours made my legs ache. The seats were SO incredibly tiny, and there is very little room in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you. You can't fit a water bottle, and barely my tiny purse or e-reader device. Please do away with these super-tiny seats.

Pros: Good service, overall.
Cons: You have to download United Airline's App in order to enjoy Inflight Entertainment. You could as well have it active in a webpage, I think.

Pros: No complaints at all. Great flying experience

Pros: The United employee at baggage claim was quick to assist. She gave me a new bag to transfer all my belongings and a flight voucher for my damaged bathing suit.

Pros: Good on-phone customer service to make flight accommodations since we missed our connecting flight out of Denver
Cons: Insufficient and/or incomplete communication from pilot as to the nature of the delay (unhooked cable), how it was being addressed (the ONLY person that could hook the cable was still at home; then when he did arrive, he was assigned to fix another airplane before ours), and what we, as passengers, could do to help ourselves (United staff was reviewing connections, but then no one ever came back to relay information about that). We missed our connecting flight (we finally departed 15 minutes before our connecting flight left Denver); I had to call customer service while still sitting on the plane, and we were placed on a connecting flight out of Denver that left 4 hours AFTER we should have landed at our final destination. What should have been 9 hours of total travel time (including driving to and from airport, security checks, customs, etc.) turned into 20 hours, resulting in a lost 1st day of our trip.

Pros: What I did like was the courtesy that they gave me as a military to go in first in the plane it made me feel that my country really loves me...
Cons: Me as a military personnel giving my life and my soldiers for better and safe country I think all Airlines should not charge baggage to any military the only one that does charge is JetBlue sorry to tell you that but that also has to be improved something has to give to us as military to feel proud of our country....

Pros: Nothing
Cons: I got ripped off I paid in advanced and gave all my information to them in Dallas and they told me I am not in there system so I could not fly home i had to take the grey hound at the last minute

Cons: We boarded the plane late, sat on the plane for almost two hours before taking off (because of maintenance issues) and then waited to get to our gate upon landing. This happens to me almost every time I fly United.

Pros: The flight
Cons: The time

Cons: Our original flight was cancelled and on the rebook, which added a stop, my family of 4 which includes a 4mo and 5 yr old were all given separate middle seats. When we brought this up we were told only the gate agent could adjust. Although at the time there were seats together they were "economy plus." Not surprisingly the gate agent was very rude when we approached her with the issue, insinuated it was our fault, that we were extra trouble for traveling with 2 small children, and that we may have to be bumped. We were finally accommodated at the last second but it was unneeded stress. Also several flight attendants gave us a hard time for bringing aboard our infant car seat despite the fact it is FAA approved and we bought a seat for it and it is the current recommendation of the FAA to do so.

Pros: I am slow walking due to health issues. Coming from Kansas City to Chicago was a problem. My daughter who was with me is physically handicapped. There was no transportation to assist us to get from one terminal to another one when we arrived. Thank goodness we had a two and one-half hour overlay. Going home was a different story. Two wonderful gentleman met us as we disembarked and speedily got us to our flight. We only had 30 minutes and they made sure we were there. Issac and the other man are to be commended!
Cons: The fact that no one was there to assist us with transportation.

Cons: I carry expensive equipment in my backpack and it's an accepted carry on but doesn't fit in the overhead bin of smaller planes. Can't afford to check it and have damage.

Pros: The flight took off and landed on time.
Cons: When I went to the gate in Houston to get my boarding pass for my second leg, the lady at the gate counter yelled at me because I didn't know my seat assignment even though I had already explained that I didn't know because I didn't have a boarding pass. On my original booking, I had chosen my seat to be a window, but when they rebooked me they put me in a middle seat even though there was a completely empty row in front of me. Then, to top everything off, they forced me me check my rollerboard carry-on because they said there was no more room on the plane, but when I got on I could see multiple spaces were still available. Another passenger and I were left to wait nearly 5 minutes on the jetway while the gate counter rep went to print our checked luggage tags. I asked the stewardess why I had to check mine even though there was plenty of space, and she said "it's hard to tell sometimes how much room we're going to have left." She also didn't offer any apology. All in all it was a terrible experience. I had to wait unnecessarily at various points of the travel process, had to endure a layover that was more than double what I had planned for, was forced to check my carry-on at the gate, and worst of all I missed a really important meeting. United obviously does not care at all about economy customers. Don't trust this airline! Book on Southwest or JetBlue - they actually care about customer retention!

Cons: Both flights were INCREDIBLY delayed. First, the flight from San Jose was delayed 1.5 hours because they were "waiting for the aircraft." After everybody finally boarded the plane an announcement was made that somehow the luggage crew had damaged the cargo hold, and that everybody would have to deplane. It would take 45 minutes for maintenance crew to arrive to assess the situation. People got up, got their luggage out of the overhead bins, and started moving to the front of the plane. The pilot then came back on the intercom and told everyone they would have to return to their seats. Roughly an hour later we finally took off. It would have been the decent thing to do to AT LEAST offer the passengers something (i.e. comp drinks or snacks), but the cheapskates at United DIDN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE. Multiple people missed their connections. Fast forward to IAH--> SAT. Another late flight. This time, everybody boarded the plane only to be informed that due to a problem with the plane's computer everybody would have to sit on the plane while they "rebooted" its computers. This was done TWICE. UNITED AIRLINES, GET IT TOGETHER. There is a very good reason you are consistently ranked one of the WORST US-flagged carriers, which makes you one of the MOST HATED AIRLINES ON THE PLANET. I really and truly pray that the US airlines and their lobbyists lose their battle to prevent foreign flagged carriers from operating within the US, because you all deserve to go bankrupt.

Pros: In these past six months my family and I have been back and forth on the same route and in four occations this flight as been delayed. My 70 year old aunt lost her other flight in Houston and had to wait 12 more hours overnight wihtout food because all the restaurants were already closed. In our case were a party of five and with 1hr 40min connection. We had to run to the other side of the airport to the international gates not knowing if we lost the flight because when we arrived to Houston the second flight was already boarding. Luckly the flight attendants let us out first before the other passengers and barely made it.

Pros: From Salt Lake to Houston, there was a really rude flight attendant, a man. Other than that, my entire flight experience was good. They didn't have Dr. Pepper.

Cons: I selected my seats day I purchase. I didn't get the seats I had selected. I prechek in online. I ended up the very back in a single row against the toilet which made me throw up 3 times. I don't get sick on flights. But the smell was so bad!,

Cons: It took was too long to get off the plane due to jetway bridge operator not there to do his job. Missed my connection. No drink service. No snack.

Pros: Arriving safely at home.
Cons: Our gate was changed multiple times with absolutely terrible communication. The computer system had gone yet and everything seems extremely disorganized. There were even flyers getting on the plane to TX when they were traveling to other destinations because of the lack of communication and the crew not throughly checking. The seating was the smallest space in all of the other airlines I have flown. The crew was less than friendly and yelling down the aisle about buying snacks and other drinks although it was a late night flight and many people were sleeping. Overall, it was an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. Luckily the flight crew had a smooth flight and got us safely to San Antonio. Only positive about the experience with United. This was all taking place along with our flight being delayed with out the monitors at the airport being updated and no notification via text or the United app.

Cons: I was in the very last row and I was exhausted but I still couldn't sleep because one, my seat doesn't recline at all in that row; two, because the flight crew were chatting and laughing the whole time and it was very distracting. When the seat in front of me leaned back, I had even less room to move so I was stuck seated upright for two hours. Very uncomfortable, very exhausting.

Pros: Professional staff
Cons: The departure gate was changed 3 times to terminals very far away. It was a bit tiring to dash to the different terminals in order to not miss the flight

Cons: How can united cancel my return reservation after they delayed my arrival flight forcing me to jump in a car and drive the 3 hrs I could have driven earlier that day! i choose to fly to make life easier but due to the service I would rather use a different airline or just drive to ensure I'll be at my destination on time.

Cons: Our flight was delayed almost 3 hrs. I had plans to be in town, and had to change them due to this.

Pros: The boarding procedure was okay but my flight was delayed
Cons: I usually fly southwest...the flight was hot and uncomfortable, the a/c was blowing hot air thru the whole flight was very disappointed

Pros: Bigger plane and fast flight
Cons: Nothing. It was great

Pros: nice screen size and good movie selection.
Cons: i will likely avoid this the future. it seems like a small thing but the seats were much too hard making a long flight torture. also the air temperature ws sweltering hot,

Pros: The newness of the plane.
Cons: My flight was delayed from 4:50 to 7:45 without any type of notifications text message or emails going out to any of the customers notifying them. I got to the airport and had to wait additional 3 hours that is horrible!

Cons: We were delayed because they couldn't find the demo seatbelt. Then take off and landing were way too jerky. Also they claimed due to it being a short flight no drinks would be served, as we get to watch first class get everything.

Pros: Thank you for moving me to another flight when mine was cancelled I appreciate that.
Cons: Movies were not accessible - captions were too small. Movie also froze a few times or became jerky. Not sure whether or not it was your issue or the phone itself.

Cons: My flight was delayed by 3 hours which caused me to miss my connecting flight...needless to say I had to stay at the airport for 16 hours for another flight on another airlines

Pros: I like the fact that the crew is very attentive and helped us to get on board on time.
Cons: There is not a single thing that I dislike.

Cons: Plane took off before got there had to spend all nite in air port no food or hotel voucher

Pros: Comfort and great staff; smooth landing as well
Cons: N/A

Pros: I loved how quickly we departed and arrived at each destination!
Cons: The boarding process was terrible. People forgetting to even stand in line for their boarding groups getting to cut ahead of those whose group is currently in the process of boarding. That should not be allowed. It's rude and disrespectful to other passengers/customers.

Pros: Attendant.
Cons: The aircraft is uncomfortable for nearly all but the most petite of patrons.

Cons: United botched my boarding passes at security so I had to run back and get the correct one, catching my bags to see if they were going to the right place

Pros: The plane was slightly cramped, not as bad as my previous flight. Decent selection of adult beverages.
Cons: Plane was present, crew was late by 2.5 hours, delayed my flight. I was scheduled to arrive around 2300, didn't get home until close to 0200. No wifi at all. I have always flown United, this was the worst experience thus far. We should be offered some type of discount for a future flight or a refund for this flight.

Pros: It was an overall good experience. I was flying home because of an emergency. I was able to get my preferred seat (at no extra cost) and the crew was very friendly.

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Flight time from SAT to BHM is 3 hours 40 minutes

Get the exact flight time from San Antonio International Airport, San Antonio, United States to Birmingham Airport, Birmingham, United States. SAT - BHM flight time by direct and one stop flight. Distance between SAT & BHM is 1200 kilometers.


American Airlines is one of the one stop flight which takes 3 hours 40 minutes to travel from San Antonio International Airport (SAT) to Birmingham Airport (BHM)

 Return flight time from BHM to SAT

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Flight time from San Antonio International Airport to airports near Birmingham, United States

Flight time by direct flights and one stop flights from San Antonio International Airport to airports near Birmingham Airport.

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
SAT - ATLAtlanta, GA, Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International Airport 2 hrs 8 mins Non-Stop
SAT - CHAChattanooga, TN, Lovell Field Airport 4 hrs 6 mins 1 Stop
SAT - BNANashville, TN, Nashville International Airport 4 hrs 4 mins 1 Stop
SAT - HSVHuntsville, AL, Huntsville International - Carl T. Jones Field Airport 4 hrs 15 mins 1 Stop
SAT - MGMMontgomery, Dannelly Fld Airport 4 hrs 11 mins 1 Stop

San Antonio and Birmingham are in the same timezone America/Chicago

Current time in San Antonio / Birmingham, United States : Tue, 19 Oct, 2021,
San Antonio Timezone: CDT (-05:00)

03:50 AM

Airlines operating between San Antonio and Birmingham

SAT, San Antonio - BHM, Birmingham Flight Time

How long is the flight from San Antonio International Airport to Birmingham Airport? What is the SAT - BHM flight duration? What is the flying time from San Antonio to Birmingham?

The airports map below shows the location of San Antonio Airport & Birmingham Airport and also the flight direction.

Find flight time from San Antonio International Airport or San Antonio or any other airport or city in United States to various other destinations around the world using this flight time calculator.

Find Flight Time

Enter the name of cities or airports between which you wish to travel and calculate flight time.

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$98 Cheap Flights from Birmingham to San Antonio

Can I catch a flight from Birmingham, AL Airport (BHM-Birmingham Intl.) to San Antonio, TX Airport (SAT-San Antonio Intl.) right now?

It's always prudent to find out about any quarantine requirements and travel advice reports in place in your destination city. Make sure you go to the Covid-19 Travel Advisor for up-to-date info on booking a flight to San Antonio, TX Airport (SAT-San Antonio Intl.).

Are there direct flights from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to San Antonio Intl. Airport (SAT)?

You can't fly direct from Birmingham, AL Airport (BHM-Birmingham Intl.) to San Antonio Airport, but there's no need to panic. American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta provide flights with only one stopover.

If I am not able to travel due to COVID-19, can I change my booking to a later date?

For more info about changing your flight to San Antonio, TX Airport (SAT-San Antonio Intl.), please visit our Customer Service Portal.

How long is the flight from Birmingham, AL Airport (BHM-Birmingham Intl.) to San Antonio Intl. Airport (SAT)?

The travel time between Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and SAT is usually about 4 hours and 28 minutes. Make your trip comfortable by downloading a movie or a few TV shows on your laptop or phone and enjoying them with your seat fully reclined.

What is the flight distance from Birmingham Intl. Airport (BHM) to San Antonio, TX Airport (SAT-San Antonio Intl.)?

Traveling 1,429 mi between Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport calls for a glass of wine and some screen time. Recline your seat, pull a blanket over you and enjoy the journey.

What airlines fly from BHM to San Antonio, TX Airport (SAT-San Antonio Intl.)?

Unfortunately, no airlines currently offer direct flights between Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and San Antonio Airport. It's in your best interest to plan in advance to find the best price and route.

What airlines have practices regarding COVID-19 in place and use social distancing?

From the moment you enter the departure terminal to when you leave the arrivals terminal, if you're flying with Southwest Airlines, American Airlines or Delta you can be sure that COVID-19 measures and social distancing rules have been adhered to. Many airlines have introduced capped capacity flights and keeping the middle seat empty.

What is the best day to buy a plane ticket?

This just in! Airfares offered on Thursdays tend to be the cheapest, according to flight demand on Travelocity in 2020. Wednesday and Friday prices are also good, but you may want to prepare your budget if booking on a Sunday, as data shows the end of the week is when prices are generally at their highest.

What are the cheapest days to fly?

Frequent travelers may already know this, but earlier in the week can be the cheapest time to fly. In 2020, flights departing on a Monday were generally the cheapest of the week, whereas you may pay a premium for weekend flights when demand is usually high. On average, tickets were most expensive for Saturday departures, so if you need to fly out on a weekend, you might look for deals ahead of time.

How far in advance can you book a flight?

Trying to figure out how early you should book your flight? It's possible to start comparing international airfares on Travelocity up to 12 months in advance. However, it does depend on the carrier as not all airlines release their prices that far out. According to our 2020 flight demand trends, last minute planners can still bag a bargain with some of the cheapest fares appearing 2 weeks to 2 months prior to their travel dates.

How can I save money on airline tickets?

We'll let you in on a secret...You can save big on flights if you mix and match your airlines and fare types. In fact, travelers who booked flights on Travelocity in 2020 saved nearly 40% when their return flights consisted of two different airlines or fare types.

*According to flight demand on from January to December 2020. Savings are subject to change based on departure location, date and destination.


To sat bhm

What airlines fly direct from BHM airport to SAT airport?

Each month there are several airlines that offer direct flights from Birmingham (BHM) to San Antonio (SAT). Among the top airlines that consistently provide BHM to SAT flights include:
  • Delta Air Lines - (DL) with 120 direct flights between Birmingham and San Antonio monthly
  • United Airlines - (UA) with 90 direct flights between BHM and SAT monthly
  • Southwest Airlines - (WN) with 60 direct flights between Birmingham and San Antonio monthly
  • American Airlines - (AA) with 240 direct flights between BHM and SAT monthly

How long does it take to fly from BHM to SAT?

The total flight duration time from Birmingham (BHM) to San Antonio (SAT) is typically 6 hours 26 minutes. This is the average non-stop flight time based upon historical flights for this route. During this period travelers can expect to fly about 847 miles, or 1,364 kilometers.

How many flights are there from BHM to SAT per day?

With 4 different airlines operating flights between Birmingham and San Antonio, there are, on average, 480 flights per month. This equates to about 112 flights per week, and 16 flights per day from BHM to SAT.

How many morning flights are there from BHM to SAT?

  • American Airlines - (AA) lists, on average, 5 flights departing before 12:00pm, where the first departure from BHM is at 07:25AM and the last departure before noon is at 11:41AM
  • Southwest Airlines - (WN) has about 1 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 08:30AM PST and the latest 08:30AM PST
  • Delta Air Lines - (DL) has about 3 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 05:40AM PST and the latest 11:00AM PST
  • United Airlines - (UA) has about 1 flights before noon, starting with the earliest at 06:35AM PST and the latest 09:00AM PST

How many afternoon flights are available from Birmingham to San Antonio?

  • There are about 3 Delta Air Lines flights between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 01:09PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 05:56PM PST.
  • There are about 1 United Airlines flights between 12pm PST and 6pm PST, beginning at 01:10PM PST and the last afternoon flight at 04:44PM PST.
  • Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 1 direct flights provided by Southwest Airlines, where the earliest departing flight is at 04:25PM PST and the last departing flight is at 04:25PM PST.
  • Between 12pm PST and 6pm there are, on average, 3 direct flights provided by American Airlines, where the earliest departing flight is at 01:22PM PST and the last departing flight is at 05:20PM PST.

What is the flight distance from Birmingham to San Antonio?

The calculated straight line flying distance from BHM airport to SAT airport is 847 miles, or 1,364 kilometers.

What is the earliest departure time out of Birmingham to San Antonio?

The earliest flight departs from BHM at 05:40AM and arrives at 09:47AM at SAT.

What is the latest flight available from BHM to SAT?

The latest departure time from BHM is scheduled at 05:56PM with an arrival time of 11:07PM at SAT.

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