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Jewelry Boxes

Are you looking for wholesale jewelry boxes? Mid-Atlantic Packaging has an amazing selection! There's every size and style, including colorful jewelry boxes for an even more elegant presentation. Colored jewelry boxes can be used to match the color of your business logo, and it makes a nice change from the traditional white jewelry box. Wholesale quantities ensure that you always have plenty on hand for your customers.

We have jewelry boxes in gloss white, Kraft, matte, gloss, metallic and matte textured varieties. There are also sophisticated and chic linen foil, Berkeley and luxe ribbon jewel tie boxes for upscale boutiques and distinctive jewelers. Certain box styles include cotton or peachboard inserts, and custom printing or hot stamping of your company name and logo is available.

Jewelry Boxes with Cotton Inserts

You'll find a wide selection of jewelry boxes that come prefilled with non-tarnishing jewelers cotton padded inserts, for your convenience. Choose from gloss white, Kraft, gloss colored, metallic on Kraft, matte solid color and matte textured. Whatever the style that best showcases your jewelry, we have it! Various styles can be customized to feature your business. You'll find the right boxes for rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, trinkets, charms and watches.

Jewelry Boxes with Peachboard Inserts

Peachboard inserts, with their velvet finish, are an elegant alternative to cotton filler. We offer white swirl and Kraft jewelry boxes with peachboard inserts. We also have peachboard inserts that you can purchase separately.

Luxe Ribbon, Linen Foil and Berkeley Jewelry Boxes

Our special jewelry box styles include luxe ribbon, with folding top and satin color-coordinated ribbon, and linen foil metallic, an eye-catching beauty that's available in silver or gold. Berkeley jewelry boxes have a sleek white line trim and removable flock elevated insert.

Other Box Styles

We also have jewelry with clear tops to show off the beautiful item inside, and white tie boxes that can be custom printed or hot stamped. Customizable jewelry boxes are also available as an assortment pack.

Sours: https://www.midatlanticpackaging.com/boxes/jewerly-boxes-wholesale

Natural Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes Wholesale

Packaging jewelry should be done in an exemplary manner. Jewelry should be kept well for safety reasons. It can also attract the eyes of a prospective buyer. On that account, Kraft jewelry boxes are now in demand. They are designed to fit the pieces of jewelry. The boxes come in a variety of sizes. They are black and brown in color. The sizes can also accommodate the products to be packaged. The boxes are meant to satisfy the tastes of the clients. That is the reason why they are unique and stylish. 

Kraft jewelry boxes are the ultimate wraps. They meet the packaging expectations of all people. They are made from tough material to complete the package. They are also recyclable which is eco-friendly for the environment. The boxes are multi-purpose since they are used for several occasions. They give the best experience to the users. Definitely, the Kraft jewelry boxes we provided are excellent packaging you would like.

Kraft jewelry boxes used in our daily life.

No matter you are a jewelry shop owner, or you have a handwork studio for handmade gifts, even you are only an individual looking for some small gift boxes to pack your gift items, these Kraft jewelry boxes can well meet your needs. They have a number of uses depending on the occasion. The boxes can be used to wrap jewelry for display in a shop. They can also be used to send gifts to loved ones. The recipient will be pleased by the fascinating gift-wrap. Kraft jewelry boxes can be used for big events. This can be an art gallery or a fashion event. The natural boxes hold the jewelry showing how amazing they are. They add to the lovely features that the pieces already have. This will draw more clients to the event resulting in an increase in sales.

Benefits of choosing Kraft jewelry boxes.

These Kraft boxes are compact enough to hold jewelry items. The lid and the box have been made specially to contain the items. Hence, if it is sent as a gift, the contents remain intact. The product will not fall off or get lost while transporting it. The make is also designed to last long. The Kraft papers and chipboards are strong to make them last. 

The design is classy for all the users. It can impress all people regardless of whether it's for personal or business use. The foam insert is coated with velvet to present a stylish look when the jewelry is displayed it shows a lot of elegance. Kraft jewelry boxes can be decorated. This is suitable to be used as gift wrappers. To make the box irresistible, artificial flowers and ribbons can be used. The flowers we provided can range from roses, lilies or sunflower. This is to make the gift more appealing. The boxes, therefore, will have a striking look. 

The two distinct colors are brown and black. This gives room for selecting the optimal color. Depending on a person’s preference, the colors are natural. They complement the jewelry making them look stunning. There is no restriction to one particular color.

They are offered at wholesale prices. Thus, prices are cost-effective to satisfy a small jewelry shop business. Buying them in large quantities guarantees a lower price. They can also be used for a while due to bulk buying. This will depend if the boxes are meant for gifts or business.

Sours: https://www.kraftpackagingstore.com/small-kraft-jewelry-boxes-wholesale
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Jewelry Gift Boxes

Wholesale Jewelry Gift Boxes

Our jewelry boxes are available in white, kraft, colors and prints for a variety of packaging options. Boxes are sized perfectly for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and earrings, so it's easy to find a perfect fit. Jewelry boxes are sold in cartons of 100, small packs for lots variety and pre-packed assortments. Rigid two-piece jewelry boxes from Nashville Wraps, also include soft non-tarnishing recycled fiber. Boxes are made from minimum 80% recycled board. Made in the USA.

Recycled Kraft Boxes for Jewelry

We carry a wide selection of recycled gift boxes. These paper wrapped rigid boxes are offered in more than 10 sizes. Brown kraft, white kraft, black and 12 colors are made from 100% recycled French Papers manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy. Now that is green!

Jewelry Packaging

We have a wide selection of specialty jewelry gift boxes such as white swirl embossed, white gloss, gold & silver foil, leopard, and aqua. Plus, a mermaid scale design with gold accents.

Clear Lid Boxes with a view!

Our rigid clear lid boxes put the content on display. Great packaging option for jewelry display and gift giving. Box bases are available in white swirl, brown kraft and chocolate embossed.

Sours: https://www.nashvillewraps.com/boxes/jewelry-gift-boxes-wholesale/mc-11
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Noble Packaging has been a trusted name in the industry for over 35 years. We have one of the widest selection of packaging products.

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