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Rated with 1 star
Robert of Colorado Springs, CO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2021

Purchased a GLC 2018 300. The vehicle had issues and the dealer would not fix them. After taking it in a few times, we asked for a different vehicle and they said they would because they wanted customers to be satisfied with their purchase, joke. Then they said they would fix two issues, squealing brakes and squeaky dash. They fix the squealing brakes but would not fix the noise in the dash. Customer service would not help and the manager of the dealer would not Return my call. They lie about customer service in my opinion, no way will there be a Mercedes-Benz in my family ever.

Rated with 1 star
Alicia of Tracy, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2021

I'm one of the unfortunate people that purchased not one but two vehicles that fell into the terrible HVAC issue (2015-2018). I had a 2015 GLK and now have a 2018 GLE. Both have the known issue of the horrible vinegar, mildew smell that comes out of the AC every single time you turn it on. There was a class action lawsuit that required them to fix this issue, but they find loopholes and of course their technicians cannot explain why my car isn't covered, even though my VIN clearly shows that it should be covered. After Dec 2020 you were supposed to be able to go into a dealership and have the problem fixed.

I took my car to the dealership in Pleasanton, CA, the service coordinator confirmed the smell immediately. After looking at the car she called to say the tech also identified immediately but then went on to say it wasn't covered... but couldn't explain why. After she had told me that they had in fact fixed several vehicles with the same issue a few months prior... my EXACT model and year.

I contact Mercedes Benz USA. After reviewing my complaint they offered a goodwill credit of $300... towards a $613 repair. They said they considered customer loyal, the age of the car, service, etc. So I'm not sure why I didn't fall under that umbrella... I've had 2 MBs, I sent over all service records, my car only has 50k miles... and I worked for Mercedes in my 20s in the SERVICE department filing claims. I am the definition of customer loyalty. This is just a slap in the face. It took me over 20 years to finally buy my first Mercedes (I had wanted one since working at the dealership) and it's an accomplishment, I should be proud of my vehicle. But I'm embarrassed to have people ride in it. This is supposed to be a luxury vehicle and it smells rancid.

I am so disappointed that they would rather lose a customer and their reputation over a few hundred dollars. They clearly do not stand by their product or their customer service relationships. I would completely understand if this was just MY car but it affected over 2 million cars and covered 3 years... I ended up with 2 of them and I can't even get one of them fixed. Needless to say I'm done, it's just the principle of bad business, I don't believe in it. I support those that support me. I feel cheated.

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Rated with 2 stars
shannon of Auburn, IN Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2021

S550 MB. 108k miles. Miss on cy 2. 5000.00 in repairs in 2 months. No resolve. MB of fort wayne cannot figure it out. This car costs over 90k in 2007. It has 120k miles. It has cost close to a dollar A MILE TO DRIVE! That is what you call Mercedes-Benz standards???

Rated with 1 star
Michael of Grand Junction, CO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2021

Updated on 10/16/2021: I returned a call from Fletcher Jones from California. They were concerned about the review I wrote on this site. The details, facts and SAFETY CONCERN were once again ignored. This conversation when I spoke I was cut off, when I raised my voice I was threatened the call would end. I was to shut up and listen. Then the 2 yrs, not 1 yr I apologized to her and attempted, case in point, rear brakes never went out. Cut off! I attempted to explain how 2 yrs ago I was to accept what had happened by Fletcher Jones, the only reason I brought back up why was the rear brakes never gave out. But I was cut off. My advice: Do not question Fletcher Jones or Mercedes Benz. If you are not willing to accept their shut up and take it. My intelligence belittled, I was blamed, I have been blacklisted. Trust me, it's not worth it.

Original Review: I took my car to be serviced to Fletcher Jones Mercedes Las Vegas. It’s a 1000 miles round trip. The service advisor called me and told me my front brakes and rotors were so bad. If I did not authorize the work to be done the only way my car would leave there would be on a trailer. And rear brakes were all most gone. I was taken by surprise, shocked! A short time before making the trip FIRESTONE had inspected my car (I buy my tires from them) and they said down the road front brakes and and rotors would need changed out. But no service light on dash no squeaking or pulsating while braking, But being taken by surprise I authorized the work to be done.

When I arrived back from Las Vegas I took my car to FIRESTONE. I informed them of my experience at the Mercedes service. They asked when did the brake light come on the dash. I said it never did. They asked about any squeaking, pulsating. I replied that did not occur. They inspected the rear brakes and said the rear brakes are fine. I contacted Fletcher Jones and they refused to do anything. I was upset to be cheated but I let it go.

Well over a year later now! My rear brakes are still fine. So I wanted justice for being lied to and cheated out of $1400 (apx). I contacted Fletcher Jones and they offered nothing except they wanted my business back. Whatever right? So I had a garage where I live who supposedly services Mercedes to just change the oil. Well that was a joke. It took over an hour for them to find Mercedes do not take normal oil. Anyways got the oil changed. I called Fletcher Jones and said ok you can check to see if they changed the oil correctly. She agreed. But would not offer to do it for free. I later declined. I just can’t go back where I was cheated and lied to.

So I reached out to Mercedes I explained in detail what happened. Debbie from Mercedes responded that Mercedes technicians know what they are doing. And basically that’s that. She obviously did not read the message but I responded about his I was obviously cheated by fact and detail representing my case. Not a response. Being ignored I wrote a few more messages only to be yet ignored. I go to write a review on the official Mercedes Benz site and they rejected my review so on the same official Mercedes Benz site I went to like a live chat and the Mercedes Benz on the official site. Told me that I was not on the official site I sent her screenshots and reminded her that we are messaging on the official Mercedes Benz site. She refused to say anything except call customer service. So attempting that and reaching out to Debbie w/ Mercedes Benz I am not able to talk to anyone or receive any messages.

I called fletcher Jones and the voice mail box of the manager is full. I called the service dept and after a a long duration of the phone ringing finally I received the voicemail of the service advisor who cheated me out of my time and money. I hung up like she’s really going to help. In short I have been blacklisted from Mercedes Benz as well as Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz for not accepting their policy and cheating me.

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Rated with 1 star
JUSTIN of Sugar Land, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2021

While it is well known as STAR brand and top luxury, comparing MB product support (goodwill) is way bad compared to BMW and Audi. Audi provides up to 12 years power train goodwill. MB with an engine less than 100K with well maintained vehicle failed to offer reasonable consideration for their engine. Their Customer support offered me 1K sales incentive on new vehicle (I have a 86K value vehicle, 1K is 1.17% of the vehicle). I would say if Daimler knows about MBUSA and keep silent this is a big mistake.

Rated with 1 star
Valentina of Orangevale , CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2021

I decided to pay the car off, 2 months later. I call the dealer and I ask if I can pay at the dealer finance office. I was told yes. I drove 17 miles one way and when I got I was told "Sorry we don't get the payoff checks. You should mail the check." Mailed the check with signature. They signed on 8/30 but by September 3, I called and ask why they did not deposit the check. "We will, when we get the check." 10 times I told the guy, "You signed for the 4 days ago." Finally I ask to talk with his supervisor and I got put on hold. They ended up posting the check 9/3, the title and the overpayment was supposed to be relist on 5-7 days. I called 9/13, and got the same 5-7 days. I called today same answer 5-7 days. The representative today was more helpful than previous 2. Will see if this time works.

Rated with 2 stars
Adah of Laurel, MD Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2021

First off, I've always been an advocate for Mercedes Benz having owned 2015 c class, but I have to say I'm utterly disappointed with the recent service by Benz hence the 2 star which should be a 1. I'm currently driving a 2019 A220 sedan which if it drives normally, is an absolute breeze. Unfortunately, I've not had that pleasure of driving without a problem. From inherent breakdowns, to various warning lights turning on. There was a recent recall for this vehicle, mind you, but after the recall I’ve had countless visits to the MB repair shop, I'm still having the same issues. My mileage is just 16,000. I am truly sad right now and feel let down by MB. I would surely reconsider my commitment to your brand.

Rated with 1 star
Paul of San Francisco, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2021

This dealership should be called the Pinocchio Mercedes Dealership because their deceptive practices are unbelievable. I leased a new Mercedes 2 weeks ago with the only requirement that I'd be able to keep the same features of my 2019 car. They lied and cajoled me into a lease only to later find out that I had better features on my 2019 car. They agreed to return my car after going back and forth over the past two weeks after I was able to show that promises were made in writing that couldn't be delivered. So they promised to return my car that had 11,000 miles on it two weeks ago and take back the SUV that didn't have satellite radio or a decent set of speakers or the option of navigation.

Today I return their car that I drove for 112 miles. They give me the key to my car which someone has driven almost 2,000 miles with all the filth of the employee that they allowed to drive my car. Everything about this place reminds you of a car dealership that relies on bait and switch sales. Even the manager, Katrina, who went out of her way to tell me that Mercedes would not take advantage of a senior citizen and that as an ** she treats everyone as she would want her ** older parents treated. This is not information that I solicited as clearly she was trying to demonstrate that she would never take advantage of senior citizens. Well if I was a betting woman I would bet that the only ** DNA that Katrina has is from an ** ancestor.

The way a business treats current customers merely demonstrates how you will be treated if you lease or buy from this dealership. As a clinical psychologist I don't need to go out on a limb to tell you that if a person lies about something innocuous then they won't hesitate to lie to get your business. Shame on Mercedes for treating your customers with such disrespect and disdain. The fact that they couldn't be bothered to wash or vacuum a car that they drove to Timbuktu (in 2 weeks???) during a pandemic and never disclosed the wear and tear on my car by an employee tells you everything you need to know about Mercedes San Francisco!

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Rated with 2 stars
edward of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2021

My 2015 ML350 Model, had 82,000 miles, then the catalytic converter need a replacement. Why? No solution from the manufacturer. The new replacement was very costly. I need help. Maybe a recall is needed.

Rated with 1 star
Anu of Austin, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2021

I purchased dealership certified GLB 250 with 7000 miles on it. The car was not driven for few months due to covid. After car had 15,000 miles and was due for maintenance, I was informed that the tires needs to be replaced. The car is less than a year old and drove 8000 more miles when we were informed to change the tires. I contacted the dealership to find out the reason for tire replacement only on 15000, I was informed that the tires are performance tires and are good for 15,000 - 20,000 miles only. This is unusual for a luxury car to have low performance. The brand has a reputation of a durable and sturdy car but to my disappointment I had to deal with the this issue on only 15,000 miles out of which I only drove 8,000.

I contacted the Mercedes Corporate to talk to consumer affairs' and spoke to Caroline who informed me that she will talk to dealership to take an action for goodwill and brand reputation. The solution provided me was poor and a negligible discount was offer. I am not happy with the Brand, the customer relations, customer service and the dealership.

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You should know more then I.... My SL 450 is been with you for the last 8 days awaiting for something that I can not even understand. I was told it was some kind of software and that it has to be tested . My Mercedes Me is telling that the doors or door in my car it has been open only once since the car was in your possession . Any how I am terrible disappointed that after I invested such a large amount of money Lessing this vehicle , I can not even enjoyed it. By the way this is the second time the car in been there for the same problem..,,I am driving a car that sting or smell so bad (cigarette } which is one of the rental you have ....

Gabriel Tapia


Service is always impeccable. Staff takes customers seriously and unlike the Click or Miller dealerships does not hide in the manager’s office discussing “The Game.”

Eric Kohler



Brian Walker


Great Service and Comfortable, Convenient Waiting

My experience was first class. I was greeted immediately upon arrival and introduced to the Service Manager, Shawn Aranda, who quickly completed my check-in and had my CLK 550 Cabriolet moving into the service area within minutes. Shawn further explained the dealership's waiting areas and amenities to make me comfortable during my wait. The service team advised me of other services that my car may be in need of as this was my first service visit at Mercedes-Benz of Tucson and they had no prior service history for my car. I very much appreciated this as I was in need of also having my transmission serviced in addition to the normal A Service that I had come in for that day. Thanks so much for ensuring that my car was current on its maintenance needs before I embarked on my vacation to Mexico in a few days! I will be back again...

Jerome McGinn


Consistently great service

Seamless and quick service, provided by courteous and competent people. Always a pleasure and no stress when I take my car in for anything.

Terry Flores


I needed a quick repair on a relatively minor issue as I was scheduled to go out of town. I called the service supervisor (Mark Schofield) who has been assisting me in the past. Although he was very busy, He worked me in, all was resolved. Much appreciated.

Robert Sauvage


Did a outstanding job ensure I received great service

Aldo Cattera


Dependably Excellent Service

I've owned Mercedes cars since 1964. Foir many years, I performed the standard service and repairs myself--until I could not longer buy service manuals. No problem. MB of Tucson has been performing excellent service on (now our S430 and CL-55 AMG) MBs for many years. They know what they're doing and, if necessary, make corrections. Parts support is excellent, our service agent is (and have been) also excellent, and repairs are miraculous sometimes by the same mechanic we've had for years.

Mark Gordon


My service advisor (David) provided exceptional service and helped me with all of my concerns. I truly appreciate his approach and all of the professional service he and the staff provides. Thank-you and Great Job!

pike robinson


Thank you

Steve Miller


Like Don Corleone in _The Godfather_Dave Layton, my service advisor, never makes a promise he can’t keep!

Eric Kohler


Overall excellent customer service. Few times delays in response. Under circumstances of low inventory they did best they could. Closing was easy great job by finance keeping it simple and quick.

Camilo Gonzalez


Recall, Check Engine, & Oil/Filter Change Service

The MB Sprinter team was outstanding in our service effort. They were able to finish the work within two hours even though they were extremely busy. We had to wait at the Sprinter location but the team did things to make our stay much shorter than it could have been. Everything was professionally done. Won't hesitate to use for servicing going forward. Recommendations: Since we did in fact wait for the servicing I noticed the sitting area to be small. A TV would be nice. No water fountain but I understand under COVID. I recognize the dealership would prefer those who can drop off and pick up later but coming from Sierra Vista this is not always possible. Our stay in the waiting area however was pleasant and other than size of area the team up front in our area were very cordial and helpful. Thank you again for great service.

Jeff Ferris


work done quickly and efficiently.... Out the next day

Gary Menzemer


great attention and great job at the loaner car dept



He did great

Joseph passoni


Service work performed on my Sprinter March 15, 20

Evan is very good at his job, he receives "A" Plus rating. Tech did a good job taking care of factory recall.

Frank J Seifert


Excellent Customer Service

Your Service Staff is second to none.We have never had a bad experience with getting our vehicles serviced .Your entire crew from the greeters to the Service specialists and mechanics ,are to be commended for a job well done.We deal mostly with Mr Mark Schofield .His affable personality and expertise make him an invaluable asset to your organization.Kudos to your entire Staff.Thanks for making our visit enjoyable.

Peter Andrysiak


I was getting my bill bill and noticed for a class a service a $ $31.50 charge for shop supplies. A ridiculous amount of money for that category of service. Other than that the service was performed well.

michael mueller


My service experience was very positive from the online scheduling to completion. Jonnilyn Savard was my service advisor. She explained everything in advance and I was in and out in less rhan one and a half hours. Good job!

James Morrison


Jonnylynn was adviser and was very helpful. Enterprise was slow with loaner car.

Ben Bauer


David Layton, Service Advisor, has gone above and beyond what is expected from a Service Advisor, and goes out of his way to see that the client is satisfied with the repair service required. He has not failed us in any of the maintenance or repair services we have requested. Recommend that he be recognized by the Dealer for his outstanding service, I highly recommend Chapman Mercedes-Benz of Tucson because of their high standards of employee service.

Harold Dale


Jonnilynn once again provided me with amazing service. she kept me updated and made me feel like I was her only customer. this service department is the only place we take our c300

jeff davidson


My experience was very efficient, courteous, pleasant!

Doris Coris


It was a pleasure working with Jonnilynn! Her customer service is outstanding. Responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.

Greg Eves


Our Exceptional Customer Experience

As always we had another great customer experience while we serviced our Mercedes at Mercedes Benz of Tucson. We set up our appointment with service advisor Jonnilynn. She is super at what she does and is a great asset to your company. She made our Customer experience at your dealership a wonderful one. While I was taking pictures of my wife in front of one of your showroom cars, everyone was smiling. She felt like a Hollywood movie star. Thank you Mercedes Benz of Tucson for another great time and customer experience with you and of course, were going to see you again.

Michael Hanlon


Always excellent experiences with Mercedes Benz of

I've been service and a customer of Mercedes Benz of Tucson since the time Beaudry bought---not owned---the dealership. Would not consider going anywhere else. All my mechanics and service writers have been EXCELLENT. Longest run is with Ken Tolzman, who once told me: you can fix this yourself. Go home and do it. (I had maintained my own MBs since 1964 -- when an owner could buy a workshop manual. Those days are over.)

Mark Gordon


great help in a pinch by Shawn!

Tucson streets poked a hole in one of my tires. Worse, it happened on a very busy day. It's a run flat tire so it had to be replaced. I called on the way but had no appointment. Fortunately Shawn took the situation under control and got my tire replaced (and my car washed!) and me in to work just in time. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!

richard wintory


Mercedes Tucson & John Hornbeck, General Mgr * Mak

Dear Mercedes, I want to thank everyone at Mercedes Tucson and especially General Mgr, Mr. John Hornbeck for always taking excellent care of me and my cars. I love my car. This is what dreams are made of. Best, Dr Sarah Puri MD

Dr Sarah Puri MD


Mercedes Tucson & John Hornbeck, General Mgr * Mak

Dear Mercedes, I want to thank everyone at Mercedes Tucson and especially General Mgr, Mr. John Hornbeck for always taking excellent care of me and my cars. I love my car. This is what dreams are made of. Best, Dr Sarah Puri MD

Dr Sarah Puri MD


Great service at a fair price

Mark, the service agent, was excellent. Maintained communication throughout the service process. Quick check-in and check-out. Car is perfect...

Deborah Johnson


Needed a calibration following a windshield replacement. Our service advisor, David, did a great job getting everything scheduled and completed seamlessly. Thanks for another outstanding performance!



Mark was great, once again!

Didn't have an appointment, but Mark got me right in for a battery replacement. The wait wasn't long either. Highly reommend.

Howard Chorost


Great service from Mark Schofield and David Layton

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 about 530pm while enroute to a store my MB S suddenly displayed "STOP - car too low", I was close to Chapman MB and managed to get there at 555 pm and talked with my service advisor, Mark Schofield who took good care of my situation saying it might be two days and sent me on my way with a nice loaner car. About 1000 am the next morning another service advisor, David Layton, called to inform me that my car was ready early! Wow! A left strut failure was the culprit! What service! I really appreciated the ease and smoothness of this service emergency repair! Thanks again, Wayne Randall,, Vail, AZ

wayne randall


The Mercedes Benz service department repaired my 2010 C300 on a Wednesday & Thursday, July 2021. Their quality of service remains the top of the line by employing the most skilled mechanics in the business. Furthermore, they kept me informed on the progress of the repair and cost, this type of customer service will bring me back for other matters, including the purchase of a new or used car in the future.



My 2015 C-300 had its 40000 mile service yesterday. As usual, Shawn, my service advisor, was on top of everything and got it done expeditiously.

James Morrison


The customer service exceeded my expectations!

Jerry Barnes


While it's never fun being in the waiting (especially for 2 hours), it's as enjoyable as it can be. Service representative (Mark) was and is always good at what he does.

Robert Baker


Quick and efficient as always...

g menzemer


Great experience with Shawn

As always, Shawn takes great care of ALL his customers, as he does me I'm sure. My car was having some door problems and they were fixed asap, Thanks!

Aidea Sluyter


My wife and I just purchased our second Mercedes. Allen Pollack is the most helpful salesperson we have ever worked with. He is outstanding and always takes care of us. He is a great asset to your organization.

David Bott


Great service every time!

Marcy Dale


A bumpy start to be begin but the results are grea

Start of this saga was bumpy due to snafu at MB Roadside Assistance & not on our end. Once the vehicle was towed to the dealership, we were not notified that the car had arrived safely that day. Next issue was when I telephoned the following day to verify that the vehicle did arrive but the person at the dealership could not confirm that the vehicle was there. Hmmm. Called our service advisor Mark Schofield who quickly returned my call & verified that the vehicle was indeed there, a huge relief. From that point forward, all went smoothly. Mark called again to give me the breakdown of the repairs & the costs which I approved. There was also an email sent to me describing the needed repairs which was very helpful. The initial time given for when the vehicle would be ready was given to be the middle of the following week which was acceptable due to the week-end ahead & a part had to be ordered. Evidently someone, perhaps Mark, went to bat for us & the part was made available faster than initially thought, perhaps the part was overnighted in but uncertain of this. One additional repair was requested. Repairs of a minor nature were made while awaiting the ordered part. The vehicle was ready on Saturday, much to my pleasure. Only down note is that one of the rims was scuffed but uncertain when it happened. Overall, my wife & I are very pleased with the service department at Mercedes Benz of Tucson.

Peter Martin


Mark did a great job, as usual! Thank you!

Julie Beach


Professional work on our ML350 was well done in a timely and professional manner including wash before delivering to us in the office. Mark is our account manager. Professional and cool under pressure as Covid-19 muddies the workplace environment.

David Hampton


Service team is exceptional

My experience was exactly what a customer expects when dealing with Mercedes. MB of Tucson's Service is efficient , effective and always doing what's right before you ask.. My advisor Jonnilyn Savard is the best and brightest



Outstanding Mercedes Sprinter Service

What a super experience I had at the new Chapman Sprinter Service Center. Great check-in and check-out. Perfect service work on both an emissions recall and typical service B items. Professional service representatives - and Jeff is one of the friendliest, most personable people I have ever met. I would not go anywhere else. Thanks!

Stephen Poe


Jeff, the Service Advisor at the Sprinter Service Center, has once again made the visit very pleasant. He understood my concerns, and got them handled in a timely manner. I highly recommend this service center

Darrell Hewitt


I’ve always had outstanding ,fast, service at this dealership. The staff is courteous and the work done is always top notch.

Jim Katsantones


Outstanding in every respect

Jaime Ohlmaier and GM John Hornbeck guided us through the trade-in and purchase of our 2021 C300 with the ease of two, long-time professionals. This was the fourth Mercedes we have bought from Chapman and the process has become easier each time. Kudos to the entire staff of Mercedes of Tucson which we found to be SUPERIOR in every manner.

Tim and Pam Downey


Exceptional service and friendly staff. Jonnilynn was most helpful when we arrived. She followed up with our service needs in a timely matter. Our C300 was in top condition when we left. Never disappointed with our Mercedes of Tucson.

Michael Hanlon


Anthony Panos was great, making the experience an enjoyable one. It was nice to see Jarret Crocker again, and he was outstanding as always.



The staff at Mercedes in Tucson was fantastic. They did a great job, from the time I walk in to the time I received the vehicle, very happy! Thanks Again! Wayne Mikolajewski

Wayne Mikolajewski


Great service, no problems. Thank you!

Betty Hunt


Hi Scott I hope all is well with you and your family. I recently had the motorhome in for service for the emissions update and a small turbo oil leak. Everything went well and your staff was amazing, especially Jeff and David I wanted to reach out directly to your General Manager and let him know what an outstanding job all these folks did, from my favorite service tech Eric to Michelle in the parts dept and the work that was done. Could you provide me with his email address? Soon, I will be purchasing a new or certified used car from your store. Being older this will most likely be the last car I purchase and frankly do not trust any other dealer, especially a preowned Mercedes or other make. If it has been checked out by your service dept, that gives me piece of mind and confidence in purchasing used. I will try and keep it short as I know he is busy, but I feel he needs to know what an outstanding job these people are doing. Too many times, people take for granted workers and I want to let him know about my experiences with your dealership Take care and please be safe. Respectfully Chris Ezell

Chris Ezell


Jeff is superior. Makes sure you provide the overhead support he needs. I discussed this with the new service manager yesterday

Ralph g risley


Great service from Jonnilynn to make us feel at home after returning to Tucson after 7 years.

Nelis Theron


Service Writer, David, is professional, efficient, courteous.

Margaret Saito


If you lose Steve Shiumaker, you lose us too! He really cares about two very old people and we can't say enough about him!

Norma Parry


My advisor Johnylynn was great, she keep me informed.



I was very impressed with the overall experience. The fact that it didn't hit the 5 stars is probably more of my misunderstanding than the experience itself. When I called for an appointment I was told I would get a loaner that we could shop around the area and they would call when ready. When we arrived we were met by very helpful and courteous personnel and introduced to our advisor Steve. Unfortunately two things came into play that weren't expected.... we were told at that point that the car probably wouldn't be ready until Monday which I hadn't counted on. The second hitch was all the loaners were out and we had to wait for Enterprise to bring a vehicle. We arrived for our appointment at 8:45 and didn't get a loaner until 10:30. Now having said that I would then hasten o add that the staff at the dealership are obviously well trained and very personable and professional. I would also say that Steve was excellent in that he called daily with updates and kept us informed of delays and whart was going on. It is fair to say that it truly surpassed my expectations! Thank you....

Dale Strain


My third car from Chapman. Love everything about them

mike griggs


Great Work

Scott Garrett


Outstanding Service Performance

I had a follow up appointment with David Layton on Tuesday March 30 2021 for my 2009 Mercedes C300 concerning a thermostat problem, and he had me in and out within one hour. That was outstanding, but not unusual for David, who has always provided outstanding performance concerning auto maintenance and repair for my vehicle.

Harold L Dale Jr


It all starts with the the outside service rep then reception persons who are very polite and with a smile. Our service advisor Mark is always great, treats us with respect and he is knowledgeable.



Advisor Mark S is great at his job. He treats customers like they are valuable. I asked to see the old parts that were recommended to be replaced. Mark explained how they worked. Looking at the parts tells me that Mercedes Benz invests a lot of Engineering into them unlike domestic car companies. The shop workmanship is outstanding. I trust the dealership to always do a good job and have not been let down.

Bill B


Service work performed on my Sprinter March 15, 20

Mechanic did great job correcting problems. He receives "5" stars. Mechanic drove my vehicle to the "completed" point of my view. Then i waited another "55" minutes until Service Advisor gave me keys and a copy of performed work. Yes I understand he was working as fast as possible, however here is the major problem; 2 TWO customers walked in and the advisor waited on them rather than taking 1 minute to complete my paperwork. i want to be clear, the Advisor is very good at his job, however another Advisor sits in adjoining desk and could have very easily completed this transaction. Frank J Seifert [email protected]

Frank J Seifert


As always David Leighton did a great job making sure my vehicle was quickly serviced and that I was kept appraised of the situation at all times. I have always had good experiences when my car is serviced at Mercedes of Tucson.

Barry Palmer


Detail Service for 2015 S550

The car was immaculate and looked as though it was brand new. Delivered on time, very happy with results. Just glad it didn't rain on our way home.

will wells


We got our MB sedans completely taken care of with discerning inspections and accurate repairs. We were kept informed at every step. Nicely done!

John Sylvester


Service Manager Mark Schofield

Outstanding service from Service Manager Mark Schofield and Anthony who serviced the vehicle. I highly recommend both for any service needed on the version of MB one may have. Fully knowledgeable on all aspects of MB vehicles. Thank You for all of the outstanding service.

Paul Cook


Excellent customer service.

My service advisor is Mark. He is a very knowledgeable and friendly person. He always does his best to provide me with the best service at the minimum cost. He is someone I can trust when it comes to my vehicles’ maintenance.

Jesus Gomez


David Layton did a great job

Richard Ostrom


I just purchased a certified used Mercedes AMG from MB of Tucson. I cannot recommend Allen Pollack highly enough as a sales person that you should request if you are looking for a mercedes benz vehicle. Allen found my car for me, he understands the clients needs, and he worked with the management at MB of Tucson to get me the best deal possible. I am absolutely thrilled with my new purchase. Thank you MB of Tucson and thanks Allen Pollack!

ian boulton


Great service and good record keeping

My A-1 service was completed in less than 1 1/2 hours. Comfortable space to wait with appropriate social distancing. I was relieved to know that their records of a recent tire problem I had were accurate and up to date. Service advisor Shawn was very helpful and didn't seem to mind my questions at all.

Janet Spadora


Another solid performance

Just had my car detailed at MB Tucson and they did a fantastic job. David, again, was very responsive, friendly and professional.

Craig Forte


The Mercedes-Benz of Tucson team provided excellent customer service during my visit to the dealership. Courtney was knowledgeable and helpful during the vehicle review, test drive, and lease set-up. Jarret gave clear and detailed information during the financing process of my visit. I feel very confident in understanding my lease. I highly recommend visiting Mercedes-Benz of Tucson. I love my new car!

Michelle Hu


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We remain OPEN for all your essential Mercedes-Benz Sprinter & Metris vans service needs while practicing social distancing and sanitation for the health & safety of our team along with yours. If you require service, we are providing additional options for you at this time, including Complimentary Pick-Up and Delivery, No Contact Service Drop-Off and Mobile Service. Should you find yourself in need of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, you can complete your shopping process 100% online from the comfort of your home, including home delivery or a pick-up location of your choice. With much care & concern, we are here for you.Mercedes-Benz vehicles are world-class examples of automotive engineering and they should be repaired in a facility that can live up to that standard. That is why we’re proud to announce our brand new Service and Parts center, located at 949 N. Elston Ave. This facility is 320,000 square feet and will serve as indoor and outdoor storage for our increasing inventory along with housing our state-of-the-art repair and maintenance equipment. This new facility is built because we recognize that some of the most meticulously crafted vehicles in the world should be maintained in one of the finest service centers in the world. As a guest at our dealership, you should expect nothing less. No expense was spared to bring this to Chicago and you our valued customer. We look forward to providing you with a World Class Guest Experience!

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Call Dealership (312) 628-4500

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2020 Mercedes Benz Metris Cargo Van 126\

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