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His eyes widened the moment he glanced to his left and realised you weren’t at his side. Instantly, he spun around, failing to see you anywhere.

“Everything alright?” Yoongi asked as he sat down, resting his feet against his luggage. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Jin’s head shook, “where’s Y/N?” He questioned, “she was just with me, and now she’s gone.”

“She’s there,” Yoongi acknowledged, pointing across to where you stood, chatting with Namjoon, unaware of the panic you’d given Jin.

He ran over straight away, appearing at your side. “What’s wrong?” You immediately asked.

“I didn’t know where you’d gone,” Jin sighed, cupping the sides of your face to check you over, “I thought something bad had happened when you went.”

“Sorry, I didn’t realise you were looking for me,” you replied, softly laughing at his panic.

Jin let go of a heavy sigh, “don’t walk off like that again, especially when you’re pregnant otherwise you’re going to end up giving me a heart attack or something.”

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, promise.”


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His brows knitted together when he failed to hear a response from you to his question, glancing to his left to see you were in fact nowhere to be seen.

“Where are you?” Yoongi muttered under his breath, looking around the airport desperately for any sign of where you were.

As he glanced across to the terminal, a heavy sigh came from him when he noticed you at the board.

“Y/N!” He called out, darting through the crowd to get back to your side, “what are you doing all the way over here, when we were there?”

You glanced at his fearful expression, “I thought I’d read the information board to pass some time.”

“I thought you were hurt,” Yoongi admitted, resting his hand over your small bump, “this place is far too dangerous for me to let you walk off all on your own.”

“I’m alright,” you tried to argue, but his head shook. “I can look after myself.”

Yoongi held your hand tightly, “not when your pregnant you can’t, I’m supposed to be the one always looking after you, especially in a place as busy as this.”

“I’ll stay right by your side from now on.”


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The moment he felt your hand slip out of this felt like the nightmare Hobi had dreaded, looking back in the crowd to see that you were nowhere.

“Y/N!” He shouted, quickly capturing the attention of the rest of the boys who were walking beside him, just as worried as he was.

Namjoon pushed back, “let’s all turn around and make sure she’s alright,” he instructed to them all.

“I got her!” Jimin’s voice called out after a minute of searching from all the boys amongst the large group of fans and media that surrounded them.

Hobi raced straight over to you, throwing his arm around you. “I’m alright,” you whispered to his ear.

“You let go,” he frowned, cupping either side of your face so that he could look over you. “Did anything happen, anyone hurt you or anyone hurt your bump?”

“I’m all good,” you repeated, resting your hands over his to try and calm him.

His head nodded slowly, “I knew bringing you to the airport when it was so busy was going to be a bad idea, I should have kept you better protected, both of you.”

“None of us could have predicted any of this.”


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He could barely sit still as Taehyung and Jungkook raced around the airport, finding you stood in the corner by one of the vending machines.

“Y/N!” They both yelled, relieved to have spotted you. “Namjoon’s been freaking out, why did you just disappear like that.”

You looked between the two of them, “I only came to get a drink, I don’t need my hand to be held.”

“Namjoon is freaking out,” Taehyung informed you, carrying your drink for you as the two of them led you back over to a more than relieved Namjoon.

Before he even spoke, you held onto his arms, “don’t freak out, I’m absolutely fine.”

“You’re pregnant,” he reminded you, as if you didn’t already know. “You need to look after yourself, you can’t just walk off and hope that everything will be alright.”

“But everything was alright,” you argued, leaving Namjoon more than unimpressed with you.

His head shook at how at ease you were, “you’re not going anywhere without me, or anyone else, at least by your side to be able to keep an eye on you, I mean it.”

“Alright, but there really is no need for a fuss.”


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As he came back from the duty-free area with Jin, his brows furrowed together when he noticed the boys all stood around, with no sight of you.

“Anyone know where Y/N has got to?” He immediately asked the group, beginning to panic when every one of them shook their heads.

Jungkook was the first to speak, “she can’t have gone far, especially when she’s pregnant.”

“She’s probably gone for a walk,” Hobi suggested, just as you appeared back at Jimin’s side, taking note instantly of the commotion.

Jimin instantly pulled you into his side, “if you’re going to go somewhere, tell one of us, please.”

“What’s the big deal?” You innocently asked, “I’m more than capable of handling myself, even though you think somehow pregnancy suddenly restricts me from everything.”

A heavy sigh came from Jimin, “we’re at a busy airport, it’s not the same as at home.”

Your eyes met his, noticing the panic that had set in, “regardless of where I am, I can walk around alone, you don’t need to worry so much about me.”

“I’m always going to worry about you, that won’t change.”


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His hand reached out, only to clasp to nothing. As Taehyung looked to his left, where he expected you to be, he was greeted instead by no one.

“Where’s Y/N?” He asked the security guard who was hovering behind him to keep him safe from any chaos that ensued.

The guard too looked around, “she mentioned she was going to sit down, were you not listening?”

“Oh,” Tae whispered, looking over to a row of benches in the middle of the terminal, exactly where he found you sat scrolling through your phone.

Taehyung walked straight over to you and sat by your side. “Hi,” you innocently whispered.

“I thought I’d lost you,” he whispered, unable to keep himself calm when he was finally back by your side. “I reached out for you and then you weren’t there.”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t be on my feet any longer,” you admitted to him.

His head shook instantly, “no, I’m sorry for worrying so much. I appreciate it’s not easy to stand around for so long right now for you, I should be more considerate.”

“Sit with me for a bit now then, I could do with the company.”


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The moment his eyes fell on you talking to a few fans, Jungkook had never felt relief like it, walking over to see what you were getting up to.

“What’s going on?” He questioned, trying to remain calm in front of the fans, despite the overwhelming relief that he experienced.

It was something you quickly picked up on, “why are you looking at me like I did something wrong?”

“It’s not that,” Jungkook replied, letting go of a deep breath, “I just didn’t know where you’d got to, and in your current state, you shouldn’t be alone.”

You glanced across at the fans, “it’s a good job I had these lovely guys with me in that case.”

“What if you didn’t though? You’re pregnant Y/N, please don’t forget that,” he pleaded, moving his arm to wrap around your waist as tight as it could.

“You really don’t need to worry, I can look after me,” you soon tried to assure him.

His head nodded, “just tell me if you’re going off somewhere next time, even if it is so that you can head over and greet a few of the fans.”

“I’ll let you know, don’t worry Kook.”


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A Small Box Of Imagines — BTS reaction to their wife giving birth to their...

Anonymous said : 

OMG I LOVE YOUR PAGE SOOOOO MUCH 💕💕💕 please can I have a reaction where you are giving birth to their first child but there are complications and they are worried about losing both you and their child (maybe a happy ending ☺️) Thank you 💕💕💕

I LOVE YOU TOO  💕💕💕 thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :


He could hear his heartbeat, like drums were played in his head. Jin could feel the danger of what was happening, just imagining the worst made him feel like collapsing.

A sudden power held him up on his legs as the doctor came out of the operating room .

“Doctor?…” he couldn’t say more, his imagination drew pictures of you lying on that bed with white sheets, covered you in blood, that was enough for him to lose the ability of speaking for minutes .

“Don’t worry Mr.Kim, it was a difficult surgery but fortunately she and the baby are both fine. You can wait here till she wakes up then you can come in, thank God the large amiunt if blood didn’t affect her badly ..” the doctor spoke with delight, Jin could feel it, every positive word that fell from the doctor’s lips made Jin even more relaxed, he let out a sigh of relief and thanked him over and over again.

As he counted the seconds Jin entered your room as if he entered Heaven, the wish of meeting his other halves finally came true, he couldn’t ask for anything more .

“Ohh my God y/n, I knew you would make it ,you look- you’re stronger than I thought ..” he said as he showered you with kisses all over your face.  

He glanced of your daughter, the masterpiece you and him created

“Gosh y/n, we created an angel, as beautiful as me !” you glared at him .

“and as sweet and cute as my love ..” he kissed your forehead .

Suga :


It was so strange, so new for him to feel such pain, to feel so terrified of losing someone. It wasn’t normal  for him to panic but because the one who might to die was you he couldn’t help but panic. His only prayer was for you to continue breathing

As the doctor walked out Yoongi couldn’t find the power to raise up his head, thoughts of losing you were spinning around in his head making him dizzy but he had to force himself to do it for you  

“Mr. Min congratulations you have a beautiful boy waiting for you in the room “ smiled slightly, trying to hide his tensed face, that made Yoongi’s dizziness increase  

“And- and y/n ..” he tried to show off some strength, but his words didn’t seem but weaker  

“Yes ,she had problems with her placenta but we handled it quickly, she’s in the room with the baby too-“ without even letting the doctor continue Youngi rushed towards your room with all hope of meeting you awake and smiling .

He kept staring at you as he held his baby between his arms, waiting for half an hour till you woke up. You saw his cute and joyful expression as he was caressing his boy before you noticed, a warm, gentle smile on his face, proud of you finally waking up.  

“If you were planning to drop my heart to my feet then you succeeded ..” you kept eye contact before putting his child down then kissed you

“He is as beautiful as you and he has my ears ..” you giggled lightly .

"That makes him even more perfect ..!”

J-Hope :


It took him no time to break down as he heard the news, he imagined it being a piece of cake, but it turned into two hours in the operating room, he spent them crying himself, imaging the worst .

“Mr.Jung ..” Hoseok didn’t even notice the doctor when he walked out.  

After hearing his name he stood up immediately and wiped his tears away, hoping for relief from the doctor’s words.

“Don’t worry, they’re all right. It shouldn’t take that long but we faced difficulties with stoping her bleeding but luckily we were able to get it under control” the doctor said in a serious tone, this didn’t  give him much comfort  

“Is she- are they fine ?. Are they in danger ?” Hoseok spoke while shivers ran down his spine

“They’re all tight, it happens now and then, especially with the first child. So don’t worry, also you can see them when she wakes up “ the doctor patted at his back and wished him the best.  

It took him like 15 minuets to recover from his sadness, and after a while he entered your room, with a brightly composed but the second he sat next to you and grabbed your hand he burst into tears all again .

“Gosh y/n, I was scared to death” before he leaned and kissed you deeply.  

He took few steps towards the incubator, breathing heavily, trying to control himself.

“Did you see her y/n? she’s just like you, soft and amazing !” you smiled and whispered.

“I haven’t, but I’m sure she’s as caring and beaming as you”

RM :


Pressure, all he could feel is pressure, as he walked back and forth, trying to reduce his stress, as it seemed like that was the only way he could.

The moment the doctor came out, Namjoon took a deep breath, with an inner hope for good news.

“Doctor, why did it take so long?” the doctor smiled warmly, as he could see how stressed Joon was, just by looking into his eyes.

“They’re all right, we just need to keep Mrs. Kim here for two weeks at least, to keep an eye on her if any complications happen, and your twins are great, as healthy and relaxed as you want them to be” Namjoon’s smile became wider at every word the doctor spoke. He thanked him over and over again, as he spent a long while on the chair trying to calm himself down and recover from his shock.

As he entered your room, his dimples suddenly showed up, as if his heart was healed just by the sight of you, smiling comfortably and his kids sleeping calmly in the incubator.

“You really surprised me y/n, you look better than ever, another proof how perfect you’re!” he slid his finger on your face.

“You always treat me with your sweet talk” you smiled warmly as he kissed you.

“You deserve it, I swear!” he said as he walked towards the incubator, kissing each of his kids’ heads.

“I think I’ll face troubles finding a difference between them, they’re both smooth and adorable!” he admired them with caring eyes.

Jimin :


Unexpectedly, Jimin is the only one who was shocked, sitting all alone staring at the wall, lost in his world of nightmares  

“Mr. Park?” As Jimin heard his name, he didn’t react immediately, eventually he looked slowly up at the doctor, with no strength to speak a word.

“Congratulations, you have now a beautiful girl, and your wife is sleeping in her room, I won’t deny that the surgery was difficult, but she was strong enough to handle it. You can meet her when she wakes up” Jimin nodded, without a noticeable facal expressions. And again, he didn’t move. Finally he realized what happened and he started crying.

As he stepped in your room, you could notice his red eyes before he threw himself on you for a very long hug, like a child going back to his mother.

“I swear if you do this again I will die” you wiped his tears away.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m fine, we’re  both fine!” you mumbled wearily as you looked at your daughter near you.

Jimin walked slowly towards her, he spent a minute just staring at her with a tired and light smile.

“She- she’s an angel!” Then he looked at you.

“We’ll call her Heaven!”

V :


As expected, the moment the boys heard about you giving birth they ran to the hospital to stay with Taehyung because it’ll be one of his best moments. They saw him sobbing hardly, tears showered his face.

“They- They said she- she has troubles, and- and she is bleeding heavily” he mumbled between his sobs.

“Mr.Kim?” the doctor called, everyone stood up, Tae couldn’t control himself.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. She just lost a huge amount of blood so we need to keep her here, but she’ll be alright. Congrats, you’re the father of a very handsome son” the boys cheer and clapped, hugging Taehyung and congratulated him, as a huge boxy smile showed up on V’s face.

He hid himself behind a large bouquet of flowers, then sang your favorite song as he entered the room, with an atmosphere full of joy and delight. He kissed your forehead and stared deeply into your eyes.

“ohhh look at you, all comfortable” he kissed you again, before picking up your son.  

You could see how happy he was happy, a tear fell down from his cheek, he kissed the baby.

“We made a miracle, a beautiful cute miracle !”

Jungkook :


“Hyung ,y/n is giving birth today” Kook said in a firm tone.

“I know it’s early but..” he lost his strength suddenly and burst into tears

“She’s been in the operation room for two hours and I can’t stand on my own anymore! I can’t stop think about how bad it’ll may be!” it took only a minute for his tears to cover his cheeks, the thought of losing both of you was too much too much to bare alone

RM dashed towards the doctor as he came out, Jungkook couldn’t even take a deep breathe to calm himself down.

“Jungkook-ah!” Namjoon said as he finished with the doctor.

“I can’t believe that you have a family now!” Jungkook was taken aback by his words.

“Congratulations Jeon Jungkook ! you now have a girl and her mother will be waiting for you after she wakes up!” unlike Taehyung, Kook couldn’t recover fast from the shock, as the boys stayed with him til the last minute, he needed another hour to believe that you were fine.

“I promised them I wouldn’t cry “ Jungkook whispered as he hugged you, but tears filled his eyes.

“Look at you being a great father from the beginning!” you said as you wiped away his tears .

“I know she’ll be as beautiful as you” he said as he caresses your girl, smiling as a proud dad, happy as Jungkook always used to be.

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bts reaction to newlywed wife gifting them a boudoir album

request: Hey!!! Can i please request a BTS reaction to their newlywed wife gifting them a Boudoir album on their wedding night as a gift? Thank you and keep writing, I really appreciate your writing and efforts to include all races. 💞💞

genre: fluffy fluff fluff, suggestiveness

warning: y’all know I curse a lot, it ain’t no secret

a/n: hey boo you know who you are ( ̄∇ ̄) hehe I’m glad you finally requested something from me! and I really hope you like it and I really glad you appreciate what I do, I hope to continue on and be better lol okay enough with the sappy stuff I luv ya and read on loves bye (╭☞ ͡ ͡°͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞




he’d be extremely curious and even though he’d want to rip that shit open(buss it wide open,lol do y’all even know that song or am I just old?) he would open it slowly, eyes big and wide as he saw you in these poses he had never seen before. so shook that he’d be looking between you and the album feeling like he was going crazy

“babe can we just discuss the fact that I bought all these lingerie sets for you and you modeled for someone else and not me first!”

“is that really the first thought in mind?”

“well other than the fact you is fine as fuck, but THATS NOT THE POINT HERE,”(a hot worldwide handsome mess)


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confused af at first, opening it with caution but the moment he saw you in clothing that barely covered anything at all, yoongi may not show his emotions all the time but his lips would spread into a shy smile instantly and he’d bite his lip.

“oh my- tryna give me a sneak peak before the real show huh?”


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lose his shit. when he opened the album, jaw dropping and all, dramatic and probably crying a bit to be honest, totally gonna frame some of the pictures because he claims it’s for his art collection.

“I feel like I’m being attacked,”(sums him up perfectly)


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lost his shit. but on the inside. the moment he started flipping through it and seeing you all exposed and looking so damn good, he’d try to be cool about it on the outside, really wanting to get down on his knees and thank the heavens for being blessed to be married to you,

“damn baby, you look so damn good, wanna model these outfits for a private showing just for me? I mean I am your husband now,”


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reddest cheeks ever. it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen you naked before or in less clothing than normal but seeing you dressed that way, as if teasing him. he would definitely be thinking of ways to surprise you just as you did him, those images of you never far from his mind.

“oh so you wanna play games, huh?”


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lip biting, happy af boi! literally would take the time out of your wedding night to thoroughly examine the photos and probably also thinking of framing a few for the bedroom.

“you’re so damn beautiful, I don’t deserve you,”

“tae, we just got married,”



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would 100% be the one to open it during the reception with all of his groomsmen around(this boi here) and the moment he saw skin, he’d close the album so fast, his face burning as his friends tried to get it from him but he wasn’t playing no games.he’d try to smile it off as they fought him for it and would wink at you from where you sitting surrounded by your bridesmaids, cooing over his gift to you,

“y’all just mad because I got the best one in here so back up!”


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genre: fluff



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K I M S E O K J I N :

He would feel like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He’s the one taking care of the rest of the boys -cooking them food and making sure they’re dressed properly for the weather, so there’s no one really looking out for him. He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore with you. Coming back to the dorms to see you with dinner ready makes him feel so lucky to have you by his side. His life would be easier, and he knows it’s because of you.


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M I N Y O O N G I :

hisassbetterbefuckingthankfulorelse— He would be thankful, without a doubt. He knows he isn’t best at being level-headed, so he appreciates the fact that you’re able to tolerate him. There are times when you two get into a heated argument, yes, but you’re able to take a minute to calm down and figure it how to make the situation better together. Yoongi is the type of person who would prioritize his work rather than his well-being, so you being there to make sure he eats & gets enough sleep… Well, the least he can do for having such a caring lover is to cherish you with a beautiful diamond ring and a promise that he’ll love you until death does you part.


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J U N G H O S E O K :

He would be rest-assured; Hoseok doesn’t need to worry about you when he’s off on tour or out performing in a foreign country because he knows you can take care of yourself and that you’re waiting patiently with a heart full of love just for him. Especially since he has the title of the sunshine in the group, it’s hard for him to constantly be happy all the time in front of cameras, and so being able to be himself to you, to be able to vent out about his true feelings to you is how he knows you’re the one he wants to marry.


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K I M N A M J O O N :

He would be so lucky. One of the key traits he’s looking for in his significant other is that they’re low-maintenance. Namjoon is a leader, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He’s constantly creating some new beats in his studio, going over his moves in the practice room, and traveling with his group for award shows, interviews, and performances. Obviously, he can’t be there for you like an average boyfriend, so the fact that you don’t mind if he has to stay late at his workplace makes him so relieved. He can’t wait until the day he can have you, to cherish and to hold you forever.


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P A R K J I M I N :

He would be amazed. You’re so calm and collected when it comes to receiving hate from those who’d dare call themselves “ARMY”, and you provide good argument when it comes to interviewers criticizing your relationship. You accept him for who he is, which is an important factor when finding his significant other. For too long, he’s struggled with maintaining his figure for the public, so he was without a doubt surprise when you told him that he was fine just the way he is. That’s when he knew you’re the one; You’re the one he wants spend the rest of his life with.


Originally posted by kimthwriter

K I M T A E H Y U N G :

He would be excited. He’d appreciate the fact that you’re interested in his interests, such as anime, kdramas, and especially Overwatch, even though not all of it fits your cup of tea. Taehyung loves the fact that you hype him up whenever he shares with you a photo of the scenery of the place he’d be at. Every time you’d send him support for another one of his performances, or feedback from another one of his interviews, or words of admiration for another one of his photographic masterpieces, he’d miss you even more. He doesn’t let it get to him though, because he knows that once he gets home, you’ll be there for him to watch another anime/kdrama marathon or even have him teach you how to play his favorite game. In fact, he doesn’t want to spend it with anybody else but you.


Originally posted by mimibtsghost

J E O N J U N G K O O K :

He’d be so happy. As an international playboy- a popular Korean Idol, it’s hard for him (along with other celebrities) to find a wo/man who would stay true to him rather than use him for his fame. The fact that not only are you his biggest fan, but you’re able to accept him for who he makes him feel like he found an angel. Dating someone as famous as him comes with bitter hate, but you never let it get to you, which calms his fears down. He can already imagine it now: A beautiful wedding with you walking down the aisle.


~ yna

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Their wife bts reaction to

~Let me tell you a story~ — BTS Reaction to Their Wife Being Afraid to Tell...

Jin: Seokjin would automatically pick up on your nerves the moment he stepped foot into the living room. He noticed how your hands twisted and how your foot tapped softly onto the carpet. He’d sit down next to you, and reassure you that he’d take whatever it is you had to tell him with an open mind. When you said you were pregnant with his child, Jin wouldn’t be able to contain the joy he felt inside and would hug you tightly, thanking you and raving about the new addition to the family.


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Suga: Yoongi would get a little weary when he noticed how nervous you were; you’d said that you had to tell him something, and his mind instantly went to the worse case scenario. You fell out of love with him and wanted a divorce. He’d tell you that you both could work through anything together, just let him know what he was doing wrong and he would change. He didn’t want to lose you. However, when you laughed and told him that you loved him and that you were pregnant, his mood would do a complete 180. He’d laugh along with you, leaning down to kiss your tummy and unborn child, thanking you for making him the happiest man on the planet.


Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

J-Hope: Hobi, upon noticing your nerves, would smother you in hugs and kisses, easing the nervousness out of your body. He’d reassure to you that he loved you and would take any news you had to tell him in stride. When he heard the first syllable of the word “pregnant” he would scream with joy, giving you many more kisses and excitedly talking about baby everything. From names, to room themes, to what he’d hope they’d look like, this ray of sunshine would be super duper excited to have his first child with you.


Originally posted by lookwhaticreated

Rap Monster: Sweet, sweet Namjoon. When he’d notice how nervous you were, he’d pull you into his lap, hugging you close to his chest as he whispered comforting words into your ears until you relaxed completely. He’d encourage you to speak; telling him what had made you so nervous in the first place. When you’d tell him that you’re pregnant, Rap Mon would smile and kiss you out of love and joy. He’d want to share the news with the world; that his beautiful wife was pregnant with his child and that he loved them both more than anything in the universe.


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Jimin: Agh, Jimin would be so adorable. He would question your nerves with wide eyes; cocking his head to the side and asking you if he did anything wrong to upset you. You’d grab his cheeks, kissing them gently and telling him that he didn’t do anything wrong, it was just that you wee pregnant. Jimin’s eyes would sparkle and he would pick you up and spin you around in glee; just as happy as a clam. He’d set you down gently and kiss your belly, ready to add an addition to your cute family.


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V: Taehyung wouldn’t be too unsettled by your nerves. He had faith and trust in you and he knew that whatever you had to tell him wouldn’t be detrimental, and if it was he knew that the both of you could solve it together. When you finally told him that you are pregnant, Tae would be over the moon excited to have this child with you. He’d thank you multiple times and surround your world in warmth from his hugs, more than merry to start this next chapter of your lives.


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Jungkook: Baby bunny Kookie would be so confused at first. He’d notice your nerves and start to wonder why you were so nervous. You just wanted to talk to him? It’s not like that it would be anything he did…right? So, after reassurances from your husband, you finally told him that you were pregnant, and Jungkook’s smile when he heard you say that outshined the sun in that moment. He’d hug you close, whispering words of thanks and excitements about finally becoming a father and starting a family with you.


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exo reaction; here

Jin: “wow, you’re so good looking no matter what clothes you wear! you got that kind of beauty from me. you’re welcome, son.”


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Suga: does feel embarrassed at first. for like .2 seconds. until he turns into that over proud, loud father who’s parading his son around the studio like; “you know what this is called, hope-ah? it’s called perfection. you wish you could have half as much swag as my boy”


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J-Hope: wow, I can’t believe that jung hoseok invented being a great and supportive father. he gives no f**ks about the fabric his son wears. he focuses more on raising a happy, healthy, caring little boy


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Rap Monster: researches similar cases where little boys are dressed in feminine clothing by their mothers. he reads articles on the psychological effects & is panicked at that thought. so he makes sure his son is dressing like that out of personal choice. & if he is, he does more googling to find out how to appropriately approach this situation; “jagi, please don’t bother me right now. I found a really good article on dealing with gender stereotypes for kids, I need to finish it”


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Jimin: sits his son down for a caring but serious talk. “are you wearing these clothes because you want to? or are you doing it to make mommy happy?” if he finds out he’s doing it for you, then he’ll calmly ask you to not force your wishes on your son. and if his son is happy and dressing in what he wants, then he’s 1000000000% supportive. and spoils his son with all kinds of cute trinkets and clothes


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V: proudly waits for his son at the school gates, waving and winking at him once he catches sight of him running up in his pink and yellow shoes. a dad next to him scoffs; “you let your boy wear girl shoes?”

and papa taehyung shoots back with, “I didn’t realize that there was a law stating that only girls could wear pink and yellow shoes. I wonder if there’s a law against that ugly shirt you’re wearing?”


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Jungkook: tbh he finds it a bit odd. he seems to be more traditional in his views so his son stepping out of the gender norm will take him back. but as long as it’s not you forcing your desires on your son, & his son is happy, then his paternal instincts will take over and suddenly he finds himself leading his son in a pink dress down the red carpet.

“head up, kid. you’re a Jeon, we don’t worry about what others might think”


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anon asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a BTS Reaction to how cute they think their s/o looks pregnant (waddling, looking like you strapped a disco ball to the front of you, your shirts ride up when you reach for something, etc…) lol sorry I didn’t know if I should give examples or not :S .. Anyways  Thank you so much!! ♡ :)   ~this is my first time requesting I’m sorry! ♡

Seokjin: “I always joke around babe, but I’m dead serious when I say I want to paint your stomach to look like a basketball right now.”

He’s constantly touching your stomach, amazed at the size that it’s getting. He also gets really mushy and teary eyed quite often, telling you spontaneously how absolutely stunned he is that this is his life and how lucky he feels to have you and now the baby.


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Namjoon: He’s constantly looking to other people around the two of you as you walk around, giggling and pointing out to them how cute you are.


You’d have to occasionally swat the back of his head to get him to stop grinning and giggling at you like a moron.


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rest of the members below the cut~

Hoseok: He’s been scolded by you one too many times for laughing at how cute you are when you try and sit down. So now, he just sort of tries to control himself by covering his mouth in order to hide the smile whenever you try to get up or down from sitting/laying.

“Hoseok! I can still see the smile! You wouldn’t be smiling if you were me right now.”

“Babe!!” *gif* “I’m not smiling at your cuteness right now okay?! I’m gassy, I ate a burrito…”


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Yoongi: He unabashedly stares at you whenever you’re with him. He stares at your face, your stomach, your hands, your feet, just noticing every little change that you go through as time passes. He’s the first to notice your feet swelling even the slightest and the first to know when you’re probably going to be hungry.

“babe, sit down and put your feet up before they swell up more. You’ll be in more pain if they do.”


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Jimin: He’s all straight-faced until you try to bend over to pick up a sock that you were trying to put on your foot. You almost completely fell over, but he luckily caught you. He just sort of set you back into place, looked at you seriously for a moment, then lost his shit.

“I-I’m sorry jagi I really don’t want to make you feel disrespected, but you’re so cute right now I could literally die from all the fluff inside of my heart!!!”


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You try and get up from the living room couch, “Wait, let me get my phone!!” You waddle over to make yourself a sandwich, “Wait babe!! Let me film this!!” His only excuse whenever you get mad at him for all this will be, “I want to remember this first child with you forever. And in the future when little peanut is big enough to understand everything, I want them to know how much of a champ their mama is for carrying them for 9 months.”


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Jungkook: He’s going to be a freaking little shit.

“Jagi, have you looked at yourself walking before?? Because you should, it’s hilarious!!”

“I’m going to kill you Jungkook. You don’t have all this extra weight on you or you’d be walking like this too!!”

“Oh I know, I know… I wouldn’t be as cute doing it though.” Then right when you roll your eyes and forgive him since he’s being sweet, he takes a picture of you trying to get up from the couch without you noticing and sends it as a group text to the members, captioning it with something stupid.

But he does have his serious moments, I promise. and when he is serious he’ll probably be smooth enough to make your heart skip a beat as he tears up over how happy he is.


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A/N: I’m still not dead, here is the proof. (kinda??) I’m not going to keep on bothering everyone with my complaints about my hectic life, so I’ll just say instead that I’m sorry I’ve been away from you guys so long, and probably will still be gone for periods of time in the future as well. Thank you for all your patience everyone <333



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