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Fish Lake

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As spring moves into summer, trolling becomes even more popular. Rainbow and splake trout are regularly caught on pop gear and night crawlers. Many anglers also like to anchor and bait fish for rainbows. Die hard lake trout anglers troll with large crankbaits and hand-carved plugs that imitate rainbow trout. As the weather gets warmer, they fish more and more during early morning hours, often quitting by sunup. Kokanee are targeted by trolling dodgers and squids, using a down rigger to get the rig to depths of 20-60 feet. A fish finder is necessary to find the exact depth for the Kokanee school, though they typically start shallow in spring and go deeper as the summer progresses. Some anglers have also adjusted to Kokanee fishing by adding a squid behind their pop gear and using lead line to get down to the right depth. Perch fishing is good to excellent throughout the spring and summer. Anchor just outside the weeds and use the same techniques that you did through the ice.

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Rainbow trout are stocked in fall and spring at "catchable" size (8-10 inches) and provide the majority of fishing opportunity. ...
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Beaver River


No recent reports.
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The Minersville trout fishery performed very well with the new management strategy, except during extreme drought years, when co ...
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Trout start to head out to deeper water as the weather warms up. Some rainbows will stay closer to shore longer on years when th ...
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Quail Creek


Largemouth bass are starting to get more active. Bass holding in deeper water often respond best to cold weather techniques lik ...
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Sand Hollow


. Bass holding in deeper water often respond best to cold weather techniques like slow presentations with drop shots, spinner b ...
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Yankee Meadow


Fair to good fishing reported for brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout.
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Boulder Mtn.


Most of the lakes are loaded with moss/grass during the late summer months. Fishing can still be good and some solid reports hav ...
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Rainbow trout are stocked in both reservoirs, though the differing water management prescribes different fish management strateg ...
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Largemouth bass are starting to get more active and move up to the shallows on warm, sunny days looking for warmer water. As the ...
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Kolob Res.


. The water level is fairly low. Our recent netting survey found that rainbow and tiger trout are abundant. Many of those fish m ...
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Fish Lake - Fishing Report Archives

There are no archives. Please check another date.


Fishing Areas Status Report


Status as of January

Beaver Ranger District
575 South Main Street
Beaver, UT 84713

Updated 01/21/2020



Anderson Meadow ReservoirOpenIced over w/unknown depth and inaccessible to highway vehicles
Beaver Mountain Lakes Up to date stocking & fishing reports available at
Beaver River, UpperOpenIcy conditions along shoreline
Beaver River, LowerClosedFrom Minersville Resevoir upstream to the bridge at Greenville, Jan 1 - 6 am Jul 10
Indian Creek, Manderfield ReservoirEmpty 
Kent's LakeOpenIced over w/unknown depth and inaccessible to highway vehicles
Kent's - UpperOpenEmpty
LeBaron ReservoirOpenIced over and inaccessible to highway vehicles
Little ReservoirOpenIced over w/unknown ice depth
Puffer LakeOpenIced over w/unknown ice depth
Three CreeksOpenEmpty

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Fillmore Ranger District
390 South Main Street
Fillmore, UT 84631





Chalk CreekOpen 
Clear CreekOpenBonneville cutthroat trout have been stocked in Clear Creek. These are very small fish, however, and will not reach catchable size until summer.
Corn CreekOpen 


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Fremont River Ranger District
138 South Main Street
Loa, UT 84747

Updated 4/5/21




Fish Lake 


Ice still measures over 20 inches.  Fishing pressure is light as many anglers have started to focus on open water fishing at other lakes.  Fishing is fair to good for both small to medium trout and perch, but can vary by location, so move around until you find active fish.  Perch and small trout are closest to the weed line, while larger trout are found a little deeper.  You can also find trout suspended over deeper water.  If not satisfied with your success, change up something - tackle, bait, depth, or location.  Moving just a few yards down the weed line can make a big difference, especially if targeting perch, which don't cruise as much as trout do.  If you really want a lot of perch, focus on the north and sound ends where the weed line is wider.  Perch are more sparse in the middle areas.  Fishing can also be better if you move away from areas that have seen a lot of pressure.

Johnson Reservoir


Ice fishing pressure is almost non-existent due to poor access.  Those who try can sometimes find good success for small perch.

Fremont River


No current reports available.

Seven Mile

OpenNo current reports available.


OpenNo current reports available.

Mill Meadow Reservoir


Over ten inches of ice reported.  Mixed reports of slow to fair fishing for browns and rainbows.

Forsyth Reservoir


Over ten inches of ice reported.  Mixed reports of slow to fair fishing.  We have received reports of a handful of yellow perch being caught.  The reservoir was treated in 2012 to remove illegally introduced perch and it appears that someone has illegally stocked them again.

Thousand Lakes Mountain


Ice fishing pressure is very light due to poor access.

Boulder Mountain Lakes


Many lakes have ice and access is limited by snow.  You can often find good fishing and have the lake to yourself if you can get there safely.  Some Boulder Mountain lakes are closed to fishing for the winter (until April 2021.)  Check the Utah Fishing Guidebook to see which lakes are closed.

Lower Bowns


No recent reports on access, ice formation, or fishing success.


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Richfield Ranger District
115 East 900 North
Richfield, UT 84701
(435)896- 9233





Barney lakeOpenSpecial fishing regulations apply. Barney Lake trout limit is two - artificial flies and lures only.
Big LakeOpen 
Clear CreekOpen(Slow)  Bonneville cutthroat trout have been stocked in Clear Creek. These are very small fish, however, and will not reach catchable size until summer.
Deep LakeOpen 
Gooseberry CreekOpen 
Koosharem ReservoirOpen 
Lost CreekOpen 
Lower Box CreekOpen 
Manning ReservoirOpenSpecial fishing regulations apply. Manning Meadow Reservoir artificial flies and lures only and the trout limit is one fish over 22 inches.
Monroe Mountain LakesOpen(Good) Anglers report good fishing at Manning Meadow for 14- to 18-inch cutthroat, with the best success occurring in the shallow upper end of the lake. Try wooly buggers and nymphs. There is tough fishing for tigers at Barney Lake. Special regulations apply at Manning Meadow and Barney Lake, including artificial flies and lures only. See the Utah Fishing Guidebook for details.
Rex ReservoirOpen 
Salina CreekOpen 
Salina ReservoirOpen 
Sevier River (Upper), Asay CreekOpen (Good) Small trout are abundant in the East Fork and some of its tributaries. Brown trout get aggressive in the fall as they prepare to spawn, so try fishing streamers or flashy lures. Egg patterns are also effective.
Sevier River, Marysvale CanyonOpen(Slow)  Surface ice makes winter fishing fairly difficult. The ice should start breaking up at any time.
East Fork, Sevier River, Black CanyonOpen(Good) Flows are low and clear. Brown trout get aggressive in the fall as they prepare to spawn, so try fishing streamers or flashy lures. Egg patterns are also effective. Special regulations include the use of artificial flies and lures only and a limit of two trout. Some private land is closed to trespassers, so watch for the signs.
East Fork Sevier River, Kingston CanyonOpen(Good) The irrigation releases from Otter Creek have ended and the water is low, so tread lightly to avoid spooking fish. Brown trout get aggressive in the fall as they prepare to spawn, so try fishing streamers or flashy lures. Egg patterns are also effective. There is public access on a section of Kingston Canyon, midway through the canyon. This access was purchased through the Blue Ribbon Fisheries program. Look for the signs. Most of the canyon is private and posted, so ask permission before venturing off the trail.
Twin PondsOpen 
Upper Box CreekOpen 


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Every effort is made to keep this information current. However, some changes do occur before they can be listed here. if you have any questions or concerns, contact the District Offices.

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 2 North SR 25 Fish Lake, UT 84744 . (435) 638-1000

 2 North SR 25 Fish Lake, UT 84744 ~  (435) 638-1000

Summer Jobs Fish Lake Resorts

Fish Lake Resorts ® 2 North SR 25, Fish Lake, UT 84744

Fish Lake is known for consistantly producing BIG FISH!

A rainbow trout is dark green to bluish on the back with silvery sides. The pinkish to reddish horizontal band typifies the species. The belly may be white to silvery. Irregular and profuse black spots are usually present on the head, back and sides. The pelvic and anal fins are translucent pink to gray-green and tipped in white. The coloration of a river-dwelling rainbow trout is often more vibrant than that of a lake dweller. Rainbow trout also tend to have a fairly blunt snout.​

Fish Lake: Popular Fishing Species

Fish Lake is home to rainbow, splake, brown and Mackinaw lake trout. The lakes 160-foot depth and crystal clear waters provide some of the West's finest year-round fishing. Although Splake and Rainbow trout are commonly taken, the lake is especially famous for its 20 and even 30-pound Mackinaw lake trout. (Any Mack under 10-pounds is called a ”pup” and not considered worth keeping by local fisherman) The adoption of year-round fishing in Utah combined with Fish Lake's scenic setting, excellent winter accomidations and great Mackinaw, Splake and Rainbow fishing have made Fish Lake Utah's premier ice-fishing destination. 

Summer fishing is excellent from the bank or a boat. Fish Lake, due to its crystal clear waters and challenging spear fishing, is one of Utah's most popular scuba diving areas. Hot fall nights bring on the best of the best for BIG Mackinaw fishing. The chance to truly catch a trohpy size ”Mack” is as real as the hook on the end of your line. Whether for a one-day fishing trip or two-week family vacation, Fish Lake has something for everyone!

This species of char has a background color of gray-brown, overlaid with light spots that vary in intensity with age and environment. The background color covers the back, sides and fins, highlighting the lighter gray spots. Lake trout in large lakes are sometimes so silvery that the spots are difficult to see. Spotting is usually more intense on small fish. The caudal fin is deeply forked. The mouth is large and features strong teeth on both jaws.

     2020 Utah Fishing Guidebook

A splake trout is the hybrid cross between lake trout and brook trout. It has a dark background with white spots. Its tail fin is not as deeply forked as that of a lake trout.

     Aquatic Nuisances Species (ANS)

Brown trout generally have golden brown hues with yellow underparts. During spawning, the males often feature brilliant crimson spots circled with blue halos. The upper body is usually dappled with large, irregular, dark-chocolate spots. Brown trout are carnivorous and sport a stronger, sharper set of teeth than most trout.

Lake Trout/Mackinaw (Salvelinus namaycush)

Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

     License Information

     Buy Fishing License

See Photo Gallary for more Great Catches!

Yellow perch are yellowish with dark vertical bars. The caudal fin is forked, and the dorsal fin is divided.

The tiger muskie is a hybrid cross between a muskellunge and northern pike. It features characteristics from both parents. It has a very elongated torpedo-like body. Its most notable features are the grey-green vertical bars along its sides. It can reach lengths of more than 50 inches and weigh more than 30 pounds.

Yellow Perch

Kokanee are bright silvery fish with no definitive spotting pattern. Kokanee have a dark blue back with silvery sides. As the spawning season approaches, kokanee turn from silver to orange to deep red, and the male develops the characteristic hump on the back, elongated head and hooked jaw common to the Pacific salmon. A deeply forked tail also distinguishes them from rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout.

Catching Monster Trout at Panguitch Lake

Fish Lake Fishing

Fish Lake offers very good trout and perch fishing in a spectacular, high mountain setting. It is one of the better places in the Western US to catch large lake trout (up to 30 pounds) and splake (a lake trout/brook trout hybrid that is fairly easy to catch and often reaches 4-6 pounds in the lake). Rainbows are also common in the lake, as are yellow perch.

The lake is located in south-central Utah, on the edge of the Fish Lake Hightop Plateau, at an elevation of about 8,800 feet. The nearest town is Loa. The area is forested; much of the adjacent land is contained within the Fish Lake National Forest.

Excellent boat launching, lodging and camping facilities can be found at the lake, which is five miles long, a half mile wide and up to 120 feet deep.

Shore fishing is productive in several spots around the lake, but the most consistent action comes to those fishing from boats. Fish often hit lures trolled just under the surface, or deep using down riggers. Lake trout are often found near the bottom in deep water and are usually caught by anglers fishing heavy jigs tipped with bait (dead minnow, sucker meat or night crawlers).

Thick weeds are found near shore in many areas. If you work a small jig tipped with bait along the deep-water side of the weed beds you may catch any of the game fish in the lake.

This beautiful mountain lake offers welcome cool temperatures while most of southern Utah is sweltering in summer heat. During winter, snow piles deep in this area. The paved road to the lake is plowed regularly but may be closed temporarily during heavy snowstorms.

Ice fishing is very popular here. Splake, in particular, bite well during the winter and attract good numbers of fishermen.

Snowmobiling is also popular here and hundreds of miles of trail are available.

Two nearby streams, Sevenmile Creek and the Fremont River, are popular with fly fishermen. They offer various species of trout.


Utah fishing report fish lake

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Fish Lake Utah Series (Welcome to FISH LAKE)-Part I

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