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Scuf Prestige Gaming Controller Review – DO NOT BUY

Quick Summary

Don't Buy It.  I hate to say it because I've recommended it to some friends but after a few months of use it is plainly apparent that the value is not there.  For a ~$200+ dollar controller, there are just too many issues to justify the cost while having a plethora of build quality issues.  Pre-order the Elite 2 from Microsoft

Thumbsticks get stuck

The Xbox audio adapter doesn't fit properly. 

Thumbsticks just don't hold up.

The Issues.  So Many Issues.

There really isn't anywhere else to start but the issues with this controller and for a ~$200 controller there are far too many issues. 
When research controllers it essentially came down to this or the Microsoft Elite controller and seeing as the first version of the Elite had it's own issues combined with the strong reviews of other Scuf controllers, it did not take long to land on this one. 

Boy did I make a bad choice. 

Problem #1 - Thumbsticks get stuck

The biggest issue with the Scuf Prestige, and I have the Xbox version is the thumbsticks get stuck in a downward position. At first, my buddy had this issue and he would in an Apex Legends gun fight and randomly start spinning around out of control. While hilarious at first we thought that it might just be an issue with his controller but a quick internet search reveals thread, after thread,  after thread, after thread of people having all kinds of issues with Scuf products.  

This isn't just an isolated case with the Prestige model.  This carries over to other models on other platforms and that's an issue.  I didn't bother sending mine in for this issue because I didn't want to be without a controller for the start of Apex Legends Season 2. Instead I used this fix from reddit:

The Fix for Stuck SCUF Thumbsticks

Take the faceplate off, and you'll see a little spacer pad next to the ring. If your right stick is getting stuck, it's most likely because this spacer has moved slightly.

The fix is to just "extend" this spacer a bit. I did it by adding small pieces of these little sticky notes I have. Anything that's not too thick (but not too thin) that'll stick to the spacer should do the trick. See the picture below.

Apply some material to increase the padding. Via Reddit

Full thread here.

Alternative Fix: Use the Longer Sticks

Before my friends and I found that fix above, I was testing all sorts of things to try and find a fix and I thought I did. I switched both of my sticks to the longer thumbsticks included with the controller and the problem seemed to go away. I wrongly concluded that the weight of the longer sticks helped snap the stick back in place. I cancelled my RMA with SCUF and asked them to just send me another pair of longer thumbsticks and they agreed. 

The problem is, they never sent them. 

As you can see, it has been 2 months and I've not heard a peep from SCUF.  I'll get to their poor service in a minute.

Problem #2 - Thumbsticks Do Not Hold Up. 

The pictures speak for themselves. I've had this controller for a few months and only play an hour or 2 every few days and I'm shredding these sticks. 

Moderate use, the sticks don't hold up.

Scuf thumbstick side view

Problem #3 - Scuf Prestige Will Not Stay Connected to the Xbox

Despite all of the other issues, this one is the most frustrating. The controller will not stay connected to the Xbox for more than a few minutes at a time. It has gotten to the point where some days it will not even connect at all. I've had to connect it with the included cable and move my chair directly in front of the TV. Really defeating the purpose of getting a $200 controller with extra long battery life. 

I've read that wifi routers could be interfering with signals so I removed the router from this side of my house and hardwired the Xbox with a 50-foot long Cat5e cable and it still disconnects. 

Problem #4 - Xbox Mic Adapter Does not Fit Properly

This one I had not expected and while there are plenty of people with other audio issues, I've yet to see other people with the exact issue. While playing games occasionally the audio would cut out and I'd get an ear-piercing loud static noise coming through my headset. It was awful. I'd rip off my headset in pain. 

I eventually figured out that it was the connection between the Xbox mic adapter and controller. I can't get a picture of the problem but it barely fits properly so any movement knocks it loose and causes this skull-piercing noise.  I've been able to play without it by connecting directly to the headphone jack on the controller but now lose the ability to control the volume properly. 

Connection not secure enough.

Problem #5 - Customer Service 

I've already highlighted that SCUF customer service failed to deliver on the promised thumbsticks.  That and the fact that these controllers take nearly 50 days to ship is just a poor experience for me.  But I'm not alone.  My friend who bought the same controller had to RMA his with ridiculous wait times to get it back, Redditors being over-billed for repairs, and just slow response times to my other non-related inquiries. 

If you sell a premium product, you need to have premium support or you degrade all brand-equity you've built up. 


I'll repeat my earlier sentiment, do not buy this controller. While it feels nice in the hand and the customization options are fun it does not deliver the value you'd want from a $200 + controller. I'd recommend waiting until the Elite 2 comes out in November. 


Scuf’s new Prestige Xbox Controller offers customizable triggers, rechargeable battery, more

If you have an Xbox One, then you’ve likely seen the Elite Controller. I have an Elite Controller and it’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy Microsoft’s console, but that might soon change. Scuf has been making controllers for a while now, and I’ve got just about every one of those, too. The Vantage for PS4 is a great way to enjoy Sony’s console with a lack of professional controllers there, but what about Xbox? Though Microsoft has the Elite Controller, the brand-new Scuf Prestige could dethrone it as the best way to interact with the Xbox One.

The Scuf Prestige Xbox One Controller offers some firsts

The Scuf Prestige brings many of Scuf’s normal features, like interchangeable thumbsticks or paddles. but, one feature that I am very excited about is the built-in rechargeable battery. Though Sony has had this for quite a while, most Xbox controllers still rely on two AA batteries or rechargeable battery packs for power. Scuf built-in a rechargeable battery to the Prestige that offers up to 30 hours of gameplay before it dies. Should you need a recharge? There’s a super-long 10-foot microUSB cable included with your purchase, letting you power up from anywhere in the room.

Quick changing and adjustable triggers? Yes, please!

The Xbox One Elite Controller is probably among my favorite controllers mainly because of the triggers. When I’m playing a game like Black Ops 4 or Apex Legends, a trigger pull can make or break whether you win or lose. On the Elite Controller, Microsoft lets you adjust whether you enjoy a long or short pull. Well, the Scuf Prestige takes that one step further. Yes, the Scuf Prestige has quick-shift trigger stops that you can easily flip to enjoy a shorter pull, but you can fully adjust how far the pull is. With a tuning key, you can completely change how far the hair-trigger pull actually is, making it the most comfortable and customizable controller around right now.

Plenty of programmable features

On the bottom of the Scuf Prestige, you’ll find four removable and programmable paddles. You can make these buttons map to just about anything on the controller you could think of, including; A, B, X, Y, Left Stick, Right Stick, Entire D-Pad, Menu, View, Left Bumper, and Right Bumper. That’s a total of 14 different functions that you can easily make accessible at your fingertips, giving you a better chance of winning the game.

This is perfect because it lets you bring things like D-Pad controls to your fingers, making it so you don’t have to move your thumbs to hit buttons in the middle of a hard-fought battle. Plus, you can also just make some things easier to hit, like bringing LB or RB down to a paddle instead of having to move your trigger finger.

SCUF Prestige Xbox One Controller

Scuf Prestige pricing and availability

The Scuf Prestige Xbox One Controller is available for pre-order now at $159.95 shipped on Scuf’s website. Currently, pre-orders are shipping within 30-days of purchase.


ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scuf Gaming, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, once again raises the game with the release of the SCUF Prestige for Xbox One, PC, and Mobile (Android). Offering unprecedented comfort and customization, the Prestige incorporates all the innovative features you would expect from a SCUF controller, along with an embedded lithium-ion battery, interchangeable faceplate, and integrated high-performance grip. The SCUF Prestige is a continuation of Scuf’s long-running relationship with Microsoft, which licensed Scuf Gaming’s intellectual property when it built the Xbox One Elite controller in 2015, and also named SCUF as the exclusive Xbox 3rd party controller partner for professional gaming.

“We created the category for high-performance gaming controllers almost a decade ago, and our vision was for all controllers of the future to include back functions and trigger control mechanisms,” said Duncan Ironmonger, Founder and CEO of Scuf Gaming. “Fast forward to where we are today, it is very humbling to see how large the professional gaming controller market and esports industry have become. With SCUF Prestige, we’ve not only built on our institutional knowledge, but have listened to the Xbox community and incorporated new features to deliver what we believe is the best Xbox controller experience to date.”

The SCUF Prestige builds on the patented technologies introduced by Scuf Gaming: replaceable ergonomic back paddles, adjustable hair triggers, magnetic remapping of controls, quick shift trigger stops, and interchangeable thumbsticks that allow gamers to match gameplay to their personal style.

In addition, each SCUF Prestige features:

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery that provides up to 30 hours of playtime on a full charge
  • Removable faceplate for effortless controller customization and thumbstick configuration
  • Weight of just 262 grams, making it among the lightest high-performance controllers on the market
  • High-grade, rubberized grip, delivering unprecedented non-slip comfort
  • Mechanical hair trigger fine-tuning and redesigned quick-shift trigger stop system
  • Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring wireless compatibility with Xbox One, PC, and Mobile

“In today’s world of casual and competitive gaming, increased hand use is essential, whether it’s in one-on-one battle royale combat, or taking the lead on the last lap in Forza,” added Ironmonger.

Handcrafted and player-tested in the United States and United Kingdom, each SCUF Prestige is packaged with two additional thumbsticks, a 10-foot braided micro-USB cable, electromagnetic remapping key, and a SCUF key for hair trigger tuning. Available for pre-order, starting at $159.99 on Pre-orders will ship within 30 days from the date of purchase.


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Scuf has introduced two pricey controllers, the $170 Instinct and the $200 Instinct Pro. They’re made for Xbox, and to that end, they feel like Microsoft’s official controller in fit and finish. I mean that quite literally because they have the same dimensions as the newer Xbox wireless controller that ships with the Series X and S consoles.

The similarities go all the way down to the main board, which Scuf told The Verge is, in fact, the same as Microsoft’s. This means that Scuf’s new controllers will use Microsoft’s dynamic latency input protocol to nip lag in the bud, and they will get all of the firmware updates and improvements as the official Xbox controllers. These are the first wireless controllers made by a third party that were designed to work seamlessly with the Xbox Series S and X consoles. In addition, it works on Xbox One, as well as PC with the Xbox USB wireless adapter, or via Bluetooth with iOS, Android, and other platforms that support gamepads.

The Instinct series controllers are far from being a copy of the default wireless controller in terms of features, and in some cases they mirror or go beyond what’s available with the $180 Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The Instinct Pro has switches located beneath each trigger that can vastly shorten their travel distances when activated (down to approximately 0.2mm), making it feel like you’re clicking a mouse. The Instinct Pro also has rubber grips around the back that offer far more grab than your average controller.

Image: Scuf

Those features make up the $30 price difference between the Instinct models. Otherwise, they’re the same, with swappable faceplates, thumbsticks (and the anti-friction rings around them), and D-pads to give your controller a custom feel and look. Each controller ships with one faceplate (replacements start at $24.99 and go up depending on the design), four thumbsticks (two regular concave sticks that match the color palette of your Instinct model, as well as one tall black domed stick and one short domed stick), and a hybrid eight-way D-pad much like the one on Microsoft’s latest controller. The D-pad can be replaced with a cross-shaped option for $9.99. Extra thumbsticks come in a two-pack for $9.99 or a four-pack for $14.99. The Instinct series controllers ship with a 6.5-foot USB-A to USB-C cable for wired play, and it will sell a 12-foot cable on its site for $19.99.

On Scuf’s site, you’ll be able to buy all of these accessories, as well as customize an Instinct controller to your liking. If you’re someone who wants a lighter controller, you can even opt to remove its vibration motors in the grips for $3.99 (though, the Impulse trigger-specific motors will stay put, apparently), shedding 20 percent of its weight. To say that Scuf has built an ecosystem of accessories around the Instinct controllers is a bit of an understatement.

Image: Scuf

In addition to tweaking how the Instinct looks and feels with regard to its analog sticks, some of the functionality is open for customization. Both controllers have four rear, nonremovable paddle buttons that can be programmed to perform the same functions as almost any of the buttons (aside from the Xbox button, share, or the rear triggers), which may save you some time or frustration if you aren’t content with a game’s default controller scheme. The Instinct supports up to three saved profiles, and you toggle between them with a rear button that changes the color of the front-facing LED between blue, red, and green.

The Instinct series has a mute button near its bottom that only works when a headset is plugged in. Notably, the mute button works on the hardware level, so it’ll work with your wired headphones whether you’re using it with Xbox, PC, or with another platform like iOS or Android. Lastly, the Instinct controllers have a magnetic battery hatch and it supports regular AA batteries, rechargeable ones, as well as the Xbox Play & Charge kit made for the Series X and S controller.

Image: Scuf

I like that you can thoroughly tweak its appearance and the rear paddles, but it’s hard to ignore that the $180 (and sometimes cheaper) Xbox Elite Series 2 offers almost all of the same highlight features as the $200 Instinct Pro, as well as some unique ones that are sorely missing here. The Elite Series 2 has adjustable analog stick tension, a rechargeable battery (though, some may view this as a flaw), and a hard case included, which make it a little easier to warrant the high cost. Though, if you value a flashier look over more features, Scuf’s Instinct series controllers might be the preferred pick.

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