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How do you make string for glasses?

Directions to Make a DIY Beaded Eyeglass Chain:

  1. Step 1: Cut beading wire or cord to a comfortable length.
  2. Step 2: Add a crimp bead and eyeglass temple holder.
  3. Step 3: String on your beads.
  4. Step 4: Add the second crimp bead and eyeglass holder.
  5. Step 5: Slip glasses chain ends onto your glasses.
  6. Step 5: Enjoy!

How do you put Croakies on glasses?

Attach the ends of the Croakie to the arms (sides) of your sunglasses. Some Croakies have a rubbery type of attachment on each end that looks like a small tube. For this type of Croakie, gently work the end of the tube onto each end of your sunglasses arms.

How do I keep my glasses on my head?

All you need is a hair tie for this life-changing glasses hack that YouTube beauty guru ArayaLia Mua has blessed us with. Simply take two thin hair ties (the same color as your glasses) and wrap them around the end of the ends of your glasses at the two points that end up behind your ears when you put them on.

How do you hold your glasses?

Hold your frames by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This will keep you from accidently bending the frame while you clean. Bent glasses can negatively affect the way you see out of your glasses. Plus, if your frames are bent out of shape, they’re more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Should you fold your glasses?

It may seem like a good idea to fold your glasses and put them on a flat surface, but this can actually end up scratching the lenses if they’re lens side down, Kirsch says. Storing them back in a case is always a safe bet, but if you must, it’s better to put your glasses down with the lenses facing up.

Is taking glasses on and off bad?

Just what glasses you wear will have no effect on your prescription or the health of your eyes. Taking glasses on and off shouldn’t really be a problem if you function fine without them but if your taking them off and squinting to see when you should be wearing them will cause eye strain too.


fashion Croakies Arc Endless System Sport Eyewear Retainer: DIY & Tools be in great demand


a gray day owl backpack sits on top of a white suitcase.

fashion Croakies Arc Endless System Sport Eyewear Retainer: DIY & Tools be in great demand

by reese randall


september 22, 2020

amid the pandemic, this pittsburgh-based company has been on to something that champions sustainable adventure indoors and out. the smart and very wise, day owl — a bottle-to-backpack accessory brand that gives back actually takes back — first.

day owl has taken back oceans that are polluted with plastic bottles through the implementation of thread international’s first mile™ ( — the innovative sustainability company that empowers and employs local, impoverished citizens in taiwan, haiti and honduras to collect and turn-in plastic bottles within fair working conditions. each bottle is sorted, cleaned, shredded, turned into yarn, then knitted or woven into fabric. the fabric — or textiles are used to manufacture a variety of products from apparel and footwear, to accessories for major companies such as aerie, hp, marmot, puma, ralph lauren, reebok, timberland and of course, day owl.

founder (and ambridge native), ian rosenberger began thread international in 2011 after traveling to haiti for the first time. he witnessed the waste and lack of job opportunity the town of port-au-prince was exposed to. after many years he and his thread international team learned how to make fabric out of plastic bottles. in the spring of 2019, rosenberger officially released thread international licensing which is now known as first mile™.


building a community of brands eager to join his mission to lessen waste, end pollution and empower individuals to earn a substantial wage is the impact he set out to accomplish. since day owl launched at the beginning of 2020, the company offers coordinating cord pouches and face masks to add to its line of backpacks. the face masks are designed with adjustable ear loops and metal nose strips for ultimate comfort and protection. every face mask has a matching case for storage between each use. plus, for every mask purchased, a mask is donated to someone in the first mile™ of the supply chain.

every backpack day owl wrote on its site, “is made out of post-consumer recycled bottles that are destined to end up in a landfill or the ocean. using these bottles, we designed a first-of-its-kind waxed canvas that’s more durable, weather-resistant, and sustainable than traditional cotton.”

danny chambers, product strategy director at thread international added more insight on the design and sustainability. “we designed the bag for the everyday carry, it’s both useful on the inside and elegant on the outside. the waxed canvas of the bag is made from 100 percent recycled bottles, and that’s just part of our holistic approach to sustainability. we are building day owl with the circular economy in mind, so we are thinking not only about where our bags come from, but where they go when they are no longer usable as backpacks.”

backpacking everyday around town or for an extended excursion, is reason enough for choosing how you navigate your travels. whether you’ve planned a rustic daytrip to ride the bike trails; or planned a weekend getaway to an urban oasis, making certain your carbon footprint reflects your mammoth devotion to eco awareness is all you need. the eco-chic companion for traveling and the bag that will keep all of your things in tact? the day owl.

the durable and weather-resistant backpack is available in small (15.5”x11.5”x5.5”) or large (17.5”x12.5”x5.5”) and retails for $135 each. it fits bottles up to 750ml including, but not limited to water bottles, flasks, canteens and wine bottles. the spill resistant bottle pocket is lined with water repellent neoprene. “the day owl has sneaky pockets that give you easy access to essentials like your keys, passport or laptop without unpacking everything inside your bag,” explains chris preis, creative director at thread international.

“there's also a luggage strap so your backpack can ride on top of rolling luggage — whenever that's a thing again.”

fashion Croakies Arc Endless System Sport Eyewear Retainer: DIY & Tools be in great demand

reese randall writes bi-weekly stories for the green voice. she's also the contributing restaurant editor for in community magazines and food stylist for gnc. to see more food, fashion, photos and videos, go to

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Introduction: Adjustable Paracord Glasses Lanyard

This Instructable describes a method of making a paracord lanyard to help keep your glasses on, or near, your head.  Based on your adjustment of the cord, the glasses can either dangle on your chest, or be held snugly to the face.  This method uses only paracord; some alternative approaches that incorporate additional materials are shown at the end.

Step 1: Materials

Required Materials

Paracord, about 1 yard (or 95cm)
Eye glasses or sunglasses (if you don't have these, well, why bother?)
Lighter (to singe cord ends)
Knife or Scissors  (unless you have really sharp teeth)

Optional Materials

Plastic Cord Lock
Wooden bead

Step 2: Getting Started

Begin with a 3' (~1m) length of paracord.  Snip it in half and singe the ends so they won't fray.

Next lay the two pieces parallel to each other on a flat surface.

Step 3: The Figure 8 Knots

You're going to tie two Figure 8 knots, one in each piece.  Start with the right end of the piece nearest you, and follow the detailed Instructions in the pictures below to tie the knot.

Step 4: Repeat

Now, using the left end of the second cord, tie a figure eight knot around the first piece, just like you did in the previous step.  The two knots form the stops at the end of the joined pieces.

Step 5: About Tightness

Since the cords need to slide for the adjustment, make sure your figure eights are neither super tight, nor too loose.  You should be able to gently slide the knots together and apart.  This will shorten or lengthen the overall joined piece.  If you have unsightly ends dangling from your knots, you can snip and singe them in place.

Step 6: Preparing the Ends

This is done by forming a small noose at each end of the joined piece.  It's not really a noose because it only has two turns, but otherwise it's pretty much the same knot.  To find where your end knots should be placed, pull the two figure eights knots so they're about 6" (15cm) apart, and place behind your head.  Grab each end just above and behind your ears.  This is about where the knot should be.  Don't worry about being exact, it's adjustable!

To make the mini-nooses, follow the steps in the pictures.

Step 7: Attach This End

Slip the "noose" over the ear piece of your glasses, and tighten.  The whole knot should tighten up nicely as you pull on the long end..

Step 8: Repeat.

Repeat this process (steps 6 & 7) on the other end of your lanyard.  Pretty simple, huh?

Step 9: ...and You're Done.

Ta-da!  Remeber, by sliding the two Figure 8 knots together, you can snug the glasses to your face.  This can be particularly helpful if someone has irresponsibly let your youngest brother drive the boat you're on.  Trust me.

Step 10: But Wait, There's More...

If you have an old cord lock, or even a bead with the right aperture, you can forgo the whole figure 8 business, keep your cord as a single piece, and use that hardware to adjust your snugness.

Step 11: ...and That's Not All.

If you're feeling fancy, you can attach the cords to your ear pieces so that they don't protrude.  Even though it looks a little neater, this makes the cord harder to put on and remove from the glasses, so I opted for the simpler method above.

Step 12: There You Have It...

... a couple of ways to keep your glasses close at hand.

(This is my first substantial Instructable; please rate!  Thanks!)

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