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Frosty Friends Ice Cream Quilt Blocks: The Pattern Testers

I’m pretty sure I say it every time I release a pattern, but my absolute favourite part of the whole pattern writing process is seeing the pattern testers’ photos roll on in to my inbox! After having lived with my own colourings and visions of my patterns for so long, it’s just such a breath of fresh (and exciting!) air to see my patterns come to life in other people’s hands in their own colours and fabrics and styles.

And the ice cream quilt blocks and projects that have come in from the testers of the Frosty Friends pattern is no exception! The fun prints, the variety of finished products from mini quilts to mug rugs to pin cushions… ahhh, I’m so thankful for my fabulous testers.

Ice cream quilt blocks

Honest truth – everytime I see a new Frosty Friends quilt block, I just have to decide on what flavour it must be!

Purple ice cream quilt block

Purple Creamy block by Simone – @salty.plum – I vote mixed berry!

Blue ice cream quilt block

Blue Icy block by Anny – @ashombu – I reckon this one is bubblegum

Orange ice cream quilt block

Orange Yummy block by Jaime – @jmzblond – I’m gonna say blood orange *drool*

Purple and pink ice cream quilt block

Purple Swirly block by Josephine – @josephinek74 – Definitely a boysenberry.

Ice cream pin cushion

Oh yes, turns out that the Frosty Friends quilt blocks are the perfect size to use for the Carry-All pin cushion from Handmade Style by Anna Graham! Beth – @bethcurtis62 – made her Scoopy block (strawberry, I say) in to this fabulous pin cushion.

Ice cream pin cushion

Ice cream mini quilts

Whether they’re placemats (like included in the pattern, or adjusted in size), mug rugs, or mini quilts, Frosty Friends quilt blocks are perfect to add a pop of fun colour!

Ice cream mug rug

Creamy mug rug by Sondra – @SondraQuilts – I’m going with raspberry

Quilted ice cream place mats

A set of 4 placemats (Dippy, Icy, Creamy, Swirly) by Pippa – @pippaspatch – strawberry, mint, bubblegum annnnnd… honey berry?!

Two Icy placemats by Paula – @mudpiesandpins – Clearly tropical and mixed berries, for sure

Ice cream placemat

Dippy placemat by Teresa – @aureaskitchen – Strawberry mint, duh!

All of the ice cream quilt blocks by Jodie – @jodiescraftroom – Blackberry, mint, raspberry + choc, orange, mango, and lemonade (AKA Sprite)

Ice cream mini quilt

Mini quilt (Scoopy, Swirly, Dippy, Scoopy) by Janet – @aggymom78 – Hmm, raspberry, honeycomb mint, honey, and matcha

What’s you favourite ice cream flavours? My all-time favourite is apple pie gelato, but I do love everything berry (except strawberry… unless it’s¬†real strawberry, and not fluro pink flavouring ūüėČ yuck!), especially if there’s swirls of white choc in it too. Scoop yp

Learn how to do foundation paper piecing

By You1


Coffee and Cream

Download this Project

Inspired by Just Rosy from designer Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson

Quilt tester: Laura Boehnke


  • 3⁄4 yard cream tone-on-tone (blocks)
  • 8--10" squares of assorted prints in gray, black, and tan (blocks)
  • 1⁄4 yard tan tone-on-tone (blocks)
  • 1⁄4 yard multicolor print (inner border)
  • 1⁄2 yard polka dot print (outer border)
  • 3⁄8 yard solid tan (binding)
  • 1-1⁄3 yards backing fabric
  • 35×47" batting

Finished quilt: 26-1⁄2 ×38-1⁄2"

Finished blocks: 6" square

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Press seams in directions indicated by arrows on diagrams. If no direction is specified, press seam toward darker fabric.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From cream tone-on-tone, cut:

  • 7--6-1⁄2" squares
  • 16--2-7⁄8" squares
  • 32--2-1⁄2" squares

From each assorted print, cut:

  • 2--2-7⁄8" squares
  • 1--2-1⁄2" square

From tan tone-on-tone, cut:

  • 28--2-1⁄2" squares

From multicolor print, cut:

  • 2--1-1⁄2 ×30-1⁄2" inner border strips
  • 2--1-1⁄2 ×20-1⁄2" inner border strips

From polka dot print, cut:

  • 2--3-1⁄2 ×32-1⁄2" outer border strips
  • 2--3-1⁄2 ×26-1⁄2" outer border strips

From solid tan, cut:

  • 4--2-1⁄2 ×42" binding strips

Make Shoo Fly Blocks

1.    Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each cream tone-on-tone 2-7⁄8" square.

2.    For one Shoo Fly block, gather two marked cream tone-on-tone 2-7⁄8" squares, four cream tone-on-tone 2-1⁄2" squares, and a set of three squares from one assorted print (two 2-7⁄8" squares and one 2-1⁄2" square).

3.    Layer a marked cream tone-on-tone square atop an assorted print 2-7⁄8" square. Sew together with two seams, stitching 1⁄4" on each side of drawn line (Diagram 1). Cut pair apart on drawn line and press open to make two triangle-squares. Each should be 2-1⁄2" square including seam allowances. Repeat to make four triangle-squares total.

4.    Referring to Diagram 2, lay out triangle-squares, assorted print 2-1⁄2" square, and cream tone-on-tone 2-1⁄2" squares in three rows. Sew together pieces in each row. Join rows to make a Shoo Fly block. The block should be 6-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

5.    Repeat steps 2–4 to make eight Shoo Fly blocks total.

Assemble Snowball Blocks

1.    Mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each tan tone-on-tone 2-1⁄2" square.

2.    Align a marked square with each corner of a cream tone-on-tone 6-1⁄2" square (Diagram 3; note direction of marked lines). Sew on drawn lines. Trim excess fabric, leaving 1⁄4" seam allowances. Press open attached triangles to make a Snowball block. The block should be 6-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

3.    Repeat Step 2 to make seven Snowball blocks total.

Assemble Quilt Top

1.    Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, alternate Shoo Fly and Snowball blocks in five horizontal rows.

2.    Sew together blocks in each row. Press seams toward Snowball blocks. Join rows to make quilt center; press seams in one direction. The quilt center should be 18-1⁄2×30-1⁄2" including seam allowances.

3.    Sew multicolor print 1-1⁄2×30-1⁄2" inner border strips to long edges of quilt center. Add multicolor print 1-1⁄2×20-1⁄2" inner border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border.

4.    Sew polka dot print 3-1⁄2×32-1⁄2" outer border strips to long edges of quilt center. Add polka dot print 3-1⁄2×26-1⁄2" outer border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward outer border.

Finish Quilt

1.    Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste.

2.    Quilt as desired. Snowball blocks are a natural place to show off a quilting design, such as the computerized Celtic knot that Handi Quilter Studio Educator Kerri Rawlins centered in each one (Quilting Diagram). A windmill design formed from multiple kite shapes in each Shoo Fly block makes an appealing counterpoint to the block seams.


3.    Bind with solid tan binding strips.

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Peaches & Cream Quilt Tutorial

Today we are happy to be a part of Riley Blake Designs “Stitchin Kitchen” series.

***Beginning on the day we published this tutorial we have been asked to provide a complete, downloadable, printable pattern for this quilt tutorial….and we finally have created one!¬† The PDF can be purchased HERE IN OUR SHOP for only $3.95.***

Our Stitchin Kitchen Project is a Peaches and Cream Quilt Tutorial along with a holiday version of my favorite summer treat….Peaches & Cream! ¬†Let’s get started!
Peaches and Cream Quilt
Here is the “recipe” for this 62″ x 62″ quilt:


*2 Ten Inch Stackers

*2 yards of solid fabric (I chose cream)

*1/2 yard of coordinating fabric for binding

*4 yards of fabric for quilt backing


Making Time:

1.5 hours cutting time

2 hours to create blocks

1 hour for pressing

1 hour for sashing and assembly

.5 hours to create backing and binding

3 hours to hand bind

*Note times may very depending on individual skill levels and speed.


Cutting Instructions:

*Cut 6 strips from selvage edge to selvage edge at 2.5 inches wide (to create your binding with)

*Cut 50 strips from your solid fabric at 10 inches by 1 inch (to create the thin sashing in between your layer cake pieces)

*Cut 30 strips from your solid fabric at 10 inches by 2.5 inches (to create the sashing in between your layer cake blocks) ¬†***NOTE: ¬†If you want to give yourself some extra wiggle room for trimming up your blocks you can cut them at 10.25 inches by 2.5 inches if you’d like.***

*Cut 12 strips from selvage edge to selvege edge of your solid fabric that is 2.5 inches wide (to create the long vertical sashing strips that will join your quilt rows together)

*Choose 25 of your favorite pieces from your precut 10 inch stackers and cut each one into 3 pieces following the chart below:

Peaches and Cream Square THE RIGHT ONE


Sewing Instructions:

To Create Each Block:

Peaches and Cream Quilt Block

#1. ¬†Take one of your 10″ x 6″ inch rectangles cut from your stacker and place it right sides together with one of your solid 10″ x 1″ sashing strips and sew together using a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the solid sashing piece.

#2. ¬†Repeat step one on your 24 remaining 10″ x 6″ rectangles.

#3. ¬†Choose one of the blocks that you have just finished pressing and find a coordinating 2″ x 10″ rectangle from your stack. ¬†Place it right sides together on top of the sashing and sew together using a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#4.  Repeat step 4 on your remaining 24 blocks.

#5. ¬†Using one of the blocks you have just created place a 10″ x 1″ piece of sashing on top of the 2″ x 10″ rectangle you just finished sewing and pressing with right sides together. ¬†Stitch together using a quater inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#6.  Repeat step #5 on your remaining 24 blocks.

#7. ¬†Using on of the blocks you have just created select one last 10″ x 2″ coordinating rectangle. ¬†Place it on top of the sashing with right sides together and stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#8.  Repeat step #7  on your 24 remaining blocks and then you are finished creating all the blocks for this quilt!



To Assemble Each Row:

5 x 5 quilt layout

#1.  In a large area arrange your blocks in rows that are each 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down.

#2. ¬†Starting with Square A in Row 1 place one of your 10″x 2.5″ solid sashing strip on top of the top edge of your block with right sides together. ¬†Stitch together with a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#3. ¬†Using that same block (square A) place another of your 10″ x 2.5″ sashing strips on top of your block with right sides together but this time at the bottom of your block. ¬†Stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#4.  Now place Block B from Row 1 right sides together on top of the bottom sashing of Block A.  Stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance.  Open and press away from the sashing.

Peaches and Cream sashing

#5. ¬†Take another 10″ x 2.5″ piece of sashing and place it on top of the bottom edge of Block B with right sides together. ¬†Stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance. ¬†Open and press away from the sashing.

#6.  Repeat this process alternating between sashing and blocks down the entire remainder of row one (using Blocks C, D, and E).

#7.  Once Block E is attached add a final piece of sashing to the bottom of that block and row one is complete!

#8.  Repeat steps 1-7 on rows 2-5.


peaches and cream quilt1

To Assemble Your Quilt:

#1. ¬†Sew together 2 of your selvage edge to selvage edge 2.5″ wide strips (with right sides together using a quarter inch seam allowance).

#2.  Place this strip with right sides together on top of the left hand side of Row #1.  Pin and stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance.  Open and press away from the sashing.  ***Note:  Your strip should have been a few inches longer than your quilt row.  So after you iron simply trim him down even with your quilt row and you are good to go!***

#3.  Sew together 2 more of your selvage edge to selvage edge strips and then repeat the process from Step #2 on Row #2 of your quilt.  Continue this through Rows 3-5.

#5.  When you reach Row #5 you will stitch a sashing strip on both the left and the right hand sides of this row.

#6.  Now that each row has sashing attached all we have left to do is stitch the rows together!.  Do this by placing Row #1 on top of Row #2 with right sides together.  Pin and sitich together using a quarter inch seam allowance.  Open and press to away from the sashing.

#7.  Next place Row #3 on top of Row #2 with right sides together.  Pin.  Stitch together using a quarter inch seam allowance.  Open and press away from the sashing.

#8.  Repeat the process from Step #7 on Rows 4-5.

peaches n cream full quilt

And your quilt top is all assembled!

peaches and cream 3

All that is left to do is to create the backing of your choice and decide if you are going to machine quilt it, tie it, send it to a long arm quilter, or quilt it by hand.

Once your layers (the top, batting, and backing) have all been bound together by the options listed above it’s time for binding (which you’ve already cut in the cutting instructions above)!

For an easy tutorial on how to bind a quilt just click on this tutorial:  HOW TO BIND A QUILT

And you are all finished!!!


As part of the Stitchin Kitchen Series we get to add a favorite recipe that goes along with our project so today I chose a frozen holiday version of my favorite summer treat which is peaches and cream!


Holiday Style Peaches and Cream


*Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

*Fresh (or Frozen) Peach slices

*Pomegranate Seeds



#1.  In a bowl place several scoops of vanilla bean ice cream.

#2.  Top with peach slices and pomegranate seeds.

#3.  Sprinkle with nutmeg and enjoy!


Like this:

Buttercream Quilting

Providence Maple/Cream Quilts

Description from Mathilde

Loosely inspired by the tradition of French Matelassage, this handmade throw offers beauty and comfort across any season. Made of imported linen with an interior layer of cotton batting, it is a perfect lightweight blanket for spring or fall, and a great layering piece for winter. With each washing, the fabric becomes softer and the intricacies of the pattern work and texture more apparent.

  • Square¬† /¬† 55‚ÄĚL x 55‚ÄĚW
  • Throw¬† /¬† 65‚ÄĚL¬† x 55‚ÄĚ W
  • Twin /¬† 75‚ÄĚL x 55‚ÄĚW
  • Queen¬† /¬† 85‚ÄĚL x 75‚ÄĚW
  • King¬† /¬† 90‚ÄĚL x 85‚ÄĚW

As each quilt is hand-crafted, each section of stitching alters the shape, texture, and size. Therefore, quilts may be smaller or larger than the given lengths above. Please allow for a few inches difference due to how these quilts are made.


$500.00 at time of publicationBuy from Mathilde


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Quilts cream



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Trisha Carter-Tea Bird Quilts

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Peaches  and Cream Quilt

Peaches & Cream Quilt

This image courtesy of

The easy to create Peaches & Cream Quilt is great for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Using only 2 layer cakes and 1 yard of fabric for the quilt top this 62" x 62" quilt makes a great lap quilt for adults or a floor quilt for children. Add a sweet and creamy feel to your living room, bedroom, or guest room with this light and airy pattern. And with it's simple design in lends itself nicely to a wide variety of fabric choices and styles! Learn how to make a quilt that looks as cozy as it feels by taking advantage of this free, step-by-step quilt pattern.

Click here for the Quilt Pattern

Project TypeMake a Project

Quilt Size62 inches wide x 62 inches long

Time to CompleteWeekend project


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