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Wilsonart HD

Wilsonart HD

Whether you are working within a small remodeling budget or need a kitchen facelift faster than fast, high-definition (HD) laminate is your new superhero. With great new granite styles and edge options now available, the possibilities to affordably bring out the best in your kitchen abound!

One of the most exciting features of HD laminate is the ability to add the grand look of granite without the required expense. Both Wilsonart and Formica have recently added new granite styles to their HD laminate lines. These “true-to-scale” granite patterns are unlike laminates we’ve seen in the past.

Whether you are interested in granite or looking for another style, The Cabinet Store team is excited about the new high-definition laminate options from both Wilsonart and Formica!

Wilsonart HD provides a wide range of countertop surfaces and coordinating edge options to achieve a variety of exciting looks. In addition, they carry sinks specifically designed to play well with HD laminate countertops. Together these pieces give you a complete solution for your kitchen countertop remodel that is both beautiful and affordable. Wilsonart HD’s new granite options can be seen here.

Formica’s 180fx® line offers “sophisticated patterns” that highlight the neutral palette and natural beauty of granite. Their “true-to-scale” granite styling offers a dramatic laminate countertop option for homeowners. Formica’s 180fx brochure is available here.

At The Cabinet Store we know kitchen remodels can be as varied as the budgets that go along with them. High-definition laminates truly offer exciting options to help make your dream kitchen (or bathroom, or laundry room) a reality. Contact us today to learn more about using HD laminate for your next remodeling project.

For more on the advantages and options of laminate countertops, check out this article on Houzz.

Hoping to explore options for your remodel? Contact The Cabinet Store today or visit our incredible showroom, featuring cabinetry, countertops, and more for your kitchen, bath, or other home area remodel needs! Located in Apple Valley, and serving the Twin Cities, MN and beyond!


Sours: https://www.thecabinetstore.com/2013/12/high-definition-laminate-affordable-and-fast/

Laminate Countertops

If budget is a top concern, then a laminate countertop may be the best choice for your kitchen surface. Find out the pros and cons of laminate and why laminate might be a good option for you.

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Like all of the days you spent playing dress up as a kid, the laminate kitchen countertop is a master at imitating its more expensive friends, such as granite and marble.

What Is Laminate?

Often associated with Formica and other cheap countertops that rose to popularity in the Fifties and Sixties, laminate countertops are made from layers of plastic that are bonded to particleboard or kraft paper to create a strong solid countertop surface.

Though many homebuyers still prefer natural stone and granite countertops, today's high-pressure laminates (HPLs) are far more durable, better made and come in a wider variety of looks than the '50s and '60s-style laminates we often think of. Laminate countertops have much to recommend them, especially for the DIYer concerned about keeping renovation costs low.

Laminate countertops are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns, ranging from options that look like marble to ones that mirror the appearance of stainless steel. The end result is a clean and finished surface that won't put a huge strain on your budget.

Laminate Pros and Cons


Because of its lightweight nature — as opposed to heavy stone countertops — laminate can easily be installed without professional help.

This, of course, adds to its cost-efficient nature. Laminate will have to be replaced more frequently than more durable surfaces, like marble or Corian, but with the right care it can last for many years.


Laminate counters can scratch easily, so don't use them as cutting boards. Also, avoid placing hot items directly onto the countertop to prevent damage. Clean the surface with a mild soap. Laminates are also susceptible to burns and chipping, which is one downside.

Over time, laminate countertops can suffer from delamination, especially from water damage. It is difficult to repair delamination and in most cases, you will need to replace the entire countertop.

Scott Dorrance

Laminate countertops are an inexpensive, low-maintenance alternative to pricey stone and solid-surface countertops, and they are available in many styles that mimic expensive surfaces such as granite or marble. Laminate countertops are not resistant to heat and can scratch.

Relatively short compared to stone, stainless steel or concrete.

Laminate Costs

Laminate is often a great choice for homeowners concerned about the cost of more expensive surfaces like quartz, soapstone, marble or solid-surface materials. To see a rough estimate of the cost of popular countertop options, see below:

  • Solid-surface (i.e. Corian): $35-65 per square foot
  • Laminate: $8-40 per square foot
  • Granite: $45-200 per square foot
  • Quartz: $55-155 per square foot
  • Stainless steel: $80-100 per square foot
  • Marble: $75-250 per square foot
  • Concrete: $65-135 per square foot
  • Travertine: $50-100 per square foot
  • Butcher block: $35-250 per square foot
  • Ceramic tile: $10-35 per square foot
  • Soapstone: $70-120 per square foot
Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/remodel/kitchen-remodel/laminate-countertops
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High Resolution Laminate Countertop Reviews Recipes


From kauffmankitchens.com
Estimated Reading Time 5 mins
  • All Laminate Looks the Same. Like a chameleon, the best laminate countertops can adapt itself to compliment almost any design environment.
  • Laminate Has No Texture. You may think that nothing feels better than running your fingers over genuine stone countertops. That slightly chunky, raised feel of granite or quartz feels authentic with a hint of the upscale.
  • Laminate Looks Cheap. If your conception of laminate counters hovers around outdated notions of faux stone and soggy surfaces, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by the masterpiece that is modern laminate countertops.
  • Laminate is Outdated. Common misconception thinks that all laminate countertops are simple tan monochromatic snooze-fests from the 70’s.
  • Laminate Won’t Last. Laminate countertops won’t last? As if! Just like with any home improvement item, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.Thanks to scratch resistant coating and present-day materials, modern laminate countertops can last up to 35 years – that’s longer than the warranty on most real stone sales!
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From thespruce.com
  • Wilsonart HD (High Definition) Laminates. Wilsonart has always been a dependable name in laminate countertops, and their HD® product line features laminates with greater visual depth and up to fives times the wearability of standard laminates.
  • Formica 180fx. Absolutely the most recognized name in laminate counters, Formica has shaken off many of its associations with the past with its new 180fx™ series.
  • Pionite HPL. Pionite is a brand from Panolam Surfacing Systems, who is also the parent company of Nevamar, one of the biggest names in laminates. Pionite HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) performs well in commercial applications, but you'll find that it works well in your home, too.
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FORMICA 180fx marks a revolution in surfacing with true to scale patterns that offer visual drama unmatched by any other laminate. Modern, sophisticated patterns focus on a neutral palette versatile enough to pair with any interior design concept. 180fx by FORMICA group is available in big, bold and dramatic patterns perfect for kitchen islands and counters.
From pinterest.com
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2017-05-26  · According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Guide, both major and minor kitchen updates, which use laminate countertops, can recoup between 65 and 80 percent of the investment. Granite countertops add value to homes in high-end neighborhoods but will not recoup as much of the investment when installed in neighborhoods where most homes have laminate.
From fixr.com
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The cost of the laminate will be affected by whether or not there is a built-in backsplash and how high or low the backsplash may be. What are the maintenance requirements for laminate countertops?
From bobvila.com
Estimated Reading Time 4 mins
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Laminate is part of the Countertops test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Bathroom countertops models like the Laminate are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.
From consumerreports.org
Brand NA
Category Bathroom Countertop
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Laminate countertops have pros and cons for your kitchen renovation. They are a great budget-friendly solution to a home improvement or kitchen upgrade. Pi...
From youtube.com
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Laminate Countertop Review. Formica 180fx Travertine Gold . Laminate countertops are most notably recognized as Formica although Wilsonart and Pionite both manufacture the material. New brands are the Formica FX180 and Wilsonart HD. It is one of the most commonly used materials in both residential and commercial design. Made with several layers of paper, a color sheet, and topped off …
From countertopreview.com
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CustomCraft™ High Resolution Laminate Countertop Sample. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.
From pinterest.com
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Belanger has been making countertops since 1965 and has grown to become the leader in the postformed decorative laminate countertop industry. Countertops are also perfect for uses that you may not have previously considered. They are great for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kid's rooms, home offices, media rooms and even as durable work surfaces for workshops and garages. So when you …
From homedepot.ca
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Jun 6, 2017 - CustomCraft™ High-Resolution Laminate Countertop (Available in 4' - 12' Lengths) at Menards®: CustomCraft Countertops™ 4' Calacatta Marble Aurora Edge Laminate Countertop
From pinterest.ca
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2013-08-05  · It’s not just high end solid stone or wood countertops that make it into magazines now. Stone lookalike laminates are candidates too! Our ... Our laminate countertops were really budget-friendly, and they’re tough, easy to clean, and look great. Love them! We saved so much money on the cabinets and counters that we were able to redo the flooring and tile our backsplash. For less than …
From centsationalstyle.com
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2019-06-20  · A Review of the 4 Best Laminate or Formica Countertops. Back in the day (you know, 20 years ago) having laminate countertops meant having a surface that scratched easy and looked like a cheap reproduction of…I don’t even know, something butt-ugly and boring. Nowadays, laminate countertops ‘rock’ because not only are they super durable – they look like the real thing! Quartz, …
From kylieminteriors.ca
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2021-08-30  · Best laminate Countertops That Look Like Granite in 2021. Contents [ show] 1 Best Laminate Countertops comparison Chart. 2 Instant Granite Luna Pearl Counter Top Film 36″ x 144″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Laminate Counter. 3 Formica Laminate: White Ice Granite 4ft x 8ft Sheet. 4 Instant Granite Counter Top Self-Adhesive Vinyl Laminate Sheets ...
From elitecooker.com
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The high resolution laminate countertops colour impression hasbeen tested like a method for that design of the style or persona of a room, emotional perception, style, and disposition. Water infiltration accounts for a very high percentage of countertop failure. If properly cared for, laminate tops can have a very long life. Quartz Countertops are the perfect mix of natural and manufactured ...
From countertopslaminate.blogspot.com
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The sleek faux-wood laminate countertops merge high design with practicality and brings a touch of warmth to this minimalist kitchen. poliform.it. Advertisement. Minerals. 7 /11. For an organic ...
From bobvila.com
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2018-07-10  · You may be surprised to learn that modern plastic laminate countertops can withstand high temperatures; so much so that Consumer Reports gave both them and granite the same rating of ‘Excellent’ when they tested them. If you’re a member of consumerreports.org you can see it for yourself here. I still recommend using a trivet, discoloration from heat can happen quickly and one of the ...
From architypes.net
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Jan 16, 2017 - CustomCraft™ High Resolution Laminate Countertop Sample
From pinterest.ca
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2013-02-25  · Countertops. Some home buyers turn up their noses at laminate kitchen counters but laminate has its advantages. For starters, the counters are easy to …
From consumerreports.org
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Model Number: 4852217 Menards ® SKU: 4852217. CustomCraft Countertops® High Resolution 4' Calacatta Marble Laminate Countertop. Product Images. Tap or hover over image to zoom in. Everyday Low Price. $58.98. 11% Mail-In Rebate Good Through 9/18/21. $6.49.
From menards.com
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Wilsonart High Definition Laminate Countertops will make you instantly rethink everything you thought you knew about laminate. When we say their designs mimic natural stone, wood, textiles and more—we mean they are seriously talented impersonators! Not only do Wilsonart HD countertops look amazing, their textured finishes also feel amazing ...
From kitchenmagic.com
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High Definition Laminate Countertops, Selecting Custom Countertops Custom countertops, Spring, 688598381215, 688598381246, 688598381086
From sportsila.top
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The high resolution laminate countertops colour impression hasbeen tested like a method for that design of the style or persona of a room, emotional perception, style, and disposition. Cool colors and patterns have been added but until recently that ugly dark line along the laminate countertop edge remained. Laminates easily scratch, scuff, wear down, etc.
From naturalgraniteslabs.blogspot.com
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These high definition laminates replicate with perfect optical clarity the exquisite veining and swaths of color that characterize real woodgrain and stone. All of our Formica laminate countertop sheets are shipped directly to your door. We offer superior customer service, quick delivery and the lowest prices on Formica sheet laminate. So whether you’re building a new laminate countertop ...
From cabinetmakerwarehouse.com
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Wilsonart, a world-leading engineered surfaces company, is driven by a mission to create surfaces people love, with service they can count on, delivered by people who care. The Company manufactures and distributes High Pressure Laminate, Quartz, Solid Surface, Coordinated TFL and Edgebanding, and other decorative engineered surfaces for use in the office, education, healthcare, residential ...
From wilsonart.com
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2021-04-14  · CUSTOMCRAFT ® High Resolution Laminate allows you to transform your space with laminates that are as beautiful as they are durable. Mix and match patterns and finishes to create an updated look with a surface that is 3x more durable than standard laminate.. Read rest of the answer.
From askingfact.com
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2020-06-15  · Laminate Countertop Review: Pros and Cons Is a Laminate Countertop Right for You? By. Lee Wallender. Lee Wallender. Facebook; Twitter; Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Learn more about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Updated on 06/15/20. Reviewed by. Kelly …
From thespruce.com
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Sours: https://www.tfrecipes.com/high-resolution-laminate-countertop-reviews/
Today's Laminate Countertops—Great for Central Florida Kitchens

3 Luxury Choices for Laminate Countertops

Using the terms "high-end" or "luxury" in conjunction with countertops made from laminates may strike you as an oxymoron. After all, laminate countertops have long been considered an inexpensive, bargain choice when it comes to a countertop material. Even the surge in mid-century modern design trends, with their fondness for laminates, hasn't completely wiped out the reputation of ​laminate as a cheap countertop choice. Generally speaking, it is still countertop materials such as granite or engineered quartz that are thought to add real estate value to a home, while laminates are thought to be decidedly low-end.  

Finally, though, the laminate countertop industry has begun to change that by offering laminate counters designed to appeal to buyers and remodelers interested in higher-end kitchens and bathrooms. 

Most luxury laminates fall into the category of high-pressure laminates (HPLs). High-pressure laminates are second-generation descendants of the original plastic laminates, and they often include special properties such as very high resistance to wear, fire, and chemicals. Some grades of HPL can be shaped into ornate edging treatments. 

HPLs are produced with multiple layers of kraft paper bonded with phenolic resin and topped with printed decor layer, which is then fused under high heat and pressure to form a rigid laminated sheet. The high temperatures used in the manufacturing process create very strong bonds that make for a very durable product. 

Here are three of the best laminate countertops.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/high-quality-laminate-counters-1822108

Resolution countertop high

Do High Quality Laminate Countertops Really Exist?

Vanilla is fine in ice cream, but not when it describes your kitchen countertops. So many homeowners feel that their kitchen suffers from severe lackluster syndrome, but don’t have the big budget to match their big dreams.

There’s a common misconception surrounding laminate countertops that supports the idea that they are a low-quality, low-style, and an overall compromise. But in 2019, modern high-quality laminate countertops offer a world of new, durable, beautiful, possibilities. At Kauffman Kitchens, we design and build gorgeous kitchens — as well as craft our own stunning, high-quality laminate countertops.

Read our latest blog to learn the 5 laminate lies you shouldn’t believe anymore, as well as where to find the best laminate countertops available!


  1. Laminate Countertop Lie #1: All Laminate Looks the Same
    Like a chameleon, the best laminate countertops can adapt itself to compliment almost any design environment. Because of our high-technology printing specialties and on-trend design eye, we can create something that will blend beautifully with your industrial, modern, rustic, minimalistic, or farmhouse style.Modern laminate countertops come in hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, so there is virtually no limit to the aesthetic of countertop you can have!
  2. Laminate Countertop Lie #2: Laminate Has No Texture
    You may think that nothing feels better than running your fingers over genuine stone countertops. That slightly chunky, raised feel of granite or quartz feels authentic with a hint of the upscale. This touchy-feely feature may have even been enough to deter you from considering other, manmade countertop options.But what if we told you that modern laminate countertops offer something so similar? One of the greatest things about our high-quality laminate countertops is that they abide by the SAME textured feeling!
  3. Laminate Countertop Lie #3: Laminate Looks Cheap
    If your conception of laminate counters hovers around outdated notions of faux stone and soggy surfaces, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised by the masterpiece that is modern laminate countertops. Through improved technology and higher quality materials, we at Kauffman Kitchens have been able to pioneer the local movement of better looking, longer lasting, family friendly laminate options.In addition at Kauffman Kitchens, one of the best praises we receive is when people ask us what type of stone we installed in this specific remodel, or have on display at our showroom in New Holland, PA. There’s nothing we love more than watching faces gasp as we inform them that those gorgeous local countertops are not in fact stone, but high quality laminate countertops!Everything from smoother, coherent edges to hundreds of design choices makes these the best laminate countertops available!
  4. Laminate Countertop Lie #4: Laminate is Outdated
    Common misconception thinks that all laminate countertops are simple tan monochromatic snooze-fests from the 70’s. But contemporary common comprehension knows that modern laminate countertops are all the rage right now.High quality laminate countertops are more than just an affordable alternative – they can be used to create some seriously stunning modern designs! That waterfall countertop feature you’ve been eyeing up after last week’s episode of Property Brothers is finally affordable thanks to modern laminate countertops! The gorgeous granite backsplash that your neighbors had to take out a loan for, could actually be done MUCH cheaper for a similar outcome. When considering an updated counter for your kitchen or bathroom, consider the best laminate countertops first.
  5. Laminate Countertop Lie #5: Laminate Won’t Last
    Laminate countertops won’t last? As if! Just like with any home improvement item, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.Thanks to scratch resistant coating and present-day materials, modern laminate countertops can last up to 35 years – that’s longer than the warranty on most real stone sales! While water once proved to be a challenge for laminate, modern high-quality laminate countertops are installed over water-resistant wood pieces so they stay protected.

Why The Best Laminate Countertops are Found at Kauffman Kitchens

You could buy laminate countertops from any big-box store, but Kauffman Kitchens has a proprietary team and method to create the best laminate countertops around!

The big difference between us and them, is that our high-quality countertops are made with better colors and granite-inspired patterns. Being from the local area lets us learn what other homeowners are enjoying here and now, which allows us to provide new customers with on-trend recommendations!

Not only are Kauffman-made laminate countertops better in style, but also in quality! Preventing scratches and everyday casualties starts with our premier countertop coating process. We also build with water-resistant wood to help the material last several decades and minimize water damage.

BUT, perhaps the thing homeowners love the absolute most about our modern countertops is the price – it’s only about half the cost of other materials,


Explore High Quality Laminate Countertops with Us!

Kauffman Kitchens is eager to shatter your current conception of laminate and replace it with excitement towards the high-quality laminate countertops available.  But don’t just take our word for it – let us show you! Plan a visit to our showroom and see first-hand the best laminate countertops around.

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Sours: https://www.kauffmankitchens.com/blog/materials/do-high-quality-laminate-countertops-really-exist
How to Install Laminate Countertops

This Is Why Laminate Countertops Offer Tremendous Value

This page is part of the affordable kitchen remodeling series, created to help homeowners design an elegant kitchen that fits their budget. You can access the entire series here.

Are you yearning for stone or wood countertops in your kitchen but just can’t fit it in your budget? Remodeling is ridiculously expensive but one of the easiest ways to save money is with plastic laminate.

When you think of plastic laminate countertops I hope you don’t picture Grandma’s stained kitchen countertop that’s faded from the sun and peeling up at the corners. They have have come a long over just the last 10 years and they may be the perfect choice for your remodel. Here are 10 reasons you give them serious consideration.

1. They Mimic Natural Stone Perfectly

The 3 kitchen below are all using Wilsonart laminates that look like granite, but there are many color options that look like marble, quartz, and even wood grains as well.

Inspired by a popular variety of Brazilian granite, spring carnival offers a nice mix of white, grey, and almond tones.

Golden Romano is a high def countertop option that includes the trade marked technology AEON, which makes it harder to scratch.

This laminate that looks like granite is call Trinidad Lapidus.

2. Laminate Countertops Cost Half The Price Of Granite

If you’ve ever gotten a quote for granite countertops you were probably in a bit of sticker shock when the price came back.

Even if you have a small kitchen and choose an inexpensive stone, your quote is likely to be $2,000 minumim. You can quickly cut that in half by choosing plastic laminate instead.

3. Plastic Laminate Won’t Hurt Your Resale Value

A lot of homeowners factor in how the countertops will effect the resale value of the home. To be blunt, I think this is a silly consideration.

Choosing a particular pattern is a very personal decision. Even if you bust the budget and purchase an expensive variety of granite, the person looking to buy your home may hate it, negating any resale value you were worried about when picking out your countertop.

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, the best thing to do is buy a timeless pattern that you enjoy and that won’t offend potential buyers because it’s cherry red or an outlandish shade of blue.

Laminate won’t add value to your home, but an attractive pattern won’t hurt it either. As long as the kitchen is modern and in good condition you won’t be scaring off buyers.

4. Laminate Counters Are Highly Heat resistant

You may be surprised to learn that modern plastic laminate countertops can withstand high temperatures; so much so that Consumer Reports gave both them and granite the same rating of ‘Excellent’ when they tested them. If you’re a member of consumerreports.org you can see it for yourself here.

I still recommend using a trivet, discoloration from heat can happen quickly and one of the downsides of laminates is that burns can’t be repaired.

5. Laminates Are Nearly Impossible To Stains

The same Consumer Reports study mentioned above also tested them to see how well they handled stains.

Not only did they pass the test with flying colors but they got the highest possible rating of ‘Excellent’, while the much more expensive kitchen work surface quartz, was ranked lower with a ‘Very Good’.

6. They Kill Germs

Both of the most popular brands of plastic laminate countertops, Formica and Wilsonart, sell products with antimicrobial protection baked into them.

This doesn’t mean that you can leave raw chicken on the countertop, but it does help kill some of the invisible pathogens that make us sick. Hospitals and commercial kitchens homes have been relying on technology like this for decades to help reduce the spread of germs and cross contamination.

HD, often referred to as high definition laminate, is sold by Wilsonart and includes microbial protection. This particular color is called Bianco Romano.

7. They’re More Impact Resistant Than Any stone

Stone has a bad habit of chipping or even cracking under the right conditions. Even the most desirable granite, quartz, and Dekton’s get low grades when it comes to impact resistance. Accidents happen and they just don’t like it when you drop heavy pots or ceramic bowls on them.

Laminate on the other hand can take a literal pounding. The won’t even flinch if you drop a cast iron skillet on them or if your spouse decides it’s a good place to drop their tools.

8. Laminate Countertop Edges Can Be Bullnose Or Ogee

Back in the 1990’s the only option you had for the edges of your laminate countertop was a square one. This created a few problems. First was that it was boring and second was that at every corner you would end up with a clearly visible black line that ran all the way down the worktop.

This is an example of an ogee edge on a Formica countertops.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. The edging was the weakest part of the install because it was where water was most likely to get in. Over time moisture breaks down the adhesive that bonds the laminate to the wood backing board and eventually it starts to lift.

Technology has advanced to the point that we have a few different options for edge details, and some of them have no seams at all thanks to a process called post-forming, that literally molds the laminate to the wood backer. Both major manufacturers, Wilsonart and Formica, have multiple edge options for you to consider.

9. You Can Have An Undermount Sink

It wasn’t that long ago that your only sink option for laminate countertops was a ‘drop in’.

This is what your typical ‘drop-in’ sink looks like. Thankfully this isn’t your only option anymore.

But thanks to innovation on the part of the countertop and sink manufacturers you can have an undermount sink.

This is super example of using an undermount sink with Formica countertops from the myblessedlife.net blog.

I do have some reservations about undermount sinks. My main concern is that there is now an exposed edge coming in direct contact with water every single day.

My experience tells me that over time I should expect mildew to form along that edge and that the laminate will eventually peel away. But maybe I’m just an old man that isn’t evolving with the times, and this set-up is perfectly safe and problem free. Time will tell.

The most widely used sinks for this application are made but a company called Karran. You can check out their product catalog here.

10. They’re Easier To Maintain Than Stone

One of the most common concerns with natural stone is that it’s important to maintain them properly to keep them looking new. About once a year you have to seal them with a topical sealer. It’s not expensive to buy but it can be a bit of a hassle as it’s another chore for your to-do list. If you don’t seal them you run a much higher risk of stains taking up permanent residence in your kitchen.

With laminates there is no sealing required. You literally set it in place and forget about it. Of course you shouldn’t let spills sit on the surface of the counter overnight, but if an accident happens it’s likely just going to wipe right up anyway.

Where To Find The Best Looking Laminate Countertops

Looks are very subjective but I have a couple links for you that will get you on your way to finding high end plastic laminate countertops that won’t break your remodeling budget.

Start with Formica’s high pressure laminates. They have a lot of beautiful options for your kitchen and when they discontinue a pattern they sell it at a discount. Discounted patterns are clearly marked here on their website.

After you’ve exhausted your options there head on over to the HD section of Wilsonart’s website for a large selection of modern laminate countertops. What I really enjoy about Wilsonart’s site is that you can see a lot of their products installed in real kitchens instead of just renderings.

Can Laminates Be Used In Bathrooms?

Yes, you can definitely use laminate in the bathroom. There are lot’s of fantastic prefab bathroom vanities that use plastic laminate counters. You can have one custom made by your contractor too.

Typically you’ll find vanities with laminate counters paired with drop in sinks like this.

I wouldn’t consider using it in the shower for two reasons, however. The first is that it’s always going to be wet and eventually that water will find its way between the laminate and the surface it’s mounted to.

The second is that there are too many other afforable options for shower walls that are time tested to last 50 or more years. Tile is inexpensive and easy to lay, solid surface isn’t expensive and it’s perfect for bathrooms, and drop-in showers are very affordable and can transform your bathroom in a day. There are much better options to use in the shower than laminates.

If you need ideas for your bathroom I have 10 tile designs right here for you to draw inspiration from.

Are There Better Options Than Laminates?

While plastic laminate fits into smaller budgets perfectly, you may decide to spend a little extra on the counters. If that’s the case you have to at least consider granite and quartz. They’re two of the best selling options for good reason. Here’s our comparison of the two so you can make the best choice for your kitchen remodel.

If you want something that you won’t see in all your friends kitchens have a look at wood. You’ll be surprised how easy they are to take care of and how big of an impact they make on even the most boring kitchen. They’re pretty cheap too, just stay away from the ones they sell at IKEA. You can buy much better quality ones here that don’t cost all that much more.

Would you like to design an elegant kitchen that fits your budget?

Here are a few articles I wrote that can help.

  • 10 sly but simple cheats that save more money than buying stuff on sale
  • How to cut the cost of cabinets by 20% or more
  • Get the lowest price on countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances

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