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Dentrix was a lifesaver at my previous job.

My previous job at my father's dental office worked with paper files for the first 30 years. We finally convinced him to upgrade and get a computer system. We chose Dentrix and I'm glad we did! I don't have experience with others to compare, but it was such a great software. Also, you can print out the patient's chart to have a backup paper chart to file in case of an emergency.


- Dentrix has a ton of features that makes scheduling appointments mostly easy and stress-free. - It's easy to find the codes after the patient received their treatment and add it to their digital chart. - Easy to print patients' charts for backup files. - Billing made easy. - Customer support was always excellent


- Costly. - It can take a bit to learn everything within the software. - Only Windows compatible. I have Windows but that can be an issue for those who are Mac owners. - When scheduling appointments, sometimes the boxes cover other appointment times making them nonvisible, which ultimately makes you not realize an appointment is there and mess up the appointments for that time slot and surrounding.



Dentrix was the first dental practice managementsoftware for Microsoft Windows when it was launched in 1989 by Dentrix Dental Systems, a firm founded by Larry M. Gibson in 1985 and is based in American Fork, Utah. The Dentrix dental practice management system was designed to automate as many of the functions within the dental office as possible .


In 1997, Henry Schein, Inc. purchased Dentrix Dental Systems, which became Henry Schein Practice Solutions or HSPS and has continued to develop and release new versions and products. The firm at one point provided their own digital imaging software, Dentrix Image. In 2007, the Dentrix Image product was sold to DEXIS, LLC.[1]

Product features[edit]

Dentrix products include practice management software for dental offices, imaging software, patient education software, computer-based training software, voice recognition software, and other products designed to enhance the dental office experience.

In 2012, the firm launched the Dentrix Developer Program (DDP),[2] a program allowing third party vendors to access the Dentrix database through APIs. The program has steadily grown since then to include more than 250 vendors from all over the applications spectrum.[3]

Dentrix vulnerabilities[edit]

When Dentrix G5 was released to the market, the client and server was vulnerable to packet sniffing. If someone finds the password to their site, then they would know the password to all sites. This was fixed in G5 PP1 HotFix 1. Now the password is randomly generated.[4]

Dentrix G6 uses Data Camouflage. From US-CERT.GOV, "Faircom c-treeACE provides a weak obfuscation algorithm (CWE-327) that may be unobfuscated without knowledge of a key or password. The algorithm was formerly called Faircom Standard Encryption but is now called Data Camouflage."[5]

Dentrix G6 uses Hard Coded Credentials.[6]

Federal Trade Commission Fine[edit]

In 2016, The Federal Trade Commission reported that Henry Schein, the provider and distributor of Dentrix, will be forced to pay $250,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges it falsely advertised the level of encryption it provided to protect patient data in the software Dentrix G5.[7]

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Dentrix Ascend Apps

While Dentrix Ascend comes with the features and tools you need to run an efficient practice, adding one or more of our optional apps can enhance your software’s functionality.

By supplementing the great features already in Dentrix Ascend, you’ll gain valuable new ways to improve efficiency, protect patient and staff health, reduce costs, save time and heighten patient loyalty. Consider boosting your practice’s ability to be successful with our add-on apps: Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe, Dentrix Ascend Pay, Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio, and LiveChat.

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Dentrix Ascend Pay

Boost your practice’s profitability with Dentrix Ascend Pay, an integrated payment solution that streamlines your payment process and makes getting paid quicker and easier. Dentrix Ascend Pay accepts the convenient, flexible payment options patients want and posts directly to the ledger — eliminating double entry errors, simplifying voids and refunds, and providing detailed payment transaction reports.

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Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe

Go beyond just sending electronic prescriptions to pharmacies. ePrescribe prioritizes patient safety by automatically checking for drug allergies, drug interactions, dosage errors and duplicate therapies. ePrescribe also prioritizes patient convenience by sending prescriptions to the pharmacy your patient chooses. Besides, ePrescribe is easy to use because all these benefits are integrated within Dentrix Ascend.

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Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio

Increase your practice’s perio exam productivity with Voice Perio, a speech-recognition tool that does away with the need to manually record perio examinations. Speaking into your choice of microphone automatically records perio results — helping you save time, reduce the risk of cross contamination, eliminate the need for additional PPE for the assistant and get rid of assistant-to-record procedures.

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Dentrix Ascend Online Payments

Dentrix Ascend Online Payments enhances your eStatements functionality by enabling you to include a payment link in your emailed statement. Now you can help your practice collect from patients faster to maintain cash flow and create a more efficient payment experience for your patients and staff. With this combined solution, you can send electronic statement notifications directly to patients via an email at any time, providing them with a simple way to view statements and pay balances.

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"I remember when my Henry Schein sales representative promised me that I would get a return on my investment very soon after purchasing my Dentrix software. Guess what? He was right! Funny thing is... I keep getting that same return on my investment month after month...year after year. Thank you Dentrix!"

– Chris Hammond, DDS, Provo, UT

"I can't say enough about what Dentrix has done for my practice. It has truly given me the freedom to do dentistry and has given my office manager the best tools available to manage my business. I would recommend Dentrix for every practice."

– Dr. Stephanie L. Huddleston, Lexington, KY

"Dentrix provides the 'wow' factor for my patients to visualize the treatment they need and to allay their fears about the treatment they don't need. I have never had a trust problem with patients but the 'doubters' are easily handled with the visual they get from Dentrix."

– Dr. Dennis Kent, LaGrange, IL

"Dentrix Mobile is another tool that makes Dentrix software such a complete package. There are occasions when I am away from the office and I need to have access to my patient’s information. Dentrix Mobile does that and more."

– Dr.Marc Wallach, St. Louis, MO

"The Dentrix Practice Advisor provides solutions a practice can truly implement to accomplish their goals…It will make a significant difference in the dental practice for dentists, their team and their patients."

– Dr. Lou Shuman, President, The Pride Institute

"The different facets of being able to contact Dentrix either by phone or the click to chat option has been really great, they always respond quickly."

– Dr.Darla Rich, Office Manager, Exeter, OH


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