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ShopeeToys, Games & CollectiblesEducational ToysBlocks & Building
Transform into 3 models New condition and model as in the picture Contents: 95pcs 8 sets of transformer series, giant robot series, can be loh 1. Lightning = 91pcs 2. Steel = 92pcs 3. Hercules = 96pcs 4. Eagle eyes = 97pcs 5. Explosion = 95pcs 6. Road master = 93pcs 7. Scout = 91pcs 8. Tracking = 96pcs --- Please note --- Can 't complain because of lack of part / Defect The goods directly from the factory Thank you:) * Please when opening the dividing package because of the complan without any video unboxing we consider invalid, (buy = agree) * Please understand, all forms of damage on the way / exhibition both case, tempered glass and others are beyond our responsibility, because before we kirm the goods we checked and 100% good * The mistake of choosing type, size or mistake for choosing cannot be returned, because it is beyond our responsibility. Thank you for shopping, always successful:)

Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers!

Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers!

Friday, November 26th, 2010 9:57am CST

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Kazi Brick is a Chinese company that has been directly copying Lego bricks for quite some time now, 99% of their bricks are direct copies of Lego bricks. And since they are direct copies they also fit with real Legos.
Well last year the company released a line of brick robots that turned into vehicles, now they have announced another bunch of sets following the same concept, just this time they look very familiar.

We mirror just a few images each, to view all of them just click the links located in the names.

Hundred Changes Jin Gang, aka Not-Lego Not-Movie Optimus Prime


Super Thunder, aka Not-Lego Not-Movie Incinerator



Black Cyclone, aka Not-Lego Not-movie Jetfire



Super Road Block, aka not-Payload, sadly no link or any more images.

And their most original set, Destroy Foreman who seems to be an original design.


Thanks to member Scaleface for finding these!

Credit(s): Scaleface, Focalprice,com

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Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150895)
Posted by Jesterheadon November 26th, 2010 @ 10:00am CST

Man, those look pretty good!

Who cares is they are rip-offs of TFs and Lego, good job!

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150900)
Posted by Pretender Skywarpon November 26th, 2010 @ 10:07am CST

Jesterhead wrote:Man, those look pretty good!

Who cares is they are rip-offs of TFs and Lego, good job!

Seconded. How could Hasbro screw up "Built to Rule", but a KO company can come up with these?

C'mon, somebody at Lego licensing must see this stuff and realise the potential, surely?
Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150943)
Posted by Scalefaceon November 26th, 2010 @ 11:29am CST

Here is an auction with more pictures of Payload, but the seller seems to have him mistransformed in both modes.

Some other companies version of Bumblebee:

Also, not a Transformers, but a robot, VERY Bludgeon shell inspired! Made by another company called Enlighten.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150962)
Posted by GEEWUNon November 26th, 2010 @ 12:24pm CST
Dead Metal wrote:And their most original set, Destroy Foreman who seems to be an original design.

AKA not Wheeljack AKA not Hoist 8-}8-}8-}
Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150980)
Posted by Scalefaceon November 26th, 2010 @ 1:18pm CST

I was thinking it was a vague attempt at movie Ratchet. It has the shoulders, and it's a green truck.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150984)
Posted by Megatron Wolfon November 26th, 2010 @ 1:29pm CST

ok those are pretty cool

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150985)
Posted by Samurai Bludgeonon November 26th, 2010 @ 1:31pm CST

Not-Optimus was an easy buy-on-site for me, just looks too good especially for 26 usd. I would have gotten the jetfire too but i don't like the huge "Y" above his head in robot mode...

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150987)
Posted by MightyMagnus78on November 26th, 2010 @ 1:42pm CST

They do look rather good, don't they.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1150990)
Posted by Optimum Supremeon November 26th, 2010 @ 1:55pm CST

That not-Optimus not-Prime looks pretty cool.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1151025)
Posted by genozauron November 26th, 2010 @ 3:37pm CST

fuck yeah baby this is what that shit ass built to rule line shouldhave been from the beginning

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1151145)
Posted by OptiMagnuson November 26th, 2010 @ 10:25pm CST

I wonder if this is the same company that made the Bionicle Rahaga knock-off sets I found. But these look really cool. Lego should really work up a licensing deal with Hasbro to make Lego Transformers. It's a very popular topic and well-demanded. Kids and collector's alike would love that.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1151153)
Posted by cannonfodder4000on November 26th, 2010 @ 11:06pm CST
Super road block looks like if Johnny-5 put on Payload's clothes. :lol:
Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1151250)
Posted by Talouson November 27th, 2010 @ 9:41am CST

I was expecting BTR type bots when I clicked, but my eyes do not bleed.
I would buy these so quickly.

Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1215087)
Posted by Scalefaceon April 29th, 2011 @ 12:26pm CDT
Re: Kazi Brick: KO Lego Transformers! (1230941)
Posted by Samurai Bludgeonon May 30th, 2011 @ 10:13pm CDT

By the way for anyone who is interested I got my "not-optimus" some time ago (took 2 months for the shipping yikes).

Overall a great buy. Not-Optimus is larger than the ROTF/RTS Voyager Primes by quite a bit, think "Ultra-size". Articulation is limited, the pics in thread can basically tell you what is possible.
Pieces match any Lego's or Lego-wannabes. Building him took maybe an hour+. He doesn't require glue however some here or there might make transformation easier(yes to full, actual transformation). The plastic doesn't quite feel as sturdy/thick as a regular Lego does, after looking him over I figure you could replace 80-90% of him with the real deal to fix that problem.
My real major complaint other than the sellers 2-months shipping time is that the parts themselves have that unfinished gasoline smell to them that will come off on your hands. Since plastic is all of one molecule away from pure oil it seems that there was a step missed/bypassed during manufacturing that could have removed the smell. It's not overwhelming and I have no concern displaying him with my other figures but it is there.

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There’s a worry that when someone builds something in LEGO that looks so much like the real thing folks may simply pass it up when scrolling through social media. We at The Brothers Brick, on the other hand, are slightly more astute than the average bear when it comes to spotting clever LEGO creations. I can assure you, fellow bears, that this creation by Julius von Brunk is a clever one. It likely would have been featured anyway if it was merely a well-built LEGO facsimile of the Super Nintendo Game Console. Normally, we’d highlight this or that sweet build technique, point out a nice parts usage here or there then move on with our day. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. But then. But then upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each element, the game console, cartridge, and both controllers transform into robots!

LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers (group shot)

Click here to see more. You know you want to!

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Racing around the universe can get lonely, but the Student Scissors has found a solution – A cool bike that transforms into a robot companion! Viral Racer Unit-01 features a great looking pilot figure that makes use of the head from the Collectible Minifigure Series 19 Galactic Bounty Hunter atop a studly (although almost studless) brick-built body. The teal accents are carried  over into the fenders on the motorcycle – a vehicle that has, shall we say, more to it than meets the eye.

Viral Racer Unit-01

Yes, the bike transforms into this cool reptilian looking mode. I really like how the dual radar dishes that make up the tires split, and how the dinosaur tail elements go from fenders to tentacles.  Best of all, the overall shape of this mode doesn’t really suggest the motorbike version;  rare feat in transforming models.

Viral Racer Unit-01

But best of all, the two figures fit perfectly together, ready to take on the world. Or worlds.

Viral Racer Unit-01

If you in the mood for more multi-form goodness, be sure to check out our  transformable tag!

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There are a lot of reasons to get the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. From hidden easter eggs in the build to fantastic play features, the set is hands down one of the best sets the LEGO Group has ever released. It’s hard to imagine getting this set and ever wanting to break it down. Then again, some builders just can’t help themselves. Mech Master Moko harvested some printed tiles from the remains of this amazing set to bring us another piece of nostalgia, with a twist. This ingenious model transforms from a classic handheld gaming system into GAMEBOY-ROBO.


Continue reading →

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  • Chris Burden
  • Building Techniques, LEGO, Models
  • Gameboy, legodoumoko, Mech, Moko, Nintendo, Transformers, Videogames

Four million years ago, a young dock worker named Orion Pax lived on the planet Cybertron. At the start of the great Cybertronian War, Orion Pax nearly died after an attack by the evil Megatron. Thankfully, he was re-built into the powerful Optimus Prime by an ancient robot known as Alpha Trion. Now you can dispense with Alpha Trion and build a fully transformable Optimus Prime of your very own, thanks to this tutorial by Tiago Catarino.

Click here to check out the instructions

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Let’s talk about LEGO and Transformers. When Transformers were first introduced in the 1980s, the LEGO system didn’t quite have the available pieces to recreate the complicated designs of vehicle-to-robot transformations. Fast-forward to today and it’s a totally different story. Armed with a slew of modern joints and plates, Librarian-Bot is pulling off designs that are more than meet your eyes.

Continue reading →

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One of the things that made The Transformers such a great toy line was the arms race nature of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict that kept piling on the gimmicks for kids to drool over.

“We turn into cars.”
“We turn into jets.”
“Well then we turn into dinosaurs.”
“Oh yeah? We combine.”
“Well then we also combine.”
“Okay, but now we turn into
two vehicles.”

And on and on it went, with each new gimmick creating a new set of must-have toys. And undoubtedly, one of the most impressive gimmicks was 1987’s Sixshot, an evil robot with five different alternate modes. Sam C. has taken on the challenge of replicating all six configurations in his custom LEGO recreation of the Decepticon warrior.

Click here to all of Sixshot’s alternate modes in action!

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LEGO builds of movies and TV are kind of a big deal. Everybody builds something from their favourite media, be it a character, vehicle, location, or a whole scene. Some people do it so consistency and with quality that their creations become icons in the community. This is where builder and LEGO Masters Germany contestant Alex Jones (Orion Pax) comes in. I recall seeing his numerous Transformers builds as early as ten years ago. Since then, he has graced us with a wide variety of wonderful vehicles from movies and TV shows. Not only that, he also built replica objects from the ’80s. And now, Alex shows them all off on his brand new website.

Click to see more of Alex’s builds!

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  • Mansur Soeleman
  • LEGO, People
  • 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Alex Jones, Breaking Bad, DeLorean, Instructions, Masters of the Universe, Movies, Orion Pax, Pop Culture, Space Shuttle, Transformers, TV

There are lots of different versions of Transformers toys, and true children of the ’80s will remember that some were more focused on being cartoon-accurate action figures than on changing shape. Chungpo Cheng pays tribute to these important, classic, and often overlooked versions with a quartet of robotic heroes and villains. Soundwave, Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Jazz look like they could have stepped directly off the screen and directly into a long-forgotten aisle in Toys-R-Us. There’s some clever part usage to get the key shapes across this scale. Highlights include the domed 1×1 tiles on Megatron and Jazz’s heads, The Technic axle connector for the barrel of Megatron’s gun, and the modified 1×1 round plate with rod pieces used for Optimus’ exhaust stacks.


If you like your Transformers on the larger size, then you’ll be happy to know we’ve also featured a lot of other fan-built creations. But hopefully, we’ll see more action figures in this scale. Anyone up to add some microscale G.I. Joe characters for a crossover?

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Recently, we’ve featured quite a few LEGO builds based on the 9V Train Track switch element. Those were some mighty fine builds. Some might even call them transformative. But Librarian-Bot has taken the idea of “Train Switches” in an unforeseen direction with Switchback. This sinister-looking Decepticon is ready to take you for the last ride you’ll ever go on. I particularly like the way the hands are constructed – they add a delicate, almost surgical feel to an otherwise bulky robot.


In train mode Switchback completely hides any robotic nature – and even works on standard LEGO track. It’s a sharp-looking engine build that makes good use of tile and curved slope elements to provide just the right level of real-world detail.


If you’re ready for even more Transformers goodness (and badness) be sure to check our archives!

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As a kid, I think the Transformers cartoon did teach me some memorable words, like screaming at the top of my lungs in Megatron style “Decepticons, retreeeatt!” These too deserve some shout out with the family members that we’re sure to find familiar. There’s Daddy “Screaming” Megatron, Sonny “Rebellious” Starscream, Brother “Silent” Soundwave, “Conehead” Ramjet, “See-It-All” Reflector and “Shoot-em-up” Shockwave. All these were brought to you by Joe Perez, using the LEGO Mixel joints that were in abundance in the theme.

"Decepticons Attack"

Even though these are not transformable, and neither do I expect them to be, they make a nice tiny collection that demands to be in my collection one day.

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So…anyone else finding that self-isolation has lead to needing to let a notch or two out on your belt? It can’t be just me, as this LEGO Grimlock by Andreas Lenander seems to have put on a few ounces as well. Personally, this cute and cuddly version of the leader of the Dinobots feels like an upgrade. I like the highly-articulated tail, the use of ingots to break up the the curved slopes, and those cute little arms.

Chubby Grimlock

At least he’s venturing outside, based on those flowers. I should probably do that, too.

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As someone with a degree in Latin, I love seeing Latin words and phrases used out and about in the modern world. Car names in particular seem to be Latin-derived, like Maxima (greatest), Navigator (helmsman), and Optima (best). Speaking of the latter, there is also a well-known Autobot called Optimus Prime, which is roughly “Best First” in Latin (I say roughly, rather than exactly, since it ought to be Primus rather than Prime, but it is still based on the same word). He is the best Transformer, that much is clear, from the Prime family, which is the “first family” of the strange alien robots. Sam.C (S2 Toys Studio) brings us said Autobot with this stellar transforming LEGO build.


Optimus looks awesome with his massive guns and his blocky shape. I love the shaping on the head in particular. He looks so angry, like Megatron just stole the AllSpark. It brings me back to the toys I played with as a kid, with limited range of motion but big guns and broad shoulders.

Read on to see Optimus’ transformation

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How to Build a LEGO Transforming Robo-Jet - BRICK X BRICK

Think about the rest yourself. In short, if you add the very well-known saying red-haired-shameless and a little less well-known song about Alena. then you will understand what it felt like for me when this fucking melody sounded from half of the city speakers. Especially considering that both the saying and the song in my opinion are not so far from the truth.

Transformer lego brick

Long flight, difficult conversation. And long live the sun, palms, ocean. The conversation began immediately after the New Year.

How to build LEGO brick micro transformer mech - Cubra

Returning Nastya was greeted by our deathly silence, which, of course, she could not help but notice. Guiltily hiding her eyes, Lena jumped out of the room. It took me an incredible effort to hide the sudden change in my mood, pretending that in fact everything was fine and nothing happened. In order to somehow unwind, I invited the girls to take a walk and go to the sea.

Lenka said that she needed a little time to visit her charges, and we agreed to meet her in an hour on the beach.

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