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Anime Sitting Poses for Drawing Reference and Inspiration

anime girl female sitting pose reference for drawing

Here is the collection of anime sitting poses. These are poses where a character has some portion of their lower body partially or entirely collapsed. Think kneeling, squatting, or just relaxing.

I don’t want to read. I want poses:


There are no restrictions. You can use these poses in whatever manner pleases you. That watermark is only there to help get the word out.

If you are learning that’s what the two sets of lines are for. Blue is the figure’s underlying structures. While red is the linework for skin that isn’t covered by clothing.

Should you need a reference, you are welcome to study the position of these limbs to your heart’s content. Up, down, left, and right.

If you need inspiration, I hope one of these poses provides it. I certainly did try. Be sure to check back. I upload new poses once a week or so.

And of course, you are absolutely allowed to just trace over these. In fact, I encourage it.


All of these are only sketches and guidelines. There is no need to give any credit or mention that you used these images. Though if you did find it helpful, why not mention it to someone else? Maybe they’ll find it helpful too. We anime artists gotta stick together. Plus,

Now go find one you like and get drawing. You don’t better without practice! You can do it!

Anime Sitting Poses


anime sitting pose girl female for drawing reference

These are poses of girls sitting. I hope that doesn’t need further clarification. I would hope it’s obvious.


These are poses of boys sitting. I continue to hope that I don’t have to explain any section of the sitting page.

boy anime sitting pose

Other poses:


Female - Sitting - Staff 

Hi Artists,

I’m back.

All is well.

Still drawing, slowed-down, but your messages have been heard, and I’m going to be posting much more, and we will be having a new book, or 4, by June.

(I can’t believe I’m just giving a date…what if I get all, unproductive again?!)

I had a terrific time taking with Iggy, @draw247 , check out the blog, and join if you like drawing your own OCs

Keep an eye here for new poses, I’ll also be posting on Instagram @posereference, on Patreon at , on facebook at , and on my own site,

Check out my site for books and ebooks

As always, you may use these poses of mine freely to create your own art.

Draw them.

Trace them.

Do whatever it takes to get that new character/drawing out of your head on into the world.

No need to give me attribution. No need to ask my permission. No need to worry that anyone will be sending threatening emails for using the poses…I just don’t do that. These are FREE TO USE.

Inspiration is important to me. I believe it is the greatest thing an artist can receive. All my effort…and all my hope…is that you flip through these poses and inspiration happens.

- ArtDad

(Thanks Iggy)

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Pose reference sitting

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Sitting Pose Reference for Animation

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