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4 ft. x 100 ft. Metal Fence Starter Kit

4 ft. x 100 ft. fence starter kit. This kit comes with everything needed to create up to a 96 foot enclosure (example: 20-ft. x 28-ft.) with 4 braced corners and a 4-ft. wide gate. This kit can be extended in 100 ft. increments by adding 100 ft. fence line kits. Additional end and corner kits can also be added to create a custom enclosure.

USAGE: This fence can serve as a deer fence, dog fence, garden fence, or pool code fence.*
*check your local municipality regulations for pool code fencing.


  • Reverse Sleeve Installation: Our exclusive reverse sleeve method makes installing posts easy. The reverse sleeve is a hollow, heavy gauge, galvanized metal pipe 5-ft to 6-ft in length that penetrates the ground with relative ease. A hand held post driver or an automatic gas powered driver is used to drive the sleeve about 3 feet into the ground. Once the reverse sleeve is in the ground, a bottom brace band is fastened to the reverse sleeve at ground level. Then a black deer fence post is slid on top of the reverse sleeve. The posts will stay at a consistent height along your fence line.

  • Interlocking brace pipe system: All of the corner, end and gate posts include a superior bracing system, exclusive by the Benner Deer Fence Co. Each brace pipe is secured to the top of every corner, end and gate post. The lower end is fastened to the bottom of the next line post. This prevents movement of the braced post and lengthens the life of the fence system. The immovable post also provides a great termination point for cables and fence because the post is secure and will not shift when tension is applied.

  • 2 Cable Support System: Our 2-cable support system consists of a top and
    bottom cable. The cables stretch the fence vertically while also supporting it horizontally. This keeps the fence taught so it doesn’t bend or sag, providing a clean, formal appearance.


  • 1 - Welded Wire Pool Code Deer Fence: 14-Gauge, 1.5-inch x 4-inch (4 ft. x 100 ft. roll)

  • 1- Access Gate System: 4 ft. x 4 ft. gate with all hardware, posts and bracing

  • 9- Line Post Kits: 16 gauge x 1-5/8” posts with 5 foot reverse sleeve and hardware for 2 cable support system

  • 4- Corner Kit Systems: ss20 x 1-5/8” posts with 6 foot reverse sleeve and hardware for 2 cable support system. Each corner kit includes 2, 8-ft. corner brace pipes and hardware.

  • 1- Top Cable: 11 gauge nylon tension cable, 333 ft. (extra cable included for additional tension that may be needed)

  • 1- Bottom Cable: 8 gauge steel core nylon coated tension cable, 100 ft.

  • 5-Medium Gripples: secures 11 gauge cable

  • 5-Large Gripples: secures 8 gauge cable

  • 1- Cable Ties: heavy duty 14-inch UV stabilized, 100 ct.

  • 14- Ground Stakes: 18” rebar

  • 1- Hog Ring Gun: Wematic, 3/4”

  • 1- Hog Ring Clips: 3/4,” 2500 ct.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
This item requires freight shipping. Someone must be present to sign for the shipment. The signee will also be responsible for unloading the shipment from the freight truck. The kit will packed in small packages that one or two people will be able to hand unload.

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Sours: https://bennerdeerfence.com/shop-deer-fence/4-ft-x-100-ft-metal-fence-starter-kit

4' Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

4' Wrought Iron Fencing & GatesOur 4' Tall Wrought Iron Garden Fence and Gates for sale decorate any home. These Wrought Iron Fence Panels install easily and last for generations, so you can do it yourself and do it right. The cast iron finials resemble classic ones to work with all periods of architecture. This is our mid size fencing when you need more height and stature in your landscape.

Find our 4' Fencing Buying Guidethat explains your fencing options. This guide will help you make the right decisions to get the best fence for your situation.

We continue to add fencing options so you can pick the right style and size for your home or business. Go to our Fence Postoptions that help you specialize your look. Wrought Iron corner and gateway anchors can make a huge difference in your fencing project.

We now offer our wrought iron fencing and gates in 12 colors. The painting fee will only be 15 percent of the sale. We do recommend leaving your fence UNPAINTED for less upkeep yet know some projects need a special finish. Be advised that some touch up is necessary after delivery and installation.

Sours: https://www.arusticgarden.com/4tawrirfeand.html
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Suitable for many residential applications the timeless appearance of the Manor 4ft High Metal Fencing enables it to be fitted to a variety of home and garden designs. Featuring ball top finials combined with a sturdy framework and infill bars this metal fence will provide many benefits to the homeowner at an affordable price.

Manor 4ft High Metal Fence Panel Specification

  • Fence panels are perfect for any location where improved security is required.

  • Timeless ball top finials create a subtle style.

  • Constructed from high grade steel components.

  • Metal fence panels are built using 25mm x 10mm frames and 12mm infill bars.

  • Supplied with a fittings pack that is suitable for fixing to brick, timber or metal posts.

  • Manor 4ft high metal fencing can be ordered with a factory applied black primer finish (ready for you to paint them before they are installed) or a low maintenance zinc plated (electro galvanised) and black powder coated paint finish.


Fits Opening


Physical Height



The sizes represent the opening into which the fencing will fit. We have already made an allowance for the space needed for the fittings.

Find out about our made to measure gates by clicking here


Measuring Guide - Click here

Looking for help ordering the right size or quantity of fence panels? If you are unsure how many items to order or need help with sizes please feel free to contact Garden Gates Direct using the enquiry form or by calling us on 0844 804 5577. Alternatively you will also find lots of useful information contained within the measuring guide, frequently asked questions and ordering guide.

Where the addition of metal posts are required to install your fence panels we have the following options available.

  • Flat Top 50mm (2”) Square Metal Post – BP50x1600

  • Ball Top 50mm (2”) Square Metal Post – BP50x1600B

If you are unsure of your requirements, don’t know what post to order or need a style that is not listed please call 0844 804 5577 or email [email protected] and we will be pleased to discuss your options, offer solutions and answer your general queries.

Sours: https://www.gardengatesdirect.co.uk/product/manor-wrought-iron-style-metal-garden-fence-panel---1-22m--4ft--high
Chain Link Fence SECRETS -- How to Buy 200% STRONGER Fence for HALF the Price!

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Fence 4ft metal

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