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Having driven the penis to the very balls, the man waited a couple of seconds, and then began slow and careful frictions. The girl moaned in pain, and he slowly began to increase the rate of fucking. His penis went like a piston in her ass, and his hands continued more and more rough caresses of her breasts.

And after a while, Willie noticed that the groans of pain were replaced by groans of pleasure, and Vera no longer tries.

Yes, sir, she muttered, and I ran my wet panties over her doll face, smearing her makeup, then rolled them into a ball and stuffed them. Into her mouth. I just wanted to show her who's in charge, and she completely obeyed me. I grinned, pulled the wet lump out of her mouth and threw it on the floor.

I put my fingers on her pussy.

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Hello everybody. Judging by the reviews, quite a lot of people liked the first story, and Sasha returns to the pages of this beautiful site again. Due to numerous requests from readers, in the second part, the level of tin was significantly raised. Good or bad for you to judge.

First growls into the tube, but then softer. Almost all pedants and pragmatists who can buy your body, your time and your soul. These are tough people who value their time and money.

Lismore waterford

You still have panties, so there is still something to take off you. - Igor encouraged her, continuing to watch Ani's breasts without interruption. In the next game there was a draw, and Anya, who won, took off Igor's pants and Masha's mesh blouse. Leaving Igor, too, in his underpants, who were trying to hide a member that was already ready for action.

- OOO, someone is glad to see us.

Just don't stop, just don't stop, - begged, moaning, Milava and the young man felt how her bosom began to convulsively contract. I love you, he whispered into her ear. - And I-ah-ah.

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It will sit down completely, then it will come out, then it will sit down, then it will come out. With one hand I kneaded her breasts, with the other I began to rub her clitoris. She got tired. I thought she would break my penis in such a jump.

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