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2X Cute Cartoon Panda Gel Pens Kawaii Stationery 0.5mm Black Needle Gel Pens Set

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2X Cute Cartoon Panda Gel Pens Kawaii Stationery 0.5mm Black Needle Gel Pens Set

2X Cute Cartoon Panda Gel Pens Kawaii Stationery 0.5mm Black Needle Gel Pens Set, Panda Gel Pens Kawaii Stationery 0.5mm Black Needle Gel Pens Set 2X Cute Cartoon, Gel Pens Kawaii Stationery 0.5mm Black Needle Gel Pens Set 2X Cute Cartoon Panda.


30 Best Japanese Stationery You Can Buy Online

by Teni Wada | LIFESTYLE

Bullet journaling, calligraphy, and letter writing have seen a sharp rise in popularity, and at the forefront are Japanese stationery and writing utensils. But, have you ever wondered what makes Japanese items so special?

Japanese stationery brands compete in a very busy market where manufacturers must constantly create new and better products in order to stand out from the crowd. The result? Innovative yet practical items that will constantly make you exclaim in amazement, “I never knew I needed this!” Here’s a selection of 30 stationery items from Japan that you’ll surely want to add to your collection.

Our editors independently researched and recommend the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links at no additional cost to you.


1. Watercolor Washi Tape Set


An indispensable and inexpensive item that will brighten your planners and revolutionize your DIY projects is colorful masking tape made from Japanese washi paper with a light adhesive. This set of 8 watercolor-inspired washi tape rolls adds a romantic and dreamy touch to your daily living.

Watercolor Washi Tape Set – Available at Amazon


2. Fudenosuke 10 Color Brush Pen Set

Express your creativity with this set of 10 vivid Japanese calligraphy pens from Tombow. Its Fudenosuke brush pens have a firm but flexible tip that gives you complete control of each stroke, making them particularly useful for hand-lettering, illustrations, and greeting card designs.

10 Color Brush Pen Set – Available at Amazon


3. Washoku Stationery Set


Share your love for tasty Japanese food with this cute stationery set featuring quintessential Japanese dishes. There’s soba (buckwheat noodles), anmitsu (agar jelly topped with red bean paste, fruits, and black syrup), and natto (fermented soybeans). The envelopes prominently feature one dish while the matching letter paper details the step-by-step process in which each dish is prepared.

Washoku Stationery Set – Available at Amazon


4. Electronic Letter Opener


One item you’ll appreciate if you receive a high volume of letters is this battery-operated Asmix letter opener from Aska. It has a self-feeding mechanism, so all you’ll have to do is insert an envelope of any size to open. The Asmix letter opener is palm-sized and takes up very little desk space. For one handed operation, place on a non-skid surface or mat.

Electronic Letter Opener – Available at Amazon


5. Traditional Japanese Patterns Washi Tape Set


Perhaps the most powerful letters in the Japanese stationery industry, MT lives up to its name as one of the leading manufacturers of washi, or Japanese masking tape. MT masking tapes are known for their colorful designs, and this set of six traditional Japanese designs is no exception!

Japanese Patterns Washi Tape Set – Available at Amazon


6. Midori Compact Correction Tape


If you’ve recently decided to go “analog” and send written messages to friends and family, soon you’ll discover one downside to handwritten notes —  mistakes! But don’t fret, since the introduction of correction tape in 1989, Japanese stationery brands continue to create innovative products like this sleek, ultra compact and slim correction tape from Midori. The non-slip grip gives you control as you maneuver the tape over the paper, while the clear tip lets you pinpoint exactly where the tape should be applied.

Midori Compact Correction Tape – Available at Amazon


7. Kokuyo Pen-Stand Pouch


In the age where remote work has become the new normal, it’s imperative that your tools be just as flexible as your schedule. Enter the Haco Biz from Kokuyo, a pouch that does more than storing your writing utensils, stationery, erasers and scissors, etc. It also functions as a desk organizer, meaning that once you’ve reached your destination (or a different part of your home) you can seamlessly transition to “work mode” without having to re-organize all your belongings.

Pen-Stand Pouch – Available at Amazon


8. Kokuyo Dotliner Glue Tape


Write each letter with love but seal your envelopes and affix postage stamps in a sanitary manner with Dotliner Glue Tape. This refillable device effortlessly applies a thin strip of strong adhesive to envelopes, card stock, and other paper material, without leaving behind any unwanted residue.

Kokuyo Dotliner Glue Tape – Available at Amazon


9. Iwako Bento Eraser Set


Add a touch of kawaii to your growing stationery set with these adorable bento themed erasers from Iwako, Japan’s leader in quirky and colorful erasers. The brand is known particularly for its interlocking block erasers, and these highly detailed bento erasers also feature removable parts. They're such an accurate recreation of a Japanese lunch box that you’ll feel guilty about using them for their intended purpose!

Bento Eraser Set – Available at Amazon


10. Bright Washi Tape Set

In need of reminder stickers for your bullet journal, planner, or wall calendar? This set of 10 vibrantly colored MT washi tapes will certainly do the trick! Quickly establish a system of labels so you’ll instantly recognize all your important dates and tasks at a glance. Unlike sticky notes, washi tape lays flat, ensuring that your reminder stays in place. In addition, the coating on the wash tape ensures that your notes won’t smear or smudge.

Bright Washi Tape Set – Available at Amazon


11. Zebra Highlighter Set


Expand your range of artistic expression with this wonderful rainbow of 25 pastel color Zebra Midliner highlighter pens. Each package contains 5 different hues for a total of 25 soft and lovely tones. These Japanese highlighter pens use water-based ink and are doubled-sided with fine and broad tips, so you can underline or highlight important dates with fine lines, or be bold with your bullet journaling.

Zebra Highlighter Set – Available at Amazon


12. Set of 5 Pokemon Themed Campus Notebooks

When it comes to pokemon, it’s true that you gotta catch ‘em all — so it’s good thing Campus has released this set of 5 adorable Pokemon notebooks featuring the series’ mascot, Pikachu, accompanied by an Eevee or one of its evolutions (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Sylveon). Campus is the to-go brand for students in Japan, so not only are you getting a seriously kawaii set of notebooks, the paper quality is top-notch as well!

Pokemon Themed Campus Notebooks – Available at Amazon


13. Stalogy Planner Journal


When it comes to bullet journaling, perhaps the hardest part of the journey is choosing the right journal. With all the journals out there it can certainly feel overwhelming, but the Stalogy 018 Editor’s Series 365 Notebook is a great starter journal. The slim A6 journal has 368 pages and fits comfortably in a purse or backpack and opens flat, giving you unobstructed access to the margins of its sturdy bleedproof paper that features a faint gray grid.

Stalogy Planner Journal – Available at Amazon


14. Washi Paper Letter Set


There’s something very soothing about the simplicity of traditional Japanese washi paper and this stationary set is a fine work of craftsmanship. The pale saffron, lavender, and salmon envelopes and letter paper feature a simple yet elegant design that beautifully accents any warm words from the heart.

Washi Paper Letter Set – Available at Amazon


15. Muji Ballpoint Gel Pens


Minimalist lifestyle retailer MUJI frequently makes appearances on “where to buy stationery in Japan” lists, and among its must-haves are these gel-ink ballpoint pens. These top quality Japanese pens come in a fantastic variety of colors but black is an appropriate choice for professional settings. The pens have a 0.5 mm tip and are refillable and customizable, making them a personalized item that also reduces waste.

Muji Ballpoint Gel Pens – Available at Amazon


16. Midori Grid Bullet Journal

If you’re a bujo pro and are looking to upgrade your existing bullet journal, give the Midori MD Notebook a try. Featuring 176 pages of smooth, ink-resistant grid paper, this A5 sized notebook is completely customizable to your liking, so break out those colorful gel-ink ball pens, highlighters, and washi tape and get those creative juices flowing!

Midori Grid Bullet Journal – Available at Amazon


17. Frixion Gel Pen Set

These Japanese pens will quite literally revolutionized the way you write! Frixion Ball Knock pens have a small rubber nub on the end which can be used to erase text. This set of 10 retractable and refillable pens have a 0.5 mm tip and are highly useful for taking notes and journaling. If you’re feeling playful, you can also use these Frixion pens to send secret messages — the ink is heat-sensitive and text will appear or disappear depending on the temperature of their paper!

Frixion Gel Pen Set – Available at Amazon


18. Tsuchiya Koitsu Postcards


When’s the last time you sent a postcard? While largely associated with New Year’s Greetings, the postcards still remain a viable form of communication between friends, family, and business associates in Japan.  This set of 30 postcards feature the stunning and imaginative work of Japanese woodblock artist Koitsu Tsuchiya. Your recipient will feel as if they’ve been whisked away to early 20th century Japan as his artwork captures the essence of Japan at the cusp of its cultural and industrial revolution.

Tsuchiya Koitsu Postcards – Available at Amazon


19. RayMay Portable Scissors

A pair of portable scissors is the perfect tool to compliment your growing collection of washi tape! RayMay Fuji has supplied Japan with stationery and office supplies since 1890, and its compact pencut scissors are an innovative yet practical take on a simple office item. Its slim design is suitable for both left and right hand users and the parts can be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage.

RayMay Portable Scissors – Available at Amazon


20. Zebra Sarasara Vintage Pens


Give into the dark academia temptation and give your letters a touch of 19th gothic romantic elegance with this bundle of 10 of Zebra Sarasa “vintage” themed colors. The deep autumnal toned pens have extra fine points (0.5 mm), allowing for smooth control of each line. The Zebra Sarasa pens pair well Zebra Midline highlighters, making them a duo you’ll certainly want to add to your stationery collection!

Zebra Sarasara Vintage Pens – Available at Amazon


21. Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain Pen

The Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen is a retractable and refillable writing device that brings the fountain pen into the 21st century. As the world’s first retractable fountain pen, it’s a patented design from Pilot with a 18K gold nib, yet it’s suitable for both professional and daily use. To refill your Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen, use Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink, a series of vibrant hues named after Japanese landscapes and plants.

Retractable Fountain Pen – Available at Amazon


22. Muji Fountain Pen


An affordable option for those curious to the world of reservoir pens, this aluminum fountain pen from Japanese retailer Muji is a sturdy yet lightweight pen that is suitable for everyday use. As a starter pen, it delivers on quality and ink flow. It comes with a cartridge though converters are preferable.

Muji Fountain Pen – Available at Amazon


23. Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

For vibrant, high-quality ink that will breathe new life into even inexpensive reservoir pens, you can”t go wrong with the Iroshizuku line of pen ink from Pilot. Each bottle contains 50 ml of ink named after Japanese landscapes and plants. This particular color is Shin-Kai or Deep Dea, a blue-black hue with a subtle red sheen that gives depth to the written word. The bottle itself is an attractive design that would serve as a fine decorative accent piece on any desk as well.

Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen Ink – Available at Amazon


24. Muji Color Pencils

Bring life and color to your artwork and bullet journal doodles and with this set of 60 affordable and pigmented color pencils from Muji. in true MUJI fashion, each soft-leaded pencil comes labeled with a number, rather than a color or label. A great investment for beginner to intermediate artists, these pencils blend well and do not hold back when it comes to color and quality.

Muji Color Pencils – Available at Amazon


25. Midori Compact Stapler

Despite its small size, yes, this is indeed a 100% functional stapler! The Midori XS Stapler is a very compact and innovative stationery item that performs well without competing with other items for space. In fact, it’s almost as small as an eraser! As an added measure, not only is this stapler cute, it also locks when not in use, thereby preventing accidents.

Midori Compact Stapler – Available at Amazon


26. Stalogy Sticky Notes

When it comes to temporarily highlighting your notes, marking pages, or adding a quick reference, you can’t go wrong with these translucent Stalogy 007 Thin Sticky Notes. The multiple colors are useful when distinguishing tabs from one another and the adhesive sticks firmly to paper without leaving any residue. As a bonus, these sticky notes come in a casing so you’ll be able to take them on the go, whether you’re headed to the classroom, office, or local coffee shop.

Stalogy Sticky Notes – Available at Amazon


27. Sumikko Gurashi Picture Book Memo Pad


Sumikko Gurashi are the cutest wallflowers you’ve ever met! A must-have for fans of cute Japanese characters, this collection of kawaii misfits have finally found a home — on the sheets of this mini memo pad! There are 4 designs spread across 80 sheets, and these pages are suitable for taking notes or adding short messages to gifts or your loved one’s lunch box.

Picture Book Memo Pad – Available at Amazon


28. Cute Characters Sticky Notes

Who knew that the humble sticky note could be so darn irresistibly cute? Beverly Enterprises got its start with licensed jigsaw puzzles but soon expanded into stationery, resulting in a line of themed sticky notes called Coco Sasu (“Point here,” in Japanese). We’re absolutely loving this purr-fect set of cat sticky notes which are ideal for bookmarking and highlighting important dates in your journal or calendar.

Cute Characters Sticky Notes – Available at Amazon


29. Mitsubishi Uni Pencils & Case


The Mitsubishi Pencil Company has manufactured pencils for nearly 130 years, so when it comes to functional writing and drawing utensils, you know you’re in good hands! This set of 12 2B Uni pencils are sure to become an artist’s best friend. Use these pencils to doodle your aspirations in your bullet journal or to simply jot down notes in your reading materials. These Uni pencils come packaged in a stylish plastic case to ensure you’ll never have to worry about missing pencils again.

Mitsubishi Uni Pencils – Available at Amazon


30. Muji Clear Storage Trays


When it comes to storage containers, there’s no better place to look than minimalist lifestyle retailer Muji. Its 5 drawer acrylic storage system is ideal for housing your growing Japanese  stationery collection. A space-saving addition to nahy home or office, each drawer glides effortlessly to reveal its contents. Don’t forget to use washi tape to label and decorate the drawers!

Muji Clear Storage Trays – Available at Amazon

JO SELECTS offers helpful suggestions, and genuine recommendations for high-quality, authentic Japanese art & design. We know how difficult it is to search for Japanese artists, artisans and designers on the vast internet, so we came up with this lifestyle guide to highlight the most inspiring Japanese artworks, designs and products for your everyday needs. 

All product suggestions are independently selected and individually reviewed. We try our best to update information, but all prices and availability are subject to change. As an Amazon Associate, Japan Objects earns from qualifying purchases.

January 29, 2021 | Lifestyle, Shopping



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There’s something so nostalgic about a matching stationery set or themed bundle. It reminds me of childhood birthday presents and back to school shopping. Here’s some kawaii favourites I’ve spotted recently with something for every budget.

kawaii stationery lucky bag

Let’s start with a bargain! (EU) have lots of surprise bags including this kawaii stationery goodiebag on sale for €10. It includes a pencil pouch, washi tape, notebook, Cable Bite, squishy, sticker sheet and card holder.

Pusheen kawaii stationery set

Claire’s (UK) have a very magical Super Pusheenicorn stationery set with notebook, sticky notes, washi tape, clips, pen, pencil, rubber and sharpener. If you’re in the USA, has a dessert-themed set.

Hello Kitty kawaii stationery set

This Hello Kitty set at Character Toy Store (UK) is very old school Sanrio and almost looks like an original 80s/90s set. It’s got a pencil, pen, highlighter, ruler, eraser, sharpener, mini notepad and 6 coloured pencils.

Pink kawaii stationery set

If you’re a fan of Japanese stationery, JetPens (USA) have some great colour-themed bundles with different items. This is the pink one with notebook, clear folder, mechanical pencil, washi tape, highlighter, pen pouch, ballpoint pen and gel pen, all from well-known quality brands.

kawaii stationery set

Even if you have a Paperchase (UK) store near you, it’s worth looking online as there are web-exclusive bundles at a discount. This fluffy bunny scrapbooking set has an adorable scrapbook with pom pom ties as the main star plus 6 highlighters, a set of 8 washi tapes, stickers and cat pen.

kawaii stationery lucky bag

Or go crazy with a Stationery Lucky Bag from Tofu Cute (UK) available in two sizes, both packed inside a cute drawstring bag. The contents are a surprise but always include an eraser, memo notes, deco tape, pencil case, sharpener, stickers, correction tape, pens and pencils.


Marceline is the co-founder and editor of Super Cute Kawaii and author of The Super Cute Book of Kawaii. She also designs cute character goods as Asking For Trouble. Having visited Japan five times, Marceline is enormously inspired by all things Japanese and especially loves bunnies, space and any kind of food object with a happy face.

12 Unique \u0026 Cute Japanese Stationery Items (with demos)! 🇯🇵 - Rainbowholic

Fun, Cool, Cute Kawaii Stationery for Tweens & Teens

Did you know that cute is cool? One of the biggest trends in stationery is “kawaii”, a Japanese word meaning cute and charming. Think: sweet animated creatures, pretty pastels, rainbow shades and sparkly finishes. There are plenty of ways to adopt this delightful trend for your stationery kit – and whether it’s a gaggle of friendly-faced stickers, a mix-and-match array of candy-coloured notebooks or some bright desk essentials, these cute kawaii stationery ideas are pretty perfect.

Desk Essentials

Choose pastel colours for cute kawaii stationery desk essentials.

Want to adorn your study space with pretty kawaii-inspired colours? You can easily embrace the cheerful trend for all those desk essentials that you need at your fingertips: pencils, sharpeners, paper clips, and even a handy sticky note set.

What To Try

Pens, Markers & Pencil Cases

Team cute kawaii pencil cases with pastel highlighters.

Highlighters are a great study tool – and these gelato versions are a clever way to tap into kawaii-style. Then zip them all up in a pretty pencil case to match. Perhaps consider a sprinkling of glitz into the mix.

What To Try

Stamps & Stickers

Create your own cute kawaii stationery by adding sweet stickers.

Sparkly hearts, sweet butterflies, animated fruit, grinning sea creatures; use these stamps and stickers to emblazon your stationery, notebooks, folders, files and more. Anything with a cute and beaming face – whether that’s a creature or a cupcake – speaks to the very essence of the kawaii trend.

What To Try

Journals, Notepads & Diaries

There’s no shortage of notepads and journals that tap into the trend of cute kawaii stationery.

A starburst of girl power, pretty pastel stripes and plenty of inspirational quotes – there’s no shortage of notepads and journals that tap into kawaii’s fresh trend.

What To Try

Desk Organisers

Cute kawaii stationery essentials include desk organisers in pastel colours and pretty patterns.

Cute and well-ordered happily go hand-in-hand, and these desk sets and organisers will get you there. Try an array of lollipop shades for maximum effect, or make it more restrained, with everything cast in the same soft hue. Patterns are a fun addition in the mix, and a more subtle nod to the trend.

What To Try

Study Aids

Don’t stop at desk accessories; even your essential study aids can be on theme. From pastel index cards to a rainbow collection of sticky page markers, these cute kawaii stationery additions are just lovely, even while you’re hitting the books.

What To Try

Files, Folders & Storage

Choose cute kawaii stationery like folders and document wallets in pretty patterns.

Organise your notes, documents and files in gentle shades that speak of spring, or go for a more luscious, vibrant impact. Use stickers and markers to embellish them – and perhaps, even try your hand at drawing your own kawaii creatures.

What You'll Need

Fun Kawaii Extras

There are even cute kawaii drink bottles and magnets.

Don’t stop there: magnets, drink bottles, trinket trays and more – all cast in cool, cute kawaii style.

What To Try


Kawaii stationery cute

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12 Unique \u0026 Cute Japanese Stationery Items (with demos)! 🇯🇵 - Rainbowholic

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