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I’m sharing the prettiest hanging planters, hooks and arms to fill all the empty corners in your home. Adding a punch of greenery up high is a cheery way to brighten up any room!

A corner dining nook with oak wood, navy throw pillows, wood stools and greenery | via Yellow Brick Home

The Tree House dining nook is one of my favorite little corners in the world, not accidentally. We overthought and designed a sweet, petite storage banquette and salvaged the tree from our yard for that hunky table. And because no detail is too small, we (quite literally) topped it off with greenery in an otherwise empty corner – always the finishing touch.

A corner dining nook with oak wood and navy throw pillows | via Yellow Brick Home

Whenever our dining nook shows up online, you (eagle eyes, you!) hone in on the small stuff – which, honestly, is how I know you all are my people. Every time, you want to know where our hanging planter + hook came from, and I have good and bad news. The good? That extra long arm is a steal! The bad? The hanging planter is several years old and no longer available in-stores or online. But after many requests, I’m rounding up 20 of the prettiest hanging planters and good-looking hooks + arms to pair them with! A cute-y pie planter is easy (enough) to find, but a cute-y hook? Strangely, not so much. Below, I’m sharing the ones that top my list – and resisting the urge to fill every empty corner in our home.

Tip: My gut always wants to go BIG(!), but remember that hooks, arms and brackets will have weight limits. Most items will provide this information in the description.

20 Pretty Hanging Planters

A round-up of 20 pretty hanging planters to cheery up any corner in your home! | via Yellow Brick Home

1. black resin 2-pack, $34 | 2. cylinder ceramic, $16 | 3. concrete planter, $15 | 4. speckled white 2-pack, $24 | 5. margot planter, $49 | 6. zola planter, $25 | 7. leather hanger (no pot), $90 | 8. wallscape planter, $22+ | 9. concrete wall planter, $16 | 10. Kleinschmidt cement, $22 | 11. ceramic set of 3, $20 | 12. mason stoneware, $50 | 13. leather hammock, $26 | 14. textured ceramic, $17 | 15. matte speckle, $15 | 16. hanging clay pot, $60 | 17. half-circle, $20 | 18. two-tiered ceramic, $75 | 19. modern leather (no pot), $25 | 20. boho black, $33

Hooks + Arms

A round-up of 10 pretty hanging hooks, pair them with a hanging planter to cheery up any corner in your home! | via Yellow Brick Home

1. angled plant bracket, $17 | 2. wooden wall hook, $10 | 3. modern ceiling hook, $30 | 4. birch cabin hook, $4+ | 5. shepherds hook, $12 | 6. brass hook, $16 | 7. molded copper hook, $10+ | 8. wall planter bracket, $6 | 9. bentwood hanger, $39 | 10. extended arm hook, $30

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Guide to Hanging Plant Hooks

Hanging your plants has serious perks. Indoors, it helps avoid cluttered counters, adds interest to otherwise bare spaces, and puts pet owners and parents at ease. Outdoors, hanging plants stay out of reach from hungry animals and enhance patio style. Unfortunately, setting up hanging plant hooks can be a pain. Variables that go into hanging plants include weight of the plant, location, ceiling or wall material, and type of hook. We're here to help you figure these details out. Soon enough, you'll have no problem hanging beautiful plants in your home.

close-up of hanging plant

Ceiling Hooks for Hanging Plants

When filled with soil and water, hanging plants can be pretty heavy, so err on the side of caution by purchasing a hook that can hold a weight heavier than your plant's.

To install hanging plant hooks in the ceiling, you'll probably need a step ladder. Use a stud finder to locate a ceiling joist (one of the beams that supports your ceiling). If you don't have a stud finder, knock on the ceiling and listen for a short, firm sound—that's where the joist is.

Buy it: Wideskall Steel Screw Cup Cooks, $5

Mark the location of your hook with a pencil. Select a drill bit about the same diameter as your hook screw's threaded shaft. Drill a hole into the ceiling slightly deeper than the length of the threaded shaft. Push the screw into the hole, gently twisting to tighten until the base of the hook is flush with the ceiling.

Hanging a Hook from Drywall

Hanging plant hooks from drywall is a different process than installing ceiling hooks into joists. Instead of a hook screw, you'll be using a toggle bolt with a hook. Plastic toggles are good for hanging on walls, but do not use on ceilings.

Buy it: Swag Hook Kit, $10

Use a stud finder to locate a hollow spot in the ceiling or wall and mark it with a pencil; toggle bolts cannot be screwed into wall studs. Drill a hole the size of the base of the toggle (usually around half an inch). Pinch the wings of your toggle together and insert them through the hole. When the wings reach the hollow area, they'll open inside of the hole. Tighten the bolt to ensure that the wings are secure against the inner surface of the wall or ceiling. Suspend your plant from this hanging plant hook and delight in your green decor.

Where to Hang Your Plant

The location of your indoor hanging plant hook depends on the plant. Think of it as if you were designing your outdoor garden: Pay attention to sunlight needs. For example, if your plant needs full sun to survive (like an orchid), hang it in front of a south-facing window. Buy swivel ceiling hooks for sun-loving plants so that you can turn the plant, ensuring that sunlight reaches all sides of it.

Buy it: Swivel Ceiling Hook, $6

Credit: Image courtesy of Wayfair

Types of Plant Hooks

An extender hook is a great option for hanging plants on a porch—the sturdy wrought iron will easily hold heavy hanging baskets. Place the extender hook on a wooden beam on your porch and slip the plant onto the hook. This versatile hook can be easily moved. Another hook option for outdoor plants is an iron bracket. This plant hook can be screwed into wooden walls on a porch, fence, or shed.

Buy it: Extender Hook, $18

Buy it: Black Iron Plant Bracket, $4

Image courtesy of The Home Depot

If you're looking for a decorative hanging plant hook, there are plenty to choose from. Swirly wrought iron evokes a cottage feel in this hanging plant hook for indoor or outdoor use. Or, try an ornate bronze hook in the ceiling for an elegant touch.

Buy it: Black Iron Decorative Plant Bracket, $10

The simplest type of plant-hanging mechanism is an S hook. S hooks fit snugly on exposed pipes, rods, or over ledges. They're easily moveable, making them a great option for hanging herb gardens. Also, you don't have to deal with stud finders, a drill, or any other tools—that's a win in our book!

Sours: https://www.bhg.com/gardening/how-to-garden/hanging-plant-hooks/
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7 Hanging Planters That Raise the Bar on Decorating with Plants

Margot Hanging Planter

For a more natural, bohemian vibe, this hanging rattan planter is definitely the way to go—it would look amazing with a leafy philodendron or oversized spider plant inside!

The planter features a woven basket supported by three wooden rings, all tied together with a corded binding, and it comes in two sizes. The smaller one has a 7-inch opening that would be perfect for a medium-size plant, while the larger planter has a 13-inch opening that can accommodate your biggest greenery.

The downside is that this planter doesn’t include hanging hardware, so you’ll have to purchase that separately.

Sphere Hanging Basket

If you’re willing to put your creative side to work, you can create a one-of-a-kind plant display in these sphere-shaped hanging baskets. All you have to do is line the metal cage with moss, burlap, or another liner, and you’ll be able to fill the basket with soil so your plants can call it home.

There are four planter sizes available, ranging from small (11 inches in diameter) to extra large (a whopping 28 inches in diameter), and all the baskets are hand-forged from steel and given a weathered patina finish, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Closed Mondays Hanging Planters

If neutral planters are too plain for your tastes, these colorful hanging baskets are sure to catch your eye. They’re hand woven from cotton rope right here in the U.S., and the bottoms are decorated with bright latex paint in a fun, color-blocked design.

The planters come in two sizes and five colors, and each planter comes with a wooden ring for hanging. These simple, modern hanging baskets will add both color and texture to any space, and their handcrafted nature makes them all the more special.

Saturn Hanging Planter

This space-inspired planter is as cool as they come. The gold planter features a round bowl that’s 10 inches in diameter, and it’s supported by three matching hoops that mimic Saturn’s rings. It hangs from the ceiling by a gold chain, but you do have to purchase your own hanging hardware to connect the chain to the ceiling.

Nonetheless, this modern design is sure to become a focal point in your home, and if you want to create a cohesive display, don’t forget to scoop up the matching freestanding planter (available at Anthropologie).

Minimalis Macrame Plant Hangers

While these are technically planter hangers—not hanging planters—we simply had to include them. These macrame hangers are an unbeatable value and infinitely customizable thanks to their handmade nature. 

The hangers are made from cotton rope and a wooden ring, and you can use them to support all sorts of pots and plants. You can select from three different hanger lengths, as well as nearly a dozen colors, and you can even have the design customized if you want (for an additional fee, of course).

Framed Pyramid Hanging Terrarium

Who said terrariums have to live on a tabletop? You can display your favorite succulents all throughout your home using these contemporary glass planters, which have an eye-catching pyramid shape. There’s a metal loop welded to the top for easy hanging, but unfortunately, the terrariums aren’t water-tight, so make sure you take them down before watering—or use them to display air plants, which you can simply mist periodically!

Hanging Indoor Planter

Sometimes simplicity is best, and these understated ceramic planters will let your greenery be the star of the show. The stunning white planters will match with any décor style, and we think they’d be the perfect home for all sorts of plants, from a leggy ivy to a fun string of pearls.

They’re available in two sizes, and you can choose between white or brown cord and whether you want a drainage hole. (If you’re going to be planting directly in the pot, proper drainage is key to avoiding root rot!)

Sours: https://www.mydomaine.com/best-hanging-planters-5025044
DIY - How to make a macrame plant hanger

Deck Rail Brackets Convert Window Boxes into Railing Planters

Convert any flower box into a railing planter. This collection of deck plant hangers makes it easy to support your flower boxes for railings whether on front stoops, porches or wooden patios. Our products can accommodate a range of different materials and sizes to work with any project.

Whether your mounting surface is made from vinyl, wood, iron or aluminum, we offer hardware that will latch on tight. Each pair is designed for a sturdy display of full flower boxes - soil, plants and flowers included. The items offered here are a collection of heavy-duty, outdoor-rated products that help you transform beautiful container gardens into a mid-air oasis for your daily enjoyment. DIY balcony gardens start with the right holders and hooks. In-house representatives on on-staff to take your questions weekdays, 7am-5pm PT.

Create Balcony Privacy with Plants

Reveal a whole new range of possibilities for a creative floral display. Placing pots or planters along the top of slim foundations can create a precarious situation if it shifts or high winds blow through, sending containers plummeting, putting anything below it in harm's way. Secure hanging window boxes and planters while saving them from ruin, and passersby from harm. Create an eco-chic privacy screen by planting with taller plants or cascading vines and suspended along a deck rail to shade nearby neighbors from view.

For gardeners who are purchasing containers from Windowbox, we offer accessories to suit any product in our collection. Some are better suited to particular designs, and we make our recommendations in each product description. By clicking on products above, more information is available based on fit and planter box compatibility.

Deck Rail Bracket Pairs for Every Rail Type

We offer several styles that are decorative or invisible designs that disappear once the window box is applied. Railing adapters and heavy-duty cable ties are also offered in this category for further support. And be sure not to count yourself out if you have old metal railings or oddly-shaped vinyl ones - just give us a call and we'll locate the planter that will work for you 888-427-3362.

Image Gallery

Brackets for Deck Railings
Sours: https://www.windowbox.com/brackets-container-accessories/deck-rail-brackets.html

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