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  • My boyfriend has gotten two tattoos from here and they were great tattoos from Jesse, but horrible customer service. We both wanted to get tattooed from here again and when we tried scheduling our appointment we were canceled and rescheduled several times on discounted days and the prices weren't the same when the artist was the one who canceled on us..I just think it's unfair. Also, the first time my boyfriend went, he paid cash and the artist was demanding we pay through his cash app, which we didn't have because he paid cash the first time. Overall, a very rude person. When we tried scheduling again, he wouldn't give us a price after changing it on us multiple times. Here is the messages between them:
    He could've waited til after he was done to answer, instead of answering like this.

    Photo of Black Madonna Tattoo - West Palm Beach, FL, United States
  • Francisco did an amazing job with my tattoo in remembrance of my grandma!! We came in and he took care of me right away. He got the signature perfect and im glad i came to him!

    Photo of Black Madonna Tattoo - West Palm Beach, FL, United States

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The Mother Mary or the voguing pop star. In most cases, you tend to see the version of the tattoo associated with the Mother Mary. The Madonna tattoo is one that has stood the test of time and has a great deal of meaning to those that sport the religious centered tattoo.

The Madonna tattoo is depicted as the baby Jesus being held by the Virgin Mary. This is one of the main images of Christianity and it has been that way since the days of sailors looking for reminders to stay righteous on the seas. Madonna is the piece of art that represents this image. It also a popular image to be tattooed by many cultures including Hispanic and Russian.

In this post we want to try to give you an idea of the meaning of the Madonna and explain the different ways this icon has been depicted over the years. The image of Madonna is one of the most important religious images ever and therefore, it’s become a popular image to have tattooed.

History of Madonna

The Madonna depictions date back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries or the times of Early Christianity and was found in the Catacombs of Rome. Now in these cases, the Madonna was in a narrative context. It wasn’t until the 5th century that the Madonna image we all know was developed. The importance of this image grew as Mary was formally dubbed the Mother of God.

Then in the 6th century, this image was used to represent the Queen of Heaven by Byzantine churches. These pictures were thought of as idol worship by some which, in turn, stirred up some trouble, However, as time passed, the image of the Madonna became more acceptable and even popular and those that opposed started to fall in line.

Representations of the Madonna in Tattoos

One way you might see the Madonna is the Mother Mary standing alone and standing. She is holding her hands out in prayer. You will likely see this image in many early apsidal mosaics.

Another type of Madonna one might see is a full-length image of Mary with the baby Jesus. Jesus has his head turned toward the person looking. He might also be lifting his hand in a blessing fashion. You will see the version of Madonna in sculptures, smaller ivory carvings, and limestone. Raphael’s Sistine Madonna is depicted in this way.

You will see the image as the Madonna enthroned. This image dates back to the Byzantine era. This image happened to be used in Renaissance and Medieval times. This version of Madonna is sometimes used as altarpieces. This version also depicts Mary surrounded by angels or saints. The saints might be lined up in a row or standing informally.

Next is the Madonna of humility. This was a creation of Franciscan piety and you will usually see the Mother of God sitting on the ground or on cushioning and she might have Jesus in her lap. This version was well known in Italy and by 1375, you started seeing this version in Germany, Spain and France. This version is also referred to as the Virgin of humility.

During the Renaissance, the Adorning Madonna was a prevalent image. These images were primarily used for personal effects. It shows Jesus being adorned by Mary in a kneeling position.

Next is the seated Madonna and Child. This is an image that was widespread in Florence during the 15th century. This image was replicated in other areas. This style of Madonna is usually seen in smaller forms made for personal use. In this depiction, Mary is holding the baby Jesus in a motherly way.

One more way you will the Madonna is the her at half length. The Eastern Orthodox Church used this image in their painted icons. In the church, the Mother Mary is shown in many different ways in an attempt to show her in all expressions.

Ways the Madonna is Tattooed and Meanings

Criminals seem to be well known for having the Madonna tattoo inked on their bodies. We wouldn’t call this a prison tattoo but many men serving time do get this tattoo. They tend to pick the Madonna and child for multiple meanings. This tattoo is a way for criminals to hold off evil energy. They believe by tattooing the Mother Mary and Jesus on their bodies, it will protect them from anything negative. It is also used to show loyalty to a gang in these cases

On the other hand, this tattoo does have religious meaning so if one was looking for protection from anything, they might get this tattoo.

Madonna the Musician

It would be unfair to got through this entire post without mentioning the musician, Madonna. Madonna is often referred to as the Queen of Pop. She was born and raised in Michigan and then moved to NYC to try to become a dancer. She was a bit of a renaissance woman in the sense she played drums, guitar and vocals for two music groups. She ended up signing with Sire Records in 1982 and then began her domination of the charts by dropping hit albums like, Like a Virgin, True Blues and Ray of Light.

Madonna is a cultural icon who has been performing and touring for over 30 years. She is a hot topic and is has her face tattooed on many bodies. It doesn’t surprise us that she is so popular as she has dropped 13 albums since her self-titled album in 1983.

Whether you’ve chosen the religious icon or the musician, you have probably made your decision for good reason. The Madonna is an important image and to have it tattooed on the body means its going to be important for that person.

If you you’ve read this post and decided to get a Madonna tattoo, we can help you find the shop or artist that will help you create your vision. We want you to be happy with your choice so if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help.

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Diddy Gets Huge Lifelike Back Tattoo of the Black Madonna

Go Big or Go Home!

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a huge believer in the expression “go big or go home,” so when he decided to get a Bible-themed tattoo, naturally, he went with a massive and incredibly lifelike rendering of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus that covers his entire back. Diddy’s huge new tattoo extends from the Basquiat “King of Kings” tattoo on the back of his neck, all the way down to his waistline, and features a breathtaking portrait of the Black Madonna and Child dressed in beautifully ornate clothing, wearing large crowns upon their heads.

She's Got His Back

On June 14, Diddy shared a photo of his fresh back tattoo on Twitter, captioning the snapshot, “I got the front And She got my BACK!!!” giving a shoutout to the tattoo artist responsible for the ink, Nikko Hurtado, owner of the Black Anchor Collective tattoo shop in Hesperia, California. Hurtado specializes in realism tattoos and color portraits, and his knack for bringing incredibly detailed images to life is evident in Diddy’s back piece.

Spiritually Inspired

For those wondering how Diddy landed on this particular image when planning his Biblical back tattoo, it appears the piece was inspired by a well-known copy of a 15th century Ethiopian painting of the Madonna and Child, which depicts the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus with dark skin. The Virgin Mary portrait tattoo is also similar in design to Our Lady of Czestochowa, now referred to as the “Black Madonna,” an icon from around that same time period. Just a few days before debuting his back tat, Diddy posted a more rudimentary image of the Black Madonna and Child, Salvatore Fiume’s Madonna Nera Con Bambino, to his Instagram account, captioning the post simply, “Love.”

A Closer Look at the Tattoo and Its Possible Meaning

There has been a spirited debate on Twitter about what Diddy’s tattoo means, but it seems the piece may actually have a deep historical significance. According to one source, “the blackness of the [Mother and Child] images is purportedly not related to race or ethnic origins, but has to do with symbolic meanings and connections to early goddesses.” In Catholicism, the Black Madonna “is the Sorrowful Mother, Mater Dolorosa, the Madonna of Solitude and Sorrow, who can receive and contain even our most unbearable pain.” As an artist in the 1950s, Meinrad Craighead, described the image of the Mother and Child, “On her face is an expression of utter solitude so intense that the child on her knee or in the embrace of her left arm seems strangely appended.”


Whatever the historical significance of the Black Madonna, in Diddy’s eyes, his back tattoo may simply be intended as yet another example of #BlackExcellence.

Cage The Elephant - Black Madonna (Official Video)

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